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Brand: Hauck / Type: Carriage / Number of Seats: Single Seat

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    1 Review
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      18.02.2008 12:48
      Very helpful



      The Hauck Sprint 6 will keep your baby safe and comfortable, however long your walk!

      When Hollie got too big for the car seat from her Britax Travel System, I decided that we might as well get her a more lightweight buggy and sell the travel system complete. I had a few quid sitting in Paypal so the sensible thing to do was have a mooch through the umpteen baby stores on eBay. I spotted the Hauck Sprint 6 pretty quickly as I've had a lifelong love of Winnie the Pooh and this buggy is nothing if not Pooh themed!

      The buggy looks really nice; a cheerful blue colour with good size hood. The backrest has a sweet picture of Pooh Bear and there is a small Winnie soft toy hanging from the hood. This is the first of my problems. Hollie is now eight months old and loves to play with her toys. It drives her (and by default, me!) mental that she can see this tiny Pooh Bear dangling in front of her but can't reach the bloomin' thing to play with it! Talk about carrots and sticks... It's a nice little decoration for the buggy, but of no practial use whatsoever.

      Hollie seems very comfortable in this buggy. The backrest can be locked into one of three positions; lying back flat, sitting upright and somewhere in between. She prefers sitting up now so that she can play with the toys I've attached to the fabric covered bumper bar, but if I notice she's starting to doze off then I'll lower the back allowing her to sleep for a while. Then when she wakes up again it's an easy process to raise the seat again into a sitting position. The five point harness holds her nicely in the buggy and allows her some freedom of movement, the straps are soft and easy to adjust as she gets bigger so no digging into her neck or legs.

      The Sprint buggy has a good size shopping basket under the seat which can only be accessed from the back as the basket itself is a mesh design on three sides. Although this sounds like a bad point, it's actually a very good design as I find I can put more in this insubstantial looking basket than in buggies/prams which feature bulkier trays. Also I like the fact that I don't have to worry about losing my shopping because nothing can fall out.

      The Sprint 6 is an absolute dream to push; the wheels go exactly where I want them to and it's a very smooth ride for Hollie even on pavements which aren't terribly level. The front wheels swivel independently of each other and also easily lock using a small pedal worked with your foot. I think this buggy is lovely to push on both my short walk to the shop and also longer jaunts around the park.

      Another important consideration when it comes to choosing a buggy is the brake. I have mixed feelings about this one. The brake mechanism itself is excellent, once applied it's strong and keeps the buggy securely in place even on a slope. I'm confident that this brake wouldn't fail, although whatever pushchair I'm using I'll always keep hold of the handle when I'm 'parked up' on any slope or hill as I think baby is much too precious to trust in a flimsy metal pole!

      The problem I have with the brake is related to the actual construction of the thing. The foot bar to take the brake on and off runs between the two back wheels, about three inches off the floor. The perfect place for my foot to find when I want to apply the brake. Unfortunately also the perfect height for me to keep kicking it as I'm walking... Very annoying... I've actually had to alter the length of my steps to fit in with this buggy, and there's no chance of pushing it when I'm wearing my heeled boots - now that's selfless parenting for you!

      The handles on the Sprint are adjustable in a fashion. Pushing a button on the top of each handle will allow me to have the handles pointing upwards (as in the photograph above) or down. I'm quite short so tend to have them going down as this gives me a good grip and they are the perfect height this way. I've used the handles the other way round to try them out, but this just makes the buggy feel too high for me to push comfortably.

      This buggy is, apparently, suitable from birth. I say apparently because this is what the blurb says whenever you look up information on this particular buggy. Personally I wouldn't put a newborn baby in a stroller such as this because although the seat will lie back more or less flat, there just isn't enough support or padding for a tiny baby to sleep in comfort. In my opinion I'd say the best age for this Sprint buggy would be around 5 - 6 months as by then baby will be supporting her head and will generally be robust enough to put in this pushchair.

      Folding the buggy down is a piece of cake. Simply pull two easy-sliding clasps up towards the handles and the buggy will fold in on itself. Once folded it's very light to lift into the boot of my car, my Britax system was soooo heavy that I always thought I was going to put my back out just getting it into the car!

      Everything you need to do to this buggy is simple; raising and lowering the backrest is a very easy pull cord behind the seat and adjusting the footrest is by way of pushing a button. Easy peasy. The most awkward thing is that it comes in a large box and you have to attach the front wheels yourself - that was a nightmare as they need to be lined up carefully using hard to see arrows, Mark put ours on back to front and it took a full pack of butter and some good old fashioned brute force for him to pull them off again!

      Overall, I do like the Hauck Sprint 6. The couple of niggles I mentioned above are easy to work around, and the benefits of choosing this buggy over a bulkier pushchair definitely outweigh the drawbacks. You can buy it from Mothercare, Argos and the like for around £45-ish although I'd recommend shopping around as I picked mine up from eBay (brand new and boxed) for just £23 including delivery. It's available in various colour options; I was tempted to buy the red and yellow buggy shown above, but the addition of Pooh Bear on the one I eventually bought was enough to sway me. They also make a gorgeous bright pink Mini Mouse Sprint buggy, but the colour put Mark off totally and he said he'd never push a buggy that colour!

      Accessories such as raincovers, replacement baskets and play trays are available for this buggy and these are fairly cheap when compared to Mamas & Papas or Britax accessories.


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    • Product Details

      Height adjustable handle. 2 position footrest. Suitable from birth with 3 position recline backrest and a 5 point harness.

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