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Hauck Disney Sport Buggy in Original Mickey

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2 Reviews

Brand: Hauck / Type: Stroller.

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    2 Reviews
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      04.08.2009 16:10
      Very helpful



      Useful only as a spare

      I purchased this buggy as a spare to take on holiday , I have seen the state some of the pushchairs come off the aeroplane and no way was I risking my main one which was very expensive.

      It was £30 from mothercare and came with a choice of designs , blue mickey (mine and in pic) , pink minnie and winnie the pooh , each pushchair has a small toy corresponding to the design that dangles down when the hood is down , though it just seems to tease the child as the angle it is at makes it difficult for them to reach .

      The wheels at the front can be locked to be straight or to move round , though i dont find this makes much difference it is not the easiest pushchair to steer.

      The handle to push the chair with I find to be quite low but I am tall (5ft 11) and my husband really struggles with it but perhaps this is not an issue for everyone.

      The brakes are on the back wheels and both sides need to be pushed down and to release you need to kick them up , be aware if you go up or down any large kerbs the brake catches the pavement and comes on.

      The material of the buggy is quite nice and is padded and appears to be a comfy ride for the child , the harness is 5 point so quite hard for little monkeys like mine to undo . The chair can be reclined via a drawstring at the back if your child falls asleep .

      There is a bar that attaches across the pushchair that acts as a little tray and cup holder and presumably an extra restraint , we dont often use this as my child just pushes the drink off onto the floor !

      The shopping basket underneath is quite large and seems quite sturdy you can fit in quite a bit.

      The adjustable leg rest I find annoying as one small kick from a toddler and its moving up and down the bar. The leg part of the pushair can be altered by pushing 2 buttons on the side to enable your childs legs to be up or dangling down , it is only a slight adjustment so once they are a bit taller it makes little difference anyway.

      The puschair is very easy to fold away just pull the 2 clips on the legs and push down , one of the easiest designs I have seen to fold away a buggy.

      The puschair comes in a flat box and requires some simple assembly but this was easy and the instructions were quite clear .

      It does not come with a rain cover , but you can pick up a universal stroller cover which fots fine for around £5- £10

      I have a buggy board and I find this pushchair too flimsy to cope with a 3 year old standing on the back so I wouldnt advise that.

      All in all as a spare for taking to the grandparents when they stay over , or taking on holiday or just to throw in the car quickly its a good chair but for everyday use I wouldnt recommend it ,If you are after an everyday pushchair you should go somewhere where they have a large dispay and get a feel of which one you like best.

      On a final note please note this pushchair steers ok on pavements and smooth surfaces but forget it on grass/ gravel or rough terrain you end up carrying it over the lumps and bumps which is a pointless excercise


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      15.07.2009 06:01
      Very helpful



      A good stroller and just the thing for a granny to have at home , excellent value for money

      Your probably wondering why a mum in her mid 50's would want a a Disney stroller and do I have something to tell you all .............well the answer is NO !

      At the minute I have seven grandchildren and like most grannies want to be able to have things at hand when they come to stay , so having been given money for my birthday this year what better then to buy my very own stroller .

      The stroller comes in two colours , both are nice but I chose the blue mickey mouse version rather than the pink Minni mouse one as blue is a colour most babes can wear .

      The stroller came to me in a large box and had to be put together , this was very easy just a case of clipping on the wheels and the front padded bar and it was done ......getting rid of a big box was more of a problem .

      It has a built in hood but no protective cover should it rain , so I suggest you pop down to a local baby store and purchase one, they are around £10 so not to bad to add on to the overall price of the stroller , that is if you do decided to buy one of these great little baby carriers.

      The whole of the stroller is padded out for babies comfort , but having all this fabric padding could lead to a problem in the future , the ability to keep the inside clean as little hands love nothing more than a biscuit and this would potentially leave one hell of a mess, but having said this if the mess was felt to dry out , then scraped off with a semi sharp round bladed knife , brushed well and then wiped down with some sort of anti-bacterial agent this shouldn't be to bad to deal with .
      The inner part of the stroller has a total of 5 harness points , which is plenty to secure even the best escapologist !!!
      The seat reclines by way of a drawer string which is quick and easy to maneuver , for someone like myself who has problems with her hands this makes sense and is a good idea as you can silently drop a baby down if asleep rather than have to slide things about or open and click things which I have done in the past with my own children's strollers and nothing is more infuriating than getting a bay off to sleep only to wake it up when your trying to lay the back of the stroller down .....quietly .

      The brakes are interesting as you have to put each brake on by itself on the two back wheels , they are sturdy and firm which is a good point I have noticed.
      Under the seat is a basket for holding toys or groceries etc , this to is made of a sturdy construction and appears to be wiped down should it become wet or grubby at any point .The handle moves from the front to the back of the stroller ( over the top of the hood) so you can either face the pram to the front or the back when you are pushing it .
      Its easy to fold flat and at this minute is sitting under my single bed in the spare room awaiting its very first use ...........

      I was extremely lucky as I purchased mine form one of those bid-up or price drop TV channels and paid the grand total of £25.00 with P & P ...........such a bargain , so keep a look out if you are interested in one of these as the baby section of these shows goes out between 9-10 am most mornings .

      I am very pleased with the stroller and can find no real problems with it at this time , its clean looking , modern , easy to push ( I tried it with one of my granddaughters very large life size dolls , how embarrassing ) light weight to carry and with the price I paid for mine OMG .........what a bargain .
      All I need now is a nice pink sweet smelling 6 month old baby to try it out on ..............no offers please as I'm waiting for my son to produce, that is when he finds a girl, marries her and gets down to business............!


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  • Product Details

    Comfortable multi-position reclining seat with 5 point harness / Front swivel lockable wheels / Comes with detachable play tray, hood, and rain cover / 4 position adjustable leg rest / Rear linked Brake / large shopping basket.

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