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Hauck Condor All In One Travel System

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Brand: Hauck / Type: Pushchairs

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    3 Reviews
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      03.03.2014 17:16
      Very helpful



      worth every penny!

      I look after children for a living and have encountered many truly awful prams, pushchairs and car seats, between having wonky wheels, being awkward or difficult to assemble/put up/down or being too light or too heavy I was determined to find my perfect travel system when I became a first time mum.

      I researched various products before finally deciding to give this Hauck Condor a try, still leaving enough time to return it if it failed to live up to my high expectations, I am very pleased to report that no return was necessary.

      When it first arrived my partner and I began to assemble... neither of us are the instruction reading type, however when it comes to the safety of children following instruction is of paramount importance. These instructions come in the form of a sequence of drawings and to be honest we found them confusing and eventually resorted to watching a youtube video. Everything suddenly became crystal clear and we discovered the Condor assembled with great ease.

      When baby arrived we transported him home in the car seat, he looked comfortable and it was just the perfect size for my 7lb 15oz-er. Being on a budget I didn't purchase a moses basket but instead used the pram of the Condor for naps and night time sleep. This was a real blessing as it allowed me to wheel him from room to room with me and he was totally comfortable all the time.

      The travel system allows the baby to be fully encased as when you attach the car seat to the wheels its hood meets the hood of the buggy... this was great when we stopped to talk to people who had coughs (yes i'm one of those mothers) I could let them peak in at my son then quickly close over the hoods before they spluttered on him or reached to stroke him!

      It comes with a detachable rain cover. a change bag and an area underneath the pram to hold a few bits and bobs.

      There are only two negatives...

      1) Its quite heavy and awkward to lift into/out of the boot of my car
      2) My tiny baby is now 16lbs and has, at just 3 months outgrown the car seat so I have to now purchase another.

      The travel system has great wheels and is easy to manoeuver when out in crowded areas.
      It comes with everything you need....car seat, pram and a good sized buggy, a great pram cover, a foot muff, rain cover (that fastens securely and doesn't flap about) and a changing bag.


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      28.12.2012 19:06
      Very helpful



      one very happy new mommy

      As first time parents one off the biggest purchases we have found we have needed to make has been the pushchair for our little one. We found after visiting many baby shops there are that many options available its hard to know where to begin. At the end of a long day we came across this hauck travel system and I knew that the searching was over.

      Reasons for purchasing

      My main reason for purchasing a travel system instead of a regular pushchair was you get all you need from birth to three years in one purchase without having to buy a seperate buggy when baby is older. A bigger car seat will however need to be purchsed at some point but its a start.

      With the travel system you get the pushchair, a car seat, a rain cover, a changing bag, a foot muff and a carry cot with mattress. I liked the carry cot idea as I don't think babies look very comfy scrunched up for long periods in a car seat and as I planned on taking my little man on lots of walks I thought a carry cot would be more suitable for our uses. I gave the pram a quick spin round the shop and it handled well. We came home and decided to order one online the travel system comes in many different colours suitable for both genders and there is also a Mickey Mouse one which is the one we choose.

      Setting the pushchair up

      Once the travel system had been delivered (to my moms house bad luck having it in your own before baby is born and all that) I was excited but also a bit nervous about putting it together - I needn't have been the only thing that was not attached were the wheels and the instructions were so easy to follow they simply clicked into place no messing around with tools of any kind which was a bonus.

      I purchased my travel system from www.kiddicare.co.uk and on there is a clear instructional video on how to attach all the bits and bobs so we had a little look at that and practised attaching the carry cot. To put the pushchair itself up there are two leavers on either handle which you pull up together then a lever on back of pushchair to push down with your foot to secure the pushchair in place this is simple enough though I do find the lever on back of pushchair which you push down with foot is on the high side - especially during those first few weeks after giving birth. To attach the carry cot and also the car seat there are two hooks which spring up out of the arm rests each side of the pushchair they come up with a push of a little button underneath now that's all good they come up easily but its a bit tricky at first to get the lining up of the hooks onto the attachment of the carry cot right as they don't stay up and one slip and they fold down. Also when it comes to putting these hooks back into the pushchair you just have to push them in with the tips of your fingers which I found and still find a bit tricky. Getting the carry cot off the pushchair is simple enough two buttons release the cot from the hooks and it lifts away. The carry cot then folds flat for easy travelling. Now a bit I didn't realise for about three weeks although it probably was on the instructional video you just have so much to take in when you have a baby I missed it is that the carry cot stays up on its own I was convinced it would only stay up when on pushchair until my mom pointed out it must stay up on its own. The key to this was hidden under mattress and cover two metal rods which slide into place making the cot firmperfect for when we visit others and also from this week my little one has been sleeping in this cot night and day as he prefers it to the moses basket and crib and sleeps in it for longer periods of time we discovered this when using it as a travel cot whilst on holiday.

