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Chicco CT 0.6 Wallstreet

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2 Reviews

Brand: Chicco / Type: Standard / Number of Seats: Single Seat

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    2 Reviews
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      16.09.2010 12:45
      Very helpful



      A good umbrella buggy

      When I had my first child I bought a large three wheeler pushchair as at the time I walked everywhere so I needed something suitable for my circumstances but when I got a car I found it difficult to get in and out of the car so decided to look for something a little more practical.

      I went to my local Toys R Us store as I like that fact that they have all their pushchairs out for you to push around and try out before you buy. I decided to go for an umbrella type buggy that would fold away easily in the boot of the car and was lightweight enough for me to lift in and out. I came across the very reasonably priced Chicco CT 06 that seemed to fit the bill.

      The buggy is available in black, baby blue, light pink or red, I got the red one because I liked the look of it and felt that the blue and pink would show the muck and the black was a little boring.

      It comes with a fairly good rain cover that fits over the handles easily and then has Velcro that sticks together round the bottom of the pushchair, it folds away for easy storage and can be kept in the basket that is underneath. The basket is a tad flimsy and just hangs in place underneath the seat by Velcro. It's handy to put the rain cover in but anything else either falls over the side or pulls too hard at the Velcro meaning the basket ends up on the floor along with all your stuff.

      The buggy also has a hood with retracts when not in use but pulls forward and then clips into place when needed. This is handy to shade your child from the sun and to protect them from the elements.

      At 5.5kg the buggy is easy for me to lift in and out of the car, it opens out without much effort and you only have to press your foot on the back for it to lock into place which is easy enough. To collapse the buggy you have to push down one button with your foot which releases the metal bar at the back that needs pushing up and the buggy collapses. This probably could be done one handed with baby in tow but it is much easier without.

      As my daughter was around the year mark at the time of purchase, the six months and over age restriction wasn't an issue for me but I did notice that most of these types of pushchairs are for six months upwards as they don't lie back fully and so the child needs to be able to hold their head upright fairly well to be comfortable.

      The seat has a zip on the back at either side and when these are undone it reclines the seat slightly, although this doesn't seem a lot it means that your child doesn't get that nodding dog look that so often occurs with unreclinable buggies when they fall asleep.

      The seat itself is slightly padded ensuring a comfortable ride for your youngster however; I wouldn't recommend buying this if your child is going to be sitting for long periods of time as the padding isn't really sufficient enough. The five point safety harness clips together in the middle, I have had a couple of near misses with my daughters skin in the summer months so please ensure you hold the straps away from them when clipping together because it snaps together quite rapidly.

      I have found that little bits of debris tend to sit in between the grooves either side of the seat but this is easily rectified by pushing the seat out on itself and giving it a good shake. The seat can also be cleaned fairly well with some hot soapy water and a reasonably hot day I found this out for myself after an accident during potty training left no unpleasant after smells.

      The handle height is 100cm which is great for my 5ft 6" height but my partner has complained that his back hurts after pushing this around for a while so perhaps this isn't suitable for those who are on the taller side.

      There is a footrest but as it isn't adjustable it only really some into play when your child gets bigger. The buggy has four front facing wheels but the front ones each have a clip that can be flipped up make the wheels swivel which makes it easier to manoeuvre when walking around.

      Overall, I'm happy with this pushchair; at around £60.00 it's in the mid range for its style but the comfortable reclining seat, rain cover and retractable hood means that it has the features to warrant the price. My daughter is nearly three now and rarely goes in it but it's still in good condition and has definitely lasted through its recommended ages of 6 months to 3 years.


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        11.11.2009 12:49
        Very helpful



        not a bad little stroller, but not the best

        I bought this stroller in March, four months before my daughter's second birthday. Her previous chair was quite bulky and heavy, it had converted from a pram to a pushchair, and I wanted something easier to fold up, carry around and take onto public transport. I saw this on sale for £55 in Asda and it seemed to be one of the best around for the price. I don't think I would have bought this when my daughter was younger, it was bought with the idea that we would only be using it for maybe a year and a half and not as frequently as we used the previous one. As my daughter is a good walker, we expected it would end up mainly being used as a back up for when she is out and gets tired. One of the reasons I chose this chair was simply lack of choice in the area I live in. A pushchair is not something I would choose to buy online as I would want to test it first and see how it handled and how comfy and sturdy it seemed on close inspection. To be honest I would have preferred something a bit sturdier but it just wasn't available in the shops I can get to.

        How Does it Look?
        It's a basic modern streamlined stroller in navy blue with white trim and a silver frame, small canopy/hood, shopping basket and four double wheels. It has, (or in our case - had), a black footbar with the chicco logo on in silver. After eight months use our foot bar has gone. My daughter used it to stand on when climbing into the pushchair and inevitably it snapped off. I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did.

