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Cosatto Yo! Stroller

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    5 Reviews
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      08.09.2014 19:31
      Very helpful


      • "One hand fold"
      • Extras
      • "from birth"
      • "lovely design"
      • "compact and lightweight"


      • "No leg rest"
      • "Not good on uneven ground"

      Cosatto YO! Go Lightly Limited edition. A brilliant and modern girlie stroller!

      I am currently using this stroller with my 4th child (this is her 5th pram-other reviews to follow!!) In the ‘Go Lightly’ limited edition design. There are quite a lot of other designs for this make of pram.

      I bought this pram off a friend at the bargain price of £50 with rain cover and bag, but it can be bought new for around £170 online.
      Mine came with the changing bag, head hugger, cosytoes, liner, shoulder pads and rain cover (includes carry case for rain cover).


      The stroller is suitable from birth, multiple recline, basket, swivel front wheels, carry handle and is umbrella fold. It weighs 7kg and fits in my useless Zafira boot!

      ***USING IT***
      My first point is that I find this pram so cute and girly without being OTT I love the stripes and red bows.
      My daughter is a petite 8 month old so I did have some reservations about using a stroller, but she seems comfortable and snug when sitting in it although I am still using the head hugger and pads, it also reclines almost flat so she is comfy when asleep.

      The liner is reversible either polka dot to use without the cosytoes or plain black when using it with, the cosytoes is easy to attach.
      The bag is spacious and can fit all of my rubbish in ie nappies and clothes for 2 children, wipes, purse etc.
      The rain cover is easy to attach and work well against the wind, when not in use it is rolled up and put in a carry case that attaches to the side of the handle bars.
      The basket is a good size and you can fit a good few items in it, although not a decent sized shop, it is quite sturdy but does not have a hard bottom so may tend to sag.
      It is smooth to push in town and easy to steer, although it had a tough time at St. Michaels mount - so I wouldn’t suggest using it on cobbles!! The wheels are rubber so no need to blow them up!

      It is easy to fold and unfold as it is one hand fold and most of the mechanicals are foot operated. It is lightweight and would be good as a second pram for holidays, grandparents etc.
      My only issue is that there is no leg/foot rest so my daughter’s legs always have to hang down, and that the brake can be a bit temperamental.
      There are no storage pockets on the pram although I tend not to use them anyway.

      I would happily pay the full RRP for this stroller as I find it very well made and it does look more expensive than it is. It has a lot of features and extras as well. My daughter looks happy and comfortable whilst in it, it fits well in the car and I imagine would fit in smaller cars also.


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      16.09.2013 11:01




      I bought this pushchair for my grand daughter in the go lightly design which is black and white stripes with a giant red bow on it. This pushchair at the time I bought it was only available to purchase by pre order at a amazing price of £197.00 back in April 2013 , it is now available in most shops in different designs, the price also very's form shop to shop.
      My daughter seen it online and she fell in love with it so I purchased it for her as a gift. We have also spotted it on tv whilst watching coronation street it was being used by Kirsty and Tyrone.
      Whilst out and about my daughter gets lots of comments saying how gorgeous it is and where did you buy it.
      She loves that it comes with the matching changing bag which is lovely and big, fits plenty of nappies, wipes etc in! Also has a cute rain cover case that attaches on the side of the pushchair in the same design.
      The foot muff also has a big red bow on it and is lovely and fleecy inside, and can be taken off and reversed for a black and white polka dot lining! also it it easy to machine wash.
      The pushchair is multi positional and It also reclines flat and is lovely and snug for a newborn baby too :)
      The wheels are easy to change from a fixed position to swivel and easily removed from the chassis if needed for example if you have a small boot in your car.
      Underneath the pushchair is a material made shopping basket which can be removed. When the pushchair is opened up and in use the the carry handle on the side is perfect for siblings to hold onto when walking along side. The pushchair is very easy to manoeuvre and quick to collapse. I have found that when collapsed it is quite long in length and will only fit in the boot of my car if I take the front wheels off.
      Overall a lovely gorgeous pushchair, worth every penny spent.


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      16.09.2013 09:50
      Very helpful



      Great stroller, definitely recommend.

      Cosatto Yo Stroller.

      I bought this stroller in the go lightly version which was black & white with a big red bow. I was looking for a new stroller for my 7 month old and saw this one and fell in love instantly as very attractive. I paid around £200 from boots for this stroller but have saw it selling for anywhere up to £300, as much as I love this pram I would never have spent full price on it.

