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Jané Nurse Dakar Pushchair

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Brand: Jané / Range: Nurse / Type: buggy / jogger stroller / pram / Wheels: 3

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    1 Review
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      11.06.2011 20:29
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      Great if you're a walker!

      I'm a buggyholic (much to my other halfs delight!) and this was one of the best I've ever had the pleasure to own - had it not been for the fact it was in the boot of our car and written off in an accident I'd still be using it to this day!

      ~~ The Buggy ~~

      The buggy is known as the Nurse Dakar in most places but was made by Spanish giants Jane as a cheaper version of the ever popular Slalom Pro. It's a 3 wheel buggy that has air filled tyres, one giant handlebar across the front and a seat big enough for your average 3 year old but also comfortable enough for your newborn (although technically it's from 6 months+ but with the cosytoes attached it lays flat and is fine). Off roading is key to this buggy and with the lockable swivel wheel at the front you won't find another buggy that pushes as easily through the woods or even up a small mountain and believe me we've tested it out on several occasions in places people never thought they'd see a buggy.

      The handlebar adjusts to 4 different positions so it was very easy for my partner and myself to share the pushing despite our height differences! This was a must for us as we'd previously had a buggy that the height didn't adjust on and you'd get back ache galore. The seat is removeable and easily washed along with the hood, bumper bar, foot pad and basket so there are no worries about pushing it through the mud or if your little one spills a snack (though we don't give our children food in the buggy I know some people do!).

      The seat itself reclines with the pull of a cord so you can have the seat at pretty much any position you like although I'd have liked it to be a little bit more upright for an older child although this isn't a major problem.

      It's also compatible with the piccola nurse car seat which attaches to the buggy with car seat adapters that seem to be common practice these days. We did manage to break our adapters though and had to purchase spares in the end but I'm sure that was my other half and his not so gentle approach! (I've reviewed the car seat too seperately)

      The steering on this buggy is amazing though and the adjustable suspension means you can push it along any surface and your baby will still have a comfortable ride. It's one handle too - important if you have more than one child as it means you still have a hand free for them too.

      The brake is a bar across the bottom of the buggy that is simply push down to stop, up to start and didn't fail once in 3 years. The basket isn't the biggest in the world but it fitted everything I needed it to comfortably without having to squash it all in.

      Folding the buggy should technically be 2 handed but with a little bit of practice you can manage it with one hand with the baby wriggling in the other which is always a plus side! A 2 handed fold isn't the most convenient when you have nowhere else to put the baby at the time. It is very easy to do unlike a lot of buggies I've owned which have levers here there and everywhere before it'll go down.

      So what are the draw backs? A buggy like this needs to have some weight behind it and at 8kg it isn't the lightest buggy in the world to cart in and out of a car or fold on a bus if you happen to get grumpy drivers like we do around here! It's also quite chunky compared to most modern day buggies so buses can be slightly difficult when you first use them but you soon become used to it and find it easily fits into wheelchair spaces. This won't be the buggy for you if you have a small car either as it pretty much took up our entire boot in our Focus so not ideal for holidays either unless you're lucky enough to have a roof box! Those are the only drawbacks we ever found though and we had this buggy for over 3 years with no problems bar the car seat adapters.

      ~~ My Verdict ~~

      I really am obsessed with buggies and finding one that has everything I need but I have to confess I loved this one and I still miss it (considering I have the new Jane Slalom Reverse that cost 3 times the price of this one it's saying a lot!) The buggy was a dream to push and steer, fitted my little girl in comfortably until she starting walking everywhere and folded up with ease. The brake would work at the push of a bar and the hood would keep the sun out of her eyes. The best part for me though was the ease of lying her down at any angle with the pull cord.

      The only real drawback as mentioned above is the size and weight of the buggy but I loved every bit of it and can only regret the inconvenience of it being in our poor car when it was written off!


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