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Graco Quattro Tour Duo Orbit

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4 Reviews

Brand: Graco / Type: Carriage / Number of Seats: 2 seat

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    4 Reviews
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      18.03.2013 13:19



      lifesaver for busy mum of two

      I checked alot of sites for a pram that would be use for my children once my daugfhter was born, as there is only 2 years between them.I originally chose this one on the internet as it looked sturdy, stylish and I know Graco are a good make.
      To be honest, I didnt assemble this my partner did. But He did it within minutes.Didnt find it hard and barely looked at the instructions. Sounds silly, but once it was all assembled and up in my living room, I did think how big it was!Didnt really apreciate the fact of the size as I hadnt seen it in real life before!
      When using it, I did find it took alittle time to get used to taking corners, going up and down curbs etc, but when I got the hang of it it was no problem.Also discovered that when both children were in it, I couldnt overload the basket underneath with shopping as it would get too heavy and really hard to push.
      Both children were very comfortable in it.For the first six months my daughter was in the graco car seat , bought separtely, secured in the back seat of the tandem while my son was in the front. I loved the fact the one or even two car seats could be put into it!Very handy and safe.
      Loved the size of the basket-could fit and squeeze so much into it it was like a tardis.
      The pram was easy to clean, easy to fold down and easy to move around.The downside was for a pram that wasnt cheap, it didnt come with a raincover and had to be bought separtely at a cost of £30.00! Also it wouldnt fit in alot of vehicles because of size so if I ordered a taxi, I would need to tell the, I was taking this pram so they could give me a suitable sized vehicle.Also, the front seat couldnt be adjusted as much the back eg, the back could completely lie flat, the front only part way. Wasnt an issue for me.
      Would I buy this pram again...in a heartbeat.Would be nice to see it in other colours though!


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      06.11.2012 22:13
      Very helpful



      Not ideal for newborn or toddlers.No padding for babies. Hard to move and steer. Price is good thoug

      When we found out we was excepting our 4th baby we spent many months trying to find the right double buggy. As our little girl is 2 years old but looks like a 12 month old we knew it had to be a double we had to find.

      This was one of the ones we looked at and loved the price too. It had everything I wanted and was stylish and practical for everyday use. Whist my children where comfy at the same time. Plus I hated the 3 wheeled double as I had one years ago and every time I went up the path it tipped to one side. This has four making it really safe. Hmm that's where the good bits tend to end for me.

      Made by a well known company called Graco. Big in America and England. Graco originally comes from Germany. Making everything from prams single pushchair and strollers to highchairs and entertainment units and travel cots.

      They make a few classics that many of you will know all ready like.
      Graco mirage
      Graco Quattro tour deluxe
      Graco sport
      Graco sport duo.
      And many more.

      Assembly and what you get.
      With mine I got 2 boot covers and that was it. Assembly was a right pain in the neck took me hours to figure it. Instructions are poor just pictures with the word "click" over them. The only things you need to do are wheels front and back, brake, front bumper bar, handy storage pocket and both snack cups. It's the wheels that are the worse.

      This has all the feature of the Graco Quattro tour deluxe on the back and a standard stroller on the front.
      Dimensions Open: 100 x 123 x 57 cm The frame is quality sturdy frame provides safety and comfort that complies with EN 1888:2003. Also dints far to easily when you catch it on your doorways.

      The seats units could not be any more different from each other. Expecting them to be same as with most doubles you will be disappointed. The back seat is the same size as their Quattro tour deluxe with the classic play tray fitted as well. This flicks up to get a child out easier but does not come off completely. there is also a foot rest that goes well into the basket. This does not move though that's the only downside so it does cut off some of the basket. Though I have found if you have a baby in the back then you can place bags down in between both soth units. Giving you a little bit more room. The backseat has little padding on. When considering the back seat is meant for babies as well. There could be a lot more added. There is some side padding but does not do anything. There is also no support what so ever for babies. If you do buy one I would strongly recommend you buy the car seat as well as this offers far more protection for baby then the seat unit does. The back seat is from birth and this lay flat. There are 4 different reclining options and this is done by a bar at the back of the 1st seat unit. it's the same as all graco's. The hood is large which does offer protection from the elements even when your child is sitting in the seat unit. If you have the 1st hood pulled forward then you cant see your child at the front at all. To me this is a big disadvantage and something I was not aware of before I brought it. If I have of known I think I would have kept looking. Both seat units have a 5 point safety harness. Which are a right pain the arse to get undone. Some days can take up to 10 minutes to get my kids out. This seat unit is from birth as said above and can be used with a car seat.

