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Cosatto Swift Lite Supa Pushchair

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Brand: Cosatto / Type: Standard

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    2 Reviews
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      16.09.2013 23:16



      All in all i would definitely recommend this pushchair as its served me well.

      I bought this pushchair for my son when he was 6 months old. I did a lot of research into different strollers before buying one and this one had the best reviews and fitted all my criteria.
      I did however buy it in a different design (happy go lucky) but they're still the same pushchair. The pushchair came with a raincover, cosy toes, chest pads, and a head hugger.
      I didn't need to use the head hugger because of my sons age but it's a good little add on if needed.
      I love the cosy toes, it keeps my son very warm and looks so comfortable. However it is attached to the pushchair by two velcro strips which attach to the back of the stroller, so I found that I was constantly pulling the cosy toes back up to the position it should be in as it would always slip down.
      The raincover clips onto the end of the good and also onto the frame of the stroller by the front wheels. Now my son is 14 months old and I find that his feet poke out of the bottom of the raincover slightly so his feet get wet.

      The two front wheels can be locked into position or used in the swivel position. I prefer the swivel position as it makes the stroller easier to push. This stroller is lovely to manoeuvre, so much so that I can do it with one hand when I have to.
      The hood clicks into place on each side so my son can push and pull on it. The hood is also very strong and I like to use it while it is in the up position for placing bits on while I'm in a shop.
      There are three different reclining positions, which are easily acheavable by using the two clips on the sides of the pushchair. I can recline my son swiftly and smoothly without waking him.
      The basket is quite spacious but is difficult to get to whilst the stroller is in the recline position.
      The straps can be lossened which you'd expect but I've seen some strollers which don't have that option!
      One thing is this stroller is quite narrow which is good and bad. I can't see it growing much with my son and I might have to buy one slightly wider sooner or later to give him some more space, but at the moment he's not complaining. The good thing about it being narrow is you can get through smaller spaces, easier tiger on the bus etc.
      it's very easy to fold this stroller, I can do it with my foot with no trouble at all.

      This stroller is very sturdy and looks lovely. I'm always getting compliments on how lovely and colourful my pushchair looks. I'm glad I bought it but just wish it was a little more spacious for the child as I don't fancy buying a new stroller.


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      31.10.2012 05:13
      Very helpful



      It doesn't like supermarket flooring but I love it! Cosatto you certainly brighten up my day!

      ~*~*~ Cosatto Swift Lite Supa Pushchair ~*~*~

      ~ What is it? ~

      This is an adorable pushchair by the makers Cosatto, it is a nice lightweight pushchair that is suitable from birth.

      ~ The Look ~

      This is why I ended up choosing this pram - the looks! It is a very cute and attractive pushchair. The main colour to this pushchair is a deep chocolate brown, the inside of the hood has a cream base and is covered in large colourful circles, on the outside of the hood you find bright colourful print saying 'you & me'.
      The frame of the pram is coloured in a powdered silver and the wheels are even cute, the wheels have a little person making up the spokes!
      The pram comes with a footmuff that in itself is adorable, it has such a cosy cute look about it. The front of the cover has a lovely yellow bear on the front and he is holding a little srtiped bear, it is very well made and nicely padded. The footmuff has a little uique kangaroo pouch in which your little one can place their hands to keep them warm.

      ~ Why I bought it? ~

      I haven't had much luck with prams or pushchairs since having my son last year, my Silvercross popped apart on me, my KiddieCare pram snapped at the handle whilst I was out shopping, and even though I do have other buggies I wanted my son to have a nice sturdy pram that will last him. I have owned a different more basic Cosatto buggy since I had my third son and that is still going strong and looks quite good so I knew a Cosatto pram would be a good investment, but I purely chose this based on it's cute looks.

      This is suitable from birth but my son is over a year now, 14 months to be exact so I wasn't worried about getting a suitable pram for his age, I just wanted to bring this to peoples attention as buggy style prams are usually suited to older babies. It has three recline positions which I did think was important as my son often drops off to sleep in his pram when we are out and about. It also has an adjustable calf rest, which can be either up or down, I like this too.

      But as I have said I did buy this based on looks alone!

      ~ What is it like? ~

      It's really nice. I really have no major complaints other than the fact the front wheels seem to have a life of their own whenever I enter Tesco or Asda, I think it's down to the very shiny flooring they have as I don't have this problem in any other shops! The wheels just seem to slide in and out and turn! But outside it is fanstastic.

