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Graco Evo Pushchair

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4 Reviews
  • Easily folds one handed
  • Can use from birth
  • Rain cover is large
  • Footmuff slips down
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    4 Reviews
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      18.11.2014 21:29
      Very helpful


      • "Can use from birth"
      • Study
      • "Easily folds one handed"
      • "Large basket for shopping"
      • Lightweight
      • "Compact size"


      • "Rain cover is large"
      • "Footmuff slips down"
      • "Takes up the whole of the car boot"

      Great for city living, lightweight and easy to manoeuvre around shops and on busses.

      When looking for a pushchair my husband and I sat side by side, each on a computer watching "how to" videos and reading reviews. We spent 3 hours trying to find the best pushchair for us, reviews were so helpful with this I though I'd try and write my own!

      we bough the graco evo travel system that included the pushchair and car seat (the was also a 3 in 1 option that included the carry cot as well). The package included the frame, pushchair, adaptor for the car seat, car seat, foot muff and rain cover. We paid £279.

      The pushchair can be placed on the frame in either a forward or reverse facing direction, it is easy to lift off (two grey handles, one on each side) doesn't wiegh much (9.5kg), it has three recline positions, so baby can either be lying flat (this makes it suitable from birth-even if baby does look tiny asleep in it) or be sitting up gazing at the world. It has a bar across the front that unclips at one side so toys can be hung on, or (as my little one like to do) pul himself up and grip on to as he tries to look at everything.

      The straps are a five point harness system, but we now only use the bottom three straps, whoch can be moved to different heights as baby grows and are padded. The handle goes across the front, which is great when you're trying to push the pushchair one handed around the supermarket while holding a basket. There are two buttons on the handle which need to be pushed at the same time to fold the pushchair, this is easy to do one handed, and folds with the pushchair in place- but only while chair is in the forward facing direction.

      There is a large basket underneath, which is bit tricky to get stuff in and out of while baby is facing you, but much easier while baby is forward facing. The footprint of this pushchair is is smaller then all of my friends. We live in a built up area and get the bus around a lot, we needed something that would fit into tiny bus spaces and this does the job perfectly, I am the envy of my mummy friends as I can fit through small door ways. in addition the turning circle is tiny (hardly outside the footprint) making getting around tight aisles in clothes shops a doddle.

      The foot muff is fleecy and large, but doesn't attatch to the frame in any way, so is always slipping down. It's also designed to last until baby is much bigger, so at 6 months the foot muff doesn't cover my little ones feet and I have to use a blanket as well. The rain cover is large and unwieldy and unless you squash it down a lot (which is not fun after it's been raging in) takes up the whole of the basket.


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      05.07.2013 19:01
      Very helpful



      Easy to fold up and down, easy to wipe clean, lightweight easy to push and suitable from birth

      It such an exciting time when you get to pick a pushchair for your new arrival. As a Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferer, I knew that any pushchair I picked needed to be light weight and easy to steer, with an easy to grip handle, as well as being able to fold up and down and so each pushchair I tried had to meet all of these criteria to be a contender.

      During one of our many shopping trips I tried and instantly fell in love with the Graco Evo Pushchair which at the time (around a year a go) was new out. Nothing else I tried came even remotely close in my mind and so we ordered the pushchair from Mothercare for £279.99. We also brought the car seat which combines to make a complete travel system and cost a further £89.99. However we did decide not to buy the carry cot (which would have been an extra £99.99) as the pushchair can be laid flat and is suitable from birth anyway.

      When we brought our pushchair it was only available in two colours- Pitstop which is black (this is what we went for) and Lime. However it is now available in a lots more colours including Chilli, Plum, Sand and Charcoal.

      I love that with the Car Seat is so easy to attach to the base. It really is one click to add the adapter and one for adding on the car seat and its done and it is equally as easy to remove. As I suffered Pre-Eclampsia during my pregnancy with my daughter she only weighed 5lbs 7oz at birth and was too small for the pushchair harness for the first few weeks as so we used the car seat on the base instead which worked beautifully. It was also very useful even when she was big enough for the pushchair harness if she had fallen asleep in her car seat as there was no need to wake her.

      The puchchair itself is very easy to fold both up and down. You simply press a button on the handle and remove a clip and its all done. I love that you can have the pushchair either facing towards you or away from you and the hood can easily be adjusted. There is a lovely large basket and the base for your shopping.