      The pram is a convenient size and fits into boot of my quite small car with ease and easy to get in and out, also for any cars it doesn't fit in, the wheels come off and on easy enough so it's adjustable to fit in. Also the seat is easy to adjust from sitting upright to lying down flat which is great if your child would like to take a nap.

      I do use this pram quite often as even though it is quite a bigger stroller than normal its not as bulkier as other prams so great for getting in about shops, towns or on buses, also having the swivel wheels on the two front wheels is ideal to help out.

      Pram comes with headrest, padded shoulder bits, footmuff, changing bag, raincover holder. The footmuff is cosy for any child and will definetly keep them nice nod warm during warmer months, headrest is no longer used by my daughter as she's too old but is beneficial for young children. The raincover holder is not ideal as too much fuss to get the raincover in and out nicely so I just keep mine under the pram or in changing bag. Changing bag zip did break within 5 months of having the pram, although I do love the colour of the bag it wasn't that big a deal as I have other bags to use.

      Only issues I would say with this stroller is the raincover as you have to button it up through certain points which is a bit of a nuisance if your trying to get your child to sit still while doing it up etc, also shopping basket is a bit of an issue to get in and out of unless your child is sitting fully up right. Wouldn't say these are major issues to put off buying pram though.

      All in all it is a great pram and I would recommend to everyone looking for a reasonable sized stroller which is easy to use, and I would definitely buy another one if needed too.


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      09.08.2013 20:42
      Very helpful



      amazing pram

      I was looking around online at the Cosatto Yo and i had to say i fell in love instantly i loved the fact there was so many designs and colours but didnt realy see one that caught my eye until the new one was released the cosatto yo pow and that was it! i HAD to order it which i did without even seeing one in the store!

      PROS -

      This pram is lovely to look at and is very eye catching you always get comments etc, but to make it even better its so easy to push, and i havent struggled yet on any terrain! My son looks so comfortable and sleeps very well in it too!
      It comes with its accessories which include the footmuff, the changing bag and also a raincover which is in a bag aswell! The pram lays completley flat for comfort so is suitable from birth too!
      One of my favourite parts about the pram is the handle shape and height its so comfortable to push, and can be pushed one handed too!

      CONS -

      I am yet to find anything wrong with this pram i have nothing bad to say at all!

      SUMMARY -

      I rate the pram 10 / 10. I have had no issues with it at all, and would reccomend to anyone i think its well worth the money and i think i am going to have this pram for a very long time!


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      03.07.2013 02:28
      Very helpful



      Highly recommended - I love this stroller!! :)

      ~ Why I Bought This Stroller ~
      When I was pregnant, I didn't really spend much time researching the pushchair that I wanted for my baby, and instead I just ended up buying a travel system which I liked the look of without really reading any reviews or anything.

      This turned out to be a complete and utter nightmare - the quality was disgraceful. It didn't collapse properly as the frame would completely jam up so I would be left unable to get it into the boot of the car. When Kai was around five months old I decided I had finally had enough of struggling with it and so I began looking for a new one.

      I came across the Cosatto Yo! go light stroller on amazon and I fell in love with it. I loved the design, the features, the colour options - everything. I spent a few weeks longing after it and eventually my fiancé bought it for me despite insisting that the one we had was fine (it wasn't!) I can't say how grateful I am, this stroller is amazing and although it is pricy I think it is worth every penny. There were other designs to choose from but I chose the go light stroller because it had all the features that I wanted.

      ~ Cost and Value ~
      The recommended retail price for this stroller is £265. Thank goodness for amazon though - I got ours for just under £190 with free delivery. As much as I love this stroller, me and my fiancé wouldn't have really been able to fork out the full price but it is definitely worth it and I am beyond happy that we got it for so much less than the RRP. The stroller is suitable from birth to three years so you really will get your money's worth, Kai is 18 months old and has been using this stroller since he was just under six months so we have had about a year of use out of it, and I'm certain we will get at least another 1-1 and a half years of use out of it, and if I have more children in the future I will be re-using this. Even if I don't I think it will sell easily for around the same price I paid for it because Cosatto is a very well known and popular brand.

      ~ Features ~
      The main feature is the fact that it is suitable from birth to three years, I also love that it is lightweight (12kg which sounds a lot but it really isn't, it's so much easier to push/lift/fold etc than the one I had previously). It also has a multiple position recline, chest pads, a lightweight aluminium frame, a storage basket, raincover and a reversible liner for summer & winter (the winter side is fleecy) as well as lots of other features including:

      * Measures 102.4 x 31.4 x 25.8 cm
      * Free four year guarantee
      * Puncture-proof Ethylene Vinyl Acetate tyres
      * Carry handle
      * Storage basket

      ~ Accessories aka Freebies!! ~
      This pushchair comes with several accessories which come with it. The first freebie that I love is the foot muff, which is really thick and soft so keeps little one warm and cosey in colder weather and it has pockets at the top to keep little ones hands nice and warm. The foot muff (which Cosatto market as a 'kangaroo pounch' is removable, and at first I found it awkward to remove as it was quite stiff but over time it has become looser so it is easy to remove now. Another thing that comes free is the head hugger. I no longer use this with my eighteen month old but for younger babies it is great.

