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Koochi Roadrunner Pushchair

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Brand: Koochi / Pushchair

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    1 Review
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      08.08.2012 17:25
      Very helpful



      Fantastic push chair for the price paid!

      When my first pushchair broke my daughter was at the age where she liked walking just as much as being pushed in the buggy so I didn't need to splash out on something that would be used all of the time. At the time that the first pushchair broke, Argos had a pushchair on sale for only £30 so I snapped it up, this was the Koochi Road Runner Happy Girlz pushchair.

      --- Putting it up and taking it down ---

      The pushchair comes packaged in a few different parts, the main pushchair, two front wheels, the hood and a rain cover. It's pretty self-explanatory to put together, I did find the wheels took quite a lot of pressure to click into place but it wasn't any trouble.

      To put the pushchair into full position you simply have to take to clip off of the side of the pushchair and whilst holding the handles give the bottom a push and once it is fully in place push your foot on the bottom metal bar and it will click into place. It's then ready to use!

      Collapsing the pushchair was quite confusing for me at first but after doing it a few times I got the knack and it's easy as anything now. Well not the easiest I've come across, but it turns easier than at first. There is a little metal tab above the bottom bar that you have to push in then pull the metal bar up and it should start the collapsing motion to simply close the handles down over the wheels. Then just clip it together to keep it in place.

      --- Adjustments ---

      The pushchair is suitable from babies from 6 months old, this is because it doesn't lie flat so obviously not suitable for newborns. The system to recline the back of the seat is one I've not come across before, my old buggy had buttons on the sides to lower the back, this one has two fabric strips and a clasp to make the fabric pieces longer or shorter. The clasp feeds the fabric through but it's quite difficult to get both pieces of fabric through at the same time, for that reason I can't recline the back when my daughter is asleep as it jolts her back too much and would wake her up. Another disappointment with the reclining back is how far back it actually goes. Once fully reclined the seat is at a 45 degree angle (roughly!), this looks like nothing when my daughter is sitting in it, I guess it's better than a pushchair that doesn't recline, but I would have liked it to go back a little more.

      There is a five point harness that secures the child into place. This works by clipping the arm straps into holes on the end of the body straps and then clipping both of these into the middle clip that sits between the legs. Each one of these five straps can be adjusted so you can secure your child in place whatever the size.

      --- In use ---

      Now my daughter is a little older we don't use the pushchair as much as we used to so the umbrella fold is perfect for us. I have quite a small car (Seat Ibiza) and it can fit in the boot easily with a fortnights shopping as well so there isn't any need to worry about it taking up too much space in a small car. It is very lightweight so getting it in and out of the car isn't any kind of problem. The lightweight property of the pushchair means it is also super easy to push with a toddler and shopping on the handles without any trouble. It is easy to lift the front of the buggy to get up curbs and also easy to lift the push chair up numerous steps if someone is holding the front, even with my daughter in the chair!

      There is a shopping basket underneath the pushchair, well I say a shopping basket but it can't really fit anything substantial inside it. It's made from a black mesh and secured in place on the push chair with a pair of poppers. To get anything inside it you need to undo the poppers to get enough room to squeeze anything in, then do the poppers back up to make sure nothing falls out. I rarely use the shopping basket, I can just about fit in the rain cover if it has been folded up and squeezed so it's as thin as it will go.

      The rain cover is different to any other rain covers I've come across, it doesn't drape over the majority of the push chair. It simply pops on to the edge of the hood with poppers and sits over the top of the front of the pushchair and stays in place by doing up the poppers on the bottom too. This is nice as it isn't as big as most rain covers so it is easier to store. You don't have to worry about children in the seat getting wet as the hood is totally waterproof and it doesn't get in between the cover and the hood.

      Pushing the pushchair is comfortable as it has separate handles, I'm not a fan of push chairs with one long bar, I prefer the two individual handles. These are angled nicely so it's comfortable to push. The handles have a little bit of padding, it is secured nicely on the handles and hasn't moved or started to come away from the handles like it did on my old pushchair.

      The front wheels are swivel wheels so it is super easy to manoeuvre the pushchair in whatever way you like and makes turning a breeze. There is also an option to lock the front wheels by pushing down clips on each wheel to keep them in a straight line but I never have my wheels locked like this as turning corners is extremely difficult. There are two clips on the back of wheels which apply the brakes to each wheel. These breaks are extremely effective and keep the pushchair in one place without any problems.

      The main body and hood of the pushchair are easy to clean and a wet cloth seems to remove any marks with ease. The straps are a little more difficult to clean due to the weave of the fabric but a bit of elbow grease tends to remove any dirt. The wheels, as you would expect, are prone to collecting dirt from the floor but water usually washes it off.

      --- Overall ---

      At only £30 this pushchair was an absolute bargain. I think it is best suited to older toddlers as the recline isn't very suitable for children who nap in pushchairs a lot as it doesn't go very far back and is quite jolty when reclining. It is easy to push, turn corners, brake and is comfortable to use. Snap it up if you see it on sale!


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  • Product Details

    This lightweight fun folder has a multi recline feature so baby can chill back or ride at an alert angle. Add in 4 wheel suspension and baby can roll really relaxed. Front swivel wheels for tight spots. Folding lock for easy transit.

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