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Maclaren Techno XLR

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The Mclaren Techno XLR is a compact, manoeuvrable buggy. It has multiple different positions and is easy to fold and store. However, it does show signs of wear after time.

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    19 Reviews
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      06.02.2014 14:01



      Good build quality and functional although the rain cover could be better

      I purchased this umbrella fold buggy as my son is very tall for his age and this buggy has a nice long back giving him lots of head room. Its quick and east to put up and fold down when wearing shoes but in flip-flops or delicate shoes it's a little harder as you have to bend down to pull up the leaver that you can usually use your foot for, making it a two handed job rather than one. I found that it great around town and it fits through the isles in shops nicely and turns easily in tight corners. The back rest folds down nicely if your child wants to sleep and the built in sun protection is great as the hood comes down really low with a nice clear uv protecting panel that your child can look through. The things that I don't like is that it's a little tricky to get in the boot of my golf as I have to put it in at an angle however I guess that as this accommodates larger children this is to be expected. The other thing that I don't like is the rain cover that is provided. The rain cover doesn't cover the fabric hood and so this gets wet in the rain meaning you have to leave the buggy somewhere after to dry out before folding it away. The rain cover is also a really tight fit around the legs of the child and really doesn't leave much room for their little legs which get quite squashed. And lastly if your child is in the reclined position you can't get to any items in the storage basket which is a little annoying as it doesn't have side access although it doesn't carry much anyway. All in all I like this umbrella fold buggy although if they sorted out the rain cover it would be great.


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      30.09.2013 12:11
      Very helpful



      Recommended if you are only planning to buy ONE buggy...

      A few months before the birth of my second child, we were lucky enough to win a Maclaren Techno XLR buggy in a prize draw at the baby show. We already had a Mamas and Papas Ultima waiting, which has been the first pram we bought, but I was very pleased to win the Maclaren - not least because I felt it would give me an alternative to the very large Ultima, especially on public transport.

      The Maclaren Techno XLR is one of the few umbrella-fold buggies that is suitable from birth. This is due to the reclining seat, which has four positions, one of which allows the baby to lie virtually flat - this is essential for newborns. It also came with a head-hugger which allows the babies head to be fully supported when they are tiny, but can be easily removed once they are old enough not to need it. The straps are adjustable by threading them through the different positions on the back liner and are thick and padded for added comfort.

      The buggy itself is very traditional looking. The frame of the buggy is silver with adjustable handles. The fabric elements are available in a range of colours - ours is the black / champagne colour scheme, chosen as we wanted a gender-neutral buggy at that point. Current colour combinations in the range include black / citrus green, white / pine green and navy / pink. It has lockable front wheels (although I always left mine in swivel mode) and foot-operated brakes to the back. There is a net shopping basket under the buggy, large enough for one decent sized bag of food shopping or a large changing bag. It also has a big hood, which can actually be expanded to provide ever greater coverage (good for naps in the sunshine and quick dashes home when you can't be bothered to mess around with the raincover) and a plastic raincover which provides decent coverage.

      The buggy is suitable for babies from birth up to 15kg (about the weight of an 'average' three year old). It weighs 6.8kg (again, relatively average for a buggy) and folds easily by flicking a couple of levers once you have mastered the technique. When folded, it will fit comfortably into a normal car boot - we have a VW Passat and there were no issues with getting it in there. If you have a car with a very small boot, it might be worth checking the dimensions before purchasing - the folded dimensions of the buggy are 107 x 29 x 28cm.

      ===Our Experiences===
      Initially, I loved this buggy. We had the soft cot carrycot attachment which I could fit on to the reclined buggy seat (I have reviewed this previously) and I found it much smaller, lighter and more convenient when out and about on public transport than my large M&P Ultima. Once we had moved on from the carrycot, I liked the versatility of the buggy in that my daughter could sit up and look at the world around her - important as she was a very nosy baby - and that I still had the option of fully reclining the buggy when she fell asleep. It felt smooth to push, the handles were at a good height to make it feel comfortable and I could easily lift both buggy and baby to carry it up stairs if required. So, overall, a very good pram for young babies! It was also great for taking away with us - we took it on the Eurostar to Disneyland Paris, on planes to Australia and Menorca and in the car to UK holiday homes. The relatively compact nature of the buggy meant that it was ideal for travelling - it would have been virtually impossible to take the M&P Ultima on any of these trips and, indeed, first time round we ended up buying a Silver Cross Pop when my son was 7 months old purely because we couldn't fit the Ultima and the luggage in the car boot.

