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    3 Reviews
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      11.01.2010 22:50
      Very helpful



      Great price for a great light weight stroller

      I have purchased 2 of the Isis strollers from toys 'R' us in a raspberry and grey colour and lime and blue colour, I also got the matching hood and apron to go with them as these are sold separatly.

      The Isis stroller has swivel wheels which makes it very easy to push. The handle has a foam grip on it which is very comfortable to push, but if you get caught in the rain the foam acts like a sponge and stays wet for ages. The shopping basket is very small, it only just fits the raincover in. The stroller has 4 seat positions, this is great for when your child falls asleep whilst you are out. The stroller is very light weight and folds like an umbrella, it has a clip to stop the stroller from opening up when you have folded it away. I would recommend the Isis stroller to anyone who just wants a light weight stroller for a great price.


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        24.04.2009 21:42



        An overall good, easy pushchair great for the price.

        I bought the Isis Stroller in Raspberry colour and first off i must say the colour is wonderful. The actual stroller is very light and the height is just perfect for almost anyone. I myself am 5 foot 2 inches so this stroller can feel a little 'high' on the handle side but i feel very in control.
        The handles are for comfy and the foam does not slip down as it has done on previous pushchairs.
        The wheel (front left to be precise) already started squeaking on day 2 of taking it out, however which was disappointing but does not bother us too much.
        The recline on the seat is fantastic, it's a great size for all babies,great colour.
        The pushchair has good suspension, great for the stony country lanes i live in and folds nicely in the boot of our car.
        My only 2 grudges with this stroller is that going up or down steps is a pain due to the breaks dragging on them, very annoying! And within 2 weeks the clip that locks the pushchair together to stop it falling open has flung off somewhere, something i never experienced before with any buggy!
        Overall, great buy and a happy customer plus my daughter loves it too.


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        11.11.2008 09:35
        Very helpful



        a good basic pushchair

        When my daughter got bigger and the pushchair part of my travel system got too large to keep getting in and out of the boot, we decided to buy a smaller stroller for those times when space and speed was required.
        I always have ideas in my mind of what I want from a pushchair and if I was lucky enough to be able to I would buy them frequently and try them before changing them. Unfortunately I don't have enough money or space for this in my home so off to Toys R Us we went to have a look. I chose Toys R Us because they have a large range and it's easier to test the out in store rather than some of the Mother care stores where space is limited.

        After browsing through lots and wheeling them up and down, we spied the Isis stroller. It was a bargain price at £39.99, but looked a bit cheap because there was no hood attached to it. I preferred all the Malaren's and Quinny's but dad decided that he liked the striking pink design on the Isis.
        Begrudgingly I went to have a look, and I spotted that there was an accessory pack that went with the pushchair which included a hood. This lifted my spirits somewhat and we found an assistant and blagged an accessory pack out of the store room to attach the hood.
        All in research purposes you understand. I'm not a pushchair snob, but I do like it to look nice as well as feel nice when pushed.
        With the hood on, the pushchair went into its own league, competing well against the Maclarans that were twice the price.

        The next test was going to be pushing it. We both had a wheel up and down the aisles and found the height of the handles to be acceptable for us. I am 5ft 3, and dad about 5ft 8, so average heights and the handles suited us. There is no function to be able to alter the height however.

        Pushing the stroller empty was easy, so we decided to put our daughter in it to see how she looked. She seemed to fit nicely and looked comfortable in her five point harness that was huge to begin with but is easily adjusted without using too much strength. Even with her in it we found the pushchair to be a lot more light weight than pushing her in her travel system chair.

        Dad insisted on getting a stroller with swivel wheels. This is a function I wasn't bothered about as I find chairs easier to control without but he insisted and if he was going to be pushing his daughter about in a bright pink chair, then swivel wheels was going to be a must.
        The stroller does in fact have adjustable wheels, which are turned into swivel and locked with a click of a button. This was easy enough to do by bending down quickly once we had worked out where everything was.

        All the boxes were being ticked so far, even the price was coming up trumps. To get the accessory pack it was another £14.99 which included the hood and a rain cover. Well I wasn't going to buy a pushchair without a rain cover as that was asking for trouble in British weather.
        The particular weekend when we bought it, the accessory pack was being offered free with purchase of the pushchair. Something up there was telling me to buy this pushchair as it was such a bargain, so I relented and we parted with our cash and took it home to investigate further.

        Once at home the real fun starts where we tried to put it up on our own. We had been shown in store and it looked easy enough. I had left a tie attached to it which made it near impossible to open. Once this was removed the pushchair is opened with a flick of your foot almost. It doesn't require any strength which is a bonus when you have to struggle with a toddler as well.

        Collapsing the stroller is done using both hands so a bit more struggling is required if holding a toddler, however I have managed it a couple of times, albeit not very easily.
        A spring loaded clip is pushed with your foot and a red clip is pulled with your hand to release the mechanism and this enables you to close the pushchair. This is all held together with a clip when closed.
        All in all it's an easy chair to fold and open and being lightweight makes it easier to get done in a hurry.

        The rain cover attaches to the chair via the hood, so without the hood you won't be able to use the rain cover. As they both come together in a pack I didn't see a problem with this, but if you were trying to buy a rain cover separately I wouldn't be convinced you'd find one.
        It attached quickly with two poppers and ties at the bottom with clips. I have done it in mid rain storm and have managed it fairly quickly.

        In the shop I had forgotten to look at the storage basket, but in actual fact it's a decent size. There isn't much room in it with the pushchair reclined, especially in full lie back mode (this is one of three positions on the chair), but in upright position there is room for a shopping bag. My only gripe with this is the sides aren't very high so it's recommended not to put small items in the side as you may well lose them.

        Off we went on our first journey not long after getting it home to test it out. My daughter decided she was happy sitting up in the chair and she was able to see so much more. Her feet didn't quite reach the rubber bar at the bottom, but it felt fairly sturdy so she wouldn't break it the first instance she got when bigger.
        The weight of the chair wasn't too bad with her in and we found going up kerbs easy. The only thing we did find with the chair was that any slight bump in the road appeared to be a bit jerky for her. This was fine when she is awake but asleep might disturb her.
        The other niggle being on roads it the wheels react quite loudly to certain surfaces of the roads and pavements. If you're on your own and there is no noise it feels like everyone will hear you coming sometimes as the wheels crackle along the surface.

        Overall after having this pushchair for eight months or so now, I have been very pleased with it. The covers have been easy to keep clean by wiping them over, and the chair has stayed very sturdy and reliable. It has been worth the money we spent on it twice over.
        I have found you can attach universal foot muffs to the pushchair and they fit without too much spare room to drag on the floor.

        If you're looking for a cheaper pushchair then you can't go wrong with this one. It's available in pink, blue and lime green, and suitable from three months up.


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      • Product Details

        A lightweight, practical, umbrella-fold pushchair with four seat recline positions for baby's comfort and 5-point harness for baby's safety. In stylish Storm Blue design. Suitable for 14 pounds and 6 months or older.

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