      The front seat as said above is different to the back seat. The 1st noticeable thing you do see is the front seat is a lot more smaller than the back. I was surprised my daughter could fit into it to be really honest. The seat is 15cm both ways. I cant understand why they have not made it bigger as the front seat is not for babies. The hood is also tiny. Not really sure why they put one on for what good it does. On this seat unit there are only 2 reclining options. Seat unit is from 6 months or birth with a car seat. This has no snack tray only a thin bar which also comes off with 2 buttons underneath the arm rest. In fact there is more padding on this bar then the seat units. The foot rest also is fixed and cannot be moved. As said up above the seat unit is from 6 months I will not put a 6 month old in this more like a 12 month old. The seat unit does not go back enough for that. If your child does fall asleep they tend to tip forward like mine does. Not one for sleeping in. There is also on the back of the seat a nice handy storage pocket ideal for keeping toys and bottles in. It's also quite large. There is also a nice little handy storage pocket underneath the seat as well. I don't use it looks like things will fall out if you place anything in it.
      The handles.

      The handle height is 100 cm and these do not adjust. Uniquely designed handles make it easier to maneuver. Well their meant to. I find this the hardest pushchair ive ever own to push and move around shops. The handles are made from hard plastic so there is no foam to rip. This also is not good on hot days or live in hot places as your hands sweats making them slip. There is slight grip on the sides of the up turned handles but does nothing. No grip for the other bar.
      So why are they so Uniquely designed ?

      Ok this is as far as I know the only pushchair on the market with up turned handles. There is also a bar in between you can use for pushing this. You can push this in 2 different ways.
      1. By holding the up turned handles.
      2. By holding the straight bar in between.

      Both ways are extremely hard and kill my arms.
      There is also 2 snack cups on the handle and I nice little pocket that hangs of the handle. This is secured using 4 poppers around the handle. It also zips around to things cant fall out. Ideal for keeping keys, mobile and purse in.

      The wheels.
      The wheels are hard plastic and quite larger to their normal single pushchair. Single wheels at back and double wheels at front. There is also swivel wheels on front. There is a catch on both front wheels that just needs to be flicked up and down to make them swivel or fixed wheels. The brake is also on the back wheels. To use the brake it's just a matter of flicking it up and down. Quite easy really.


      This is meant to be easy but it's not. Quick tip it's easier if you put the brakes on 1st before attempting to fold up. Before you attempt to fold this up make sure both hoods are all the way back and the back seat is it lay down position. There is a part on the bottom handle that is about 15 cm long. This needs to be twisted whist holding the red switch. Then it's a matter of folding it in on it's self. There is also a locking off switch and to do this you need to apply some pressure on the pushchair and you will hear a loud click. The pushchair is also free standing. Simple once you know how though I was ended up using both hands to fold it.
      Size when folded is 94.5 x 60.5 x 58 cm and it is a whooping 18.6 kg. After having 4 c - sections I cant not lift it on my own. I think most people would struggle to lift this one into a car and out again.

      I not sure on everyone you buy but with mine the rain cover had to be brought separately at more cost of £30 at kiddiecare. Cheapest I have found.

      The rain cover has the classic Graco slapped on both sides. The rain cover can be used when the car seats are on the pushchair. The rain cover goes over both seats units easy enough. At the front it's a matter of pulling it over the front footrest. Easy really until you get around the back. This is when you need a masters just to the rain cover. I will just add you don't get any instructions for placing the rain cover on. Only a small picture. I had to go online just to find out how I need to do it. Once around the back there is 2 circle parts that need to be place over the snack cups whist the rain cover has been pulled apart then you need to pull each of the rain cover around the cups and upwards. There is 3 Velcro parts on the top of the rain cover that need placing together with the 2 parts from the sides. Then it's a matter of clipping it all down around the bottom of the frame. Wish I had none this the 1st time I had tired it. All that for a rain cover. What ever happened to fling one on and away you go.
      Price and where to buy.

      These cant be brought from most places kiddiecare have this at the moment for £269 with out carseat and raincover. It's widely available from most online shops.

      My Final Thoughts.

      Looks wise 10 out of 10.
      Practical wise 6 out 10.
      Safety 7 out of 10

      Worth the money -- No much better out there.
      With owing many graco pushchairs over the years to be really honest I expected better. My daughter is only 2 and half and it tiny for her age. Weighing only 21ibs due to her multiple food allergies and serve eczema she looks like a 12 month old. When she sits in the front it makes it impossible to push. My daughter only just fits in this as well. If your child / children are big look for something better. I would hate to push this with both car seats on also. You go left the pushchair goes right. The handles could have been deigned better for making it easier to steer. Might help a bit. There is also no suspension on this making your children uncomfortable when you go over lumps. There is meant to be spring suspension in the front but it's that bad you cant tell. The basket has to be the best thing about the whole pushchair. Though at times when you go to place things in the basket it's really hard to pull it down and you could attempt these several times just to get it down. Not good when your in a massive queue. The rain cover is also a real nightmare to use and put on and put away when not in use. We have also found when placing the car seat on the front seat unit it does not feel secure enough. It almost feels like it is going to tip backwards as the bumper bar in the front is so tiny. Nothing like the back one. Though again this pushchair is can be used for twins but you have to have both car seats on. Again look for better.