      However, as time moved on, I started to feel slightly less in love with my buggy. Perhaps there was an element of boredom there as it lost its shiny clean look and I started to see other buggies which looked so much nicer. The main issue though was that it suddenly became much more of an effort to push. Part of that was obviously down to my ever-growing daughter, but I think a lot of it was down to wear and tear as well. It didn't seem as strong as I wanted it to be - ok, so I was loading it up with shopping in the basket and hanging bags off the handles on occasion, but this made the steering feel very sluggish at times. After about 2.5 years of regular use, the brakes fell off as we got off the bus - meaning that I couldn't take the buggy on the bus anymore as I couldn't lock the brakes - we did get the brakes fixed by a specialist Maclaren repair company but this was expensive and they have since broken again. It also had a real tendency to tip when the shopping was on the handles - once with my daughter inside it (again, on a bus), she was unhurt but it was a scary moment. The other issue that I found was that as my daughter got bigger, the straps became uncomfortable for her and hard to fasten for me. We tried to loosen the straps but even at two she seemed too big for them - for a buggy that is designed to take children up to 15kg, I think this is a definite negative point.

      A brand new Maclaren Techno XLR is around £300.00. If this is the only pram that you buy, then I think it is worth the money - it is much cheaper than the 'big' travel systems such as the Bugaboo, and you can buy the soft cot as well should you feel the need to add a carrycot. I don't think it is worth the money as a second buggy though.

      ===Final Thoughts===
      I am giving the Maclaren Techno XLR four stars because I do believe it is a good pram - the issues that I have had are probably due to natural wear and tear, having a very active toddler who bounced a lot in her seat and the sheer amount of use that we got out of it. It was very useful to have an alternative to a big travel system when my daughter was tiny - although I did prefer the Ultima if we were just walking to the shops and back (nicer to push and a bigger shopping basket!) - and the four reclining positions made it very practical. The raincover was much easier to fit than on a lot of buggies, and the big hood meant that it was relatively easy to keep her cool on sunny days. Until she was around two, my little girl always seemed happy and comfortable in the buggy - unless of course it was one of the toddler tantrum days - the issues we had were all after that point. So, in summary - this is a very good buggy for young children but not quite so good once they get a bit older.


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      15.09.2013 14:05
      Very helpful



      Would use again but would be better if they could redesign the release catch for laying position

      I bought this buggy when my daughter was smaller, I took the time to research and review several different buggies and this one seemed to tick a lot of boxes for me personally. For a start, I wanted a pushchair with a higher handle height, I an 6ft 1ins and didn't want to be bent over pushing my daughter around. The handles are height adjustable which was perfect for me so I could raise for me and lower if my auntie was to use it as she is considerably shorter than me. It was stylish in the brown with pink trim and fairly easy to fold and release but there was a couple of things I wasn't too happy with. I think the basket wasn't very easily accessable for shopping. Also the catch you use to lay the buggy back and raise up to sitting again is situated behind the childs head, and the fabric could get 'dragged' down exposing the hard plastic right where her head lays. I went out n bought a thin baby pillow for placing over this bracket to protect her head in the end. it seems like a design fault as I'd had other people mention it too. That said, I am currently 6 months pregnant with my second and have kept this buggy incase I have another little girl as it was so easy to push and of good height for me. Sadly not many buggy manufacturers cater for taller parents which restricts choices.


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      10.09.2013 16:25
      Very helpful



      A true birth to walking option

      I have now used the Maclaren Techno XLR almost daily for nearly a year so
      will try to give an in depth review on all aspects of using this pushchair.

      Why I bought this pushchair

      I decided to buy this pushchair whilst pregnant after researching the
      baffling array of options available. I walk a lot, use public transport and
      a car and enjoy country walks. I realised that I was not going to get a
      pushchair that met all these requirements and have since bought a second
      hand three wheeler for country walks, but use the Maclaren for everything

      The Maclaren Techno XLR is described as a travel system which is stretching
      it a bit; it is a top of the range stroller that you can attach a carrycot
      to. (You can read my separate review for the carrycot). I was told by
      Mothercare that the Recaro car seat could also attach to the pushchair, but
      when I had ordered them both it turned out that Maclaren had redesigned the
      pushchair so that the car seat no longer attaches to it. This seems a bizarre
      move, to reduce the features on their product? Anyway I returned the car
      seat and kept the pushchair.

      Everyone who buys a large travel system that seems so good when the baby is
      tiny seems to end up buying a lighter weight stroller sooner or later. After all,
      you rarely see a toddler being pushed around in a large travel system type
      pushchair. After visiting Mothercare and looking at the options I decided
      that going straight for a top of the range stroller would be the way to go
      rather than a larger pushchair that I may not have got much use out of once
      the size and weight became inconvenient. So far I have been very pleased
      with the decision.


      The Maclaren Techno XLR cost me £185 as I bought it when Mothercare were
      doing one of their regular 15% off when you spend over £100 deals, which I
      thought made it a very reasonable price. I looked into getting one second
      hand but decent condition ones were not selling for much less than I paid
      for this one new.

      Review of each aspect of the pushchair

      The two handles are plastic with a hard rubber grip. Even though they are
      not soft I find them comfortable to hold as they are set at an ergonomically
      comfortable angle. Due to there being two handles rather than a bar you
      can't really push the pushchair with just one hand. There are two height
      settings and at 5'6" I find the lower one a good height.

