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Graco Quattro Tour

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Brand: Graco / Standard / Single Seat / 3-Point Harness / Reclining Back (4 Positions) / Max Carried Weight: 40 lb. / Overall Weight: 25 lb.

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    8 Reviews
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      05.08.2010 12:50
      Very helpful



      Big tank pram but great on safety

      Expecting our first, with a newborn on the way, our folks made a combined trip to Mothercare (Four go mad in Mothercare, my father-in-law calls it!) and bought heaps of stuff, most of which we have used, some we have not. My parents had offered to buy a pram, and we hadn't really given it much thought, but they suggested it would be best if we chose it, and they paid for it.

      So we went to Mothercare to have a look, and were met with a plethora of options. For safety, we went with the store's recommendation at the time, which was this 'tank' of a pram, complete with what felt like very secure seating, control and carseat facilities. In all honesty, we were very happy with our purchase in nearly every aspect of its functionality, with the few gripes being relatively unavoidable ones.

      The pram itself is very sturdy. A four-wheel base unit, it has double wheels at the front, which fully rotate, and has quite a wide base. The seat for little one is adjustable, with a detachable headrest for when they're a baby, as well as secure locking in straps with padding, and a mini table, which is, luckily, detachable. There are no sharp bits or anything hard near the baby's head which is left uncovered, so from a safety aspect in the first instance, we were very impressed. This didn't change over time. As our son grew, the safety was still a reassurance.

      The seat reclines in different stages, so if they want to lie down, or if you want them to sit up, it's a simple case of squeezing two plastic nodules together and making the adjustments. We found this invaluable at times, and it doesn't interfere with the storage compartment underneath too much, nor does it mean your knees will be knocking his head.

      The hood is also detachable and adjusts very easily, and I think the ease factor once it's open was in all honesty one of the most relieving elements of going out with the pram. We had heard parents cursing various different brands because they were awkward to navigate and to adjust whilst moving, or when you're on your own, and my wife and I were both glad to have something that was easy to use whilst in its functional state. The underneath compartment is very spacious, and has a flexible yet strong netting that was great for manoeuvering various objects that were in there at the time. Where the padded handle is there is also a compartment for popping in a drink (or a toy that you've had to take away from them, or their shoes which keep magically flying around the High Street!), and controlling it is very easy, as the handle extends all the ay across. This combined with the broad base and good movement in the wheels made for easy moving.

      The complicated bits came with the breaking down and opening up. I honestly felt like I was a designer on the set of the new Transformers movies at one point. You have to get the knack of pressing the buttons right, and getting it to click into place once it folds down, before then being able to lug the thing into your boot or house, depending on where you need to carry. It's not light, either, so be wary of this if you think you might need something a bit more lightweight. As Will grew older, we tended to start using a lightweight easy fold Maclaren buggy as opposed to this tank, but when they're a baby you need a bit of extra support, padding and facilities, really.

      Once it folds down, it's still quite big and clumpy, and it only just fitted into the boot of our C2 that we had at the time. It does take up quite a bit of space, so be aware of this, too. In terms of using the seat in the car, it's very securely in the cradle of the pram itself, but it's also very easy to take out. We had a reversible seat that, when he was a baby, you could have facing you and slotted in very well, and to take it out you only needed to release the clasps and slide it out. The base unit stays in the car, strapped in very well and not actually taking up much room, and the seat simply transfers from the pram to the car, very easily. It's a rear facing seat, and we did find it a bit of a pain to get him in and out of the seat itself, but taking the seat in and out was very easy. It slots in and out without fuss, whilst maintaining the security element all the time.

      So, did we make the right choice? I believe so. Sure, it's bulky and cumbersome, and was a bit annoying at times when you're getting hot and bothered trying to move in and out of cars and the house, etc. But ultimately, it's about the safety and security of your baby/toddler/child (depending on how long you want to use it for). Once he was a bit older, it made more sense to use a smaller buggy, but for what we needed it for, this was a purchase well worth making. I'd recommend it in terms of security and safety for you child, but just be wary of the cumbersome nature of using it in and out of cars and the home. At the moment, it seems to be available for £120 from amazon.co.uk, which appears a good price. I honestly can't tell you how much the buggy was at the time, as we had so much else going on, and it was one price we didn't have to worry about. However, if you're not fussed about price and just want safety, then I'd happily recommend this.


