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6 Reviews

Brand: Hauck / Type: Travel System / Number of Seats: Single Seat.

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    6 Reviews
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      16.08.2009 19:08
      Very helpful
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      Thoroughly pleased with my purchase feel I spent sensibly.

      I brought this travel system when I was four months pregnant with my daughter as a complete leap of faith and never looked back. My husband wanted a bugaboo I didn't want to spend the pennies so I found the infinity on Kiddicare and liked the look of it so read some reveiws and made the purchase .

      I was so pleased that I did it was lovely and we got loads of comments on it the first time we went for a walk with my daughter and this continued throughout the first six months.

      The carrycot was easy to fit but difficult to assemble I trapped my fingers when first trying to push it into its upright position and as the carrycot takes up a lot of space severall times afterwards collapsing or putting it back up. In itself it was a good size and we actually let my daughter sleep in it instead of the carrycot when we were on holiday so obviously very comfortable for her.

      We brought the Hauck car seat with adapors which was probably not the best purchase the car seat is small but very heavy and as my daughter is petite she grew out of this car seat long before she was ready for a stage one car set so that was additional expense. I found it impossible to attach the car seat to the frame my husband had to do it every time and I remember ringing him in tears one day because I had got to town got the frame up and couldn't attach the carseat and ended up going home for the carrycot.

      The buggy seat I didn't use as I had purchased a quinny zapp as I wanted my boot back as the travel system frame is quite large. but for the first six months it was fantastic I loved it and the adjustable handle meant that me, my husband and my son could all push the pram comfortably.


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        02.07.2009 22:29
        Very helpful



        excellent all round system

        this was the first brand new pram i bought for my baby girl and i love it love it love it. infact i had 2 lol
        i bought the complete red travel system but chose to have a graco car seat to fix to the wheels instead of the hauck one as it was bigger so more room for baby :)
        i used the carrycot for nearly a year as my little lady is only small but it was fab.
        the liner is completely removable for washing as is the hood and of course the apron,which with a newborn baby is a must!
        the seat unit is excellent! forward and rear facing , several different seat positions and a great hood too it looks so cool.
        the car seat looks the best on the chassi though and so much easier to use when nipping to the shop or getting on the bus,i wish my little one still fitted in hers :(
        i aslo got all 3 raincovers and the pushchair cosy toes with mine so i didnt have to buy anything else and was a real bargain too

        deffianlty a good pram too buy


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        19.06.2009 15:58
        Very helpful



        a great pram

        I bought the Hauck infinity for my first child and from day one was very impressed I am now using it for my second child.

        The hauck infinity comes in 3 parts with some extras, You have the base that is very quick and easy to put up and down, this has an adjustable handle so you can have it set to any hight, great for switching between mum and dad, It means that you can always have the handle to a comfortable hight to suit you.

        There are 2 top bits that connect to the frame, the first is a carry cot and is great for new born babies, It is quite easy to put on and off however not at all easy if the baby is in it, which is a problem if the baby falls asleep. The other part is the seat, it is adjustable and you can lay the seat right back, this is great if your baby goes to sleep but it also makes is suitable from birth. The straps however are quite long, so for smaller babies don't seem as safe as you would like them to be. Both top bits can be fixed on either way so that the baby can either face towards or away from the person pushing.

        The Hauck Infinity has a small basket underneath that holds small things and it also has a couple of small pockets on the back that come in useful.

        It is dark red in colour with black trim and looks quite stylish, and although 3 wheel pushchairs are now the fashion, the four wheels of the Hauck infinity gives it that extra stability, the back 2 wheels are large off road wheels that make this a very easy to control push chair and I find it very easy to guide and push with one hand. It also has the benefit of being very easy to maneuver and is easily turned on the spot in a full circle.

        Also it folds reasonably small, we have a Ford Fiesta and can fit it in the boot. The only down side is that it doesn't come with a car seat, with hindsight I would be more inclined to get one that has a car seat that attaches to it.

        It comes with a matching foot muff and a rain cover.