      The seat is wide, well padded and comfortable. It would comfortably fit a
      child until they were old enough to no longer need a pushchair. The
      pushchair comes with a removable seat liner in a contrasting colour which
      adds padding, and also makes it easier to clean as it can be machine washed
      in a wool cycle. It dries quickly once the seat liner is removed and hung up
      to dry as I found when I left it out in the rain! You do have to take the
      waist strap apart to remove the seat liner which is a little tricky. I use a
      teaspoon to prise it open!

      There are five options for lying the seat back, using a plastic handle you
      squeeze together at the back of the seat. The most upright is at a good
      angle, unlike some pushchairs where the child is still leaning back quite a
      way. The seat lies flat so is suitable from birth if you don't want to buy
      the carrycot. It comes with a padded headhugger that is held in place by
      threading the straps through to protect the baby's head if you use the seat
      straight from birth. You can also fix the leg part of the seat flat, for
      younger babies, or folded down for older children once their legs reach past
      the end of the seat.

      The straps are heavy duty and very secure. They are undone by pressing the
      front and back of the button at the same time which baffles some people the
      first time they try it but you soon get used to it. This makes it difficult
      for the child to undo their straps themselves. There are three height
      settings so you can make sure the straps really fit securely. My baby went
      straight into the second height fitting as I used the carrycot for the first
      four months or so. There are strap covers to stop them digging into the
      child's neck, which are easily removed by undoing the velcro.

      Adjusting the straps is quite difficult and frustrating and not to be
      advised whilst the child is in the pushchair as they will get fed up! They
      have to be threaded in and out of the plastic clips several times, but this
      does have the effect of making them very secure once they are in position as
      they are not going to slip to a bigger size.

      The hood folds forward to provide good coverage and can be unzipped and folded forward further which ensures that my baby's head is always in the shade no matter where the sun is, so I don't need a parasol. It also provides good protection from drizzle so I don't have to put the raincover on unless the rain is heavy or we are out for a long time. There is a clear visor that folds down from the hood which provides extra protection. My baby likes to pull on it and kick it but it has not split yet. It is a bit annoying that you can't really fold it up out of the way, as it keeps falling down.

      The hood can be removed completely if you want to, although I have never wanted to do this.

      The pushchair comes with a boot, a padded cover that can be removed easily with the two poppers on each side. This is useful when it is likely to rain as it is waterproof and also keeps the wind and cold out in colder weather.

      The four wheels are a thick hard rubber, which does wear down with use, but as the rubber is so thick it will be a long time before it affects the use. I do a lot of walking, including on roads resurfaced by spraying with loose stones so it has had a good test! There is suspension on all four wheels which makes it easier to push and provides a smoother ride. I have found that, although it isn't an off road pushchair it can cope with grass, as long as it is not too long or bumpy, and flattish earth paths through the woods. So if you won't be doing any extreme off road walking it might prove a good option. The wheels can be locked to make it easier to push on rough ground. Unlocked the wheels make the pushchair easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces.

      One of the main drawbacks of this pushchair is the storage. You can't fit much into the underneath storage basket. If the seat is lying flat you can fit even less in and you can't access it so you can't put anything in it you are likely to need whilst your child is asleep! You can't hang anything much from the handles either as it rests on the velcro tab holding the hood on, rather that solid plastic. There is a small velcro fastened pocket at the back, useful for small items, although if you put anything too heavy in it, the hood is pulled back which might reduce protection from the sun.

      Another problem I have had with the pushchair is the folding mechanism. It seems a poor design and quite flimsy. You have to push up the bar in between the wheels with your foot, and push down a bar at the side which holds the back frame firm. According to the instructions you should then be able to fold the pushchair by pushing forward on the handles. However my husband managed to break the bar at the back which prevents the pushchair from folding accidentally, as it sprag back into place when he was folding it. Maclaren do have a lifetime guarantee which you can sign up for on their website so when I get around to it I will take it back to Mothercare and hopefully they will fix it for free.

      The brakes are operated by pushing a bar down over each wheel, which sometimes seems to operate brakes for both back wheels and sometimes not so you need to check both if you want to be extra safe. Sometimes the brakes take a few pushes before they engage properly. The brakes are taken off by pushing the bar up with your toe, so be careful if you have open toed sandles!

      Everyday Use
      I have used this pushchair in a variety of situations and have found it copes well in all of them. The only thing you can't do is go extreme off roading. It is pleasant to push whilst walking and comfortable to push and sit in for a long time. Using the bus is fine as it is narrow enough to get on and manoeuvre inside the bus. Travelling by car if fine, although with very small car boots I have found that although you can fit it in, it is a little tricky and takes up most of the space. With a larger boot you will have no problems. I can lift it whilst folded, but wouldn't want to carry it far and certainly couldn't carry it and my baby at the same time so if you want a very lightweight manoeuvrable pushchair it may not be for you. But then it is so much more solid and comfortable than a lightweight stroller so you have to expect it to be a bit heavier.

      I am still very please with my decision to buy the Maclaren Techno XLR to use from birth and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a long lasting pushchair they can use from birth and keep using until their child no longer needs a pushchair.