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        12.11.2009 15:46
        Very helpful



        Well worth investing in, if not a glamorous pram

        Any expectant parent knows that choosing a pram/pushchair/travel system is one of the most stressful elements of pregnancy.

        I didn't decided on a pram until about a month before my due date, probably in denial that I'd soon have a small baby that needed transport, or assuming that the sling/carrier I'd bought would suffice. However after attending my first ante natal class and being asked what I'd gone for I decided it was time to start looking.

        What a minefield - I didn't have a set budget as luckily this was a gift but I couldn't see how £500+ could be justified for any system, especially as most people seem to have strollers after about 6 months. We decided on the Graco Quattro after only a few trips to Mothercare for the following reasons:
        It has a car seat
        The pram mode looked really comfy
        I could fit all my stuff beneath it

        It's been in use since day 1 - I was too superstitious to even unpack it before the baby was born so on the day we were to return home my poor husband had to assemble the car seat and ensure it fitted safely - this he did easily. The pram mode was great until about 3 months, so cosy, and my huge changing bag plus shopping easily fit underneath. The car seat can also be plugged into the top for added convenience.
        The car seat has an attachment which you fit to the car so it can be slotted in and out - so easy to do and no seatbelts to faff with - excellent.
        We're now onto stroller mode and although not parent facing it does allow the baby to stare away contently. There is also a cupholder for the baby (weird - or ashtray as suggested by my dad).
        For me there are also 2 drinks holders, a sunglasses holder and a clock/thermometer (which isn't that accurate). Plus did I mention the storage space? I carried home 2 mega sized nappy boxes plus child in it once when I came out without my car!

        A downside is it is really large when collapsed and practically fills my boot. I've not bought a stroller yet but do borrow one if we go away for any time when we need the boot. It also doesn't look as nice as a bugaboo, stokke etc but owners of both have eyed my pram enviously as the baby can be totally covered without a raincover.

        It's not a glamorous pram, but it really is useful and for the price you can't really go wrong.


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        03.09.2009 14:22
        Very helpful



        great value for money and would recommend for any first time mum, or second!!

        Being a first time mum i was very nervous about what to buy for my baby, when it comes to prams it seems there are so many options out there, and some very outlandish prices.
        In the end i settled for the Quattro tour deluxe by graco. I chose this as it had everything i needed - a pram/pushchair, carrycot, footmuff, car seat and base, and all for £139 (although this was a sale price, it usually retailed at £189).
        the pram itself is sturdy, and my one had big chunky wheels (i have seen others with a similar name to mine with small little wheels). It started off as very easy to move around, but i have to admit that 6 months later i am beginning to notice the front wheels sticking a bit.
        it has a few features such as drinks holders for both mum/dad and junior (when sitting in pushchair position). it also has a clock display and temperature display, although i have found this reading inaccurate. it also has a small compartment by the handle which is ideal for a purse or mobile phone, and another compartment for small things such as keys, dummys' etc. there is also a collapsible luggage tray under the pram which can be temperamental and you have to give it a good pull to get it to collapse, but still handy all the same.
        the best thing about this pram is how easy it is to collapse (literally three simple clicks), and to unfold it which is done with one swift movement (although sometimes the shade gets caught around the junior drink tray and you can't unfold it until you have pulled this back). However, as this pram is chunky, it is a little weighty and also large so it takes some lugging into my car boot, and takes up most of the space in there.
        the car seat is also a brilliant idea and saves so much time - you click the carseat into the pram in one click (there are also a couple of straps to tie up too), so if your in the car, you just pull up the release button at the back of the car seat, lift it up and click it into your pram. its also the same when taking it out of the buggy and into the car.
        The other problem i found is that the base of the car seat (which you leave in the car), doesn't seem too sturdy, it moves around particularly from side to side and i wondered if it was insalled correctly so i took it to a specialist shop and they said thats how they all are. not sure i trust it completely so often just put the seat belt around the carseat itself.
        overall, great value for money, at this stage i would probably prefer a light weight three wheeler , but as they cost so much money this is definately the next best thing.


