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Cosatto You 2 You & Me

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Brand: Cosatto / Type: Umbrella / Number of Seats: Double / Twin Seats / 4 Recline Positions / Lockable swivel wheels with suspension

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    1 Review
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      16.02.2009 12:04
      Very helpful



      a lovely pram, perfect for shopping etc and being out my own with my boys

      This is the second pram I bought for my twin boys. After the disaster with my first pram the Mothercare Urban Detour which I have wrote a review about, I decided this time a little more research was needed into what pram I would need to get.

      I was looking for one that fitted through most doorways in shops as I would be out alot on my own and couldn't always rely on people being with me to open doors for me to get through. I also needed one quite lightweight as my boys are pretty big boys and have been since they were born. I had already decided the type of pram I was going to look for was a stroller, even though I love the chunky sort of prams with the air filled tyres on them they are just too big and bulky especially in a double version and just not practical at all. At the same time though I wanted something trendy I didn't want to just have to make do with any old double buggy just because I needed to get one, I wanted one I liked and other people would coo and aww about, as twins seem to get alot of attention when seen out and about in their matching clothes and in their wideload buggies. I also wanted one side by side, as after practising with a few tandem buggys in Mothercare (the ones with one seat in front of the other) I found they were so long and felt heavy without any babies being in them.

      I had a shop around and eventually seen this one the Cosatto You 2 Twin Stroller - You & Me. It looked lovely, a navy blue stroller, with You & Me and Me & You in big,blue writing on the footmuffs and hoods. It was most definitely an eyecatcher and perfect for boys. It is a website exclusive pram in Mothercare costing just under £240, so quite pricey for a stroller but it was probably the only one I liked.

      After my palava with my last double buggy I had to read into this one a bit more. It was suitable from birth which is good, as some double buggys are only suitable for one toddler and one baby from birth, these tend to be the tandem buggys though.

      Umbrella folding action - meaning it folded down easily, which it does. I pull up two plastic bits at the bottom and fold it over and it folds lovely and flat for easy storage, which was an added plus side to this pram.

      Independant Seat Operations - Each seat could either be sat up or lay down, each seat has 4 recline positions, so i could have my boya either upright, lay down slightly, lay down a little bit more or lay down completely flat, so they could be sat up right when awake or lay down flat when asleep. It says 'Independant' Seat Operations because you can do either with each seat they don't both have to be doing the same thing. So if just one of my boys were asleep he could lay down flat whereas the other could sit right up.

      2 Independant Removable Canopies - These are the pull over hoods at the top of the pram which are brilliant for keeping babies in the shade in summer, and overall making the stroller look nicer. On top of each hood was You & Me, Me & You in the same big, blue writing which looked lovely. They just clipped on either side of the pram and clipped back off if need be so simple an easy to leave on or take off depending on preferance.

      Lockable Swivel Wheels - The front wheels could either be locked into 1 position which I find makes it harder to turn corners etc when out and about, or they could be unlocked so they swivel around easy and make pushing the pram a breeze.

      Storage Basket - There is actually a storage basket underneath each seat, both quite small though and I can only use them if the seats were upright which is a bit of a pain.

      Raincovers and 5 Point Harnesses - The raincovers are so simple to put on they have bits of velco fastenings around the edges, these attach around the handles, then when you need to use them in the case of rain you simply pull it over the pram and there are popper fastenings at the bottom to make it secure. As for the harnesses to keep your baby safe in the pram I do find them quite short they have hurt my boys shoulders even though I have adjusted them to as far as they can go to make them bigger. They didn't leave them much room at all in the winter when they had their winter coats on, but were far better in the Summer when they just had t-shirts on and no extra padding.

      Full Luxurious Set Of Accessories Including Footmuffs, Head Supports, Chest Pads and a bottle bag. - All these are optional you don't have to use them, although the footmuffs are brilliant to use for the cold weather and my boys do still fit into them comfortably now and they are coming up 15months. I've never used the head supports or the chest pads, but these are easy to put on as they just attach to the harness on the seats. The bottle bag was a small navy bag, which could fit 2 bottles in it to keep them safe, prevent leaking etc, it also had on there You & Me.

      I also needed to know the width of it, I don't understand cm's etc but it did say on the Mothercare website it fitted through most standard doorways, which was enough for me. The actual width when upright is 74cm wide, so I know now if I buy another pram I need something either that width or just a slight bit wider. I have enough problems getting around shops etc as it is quite wide (obvious with a double pram) but it is so much easier than the other pram I had.

      For anybody looking for a double pram I would reccomend this one for the width and for the fact it is practical for shopping trips especially when you are on your own with 2 children. Although at the same time the wheels I found were rather annoying in the fact after using the pram for just a few weeks the wheels began to wear, which is to be expected but it then meant the wheels kept getting stuck on certain sufaces whereas when it was brand new I had no problems at all.

      Despite the few small problems I have no regrets in buying this pram at all. It could be suitable for both boys and girls despite it being Navy. It looked an attractive buggy, and got alot of attention. It fitted through most doorways and lifts, it was only maybe Charity Shops I couldn't fit the pram through the door comfortably. It has been so far the most practical pram I have bought. I think it deserves 4 stars, as the odd few problems could possibly make it difficult for some people to use but I found it didn't stop my boys from being comfortable, safe and I could take them out on my own.


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    • Product Details

      Suitable from birth up to a maximum weight of 15kg per child (max. 2 children)

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