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        29.03.2012 12:54
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Good cost conscious buy that grows with baby

        Buying a buggy is one of the most expensive purchases you will make when you have a baby. As a result we spent a long tine researching and trying out different prams before deciding on the Mclaren xlr. Although we saw several prams we liked we were advised that once the baby is 6 months old you are likely to want to have a buggy so buying a pram then a buggy seemed an expensive option. Looking around we certainly saw a lot of older babies and toddlers in Mclarens. If I was given a chicken every time I spotted a McLaren buggy I wouldnt ever have to buy another egg. The drawback for me was that as a nervous first time mum I wanted the baby to be rear facing so I could see him. With the Mclaren xlr this was easily accomplished by buying the carrycot separately. This will cost around £60.

        The XLR weighs 7.5kg which is lighter than several others we looked at but what does this mean in real terms? Well prior to pregnancy I was a seven and a half stone weakling but I have coped well putting the buggy into and out of the car boot. I can unfold it with one hand but haven't mastered folding it one handed yet. The carrying handle on the side does make life easier. Whilst visiting friends I even coped with three flights of stairs.

        It fits well into the car boot leaving room for my case when travelling. I have found it easy to steer and manoeuvre although it was a bit of a mistake to try to take it out in snow! It is very stable although when I have put several shopping bags over the handles it is less so.

        When your child is very young and you are using the buggy in the flat position it isn't really practical to use the storage area under the seat. Now that I can have the seat in an upright position I can put some shopping in the bag under the seat. Just remember you have shopping there before trying to collapse the buggy!

        My little one outgrew his carrycot at the 4 month mark so I decided to try him front facing in the buggy. To his mother's disappointment he didn't miss me at all and enjoyed looking around. Although he is quite tall I still haven't had to use the foot muff that cones with the buggy but it does appear well made ad easy to fit.

        The Mclaren XLR is also a travel system when you use the Recarro Young Profi Plus car seat. This easily clips onto adaptors which slide onto the front of the buggy. Again I have found these easy to put on and take off although I would do a couple of practice tries first. The travel system was useful for e when I flew with my baby as my parents didn't have a car seat so clipping onto the buggy made it simple to transport. Carrying a car seat with a baby in it is heavy work!

        The seat on the XLR can be adjusted with just one hand using the hand release on the back of the seat. It can be moved to 4 different positions to suit your baby. When very young is can be used in the flat position.
        The baby is strapped into the seat using a 5 point harness which feels very secure. This has been important for me when I have travelled by tube and had to carry the buggy up and down stairs. A good design feature is that you have to press above and below the button release to release the straps. This I assume is to prevent a toddler from freeing themselves.

        During the recent spell of good weather I am glad for the extendable hood which has provided good sun protection for my baby and has a see through panel so you can still check on the baby. The panel provides UV protection.
        Another good design feature especially if like us you have a foot difference in height between parents are the adjustable handles. No excuse for daddy not to take the baby out!

        The buggy is good and getting up and down pavements and has coped well on walks in the park over uneven and muddy surfaces. It isn't bad over grass in the park although I am glad my husband did the pushing when we went out in the snow. For snow I would stick to a baby carrier!

        Weight is 7.5kg
        Dimensions 110 x 30 x 30.5
        Cost around £260 to £290
        Available in variety of colours although mine is black and champagne.

        I have flown with the buggy and it has stood up well to being thrown around. Again I was happy it wasn't too heavy so I could lift it on and off the x-ray machine. It was not too difficult to push over cobble stones and baby managed to sleep so happy mummy.

        Overall a good cost conscious buy that is well designed and that will grow with your baby.


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          28.11.2011 20:14
          Very helpful



          a good pram but expensive for what it is

          Ever since seeing a Macalren XLR while out shopping I vowed to research the pram even though I wasnt pregant at the time! (I'm a self confessed pram-a-holic!) I thought that if I ever had another baby then this would be the pram to get and it doesnt hurt to do a little research.

          When I eventually got pregnant I looked at every picture and colour you could get of this pram and read all the reviews (which were 90% positive) and kept coming back to the conclusion that this was the pram we would be getting. I ordered from boots in the sale and we got the purple and grey one (majesty) as it was the cheapest (£210 as opposed to £250). When it arrived I was sooooo excited and couldnt wait to get it out the box to look at and play with!

          If I remember rightly there was no parts that needed to be put together like some other prams, it was literally unfold and go. The only thing you needed to put on was the headhugger and chest pads and adjust the straps accordingly. The liner is reversable but I did think the purple side was going to be a lot softer than it really was. That liner was part of the reason why I chose it! The straps are a bit fiddly to poke through the holes in the liner and a lot more difficult to get the straps that go down over the shoulders to attatch to the clip bit on the straps that go round the waist. Apart from that it was palin sailing. It unfolds/folds just like any other macalren umbrella pram too.