        I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is having a baby, it make life much easier.


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        11.10.2008 13:59
        Very helpful



        a great buggy

        I have own many lets say cheap buggy's so I spent a little bit more on this and wow what a good buggy this is. Its so nice that the seat turns around so baby can either be looking at you or facing the other way to see what's going on.
        It also can lay nearly flat, a must for anyone with a little baby. Or you could use the carry cot which again loves lovely on.
        I have bought the blue one very nice not many around I am always getting asked in town where can I buy one of them in that colour hehe...
        My 7 month old loves it, even my 3yr old is well. Its so easy and light to push, if your like me with 2 little ones you need something which is easy as pushing with one hand and hold the hand of another child, which this push chair does, its so easy to move around is well one handed. Also which I think is a bonus the handle is adjustable, push in 2 buttons and it will move to where ever you want it too. The hood of the push chair works as a sun visor too as you can move it back and forth so you don't nee to buy that parasol

        These push chair look like a bugaboo so if you want that bugaboo but don't like the HUGE price then these are fab. They can be in carry cot mode, push chair mode, even get adaptors for them so you can use a car seat


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        05.10.2008 11:53
        Very helpful



        excellent all round pushchair

        i purchased this pushchair for my little girl who is 2 now and i used this from birth with the carrycot.
        I have three children and this is by far the best pushchair i have ever purchased.
        Its great to push and not heavy i also have the rucksack baby change bag with changing mat a foot muff which can be used as pram liner this is lined in a soft cozy fleece plus a apron
        it keeps her very snug. the carry cot is suitable from 0/ 6 months and then the seat easily attaches to the frame in either front or back positions and what ever lie back position you like.
        there is practical rain covers for both pram parts.
        you can machine wash all parts of fabric but not the hood which is easily sponge washed mine as been washed lots of times and never lost the colour i put it on a 30 wash cycle using a mild liquid like fairy .
        it looks quite big but its just the right size for public transport i do not have a car so you would have to take seat part off to put in boot. this is even okay for shopping as usually i find bigger prams a problem around department stores but this is fine.

        i paid around £200 FOR THE COMPLETE SET FROM ONLINE FOR BABY.but this was money well spent i,m not giving this push chair away until my baby is to big for it shes fine in now as it goes up to around age three depending on there weight.


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        31.07.2007 23:15
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Great value, stylish travel system - most of the features of the bugaboo at half the cost.

        We have recently had a little girl and choosing the right travel system for us was something we gave a lot of consideration to before she was born.
        We tried the bugaboo and liked the features, but it was just too pricey for us. So we set about looking for a travel system that had a lot of the same features, but a smaller price tag and decided upon the Hauck Infinity – I’m very glad we did.

        We have the pushchair and carrycot with raincovers and have also bought the car seat and footmuff.

        We have not yet used the pushchair part as our baby is only 3 months old and this cannot be used until she reaches 6 months so we are currently using the carrycot and car seat together with the frame.

        Hauck Infinity features:
        • Multiposition lie back seat unit
        • Lightweight aluminium frame
        • Adjustable handle height 67 - 105cm – great if you and your partner are different heights.
        • Two small front wheels for easy steering.
        • Large pneumatic rear air tyres – excellent for ‘off road’ travel.
        • Lockable swivel wheels
        • Adjustable and removable front bumper bar with washable removable cover
        • Weight: 11kg
        • Size Folded: 88 x 44 x 45cm
        • Carrycot fits easily to the pushchair frame
        • Baby can sit forward or face the parent - this is a big plus point for us.
        • Removable, washable hood
        • Carrying handle
        • Apron and shopping basket
        • Suitable from birth – 3 years
        • Conforms to BS: 7409

        The infinity is lightweight, has pneumatic tyres, adjustable handle height, and baby can face towards or away from you – these are all qualities that the bugaboo has.

        The pushchair and carrycot cost my £199 from kiddicare.com and I purchased the car seat for an additional £67. The prices on kiddicare are cheaper than the RRP.

