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Maclaren Ryder Baby Stroller

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    1 Review
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      16.02.2006 13:08
      Very helpful



      A stylish ride for your baby

      I'm so pleased, I suggested this stroller as a product to Dooyoo and it's been added, yey! I wanted to share my experience with you of the Maclaren Ryder stroller to aid some of your decisions over which stroller to choose for your little ones. This stroller is suitable for 3 months onwards.

      ~ FEATURES ~

      Front swivel wheels ~~ These are easy and simple to lock and unlock. Push the black pedal on the front of the wheels down to lock, and hook your foot under it and lift up to unlock.

      Legrest ~~ You can fold the legrest down easily by pushing in the legrest sliders. Reverse this process to put the legrest back up again.

      Reclinable seat ~~ This is another easy feature. There are hand grips either side of the stroller to the side of the seat, lift both up and push back to recline and seat.. To put the stroller back to a sitting up position, all you need to do is push the back of the seat from behind, so easily done! And both of these can be done with your baby in the seat too, very handy. There are 4 positions to recline the seat in.

      Rain apron ~~ The rain apron comes with the stroller. You attach it by hooking the 2 eyelets onto the clips on the hood, and at the bottom hook the eyelets to the fromt legs of the stroller. This again is a very easy thing to do, so if it starts to pour with rain while you're out, there's not faffing around for ages like you do with a rain cover for a travel system! (I should know, my travel system rain cover is so fiddly, and such a nightmare).

      Footmuff (available separately) ~~ We have the footmuff for this stroller too. It matches the design and looks extra trendy. It is really snug and warm with a furry (fake, obviously!) inside that is really comfortable and soft for baby. To attach this you need to unclip all the shoulder and waist straps, feed the straps through the holes in the footmuff and reattach all the straps. The front of the footmuff is removable, and you can do this by simply zipping or unzipping it. The footmuff comes in brown to match the stroller, however the fur inside comes in either cream or brown. We chose the cream and we've been using it for 6 months and it still looks as good as new.

      Shopping tray ~~ This is big enough to fit a few bits under, and the weight recommended is a maximum of 4.4lb (2kg). The only trouble is when the seat is in a layback position, you cannot get into the stopping tray very easily. But once the seat is sat up, you have easy access.

      Pocket ~~ There is a velcro fastenable pocket on the back of the hood for little bits and pieces. This has a maximum weight recommendation of 1.1lb (0.5kg). Handy for juice, suncreme, dummies and a little toy. Or your wallet and phone.

      Easy folding action ~~ You need to lift up the footplate on the back of the stroller with your foot, and push down the lock lever on the right of the buggy with your foot. Then push foward on the handles and the stroller will fold right up. There is a storage clip on the side which keeps the stroller folded. However, once the footmuff is on the buggy, I find it bulks it out a little, making it impossible to actually use the storage clip. This isn't a problem for me though, as it still folds well and fits into any boot in my opinion. There is also a carry handle (which I've never used, forgot it was there!)) once the stroller is all folded and cliped :o)

      Hood ~~ There is a fold out hood with a UV protected viewing window too. Very simple to use, simply push the hood forward and press down on the hinge either side to lock. To push back again, lift up on both hinges, and pull hood back. Couldn't be easier, and because of the locks either side the hood is crease free.

      ~ DESIGN ~

      This stroller is a 2005 model. It is available in 2 colours. Dark brown Chestnut & Carbon design, The colours look lovely together, and really cool. The frame of the stroller is silver, and the handles are black foam. These are really comfy to grip hold of, which is important as you don't want to get blisters! The brown hood has the word 'maclaren' written in white on either side, but it is only small so not overpowering. This is a lightweight stroller, weighing 6.7kg. The handle height is 104cm. It is 49cm Wide (when open) 106cm Length (when folded) and 27cm wide (when folded). The wheels are 6inch, with treaded tyres and front/rear suspension!

      ~ TO CLEAN ~

      It is easy to clean this stroller. The hood can just be sponged lightly with a damp cloth and detergent. But the seat cover and liner can be removed to be washed, which is fab. There are clear instructions in the booklet on how to remove and refit the seat cover and liner so if you get stuck, you can always refer to these.

      ~ HOW MUCH? ~

      I have seen prices for the Maclaren Ryder range from £97.99 up to £139.99, so if you were interested in buying this, it is best to shop around. I found the best deals were online at sites like Kiddicare.com.


      You can read more about this Maclaren and other Maclaren products on their website, giving them a call, or writing to them...


      Tel 01327 841320

      Maclaren Europe Limited
      Station Works
      Long Buckley
      NN6 7PF

      Thanks for reading.


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    • Product Details

      5-point harness. Removable/washable seat. Coordinating footmuff available. Single-hand fold. Hood and rain cover included. Lockable swivel wheels. Ergonomic handles. Carry handle.

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