          The hood was another deal sealer with me and it didnt disappoint. The whole pram is bigger and wider than the other maclaren strollers so it goes without saything that the hood will be bigger too. Its is also square shaped rather than rounded. There is a viewing window on the top so parents can see the child but its not that easy to see through the material. I never use the windows on prams anyway as its just as easy to stick your head round the side to check on them. The window is made of a UV repellant material so while it seems a stupid idea to have a window on the top of the hood to let the sun come streaming onto the childs head it does stop a lot of UV light penetrating. On the front of the hood there is another little part which kind of flips down. Its a sun visor which can be flipped up inside the hood when not in use or flipped down to help with the glare. Its made of the same material as the viewing window.
          The hood has yet another bonus which is a zip that runs round the top edge and when undone it allows the hood to extend down another 4-5 inches, thus shielding the child from the elements more. There is a pocket in the back of the hood but when the hood is fully extended and you put something in the pocket it seems to hang on the childs head inside.

          The wheels are my biggest gripe. They seem so wobbly and flimsy. I deliberately go slower when the terrain is anything but pavement as I feel it might damage the wheels in some way or they might fall off!! Maybe its just my pram that has a fault with it but they genuinely wobble about like nobody's business. Perfect for pavements but rubbish for anything else. They are lockable or swivel on the front but even on swivel it sometimes feels like they are locked as the steering is so hard.

          The handles are adjustable but even at their shortest height I find its a tad too high and gets a little uncomfotable on long trips. (im 5'5) so this pram would be great for taller people in the city. The basket is basically unaccessable while the pram is laying flat but when its upright you can get a few odds and ends in it but its nothing to write home about. You can get adaptors to go with this pram which allow you to use it as a travel system with a recaro young sport car seat. I never bothered with this as the pram basically lies completely flat on its lowest setting and I didnt use an infant car seat either as he went straight into a combination seat.

          Another point worth mentioning is that it is big! it does no fit into a lot of boots. It only just fits lying sideways in my renault megane scenic. I tend to lay it diagonally in my boot as it fits much better. Its not incredibly lightweight either but hell of a lot lighter than the big travel systems out there

          Would I buy this pram again? Possibly but I think there are strong contenders out there now which may sway my opinion.


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          19.06.2011 01:17
          Very helpful



          The best & most used single item I have bought since becoming a Mum

          As a (vaguely) on-line savvy Mummy to be, I searched literally EVERYWHERE known to man to buy the perfect pushchair when I was pregnant with my first child and after many hours and much mickey taking from my husband, I settled on the Maclaren Techno XLR from Maclaren - and I have been happy with my decision ever since!

          We purchased this pushchair in 2008, when it first came out, along with the matching Recaro Young Profi Plus car seat and Isofix base. I used it almost every day with my first daughter until she was 2.5 years old and her younger sibling came along and I am continuing to use it with my youngest daughter now.

          Yes, it is an expensive stroller, but as it is able to be used from birth you don't need to buy a big bulky travel system and then decide to buy a stroller when your baby is 6 months old and can sit up. I have MANY friends who have bought 2 or 3 prams/pushchairs for only 1 child and I have only ever had the Techno XLR and it's still like new 3 years down the line. The seat is larger than most which means it will easily accommodate an average size 4 year old - my eldest is an above average sized 3 year old and still has plenty of room to spare).

          Everything about it shouts quality and durability. The castors are bigger than most typical strollers and don't skip about on every bit of gravel. The footmuff is thick, well padded and large enough to cover the legs of a 3 year old easily. The raincover is durable, thick plastic and takes seconds to put on and off in the rain. The straps have padded covers and there is a reversible padded seat cover aswell. The hood has a useful viewing window and can also be unzipped to bring it further over the baby/child's face to offer even more protection from the sun/weather. There are 4 different recline positions for the seat back and a reasonably spacious shopping basket underneath aswell.

          There has since been a soft carrycot brought out for the Techno XLR, but to be honest I wouldn't bother. Having had my daughters in the summer and winter, I was more than happy to take either of them out in the pushchair without feeling the need to purchase a carrycot to use with it.

          I have never had a single problem with the Techno XLR and it still functions as well as the day I took it out of the box. It is by far the best and most used single item I have bought since becoming a mother and would thoroughly recommend this to any new or existing parent.


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            26.09.2010 08:31



            a lovely stroller that will last years

            I purchased this stroller for my son in the green version. It came with various accesories including a footmuff, head cushion, strap cushions, rain cover, hinge pads and a strap to carry it with.

            It really is a beautiful pram and one of the best qaulity- i have had it eight months now and it still works and looks like new.

            Features- a built in mini rain shield, zip down hood that pulls over baby to keep them out of the sun, extendable handles, brilliant suspension and most of all so easy to push and control. I can turn the pram in a full circle with one handle and minimal effort, it just glides!

            There are a few negatives to this pram however. Firstly the product specification claims it can be folded with one hand, i struggle to do it with two hands! The leaver you press with your foot does nothing- so you end up pulling up all the bars manually with your hands! Secondly, the restraint straps connector is quite stiff- however after a while it does get easier. Lastly, the wheels do need oiling now and again or they squeek!

            Overall i'm very happy with my purchase, at £245 it was a bit pricey but you do get a lifetime gaurantee with it so its well worth the money.


