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Bugaboo Universal Wheeled Board

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  • My daughter can stand comfortable
  • It is very expensive to but
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    2 Reviews
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      16.10.2014 17:10


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      nice one to fit your stroller

      It is a board that's one wheel.

      You add the back of the stroller and the panel together and also this is hardly difficult. If you should use it on different manufacturers of buggy, about the Bugaboo pushchairs there's a there to the body that the panel bolts into, I don't understand.


      Our child is 2 and that I don't have any younger kids but my brother gave birth in March into a child kid and we've began to discuss daycare since we both have our personal companies to run. She acquired the Bugaboo table after I explained since alot walks today used to do not need to press a double buggy.

      I'm delighted when I force the buggy it doesn't proceed or experience free and the table is extremely sturdy. Where you fix the panel is excellent that is likely to make them steady likewise and since your child can take the rear of the stroller. There's lots of area on her legs without me stressing that she's likely to falloff the panel, and he or she could go a bit. She's never dropped down.

      The wheel is clean as well as on uneven floor the table works incredibly easy and smooth, there's no jumping even if I rise and along on irregular areas but I ensure my child generally gets off the panel after I mix the street since I'm terrified she'd slip if I sent her down a control.

      I do believe it's assisted me alot after I desire to get my child and my nephew out. Pushchairs are not liked by me since I'm tiny and they're big for me personally to force and this is just a great concept for me personally as well as for people who've one child and one infant likewise.


      I believe this table is hardly cheap be-cause my cousin has explained that it charge £55 and that I believe that is a lot of cash to get one tire and a plastic panel. It's worth the price if you ask me since my girl wouldn't be capable of go for way too long, since if used to do not need this table I'd not manage to continue long hikes with my nephew.


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      08.09.2014 13:53
      Very helpful


      • "My daughter can stand comfortable"
      • "It is stable"
      • "It fits easy to a pushchair "


      • "It is very expensive to but"

      This is a very good idea

      WHAT IS IT

      A board that has one wheel. You fit it onto a Bugaboo stroller or pushchair so that when you push a baby a toddler can ride on the back of the pushchair to save them having to walk.


      You attach the board to the back of the pushchair and this is very easy. On the Bugaboo pushchairs there is a hole there on the frame that you bolt the board into, I do not know if you can use it on other brands of pushchair.


      My daughter is 2 and I do not have any younger children but my sister gave birth to a baby boy in February and we have started to share childcare because we both have our own businesses to run. She bought the Bugaboo board when I said I did not want to push a double pushchair because my own daughter walks alot now.

      I am happy that the board is very strong and when I push the pushchair it does not move or feel loose. The place where you attach the board is good because your toddler can hold the back of the pushchair and that will make them stable also. There is plenty of space for her feet and she can move a little bit without me worrying that she is going to fall off the board. She has never fallen off.

      The wheel is smooth and even on bumpy ground the board runs very smooth and flat, there is no bouncing even when I go up and down on uneven surfaces but I make sure my daughter always gets off the board when I cross the road because I am scared she would fall if I pushed her down a curb.

      I think this has helped me alot when I want to take my nephew and my daughter out. I do not like double pushchairs because I am petite and they are too big for me to push so this is a very good idea for me and for families who have one baby and one toddler also.


      I think this board is very expensive be cause my sister has told me that it cost £55 and I think that is alot of money for a plastic board and one wheel. It is worth the cost to me because if I did not have this board I would not be able to go on long walks with my nephew because my daughter would not be able to walk for so long.

      4 Dooyoo Stars.


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  • Product Details

    At a Glance The Bugaboo Universal Wheeled Board is the perfect solution for tired toddlers; they can simply stand on the platform to rest weary legs while their sibling travels in the pushchair. Features and benefits for Bugaboo Universal Wheeled Board Supports a standing child up to 40 lbs (18 kg) Easy placement and removal by new arms and recognizable white operating buttons Can be folded away when not used with elastic cord Easy detachable elastic cord from the wheeled board, so the board can be taken away completely Cannot be detached by the child while riding Water on the wheeled board can get away through drainage holes Free 2 year guarantee Mothercare loves...??this simple addition to your Bugaboo which allows you to transport a toddler with tired legs, without the purchase of a double pushchair. Want to know more?The Bugaboo Universal Wheeled board is designed for toddlers to stand on and ride along with your Bugaboo. It has a fresh design and improved features to make your life easier when out and about with two little ones.It's incredibly easy to fit thanks to it's white operating buttons. An elastic cord allows you to fold it away when not in use or it will easily click off completely when required. Water can get away through drainage holes so your little one won't slip around on it.The new Bugaboo wheeled board is compatible with all Bugaboo strollers. (Bugaboo Cameleon, Bugaboo Bee, Bugaboo Frog and Bugaboo Gecko.) Don't forget...Mothercare stocks a range of wrist links and harnesses to keep your little one close by. Care Instructions: Wipe clean only What's in the box: 1 x Wheeled board<br/>1 x Adapter set for Bugaboo Cameleon, Bugaboo Frog and Bugaboo Gecko<br/>1 x Adapter set for Bugaboo Bee<br/>1 x Swivel wheel<br/>1 x Elastic band with loop fasteners strips and a tightener<br/>1 x 2 years warranty