      It also comes with a free rain cover, which covers the entire pushchair and is very simple to attach and remove - it takes no time at all to attach it. I keep this in the changing bag (complete with a changing mat) which was also free, and the changing bag stays on the pushchair securely as the pushchair has a little handle on the side of it.

      ~ In use/My Opinion ~
      This pushchair is brilliant. Not only does it looks good but it is so easy to push, fold up, adjust the seat (it moves from an upright position to laying down position) and it is easy to control despite not being the smallest pushchair. Saying that though it isn't bulky at all, and it is compact without being flimsy. I am able to push it easily over all surfaces including grass which I like because it means I'm not struggling when we go to the park etc like I was with the old pushchair as the wheels used to get stuck. When it comes to pavement the wheels just glide along, I've never had any problems with them seizing up.

      This stroller is available in five different colours - pink, green, black & white, blue & white and orange. The colours are very fun and bright, and each different colour has a different pattern on it, for example the pink one has a cherry, the blue and white one has a skull and cross bones (I know, I know!), the green one has a pear, the orange one has an apple and black and white one has a bow. Although I have a little boy, I have to admit I was so tempted to buy the pink one because it stood out from the others and looked gorgeous, it really did look amazing!

      I don't believe in gender stereotypes eg blue is for boys and pink is for girls, however in the end I decided in the end to buy the green one because I knew I'd probably get some funny looks pushing Kai around in a bright pink pram! I guess I care too much about what people think, but if I didn't I'd have 100% gone for the pink one!! Although I didn't like the green one as much as I liked the pink one, the colour has grown on me and it certainly stands out from the crowd! I have had other mums approach me and ask me where I bought Kai's stroller from, and I have had countless compliments on it.

      The wheels are removable (you just need to push a little button and they come off) which will be good for people with small car boots but I can fit it into the boot of mine and my partners car without removing the wheels. Putting the wheels back on is easy as they clip into place. Both of the back wheels have a break on them which locks when they are pushed and unlocked when they are lifted. I find this easy to do and am able to do it with my foot so I don't have to bend down to do it which is handy. As for the front wheels they're lockable and swivel easily, even after a year they're not stiffened up.

      The handles on either side of the pushchair are very easy to grip with both bare hands and gloves, so steering the pushchair is effortless, and my partner finds the handles big enough to grip comfortably, and he has huge hands! I prefer the handle design of this pram to the one I had before as the one I had before had a full bar handle which I found quite awkward. Folding this pushchair is so easy, it has a button on the side which is red so it is easy to see and you just press down on it and push the middle one and collapse the pram. It has a handle on the side of it which I find amazingly handy for carrying to and from the car or if we go on the bus and Kai decides he doesn't want to be in his pushchair for the journey I can collapse it and place it on the pram thingy on the bus then carry it off the bus and put it back up for walking back home from the bus stop.

      Since Kai began walking and running (aka stumbling quickly for a few steps and falling into a crawl, lol) I have found that I am often left pushing an empty pushchair as he doesnt like to stay still, however the stroller is easy to control even when I am holding Kai's hand with one of my hands and the pram handle in the other. The foot muff does make it a bit bulkier, but I tend to leave this at home unless it is really cold! Removing the hood is easy enough as it is attached with Velcro. The hood isn't something I use often unless it is raining or if it is boiling hot (to protect Kai from the sun), and I find the hood can get in the way as I am not able to see Kai so if he wants attention/wants to to show me something or something I need to stop walking and peek around and see to him rather than being able to look and talk to him whilst walking.

      A little window or peep hole in the hood would be great but I don't think that the lack of this is enough of a disadvantage to knock a star off really. The pushchair comes with a storage basket which isn't the best but it isn't the worse either, it is okay for things like Kai's toys or a few shopping bags but I wouldn't load it up with heavy stuff or more than a few shopping bags, because I think it would probably break. Comfort wise, Kai is always very comfortable and relaxed in this pushchair and I also like how secure he is in it, he's not able to undo the belt by himself (yet, anyway!)

      ~ All in All ~
      I highly recommend this pushchair and I give it five out of five stars.


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