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            31.08.2010 21:23
            Very helpful



            an excellent pram!

            I bought this buggy when my daughter was 8 months old as I felt it was the right time to upgrade from our large travel system. I always liked the look of maclaren prams as they are so sleek and stylish and offer a variety of different colours and designs.

            The pram I bought was pink and brown but they can be bought in a variety of different colours. It's very attractive looking and it is easy to push and control. The seat cover is reversible so you can choose to have it either pink or brown. I really liked this feature as it looked like a different pram every time I changed it; the only downside I found with this is that it is difficult and time consuming to turn it over.

            The chair reclines into four different positions, and lies completely flat, this was very handy for when my daughter fell to sleep while we were out. Having the pram in other positions allow use for things such as napping, drinking etc.

            The pram comes complete with foot muff, rain cover and head hugger. I didn't find the head hugger much use as my daughter was already 8months old when we bought the pram. But I do think it would be of great use for a new born. The pram is suitable from newborn to a maximum of 15 kg. The foot muff is great to use in the winter and the inside is a fluffy material for extra warmness. The rain cover is easy to attach and has small breathing holes so it doesn't steam up. It folds away and is very compact so it can easily fit in the under basket storage without taking up too much room. It is always handy to keep it with you because you never know when it's going to rain.

            The pram is equipped with a tilting zipped hood with a sun visor and 99% UV protective viewing window. This is handy to use to keep the sun out of your baby's eyes and protect them from harmful UV rays. I would highly recommend that other sun protection should be used as well as his does not fully protect a child and is only an extra safety measure to be used alongside other products.

            This buggy can also be used with the Maclaren Young Profi Plus to form a travel system. This does not come with the buggy and has to be bought separately. I did not purchase this so I don't know if it is good or not.

            The pram folds down into a compact size, so it is easy to store or fit in the boot of a car without taking up too much room, it also had a handle on the side to make for easy carrying once it has been folded down. It has a clip on the side so once it is folded it does not fly open when trying to move it. This is also easy to undo.

            The straps on the pram are adjustable to allow for different heights and sizes. The lock has buttons that need pressing on either side to make it more difficult for a child to undo. I found it hard to undo for a while but that gave me confidence that my daughter would not be able to open it once she got older.

            The only problem I found with this pram is that the seat seemed to be too small; my daughter was always slouched when she was smaller. We didn't have this problem with other prams we used. However now she has gotten bigger she seems to look a little more comfortable in it. I really don't know why it was like that, it seems strange saying it seemed smaller when she was small. I also found that the brakes became stiff quite quickly; they don't work as well now as they did when I bought it, but they do still do the job.

            We have had this pram for 2 years now and it is still in good condition, the whole seat is removable to put in the wash, the only thing that can't be removed is the hood, but I found it easy enough to give it a quick clean with a sponge and soapy water.

            I am very happy that I bought this pram; it has lasted a long time and has been on many adventures with us. It has proved to be very reliable and it is always handy to have around. It comes on holiday with us and to the beach, it is great on uneven and off road surfaces.

            I would definitely recommend this pram to anybody looking for an everyday stroller; it does the job in every way and looks great.

            This is a pricey pram at around £250 at mothercare, but it is very durable and with the right care will last a long time.

            Technical information:

            *Folded: 105 x 38.5 x 48.5cm

            *Unfolded: 11 x 79 x 53cm

            *Handle height: 104-111cm

            *Product weight: 7.5kg


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            07.07.2010 21:13
            Very helpful



            Look good, feels great and the babys love it.

            First things first the Spec for the Buggy, I know its rather dull but important if you want to know what you are actually getting!Manufacturer's Specs
            Basic Weight 7.5kg/ 16.5lb
            Carrying Capacity29.5kg/ 65lb
            Appropriate From Birth Recline Four positions
            Wheel Size16.5cm/ 6.5in
            HoodUV protective viewing window, sun visor and extra panel for added sun protectionHood
            Square with storage pocketsHoodReflective accents for safety at nightRelease Date
            First seen5 January 2008

            Cost currently ranges from 210-250 pounds. (As of July 2010)


            We decided that once our little baby girl was ready to sit up when being pushed around we would get a pushchair that was of a very good quality and looked good! (almost as important for my wife I must say) so we plunged for the XLR Maclaren Brown and Pink colours.

            We bought the product at Mothercare as we had a 10% voucher for purchases over £50 so we took the plunge. It was listed at £235 and payed after discounts around £200. Lets be honest this is a high price for a baby pushchair! If it was not for the fact we heard that Maclarens last ages we would have not bought it. As we browsed the other puschairs for me it was the one that certainly looked the best.

            Look & feel

            Me personally I love the chocholate and pink colour of the pushchair, it fits perfect for any little baby girl. The foot cover it really thick and keeps the baby warm, it is also in a chocholate colour. The frame is in a dark silver colour and the tyres the same colour. Pushing it feels really comfortable and effortless, I have used other pushchairs and it is by far the lightest to push and most flexible in terms of turning and lifting up curbs.