      It's really comfortable to push for both me and my hubby, I am 5ft and half an inch (yes I had to mention that!) and my hubby is 5ft 11", I find it comfy, I do have my hands raised up slightly more than I did with my Silvercross but my hubby likes this as he doesn't have to stoop down, so in all we have found it really nice to push.

      I think the look of the pram makes it jolly and cheery looking without looking tacky and my little boy adores it, he rubs the little bear and chuckles away.

      The footmuff has a zip to take the cover off but I haven't done that as it is too cold at the moment to need to do so. I don't however use the head hugger as my son doesn't require it. I love the little pouch on the footmuff I tuck my little ones hands inside it to keep them warm ... Not that he keeps them there though!

      In all I really love this puchchair. And the wheels are very cute indeed. The wheels don't have a very thick 'tyre' part but it doesn't wear down quickly so apart from not being shiny anymore and having a few marks from stones etc. they still look the same in thickness.

      It's also quite light so if we do need to put it down to get on the bus this doesn't cause too much a problem. It does however require two hands and a foot to fold it, you need to push in and lift a lever on the back, push down another lever with your foot and then it should start to fold in on itself, you have to bring the handles in together and then it is done. It has a handy carry handle on the side too.

      It is easy to recline which I find is very handy when my little boy has fallen asleep, you just have to lift the sides and it lies back in a gentle manner.

      ~ Extras ~

      When purchasing the pushchair it came with the following -

      * Footmuff
      * Raincover
      * Removable Washable Seat Cover
      * Chest Pads
      * Head Hugger

      Checking the Argos website I can also see that they have listed the shopping basket and hood but I would assume that everybody assumes it would come with these anyway!

      ~ Folding Specifications ~

      When folded the pushchair size has a length of 106cm, a width of 30cm and a depth of 32cm.

      ~ General Information ~

      ** Taken from the Argos website **

      * 3 recline positions.
      * 1 hand recline adjustment.
      * Forward facing seat.
      * 5 point harness.
      * Swivel and lock wheels - front wheels only.
      * Handle height 106cm.
      * Linked brakes.
      * Adjustable leg rest.
      * Adjustable calf support.
      * Aluminium chassis.

      ~ Price & Availabilty ~

      My mum said she would go in halfs with me for this as she has seen how rubbish my other prams have treated us! I found it in Argos priced at around £160 so I purchased it there as my brother works there and gets a 10% discount and my mum had £25 in vouchers too, however online I have seen it being sold for as much as £300 in Mothercare so I would definately say it would be best to shop around for this. It is also available on Amazon for around the £150 mark.

      ~ Overall Opinion ~

      Seeing as this is a pushchair that can be used from birth to around 3 years I find this really good value. It's adorable to look at, it is nice for a boy or girl and is really nice to push. The front wheels can swivel or be locked which is handy for us as my step-mum can't push swivel wheel prams! It's nice and cosy and comes with everything you need.

      I really love this pushchair I love how cute and quirky it looks, I get lots of comments about it - Nice ones! People always say how nice it is not to see a black or pink pram! I think so too. It certainly stands out.

      The raincover is just a small one that fits onto the hood but it does the job just fine. The basket is a little bit flimsy but big enough, harder to access when the pushchair is reclined but it is still adorable.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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    • Product Details

      At a Glance The Cosatto Swift Lite Supa Pushchair does exactly what it says in its name - and does so with style and colour! The Cosatto Swift Lite Supa Pushchair is the fun and practical way to transport your little one about town. Its a quick mover and super lightweight making mums lives easier! Features and benefits for Cosatto Swift Lite Supa Pushchair - Limited Edition You & Me Suitable from birth to three years Compact umbrella fold with autolock 3 recline positions and 2 position calf support Lockable swivel front wheels Footmuff and raincover included Mothercare Loves:.The colourful and happy design of this pushchair will put a smile on both mum and baby's face!Want To Know More?The Cosatto Swift Lite Supa Pushchair is the fun and practical way to push your little one about town! It is suitable from birth to three years and has three recline positions and a 2 position calf support so you can tailor the seat to your little one's needs - perfect for when they are tired!The compact umbrella fold has an autolock so the Cosatto Swift Lite Supa Pushchair is easy to store away in the boot or at home. It is extremely lightweight and has a carry handle; perfect for trips on buses and trains. Lockable front swivel wheels give mum maximum manoeuvrability.Footmuff and raincover are both included so you can keep your little one protected and snug on those cold and wet days!Don't Forget...Take a look at our massive range of travel toys so you can keep your little one entertained when out and about.

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