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        18.07.2009 12:23



        Very convenient, simple and easy to use pram

        We purchased Graco Quattro Tour Travel System in I Love My Bear theme for my newborn daughter. We paid over £250 four months ago now it is on sale for £199.99. I must say at first I loved the pram, especially material that it is made of, so nice and soft, really nice and the colour is light brown with white. Not black and rough like some prams available. The whole pram feels safe because is big and strong, it has very comfortable handle and very useful basket for small shopping (up to 5kg). Overall I love the pram I even jog with my daughter lying in it. But I must say the only disappointing thing in it are wheels. I am saying that because the whole pram is big and bulky but the wheels are small and plastic and I like to walk off-road sometimes. Overall the pram is for almost every use, it is easy to put together and use so if you are a city or town person this pram is ideal.


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        16.02.2009 23:13
        Very helpful



        Excellent value, would have got five stars if the carrycot were a bit bigger.

        There is so much choice when it comes to choosing a pushchair for your little one, so before I made my choice I looked at loads of different options before finally chooing the Graco Tour Deluxe.

        One of my reason for choosing this product was that it is a travel system, so it includes carrycot and car seat as well as the pushchair.
        There is a hard wearing secure device which fits into the car, and the car seat can just be clicked in before travel, the car seat can then be removed from the car very easily and can just click straight into the pushchair.
        It features:
        *A removable carrycot which can be inserted into the pushchair to turn it into a pram.
        *A large basket on the bottom where you can keep any shopping.
        *A large hood to keep baby shaded from the sun or wind, depending on the weather.
        *A tray where baby can keep drinks or snacks.
        *Nice big sturdy wheels.
        *Easy to steer and manoevre.
        *A drinks holder for Mum and a digital thermometer display so you can be aware of baby's temperature.

        I purchased my pushchair from Toys r Us fro £279.99, however they are on sale there at the moment for just £229.99. It is available elsewhere for around the same price.

        *MY VERDICT*
        One of my main reasons for purchasing this one, was the removable carrycot as I really wanted a traditional style pram for when baby was newborn, but didnt want to pay for two seperate devices. As it turned out, I only used the carrycot for less than two months, as it was really small so baby outgrew that really fast. I wouldn't go for this based on the carrycot feature if I were you.
        After that, we used to keep baby in his car seat and just clip it into the pushchair. That was really handy as it was so easy to transfer from car to pushchair and we didn't have to disturb baby. It is also nice to have baby facing you when he is just new.
        I now use the pushchair mode as he outgrew the car seat just a few weeks ago (at seven months), however he is quite a big baby so others may get more use out of the car seat.
        Used as a pushchair, baby faces forward and is strapped in nice and secure. It has a handy little lever on the back so that I can lower or heighten the incline. This is great for when he falls asleep as I can put him in a flat position without waking or disturbing him.
        The basket underneath is quite big so I can fit lots of bits and bobs in there, and in general it is easy to manoeuvre about.
        This was one of the cheaper travel systems available, however it has been a great purchsase in my eyes. It looks good and has all the features needed in a pushchair. The only thing I was dissappointed with was the size of the carrycot as I couldn'nt get much use out of it. The only other thing worth mentioning is that it is quite large when folded so it does take up lots of boot space.


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          31.01.2009 22:27
          Very helpful



          9 months of use and still lovin' it

          I love this buggy! It has everything I wanted and more. Shopping storage, place for my phone, cup holders. We got the accessories pack as well which was well worth it. People are always commenting on it saying how nice it is and that it looks very easy to use. With one hand I can collapse the whole thing. My old pushchair took two hands and a foot to collapse. The car seat can slot into place facing me so baby knows I'm still there. I keep seeing all these trendy buggies around that have next to no storage and nowhere to put the baby bag or even a drink. I always have a bottle of water with me so that would be a nightmare for me. With the Graco I chuck my phone in one cup holder, water in the other, and my car keys in the middle storage thing which has a lid so no one can know my keys are even there. The lid of this hidden storage bit has a clock and temperature reader. At any point in my journey I can just look down and check the time or when standing outside the school I can know just who cold it is!

          The wheels turn easily and smoothly. It used to be that some 4-wheel buggies were hard to navigate but this one has no trouble turning a corner. Just to give you an idea I was in town today with my usual Starbucks in one hand and piloting the buggy with the other.

          I purchased my Graco travel system from Babies R Us for £260 and there was a promotion to get the £100 accessories pack free. There are various Quattro Tour systems and at very different prices. I think the cheapest of which is around £150. The accessories pack made it so I had the buggy itself, the car seat, one car base, changing bag, foot cosy, carrycot attachment, and rain cover. Was a great deal and I saw the other day that it was still on so have a look if you are considering a purchase. Using the different bits is quite nice as it gives baby an option and not always in his car seat.