            The buggy folds pretty easy. There is a clip it tags on to automatically and holds it position. To start the folding process you have to lift up a horizontal bar going across the buggy at the back, this can be done with you foot or hand and requires very little pressure to do so.

            The sitting position for the child/baby is great. The back has 4 different positions, from sitting upright to the complete relaxing right down so the baby is virtually laying down. I tend to use the 2nd position where the baby is laying back but can still watch to world pass them by as they are pushed. All the different positions I have tested and my little baby has fallen asleep in them all!

            The clip can be a little tricky to keep them in but once you get the gist of it you wont have any problems. There are two chocholate covers that go over the baby straps making it comfortable for them.

            The seat cover is a very soft pink material that is very hand to slip up and down on. Once the baby is in a posotion unless they wriggle about to get out they will not be slipping about.

            The foot cover is one of the thickest most luxurious I have ever seen, spoilt kids! It simply clips on both sides and zips up to keep the baby warm and snug. It can be folded up to cover most of the baby body if needed.

            The hood cover is UV protected and has two different settings, one goes right down infront of the baby, the baby can still see out as the lower section is clear plastic but the top is chocholate colour. The first setting is a basic cover the baby and not right down over them. This is fine for blocking sun or low amount of rain/drizzle. You can keep a watch of your baby if the hood is up via a small plastic covered hole on the top.

            There is a storage hole in the hood at the back and a good sized storage place under the pushchair. Enough for about a basket of shopping, not much more.

            The handles to push the chair on has two different settings so you can have them higher up to you.

            The breaks are very easy to use, a simple tap with the foot is suffice to bring the pushchair to a halt, even on the most steep hills I have walked around.


            I think with this system you are paying for what you get. A very good quality pushchair that not only looks good, has many excellent features but will last a long time. We have used ours for a good 5 months now and there is no visable damage to it, the wheels are virtually spotless and the colours are still bright and clean. We hope to use if again once number two comes along.

            Maclaren News scare

            There was a number of months ago a huge story across the media regarding accidents with babys when folding the pushchair. I must say we have never had this problem but took the safe option of odering two covers for the hinges free from their website the week of purchase just in case! these were very easy to install and cover the problem area that was highlighted.


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              26.11.2009 11:07
              Very helpful



              Good buggy for the money with minor drawbacks

              I got the Maclaren Techno XLR when I was expecting my first baby as a buggy that would last her through from birth to well over 2-3 years of age meaning that I wouldn't need to buy another buggy halfway through. I didn't want to have a separate carry cot either as one of the key things for me is that I needed a light buggy as I need to get up 5 steps to my front door.

              One of the best points about this buggy is that the liner comes out and is easy to wash - great for those explosive poo events. The raincover folds up easily and fits neatly into 1 of the pockets on the back.

              It folds and opens really easily and folds down small so that it is easy to store / get in or out of the car etc. However you need to make sure that you fold it open correctly and lock it into place or else when the buggy is in full recline the back of the buggy will cause a slant on the base and baby will lie at a slant - not good for their backs.

              Another drawback of this buggy is that when the buggy is in full recline position it is virtually impossible to access the basket underneath meaning you have to access this from the sides which have very small openings. The XLR is light which is great but can also mean the buggy is easy to tip if there is too much weight on the handles (when you can't access the basket and load the shopping on the handles instead), so much so that I bought buggy weights to balance it out.

              Saying all that though, I am happy with the buggy, pleased that it doesn't cost the earth and won't need changing for a while.


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              22.10.2009 15:49
              Very helpful



              a bit expensive but i think if you hunt around you can find a good price

              I bought my maclaren XLR in pink/brown when I decided that I needed a stroller for my 18month old daughter as I previously had a double and now my 3 year old was walking everywhere.
              I knew that Maclaren is a very well known brand and that they have very good reviews so I started looking at them first. It wasent very long before I fell in love with the pink and chocolate XLR it looked amazing and there are many good things about it.
              There are various postition from flat to upright for the main seat. It comes with a reversable liner and also a footmuff. The handles are adjustable. There are handy pockets on the back for storage of keys, purse, phone, I carry all sorts in mine sometimes I dont even need to take a bag! It comes with a head hugger too and harness supports but I didnt need that bit.
              I bought mine seccond hand as at the time they were 279! eekkk.
              The main seat is very wide I think this id good as my daughter is abit of a haulder and after her dummy,snuggles a teddy and juice cup she just about fits in too!
              I like the fact that the hood has a waterproof fold down flap and also that the hood has an extra zip where it can extend bigger - handy to block the sun especially when they are having a nap and seat is reclined it still sheilds her from sun.
              The raincover is very easy to pop on. Another thing I love is that it folds up so easy and there is catch that holds it together to stop it unfolding if you are carrying it etc. I also have a carry bag for mine. The fabric is very easy to wipe clean and the liner even goes in the washer!
              I think the buggy is very well thought out, and the only down side is that my poppers on the footmuff broke very easily and it is hard to find a footmuff to buy seperatly.