      The pushchair harness is very easy to fasten and can easily be adjusted as your child grows. My daughter is always happy to get into her pushchair and it does look very comfortable. Its also very easy to wipe clean, a very important consideration where little mucky fingers are concerned!

      Its really handy having the 3 seat positions and that it can lay flat. The fact that it lays flat and is suitable from birth are the main reasons we did not buy the carry cot and I think we made the right choice. The pushchair is suitable until your child weighs 15kg (or up to 3 years).

      I find it very easy and light to steer and the handle bar is very easy to grip. It really is a joy to push and everyone who has used it has raved about it even after nearly nine month use it still looks as new. I also find it quite easy to pack away into the car as it does fold down quite compactly and is fairly light.

      It really is very well made and very durable. It also looks really stylish and easily competes with Pushchairs which are more than double the price.

      I find it handles very well on paths but it can equally handle being in a field with our dog.

      It comes with a foot muff and rain cover but no Sun Parasol. I would have liked to have seen this either included or offered as an extra especially as I have seen first hand how useful this is to other mums. However this really is the only downside- and if I had to go out and buy another pushchair tomorrow I would not hesitate and would buy the same all over again, in fact I would not even look at another. It really is so easy to use and a joy to push. If I could give it 10 stars I would!


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      26.06.2013 19:22
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A good buy and is easy to assemble and if spread cost out doesnt seem such an expense

      Before our Daughter was born we tried to be as organised as we could as we did not know if having a boy or girl we wanted a pram suitable for either gender.
      I asked friends, family and reviews about all kinds of prams all I knew was that I wanted an all in one pram suitable for a son or daughter and a colour that my partner would be happy to push along.
      I seen this one online before I started shopping around but put it at the back of my mind as was fairly expensive and wanted a good deal and to save money as I had to buy everything as this is my first child.

      After a long look online we decided to go look in store as needed to get a feel for a pram.
      It was lightweight and easy to push and go around corners.
      After a generous offer from my mother in law they offered to buy us the pram as a gift. including all the parts (pram, carry cot and car seat)
      I wasn't overly keen on the green colour at first but it grew on me and I now love the colour.
      The interior of the pram is finished off again in Black and light grey in the carry cot with a nicely padded adjustable seat for baby to either sit or lay on. It's suitable for ages 0+

      The car seat is perfect for the car but it is the main attachment I use for pushing my daughter around in as gives you more space underneath the pram for shopping and you always have it incase you need to get a taxi or a lift of someone etc
      My daughter suffered colic and it was only place she would settle in the day for a sleep. It is easy to assemble in the car and fits securely and I feel happy that my child is safe and secure.
      It comes with green seatbelt covers so the seatbelt does not cut into their neck.

      The pram is modern looking and is fairly easy to assemble I did it alone after just having a c section as you only really need to attach the wheels to the body work and the instructions are clear and easy to understand.
      The storage underneath the pram can fit quite a few bags in however I am unsure about weight it holds as I don't want to take the risk but I have put a bulk toilet rolls before (18 from home and bargin) and height wise under car seat attachment it fitted quite nicely as carrying these items can be a bit of a pain.

      The wheels are fairly big , they're multi-directional and swivel on a 360 degree angle which makes it easy to push and turn around corners. The wheels have a breaking device which is handy when
      you need to look for something in bag or waiting for someone. Especially handy if getting an attachment on and off or getting a child in and out.
      The pram is lightweight to push around and is easy to push one handed if you have bags to carry or on the phone thanks to the wheels.
      Taking the pram down is simple, you just simply remove the pushchair seat, carry cot, car seat and then press the grey leaver on handle in well the tab slides so slide and push up and the pram will fold back and you can do this one handed.
      To put the pram back up there is a black leaver on the side that you pull out slightly and then lift pram up by handle until clicks again can be done one handed.

      The pram will fit easily into a big car however will not fit into the likes of a Ford KA with smaller boots and the car seat is also a bit of a struggle to get into a 3 door car however once in fits nicely.
      The Evo's folded dimensions are 89x60x41cm so check the space before you buy. We don't drive so we did not take this into consideration.
      The best thing about it so far is the fact I can have my daughter facing me so can watch her well she is so little. And in a few months I can turn her around so she can take in the world around us.
      It has a maximum child weight of 15kg's which again means that it's going to last quite a while before it becomes unsuitable so although it is a bit pricey it will last few years and I am hoping it will last well enough for me to store for when I have my second child.

