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Hauck Disney Jet

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Brand: Hauck / Strollers

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    1 Review
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      20.10.2007 17:58
      Very helpful



      With better control it would be a great push chair.

      It was my little girl's first birthday in May and she had somewhat outgrown her old pushchair, unsure of what to buy her my sister decided that as she had bought my little girl the car seat that matched this buggy that she would also buy my daughter the buggy as her birthday gift. I'd been looking for a pink buggy as a replacement for the old one so this seemed like the perfect choice.

      The Hauck Disney Stroller-
      This stroller comes in 2 colour choices the bright pink option which is themed with Minnie Mouse or a bright blue version which is themed with Mickey Mouse.

      The Stroller has a fully reclining seat, easily achieved by using the simple draw string system behind the seat. It has a 5 point harness that has a good chunky clasp and is fully adjustable for growing babies/children. The handles are able to turn 360 degrees to a setting that is comfortable for you, this is done by simply pressing down the silver grey buttons on top of each handle.
      The breaks on the pram are at the rear and have to be pressed down separately despite appearing to be joined by a bar. The wheels are all double with the front wheels able to completely swivel, you can use the breaks on the front wheels to lock them into position.

      The pram has a pink fabric hood which includes a small pink Minnie Mouse soft toy, this is not detachable. The cover and harness cannot be removed for cleaning. The shopping basket underneath the stroller is a good size it has a solid base which can hold heavier loads.
      The stroller is easy to fold/unfold. Either side of the chair are 2 black levers and a silver grey bar, all need to be pulled up at which point the chair will fold in 2. The silver bar is a safety feature meaning that if the 2 black sections are used but not the bar then the chair will not fold up. To unfold it is even easier, all you need to do is lift it by the handles and the chairs own weight and momentum will unfold it.

      The stroller does not come assembled and you have to attach the wheels and front toy bar yourself. This is easily done and the instructions included for assembly are very clearly illustrated. The front bar does not have to be attached and is not noticeable if it is missing.

      Price and availability-
      The stroller is available from larger Woolworths stores(or to order from smaller ones) as well as online it's rrp is £79.99 but I am sure with a little shopping around you may find it for less.

      My Experience-
      I was given the stroller a few weeks before my daughter’s birthday as it arrived early so I got straight to trying it out. I found it easy to assemble and didn't really need the instructions that were included. It's a great looking pushchair with its bright pink tones it really makes a statement.

      The chair seems comfortable and my daughter is happy in it, although she wasn't keen on the front bar so we have taken it off. She enjoys trying to swipe at the little toy on the canopy. The harness also seems comfortable and the clasp, being chunky, is too big for little fingers to undo. The fully recline seat means that when she gets tired when we're out I can simply lay the seat back and she can drop off in comfort.

      It is quite a lightweight chair but seems sturdy. I love how easy it is to unfold/fold, it folds down quite small (although not thin) and is easy to store away, it also fits easily into the boot of our car. I have found the rear breaks reliable so far but I have to admit they don't look very safe, I hope it is just a case of appearances being deceiving, the locks for the front wheels are ok but will often pop off if going over a big bump.

      A few things I found were disappointing were that you cannot remove the covers or harness for cleaning, anyone with babies will know the mess they can make. I also feel the handles are a bit low for me but I am quite tall for a girl so someone a bit smaller will probably use the chair with ease.

      A major problem I have found is that the chair can be quite difficult to handle, the wheels often stick or simply lose control and I find myself really fighting with it. It's easy to hand it over to my husband, as he's stronger, when we're out together but if he's at work this is not an option. I have taken to using my son's buggy for my little girl when we go out for short walks and he will walk beside me, he's quite happy to do so, it's not as if I’d be able to use two buggies anyway but he doesn't seem to mind his sister using his chair.

      If you have the patience or strength to control the push chair then it's a great stroller however I wouldn't often recommend it, the problem with control may be isolated to my push chair but I cannot promise that any other one would be better. The chair is rarely used in comparrison to the other push chair we have and it seems like a waste really but with control being such an issue and me not feeling safe with my little one in it, there's no other choice.


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    • Product Details

      The Hauck Disney Minnie flower Jet 6 pushchair with it mixture of plum and pink colours is an ideal choice for a little girl. It is suitable from birth and can be partnered with a Zero plus car seat to form a Travel System.