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              14.10.2009 15:23
              Very helpful



              The only pushchair you'll need - wish the carry cot had been around when my little one was born

              I bought this pushchair as an alternative to my quinny buzz Christmas last year. At the time I was finding the quinny very heavy and had trouble fitting it into the boot of my car (needed to remove the seat and wheels each time - very annoying). When out and about it's obvious that Maclaren pushchairs are very popular, and I assumed that this was for a good reason! I decided on the XLR simply because it was top of the range and I loved how it looked. We ordered the XLR in blue and when it arrived I absolutely loved it. I did buy my mum the silver cross pop for when she looks after my little boy and I thought this pushchair would be similar. However the XLR is much much bigger and heavier, although this isn't a problem. There is plenty of growing room in the seat which means the pushchair will probably last until my little one is around 3 years old. The recline is great as it goes back completely flat, making this suitable for new borns. I have since seen that there is a carry cot for this pushchair which would have been excellent when my son was a baby. The sun canopy has a clever zip, which when undone, makes the canopy drop down even further, this is great for creating a dark environment when trying to get my little one to sleep. The canopy also has a plastic tinted sun visor, another useful extra. There are two handy pockets on the back of the pushchair which I reguarly use for storing my keys, mobile etc when nipping in and out of the shops. The shopping basket is OK, but is only really accessible when the seat is in the upright position, you've got no chance of getting in there when it's reclined. The handles on the pushchair can be adjusted according to your height and are comfortable to hold. The best bit is that when this pushchair is collapsed it actually fits in my car without having to remove or adjust anything. The only thing that isn't too great is the foot muff which I found sat quite low down over my little one, and only seemed to just cover his legs. I would definitely recommend this pushchair and hope to have several more years out of it.


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              08.09.2009 17:39
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Love it!

              I bought the Maclaren XLR when my daughter reached 18 months as she was too big for her pram and I wasnt keen on the smaller umbrella buggys.

              What first attracted me to the buggy was the colour and design I thought it look very stylish and alot nicer than the brighter pinks and flowery ones that are on the market. I was also attracted to the SPF 50 protection that the hood provides as I was going abroad shortly after buying it so was a big plus point.

              This buggy has lasted well and is still in use occassionally now (my daughter is 3 years 3 months so does more walking now)

              I liked the way it lays flat and has the adjustable foot rest so, is really cosy for them to sleep in. The foot muff and lovely lining really make it that much warmer in the winter.

              The buggy folds down really easily with the push of a lever and clips together and has a handle to carry it along. It is still quite bulky in comparision to an umbrella buggy but it is a much wider and taller buggy so is to be expected.

              The handles on the buggy adjust up and down but do not turn in or out which I have never found to be a problem.

              The buggy comes with a raincover which unfortunately does not cover the hood of the buggy so this ends up soaked but does dry out quickly.

              Its easy to clean and I have taken all the bits and put them in the wash on a hand wash 30 cycle dont know if this is actually allowed but has never harmed mine. The hood however does not detach so I clean mine with a brush and a bit of detergent.

              its alot wider and taller than your average buggy so ideal for bigger children or taller parents my 3 year old still has plenty of room and I have been known to sit in it after a long walk to the park or beach!

              My mother in law thinks its a bit on the heavy side which it probably is in comparision to a little umbrella buggy but I much prefer pushing it too the little ones as I dont have to hunch over and hurt my back .

              I would strongly recommend this pushchair!!

              I have also reviewed this product on Ciao


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                09.06.2009 00:26
                Very helpful



                Great buggy has many uses

                I loved this buggy since the minute I saw it... A few days later I bought it from mothercare for £175!

                Its a luxurious ride for your children from birth - till 4 years.

                The buggy comes with many features. It has reversable brown/pink padded cusion liner, shoulder straps, head hugger, cosey toes, extendable leg rest, extendable handles, raincover, wind/rain/sun proof visor,4 position reclining seat, big shopping basket, compartment section on the back & it carseat adaptable!

                You are definatly getting your moneys worth here with all the great things you can do. I bought this when my daughter was about 6 months old as i needed something practical that will hold my shopping etc as I dont drive. And also something that will last untill she doesnt need a buggy anymore.

                The Comfort factor is fab! Its got a nice padded seat liner which is really easy to pop off and throw in the wash. It has extendable foot rest so depending on the age of your child you can move it. the head hugger and shoulder protecters is for birth so it stables your newborns too make them as comfortable as possible.

                Another main thing for me would be how light the pushchair is and how easy it was too collapse as i would need too be carting it on and off the bus and also tryin to collapse it while holding my baby and handbag in my arms! Answer is: Its not that light.. its really tall and when you have one arm its very hard too bend over and lift the clip and pull the pushchair up at the same time while you are also tryin to hold a baby. So if you dont drive and go on bus's alot where you cant just push the pushchair on then I wouldnt recommend


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              The Maclaren Techno XLR has all the wonderful features of a Maclaren stroller for parents who desire a sleek, sporty look and superior performance.

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