      Next up car seat this a baby car seat nicely padded the instructions are on the side as car seats all seem to strap in different this was helpful
      when bringing little man out of hospital for the first time. The harness is a three poinnt one and fits him snuggly and can be adjusted as he grows I would say it will last him a good few months and he was a big baby born 8ib 7oz for smaller babies you will obviously get more use. The great thing about the car seat is it also fits onto the pushchair which is perfect if baby has fallen asleep and you need to go in shops quickly you lift car seat out and again it hooks onto the pushchair again tricky to start with but once your used to it simple. When it comes to removing it from the pushchair its simple once you know how however on our first outting out we didn't know got back to the car and thinking it released in same way as carry cot found it didn't and were a little stuck - thankfully there are android phones and youtube a quick look at the instructional video and we found its a lever at the back of car seat which unlocks it again simple once you know how but I'm not sure without the aid of youtube I would have worked it out and had visions of having to walk him home from the town centre.

      This travel system as I said before comes with accessories you have a rain cover which clips on and off easily and has little air holes in so baby can get some air no extra help needed for using this. It comes with a cover for carry cot which velcros on and is secured to hood with two hooks making sure baby is nice and snug. It also comes with a foot muff for when he is older and I am using the pushchair on its own this fits on easily I've tried everything after the car seat incident. There is also a bar which fits on for attaching toys simple click in and off. Final accessorie is a changing bag you get a good rucksack sized bag which has a travel changing mat inside and also a mini bag I use for keeping a couple of nappies and wipes in.I find the bag is the right size for carrying a few nappies wipes spare clothes a bottle bag powder carrier, red book plus my phone and purse in. The bag also has a strap allowing me to hook it over pushchair handles for ease of use when out or you can make strap long for carrying over shoulder.

      The pushchair itself allows you to adjust the seat easily to a position to suit your child this can be done with one hand squeezing two levers together. It also has adjustable handles which is good for taller people so your not hunched over the pushchair. It also comes with a shopping basket which is attached by little hooks underneath though dont get carried away it will only hold a few items ok for popping out on a stroll for bread and milk though. Putting the pushchair down is easy you simply pull a handle up use clips handles and it folds down it is quite bulky when down and takes up my whole boot I have a peugeot 206 so its not a space saver pushchair by any means. Getting round the shops with it I have found it is easy to manevoure round aisle and also when on holiday walking in the woods we found it also handled well so those for me are positives.

      This pushchair cost £250 which was slightly more than the colour ones as we paid the extra for it being Mickey themed I think for the cost though and for what we have got I am very pleased - now I just need a bigger car. I will give this travel system 4 stars it looses one for the space it takes when flat and for the little clips that hold the car seat and carry cot in place not popping back in easily I have visions of not putting one back in properly and it snapping off. Overall though I'm very pleased with my first pushchair and my baby is to.


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        17.05.2012 22:35



        Good value for money

        The Hauck travel system is good value for money with everything you need. We purchased this as first time parents not really knowing what we needed and what we didn't. This has everything included, pushchair with pram attachment, car seat attachment, cover for pram and pushchair, rain cover and even change bag all to match.

        Pro's :-
        It's very easy to take the pram on and off, a little trickier to do the carseat but it gets easier with practice. You do need two hands to put the pushchair up and down but the back rest can be manoeuvred using just one hand. The Pushchair is nice and compact when folded. The basket can be accessed when the pushchair is in the lie flat position. It has an automatic lock when you put the pushchair down. There is two different handle heights. It has an adjustable leg rest.

        Cons :-
        There is no viewing window so unfortunately you can't peep at your child as your walking along without popping your head round the pushchair. The pushchair isn't free standing when you put it down. The pushchair seems quite heavy when trying to stow it away. The shopping basket isn't as big as the over travel systems I have seen. The rain cover is a zip on cover so it doesn't cover the whole of the pushchair (however it covers the child well).

        In summary this is a good travel system for the money with only a few minor gripes but overall not only is it very practical but it is stylish too.


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    • Product Details

      The Hauck Condor All in One Black Travel System makes life easy. The lockable/swivel front wheels make the Hauck Condor easy to manoeuvre. A large shopping basket provides storage space for baby and children's accessories. To ensure comfort, there is a 4-way adjustable backrest and adjustable footrest. The innovative Hauck Condor Black All in One Travel System can be quickly and compactly folded and stored in your car boot. The lightweight aluminum frame of the Condor is visually attractive. It offers a telescopic height-adjustable handle to suit to your size and save your back. The Zero Plus Comfort car seat and pram clip onto built-in adapters in the arm rests, and turns the Condor into a practical Shop'n Drive Travel System.Hauck 360 degree Product Tour

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