      The Graco Evo is a little pricey and for many, as it was for me at first may be put off however I would recommend this pram.
      The carry cot we bought with pram only really gets used as a mosses basket if were away so if not away much I would use the car seat over the carry cot as it is also easier to get on and off public transport and will also save you a bit of money.

      The current retail price in mothercare is
      Pushchair - £279.99
      Car Seat - 89.99
      Carry Cot - 99.99
      At the moment Mothercare have a special offer of buy the lime pushchair and get a free carry cot in lime or black up until 17th July.
      Mothercare also does a payment plan so can pay as and when and you can also pick your delivery date so you don't have to store for months.

      Thank you for reading and hope this helps


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        18.11.2012 14:38
        Very helpful



        Evo Pushchair from Graco

        Before our son was born we tried to be as organised as we could be in getting ready for our big arrival and bought as much stuff as any excited brand new parents-to-be could. We scoured the internet reading reviews on prams and pushchairs and made a short-list of the ones we liked and in the end settled for a beautifully made Silver Cross system that initially we were very happy with and for the first 8 weeks of my sons life he was safe and secure in the Silver Cross's pram. There was nothing really to complain about with the Silver Cross, I gave it a glowing review here and recommended it to other parents, it still is a beautiful pram but we soon discovered that it lacked the one thing we wanted and not thinking at the time of purchase we didn't realise that once baby has outgrown the carry cot and the system is ready to be converted into a pushchair that it is only forward facing and can't be adjusted to face the other way. I mentioned this in my review of the Silver Cross and at the time thought it wouldn't be too much of a problem however after a few trips out with my son in his pushchair both his mother and myself realised that we did want something that would allow us to see and interact with our baby after all so it was back to the drawing board and another scout round for something that would allow us to do this.

        The Graco Evo system caught our eye when we spotted it in Mothercare. The garish Green one was out on display (as shown in Dooyoo's accompanying picture) and although I personally wasn't overly keen on the colour I was relieved to learn that it is available in other colours too. We didn't want another Black or Grey pram, our Silver Cross one was Grey and although very nicely designed and made we decided this time to be a bit more adventurous and buy the Evo in 'Chilli Red'. It's not a bright, in-your-face Red though, here it is mid-range and although colourful it isn't too over the top, it has a few Black stars dotted on its hood which gives it a nice design and its harness straps are Black with Red padded covers. The interior of the pram is finished off again in Black with a nicely padded adjustable seat for baby to either sit or lay on. It's suitable for babies of all ages from newborn upwards and a separate carry cot is available to buy should you want to use it as a pram. Because our son has now outgrown his pram he's very happy being sat up and the main attraction of the Evo for us was the fact that it can be both forward and rear facing allowing us to see our son when we're out and about with him.

        Whilst it's true that we were drawn to this pushchair because it can be rear facing I have to admit here that in many ways it's a lot, lot better system than our first Silver Cross purchase. The Evo has a very modern design, it's incredibly lightweight compared to the bulky Silver Cross and weighs in at a little over 9Kg's. It comes almost built when you buy it brand new and only needs the wheels fixing into position which takes very little time and is easy to do and although you do get a very easy to follow instruction booklet with the pushchair it's very straight forward to put together as a lot of it is common sense anyway. There is a large, spacious basket that sits underneath the base of the pushchair which is a lot more generous than the one we had on our Silver Cross and whilst it's a bit of faff getting things into the basket when baby is in the pushchair once you have put stuff in there it stays in place as it does hang quite low.

        The wheels are robust and chunky, they're multi-directional and swivel on a 360 degree angle which makes manoeuvrability relatively simple and even I can push our baby around and get round corners without bashing into things (usually!) The wheels have a locking, braking device which is handy when you get back to your car and want to put your child into their car seat before taking out any bags that might be in the basket and the brake is easily pressed by foot to secure it into place. Dropping the pushchair is again easy and is far better than it was on the Silver Cross, with the Evo you simply remove the pushchair seat by pressing in two Grey buttons that are on either side of the seat and then lift it off before pushing a switch on the upper part of the pushchair's handle and simply push the frame down to collapse it. The frame collapses with ease and then locks into place by a catch which holds it together and when it comes to putting the pushchair back together you simply release the catch and let the frame fall back into position before securing the seat back into place. It's a brilliant design I think, very intuitive and as stress-free as it can be, it has a fluid collapsing and assembling motion that makes it easy work and although you do have two 'bits' to store in the boot of your car when you're out and about (the pushchair seat and metal frame) the seat does fit into the frame quite snugly so you don't use any extra space.