        Age and Weight
        The intended age is between 6 and 36 months, weight up to 15kg, (roughly 33lb or 2st 5oz). I found that 15kg was the top weight on all the buggies I looked at which is frustrating as my little one is at the top of the height and weight charts for her age and has now, aged less than 2 and a half, already just about reached the top weight.

        It's quite easy to fold and open again. There is a locking system which consists of a couple of bars across the lower back with red buttons on them, one needs to be pulled up and out and the other pushed down, then the handles can be pushed forwards until it folds in. There is a latch to fasten the bars together. The instruction booklet comes with a simple diagram which explains this better than written words probably can. The fact there are two locking bars makes it difficult for the chair to be accidentally folded. To open it you just undo the catch, fold it out and press the safety lock down with your foot.

        Seat and Backrest
        The seat and backrest are lightly padded with a hard strip down the middle of the back. I'm not sure what the material it's made of is called, but it feels like thick canvas. It's quite a shallow seat and comes with the ubiquitous adjustable five point harness. I've nipped my fingers on this a few times, but I think that's par for the course with these in general. The backrest has two positions, the instruction booklet tells me one of them is recline but I would say that probably contravenes the trades description act! There is a zip on either side of the seat which makes for a very slight difference of position. I'd call it a 'lean slightly further back position'. It is awkward to adjust with the child still sitting in the seat and is best adjusted before the child goes in, so, as I take my daughter for an afternoon stroll most days in hopes of her taking a nap, I always leave it in this position. This could be why the back was showing signs of wear within three months. There are two holes in the centre strip of the backrest where the seat rubs against the crossbars on the back frame, they are worn through and you can see the board in the back of the seat. The material covering the bars at at the sides of the seat now has a bit of a shine to it, as it is becoming worn here which I think is probably fair enough after the use it has had.

        It seems quite comfortable, my daughter tested out a few of the chairs in the shop whilst doing Goldilocks impressions, ("Ow! Too Hard!"), and this one wasn't objected to. It does seem to be strained under her weight at the moment and I think I'll be be lucky if it lasts to her third birthday. She often naps in it, sometimes for up to two hours.

        Bit of hearsay here; I was chatting with another Mum at a bus stop shortly after I bought this and she told me that she used to have exactly the same one, but that part of the seat frame had snapped within a month of her buying it so she took it back and bought a sturdier one instead.

        Brakes and Handling
        It handles quite well. It feels much lighter than my previous pushchair. I'm not sure of the height, but I am pretty tall and find the find the handlebar height quite comfortable. There are rear wheel brakes and the front swivel wheels are lockable although I don't generally use this feature. The brakes are okay, but I have found that the stroller can be prone to movement when on the bus, so I generally sit with my legs wedged against it or keep hold of the side bar with my hand, as it doesn't feel stable. I'm glad my days of travelling with pushchair are numbered, it's not easy is it?

        Sun Canopy
        The canopy is removable or can be folded back like a hood. It is quite slight and doesn't provide a great deal of cover from either sun or rain, but it's better than nothing. It's okay if you are outside with a still, (sleeping), child and you can position it so that the shade is at its maximum.

        Carry Bag and Strap
        It has a carry bag with a shoulder strap which has been pretty handy as my daughter prefers to walk wherever she can these days until she reaches the stage of being so tired that she keeps falling over and I have to persuade her into using the chair. The strap can be used with or without the bag as it is detachable and can be used with just the folded chair. There is one drawback to this which I discovered recently when the strap detached itself from the carry bag as I was carrying the pushchair and the chair fell forwards rather heavily just missing my daughter who was toddling ahead!

        The purchase included a raincover. From what I've seen, the raincovers that come with Chicco strollers in general are not much cop. Mine was no exception. Within a few uses it was in the bin having been unable to withstand a few good kicks from a tanting toddler. It had ripped and was unsalvageable. In my opinion it was too close and tight to the pushchair making it easy to damage. My other gripe about these types of covers is that they don't even reach past the footbar, so there is not enough room to cover the child's feet which are left are left sticking out of the bottom to get wet. Remember to add wellies if you're going to use one! I purchased an alternative universal raincover from ebay for about a tenner, it's a bit bulky but it has plenty of room in it and my daughter seems quite cosy in there, rather than being almost clingfilmed into submission!

        Shopping Basket
        There is a black net shopping basket which attaches to the legs and crossbars at six points under the seat. The maximum weight to be carried in here is 3kg (or 6lb 9oz). It fastens with velcro, which usually holds quite well but I have found that often one or two fasteners have become detached and need to be reattached.

        My conclusion is that this is not the best pushchair in the world and if you are looking for one from six months plus, there are probably better buys out there. If however, you are after one that won't need a great deal of use, such as a lightweight back up for when little legs get tired, then this one is reasonably priced and in my opinion does the job sufficiently well.


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