      Bottom line would I recommend ?
      In a nut shell no. There is far better out there. Graco need to go back to the drawing board on this on. There are so many flaws with it I'm quite surprised it's still on sale. I will stick with my I - Candy.

      Thank you reading.
      Also posted on other sites by me. Summers_mummy.


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        19.09.2012 17:15



        A great pram - long lasting and suitable for a range of ages.

        I bought this pram, as well as two Graco Logico S HP car seats, when I was expecting my twin sons. At the time, we didn't have a car, relied on public transport and didn't want a side by side buggy that would be difficult to get on buses and trains. We used it solidly for about two and half years and in all honestly, it was a god send. It has well and truly be pushed to it's limits, and has been used on city pavements, grass and 'off road' in country parks and is still in good working order. We regularly travelled from Scotland to Ireland with this pram, taking trains and the ferry and involving a lot of transfers, and it was indispensable.

        At first we used it with the detachable car seats, which were really easy to click on and off the frame. The front seat is designed for an older baby or toddler (from 6 months), and the back seat can be laid flat for a newborn baby, so it would suit siblings of differing ages, but if you have twins, you'll need at least one car seat for the front seat. Each seat has 5 point harnesses which make it really safe. The back seat has 4 recline positions and the front has two. Our children were always comfortable in the pram. The seats are nicely padded, and the straps never cut into them.

        The pram is roughly the same width as a regular pushchair, so you should have no problems getting through shop doors and aisles. Obviously, there is going to be a bit of weight to a pram of this size, but I could manoeuvre it with ease, sometimes even one handed. The wheels are definitely up to the task of frequent use, and though it might require a little bit of elbow grease to get it up high kerbs, other than that, it genuinely felt no more difficult to use that any other pram. One of the great things about it, especially for those without cars, is the generous basket underneath, with you can raise and lower for easy access. We could fit a huge amount in it (to be honest, we over filled it regularly), and only after over two years of use (and abuse!) does it seem to be showing any wear, with a few minor tears appearing in the fabric. Sometimes the mechanism for raising or lowering the basket can get stuck and be a bit tricky, but for the most part, we had no problems with the basket. There is also another, much smaller storage basket under the front seat, and two cup holders on the handle for parents.

        But, I would mention that even folded up, this pram is very large, and might not fit into every car boot. The front wheels are designed to be easy to take off (which did help us fit it in tight spaces now and then - and they don't ever pop off when the pram is in use.) Some people might find it too heavy to lift in and out of the car boot as well. Also, some lifts might be too short to fit the pram in, but I only ever encountered this once. The only other problem we had with it was that the raincover (which we had included in our package, but I believe costs about £20) was unwieldy. It was large (obviously) and difficult for one person to get on if it started raining suddenly. It also took up a fair amount of space, even when folded. Ours also ripped, but only after a few years of use.

        Overall, I would highly recommend this pram. It was really put through it's paces with us, and held up brilliantly. It outlasted our need for it with no major damage other than minor wear and tear, and performed as well as much more expensive prams on the market.


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        11.02.2012 00:10



        Not the best on the market

        I bought this pushchair when I was expecting my 2nd child.
        Absoultely loved it at first, my newborn could lie flat and my 2 year old LOVES sitting at the front of her 'train'
        However, as the newborn has got bigger (he's 5 months so not that big!) I really really struggle manoeuvering this. Admittedly I'm only 5'2 but I'm no weakling. A passer by summed it up with his comment of "do you need a special licence for that?"
        Getting up kerbs is a nightmare, especially with the heaviest child at the front, and not something you want to be faffing around with with the threat of oncoming vehicles!
        Unless you have a large hatchback/estate there's no way you're getting this in your car and if there's any other buggies on the bus you won't be getting on that either
        Granted you expect these sort of issues with a double pushchair but there are other disappointing features such as the materials on the seats and aprons feel cheap, the wheels aren't the sturdiest and the shopping basket is temperemental with the 'drop' feature - sometimes you struggle for ages tring to get it to release other times it does it spontaneously, spilling it's contents.
        There are some good points - the shopping basket is HUGE, both kids have a good seat position, a newborn can lie completely flat and you can see them through the large mesh viewing windows. The hood on the rear seat unit is also very big, giving very good protection to the elements.
        Overall though, I'm very thankful I bought this second hand, would have been severley disappointed paying full price. And I have a 'one up, one down' tandem stroller that will actually fit in the boot and is more lightweight and manoeuverable on the way...


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