        The Evo's folded dimensions are 89x60x41cm so squeezing it into the boot of a car shouldn't be too problematic and included with the pushchair when you buy it new are a very nicely padded footmuff and a rain cover. Now that the weather has started to turn cold I find that my son stays nice and warm when he's out and about in his pushchair, the footmuff is a great addition that provides a snuggly environment for him to be in and whilst I haven't had much use out of the raincover (yet!) I do think it's inclusion with the package is a good one. The hood of the pushchair is quite generous in size and does cover well, it's easy to retract and to pull into position and has a smooth motion that doesn't snag and all in all I do think that the Evo has been very well made with the needs of parents taken very much into consideration. It feels very safe and sturdy to push around, the wheels go where you want them to go and the inner harness keeps your child secure, this can be adjusted so it grows with your baby and the protective padded covers should make them comfortable when they're locked into place.

        I love the fact that it can be used either as a forward or rear facing pushchair, this makes it very versatile I think and gives you the choice of how you want to push your baby around. For the moment I have it so my son is facing me as I like to keep an eye on him however once he gets a bit older and a lot more aware of the things around him I think he'll find it fascinating to be looking outwards and the Evo gives me this choice. It collapses and assembles very easily which is another huge positive for it and given the choice of colours available I do think that it could appeal to a lot of people. It has a maximum child weight of 15kg's which again means that it's going to last quite a while before it becomes unsuitable and for the money it costs to buy I do think that it has a lot going for it.

        The Graco Evo isn't cheap though and for many, as it was for us, this will be a considered purchase as it currently retails for £279.99. I do think it's worth the money though for what it offers and to be honest you're never going to get a good quality, well made, safe pushchair for less than a few hundred pounds anyway. I do think that in general these are expensive items but they are necessities when it comes to keeping your children safe and comfortable and I do fully expect to get a good couple of years usage out of ours so it's a price that has to be paid.

        In conclusion I have no hesitations in awarding the Graco Evo a perfect five star rating basing this on everything mentioned in this review, in hindsight we should have bought this one instead of our Silver Cross but as new parents will know a lot of things come with experience and anyway, who said having kids was going to be cheap?

        Thanks for reading.


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      • Product Details

        At a Glance The Graco Evo is the complete pushchair package designed for a modern lifestyle. The pushchair is suitable from birth and converts to a lie flat pram (carrycot sold separately) to a fully reversible pushchair in a few simple clicks. Team with the Graco Junior Baby carseat (sold separately) and you will have a complete travel system to take out and about Features and benefits for Graco Evo Pushchair - Lime Suitable from birth to a maximum weight of 15kg Three position recline to full lie flat Fully padded reversible seat unit Adjustable calf support Convenient one hand fold Useful large shopping basket Lockable swivel wheels Includes raincover, footmuff and seat liner Folded dimensions: 89x60x41cm Weight 9.5kg Free 2 year guarantee Mothercare Loves...The Graco Evo has an urban style that's perfect for city life. The pushchair is versatile and compact without compromising on style and comfort.Want To Know More?The perfect pushchair for urban explorers, the stylish Graco Evo is lightweight and features lockable front swivel wheels allowing it to be pushed on either smooth or rougher ground.The comfortably padded, fully reversible seat unit means your little one can either face you, allowing you both to interact with each other, or face forward so they can observe the world around them. The Graco Evo's seat reclines in 3 different positions including a completely lie-flat option which is suitable for newborns, and also features an adjustable calf rest to ensure growing children are always comfortable.The pushchair can be converted into a comfortable lie-flat pram for younger babies by easily attaching the Graco Evo carrycot (available separately) to the chassis, or by adding the Junior Baby 0+ car seat (available separately) your pushchair becomes a complete travel system.The Graco Evo pushchair comes complete with a raincover, large, handy shopping basket, and also includes a cosy footmuff and seat liner which is easy to remove for washing.When not in use the Graco Evo fold easily and compactly using just one hand.Don't Forget...Purchase the Graco Evo carseat separately to create a full travel system. Care Instructions: Wipe clean only Maximum child weight: 15.0 kg What's in the box: 1 x Pushchair 1 x Raincover 1 x Cosytoe

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