        This turns the Hauck Infinity into a traditional looking pram (but with a modern twist) which has met with the approval of the older members of our family! It is easy to fit onto and take off the frame and has a comfortable mattress. The hood can be easily pulled up or put down or even stopped at a halfway position. The carrycot has a mattress and apron.
        There is a handle on the top of the hood to make the carrycot easier to carry. The carrycot can be used on its own for baby to sleep in which is great when you are out and about.
        The carrycot can be used until your baby is 6 months old.

        Pushchair/Seat Unit
        I have not yet used this part of the system so cannot really comment too much on this part. It can be used from 6 months to 3 years. It can face away from you or towards you, which I like and also the system will collapse with the seat unit on facing forwards (the Bugaboo cannot do this). There are pockets on the back so you can store those essential items like wipes/muslins/bottles etc…

        The frame is versatile as it should be for a travel system – the carrycot, pushchair and/or carseat can be attached. With the adaptors I think it will take a Maxi-Cosie or Graco car seat as well as the Hauck one. It is very easy to put on/take off the carrycot and pushchair but I do find the car seat a bit finickety to fit.
        The two pvc front wheels are smaller for maximum manoeuvrability, the two back wheels are larger and pneumatic.
        The handle is comfortable as it is black and foam padded and the height is easily adjusted (a feature only available on the most expensive bugaboo, the Chameleon).
        The frame is very lightweight as it’s made from aluminium (which was/is important to me) and so is easy to lift and carry when folded. It’s very easy to fold up and down and put in the car (although it’s a bit big for my ford fiesta!).
        The shopping basket underneath the frame is not very big which is a bit of a pain, so I use clips on the handle to hang bags from.

        I like the way the Hauck Infinity looks, I have a bright red system and I think it looks stylish and modern. I also like the fact that there are not many of these prams about and I always have people asking me where I got it from.

        I think the Hauck Infinity is a well made system which you would expect from a German manufacturer – I have not had any problems so far and everything feels like good quality.

        Ease of Use:
        The Hauck Infinity is very easy to steer and is so light it can be pushed with one hand. It will ‘turn on a sixpence’ so is great when you are negotiating shopping aisles and doorways.

        The fabric parts are machine washable which is good especially when you are going to be using a system for a number of years. The rear tyres may need to be pumped up from time to time.

        Hauck Lifesaver Plus Car Seat
        We purchased this separately so that we could use it as part of the travel system. It is in the same shade of red.
        • Suitable from birth to approx 13kg
        • Ergonomic styled handlegrip with one-hand adjustment
        • Includes seatbelt pad and headrest protector and central belt adjustment
        • Extra-lightweight
        • Detachable, full-shell styropfoam-inlay
        • Detachable, washable seatpad
        • 5 point harness
        • Fits onto the pushchair with the use of the adapter included.
        • Rain / wind canopy included to be removed before fitting in car.
        • Certified to ECE 44/03
        A nice feature of the car seat is that it has a curved bottom so that it can be rocked when you have it on the floor - good for keeping your little one asleep when you get out of the car! Our baby sits snugly in the carseat and she always seems happy and secure.
        Another good feature is the carry handle the design is such that it is easier to carry around than many other carseats.
        It is easy to strap into the car and not too bulky to carry, it’s handy that it can be attached to the frame so you can push baby around in it, but it can be fiddly to do.
        There is a sun visor on the detachable canopy so you can protect your little one from bright sunlight too.

        You can buy additional accessories to accompany the travel system.
        Footmuff (I purchased this separately for £35 – it’s a lovely thick fleece and I think it will be really cosy in the winter), changing bag.

        The Hauck Infinity is a stylish and very reasonable travel system – it has many of the features of the bugaboo but at a fraction of the cost. It is very easy to manoeuvre and lightweight so perfect for shopping or out and about in the countryside. All-in-all I’m very happy with the Hauck Infinity as is my husband and we seem to get ‘pram envy’ from quite a few other parents!


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      • Product Details

        Hauck Infinity is a lightweight aluminium stroller with lots of features.

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