          When we were first looking as pushchairs our main thought was to choose one that would be easy for me after the birth as we didn't know what the future would hold and if I would have a normal delivery, c-section or so on. We chose this buggy for many reasons but the main three that sold us were that it could hold everything for me, price and free accessories pack, and it can be folded up only needing to use one hand.

          What the company says it has:

          Carrycot position for newborn babies
          Firm backrest with 4 position recline
          Adjustable calf support
          Harness protectors
          Rubber wheels
          Spring suspension
          Easy-access play tray with cup holder
          Large reversible canopy for sun protection
          1 second one hand fold
          Lightweight aluminium frame
          Handy storage pocket in the back of the canopy
          Front swivel, lockable wheels
          Large drop down basket - accessible without waking up baby
          Reversible canopy, Free-standing when folded

          Parent tray with sunglasses case, clock and temperature gauge

          Saying all that there is a downside ... This buggy is a substantial size and if you have a small car it most likely won't fit in the boot. If it does you may not be able to fit much else in. My other half has a 2-door Ford Focus and it fits in the boot, just. I have a small MPV (MAV - Ford Focus C-Max) and thus have enough room for it. If you don't drive or have the room I would definitely recommend it.

          After 4 months of using this pushchair I won an expensive and trendy 3-wheeler in a competition. I liked the one that I had won a lot but I opted to keep mine and sell my win.

          (c) oioiyou 2009


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          15.11.2008 16:44
          Very helpful



          Glad I brought it.

          Right time to find a pram...so many choices...arggh.

          I started by researching on the internet and decided I liked the look of the travel systems. The car seat attaches to the pushchair and it goes in and out of the car easily...great if you little one falls asleep, means you don't have to disturb them.

          We went and looked around M&P, Toys r us and Mothercare and also took into account friends reviews of pushchairs.

          I spotted this one straight away in a nice cream and brown colour...perfect if you dont know the flavour of your unborn child.
          I also looked at the silver cross 3d, but felt the car seat alone was too heavy, without a baby being in it.
          We also looked at the M&P pilko prameet, but didn't like the pram or the price.
          I had been advised by some against the travel system as it is big and bulky, and I would soon be wanting something smaller.

          Well here we are 9 months down the line and I still love it.
          Even though it is a large pram/pushchair, it folds up nice and compact for the boot, it fit in our Clio and Megane and now obviously fits in our estate car.

          What I liked about it in the early days, there is a little flap which lifts up, so when you put your little one down to sleep, you don't need to fasten them in, lift this flap up and it is almost like a pram or carry cot, the baby is secure and isn't going anywhere.

          The hood is great too, acting like a 2-in-1, its a hood when upright, but also pushes down, so if the sun is directly in babies face, you just push this down, and the sun goes away.

          The car seat is resonably light and comes with a base, making it easier to get the car seat in and out without messing with the seatbelt.
          Even if you cant use the base, the seatbelt fits around it quite quickly and easily.
          The car seat should be upto 9 months, and my little girl is just coming upto that and is just outgrowing it.

          The footmuff is fantastic, keeping baby warm in the winter too.

          It has a 5 point harness for safety which can be adjusted and the straps can be highered when baby grows.

          It also folds in quite easily too, which can be done with one hand

          I am still loving this travel system now, and it can be used upto 3 years old, so I think I will be getting my monies worth.

          I picked this travel system up at £229 and you can pay an extra £30 if you want the carrycot, which I didn't bother with.
          For the price I got, the pushchair, footmuff, raincover, car seat and base.


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            31.08.2008 23:32



            nice travel system

            really like this pram for such a big looking pram it isvery compact when folded and goes in to the boot easily it has a really big hood that can zip back to leave netting alo comes as a full travel system you can add the car seat to the system i liked this because the handle height is a lovely height suits tall people which i had difficulty in finding a pram to suit my height (5 ft 10)the basket is huge too and instead of waking your sleeping baby just to get into the basket there is a clip on there that lowers the basket so you can get in to it easily theres not alot bad i can say about this pram the only thing is it feels a bit long??the other good thing is it has a little tray across the front so you can put toys or snacks on it and there is also a drinks holder all in all a good all rounder


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