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Maclaren Techno XT Buggy

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22 Reviews

The Maclaren Techno XT is a very well built buggy. It is lightweight, compact and has lots of useful features. The only slight downside being the basket, which some find to be a little too small.

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    22 Reviews
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      04.09.2014 23:05
      Very helpful


      • "built to last"
      • "easy to steer"
      • lightweight


      • "dont buy if your child imitates houdini"

      A great buggy if your child is not an escape artist!

      This is a fantastic buggy! We purchased it when my eldest was about 1 year old and had lots of use out of it with absolutely no problems whatsoever. He sat in it contentedly when we put him in it except for when we tried to put him in the plastic raincover. He didnt like being enclosed completely! When my youngest arrived 5 years ago we bought it back out of storage and began using it again. Oh what a difference! Our second child is a very different character. He disliked being in this, or any buggy immensely and as a result would pull and scream and wriggle until you let him out. Unfortunately this is when we discovered most of the Maclaren Techno's faults. Most importantly the straps are too easy for a determined child to escape from. Our youngest soon worked it out making trips to town a bit of a nightmare. Secondly the hood of the buggy is easy to reach and pull on. Our youngest would reach up and pull on the hood for all he was worth until the hinges and the hood were pulled out of shape. From this point of view I would not recommend this buggy to parents of a lively boisterous child who already dislikes being strapped in.
      On the other hand the buggy always looked comfortable and it certainly lasted a long while (roughly 8 years). I personally loved the fact that the buggy was light weight and easy to manoevre. The wheels can be changed from fixed to freewheeling.
      I did wish for more space in the basket underneath as there wasnt a lot of room in there and lets face it there are enough things you have to bring with you with a young toddler in tow!
      I do consider this buggy to be great value for money considering how long it lasted and it has lots of good points in its favour. Ultimately though safety for me outweighs some of these good points.


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      21.10.2013 22:16
      Very helpful



      I can't recommend it enough. Completely amazing pushchair.

      I have a confession to make. I have a pushchair addiction. My first born daughter is only 11 months old, yet I have been through more pushchairs than a Mother of 5 would have gone through! When I was pregnant, I put a lot of thought into what I thought I wanted from a pushchair/pram. However, as a first time Mum to be, I clearly had no clue what I was buying and ended up buying one that looked nice but was absolutely useless, badly made and completely impractical for our needs. Thus began the search for the ultimate perfect pushchair....

      I'll start by telling you what attracted me to impulse buy this pushchair. The one we used prior to this was the 'Silver Cross pop sport' and although I loved the look of it, but I felt to be stooped when pushing it along (I am 5'10'' so quite tall) and I kept kicking the bottom of the pushchair when walking. This led me to looking for a pushchair with either longer handles or extendible handles like the Techno XT has.

      Weight and Dimensions.
      When looking at the advertising for the pushchair it claims to be 'lightweight' and at a mere 6.8kg I would agree. When putting it into the car boot I can do it without much effort and I am definitely not very strong. When folded down it is 107cm x 29cm x 28cm. This easily fits in my car boot (A Mk6 Ford Fiesta) and in my Mother's boot (a 2009 Toyota Yaris).

      The back rest of the seat is able to fully recline. Because it lays completely flat it is suitable for newborns yet I probably wouldn't put a newborn baby in it. It does not feel snug enough to keep them in place. The straps that keep the baby held tight are fully adjustable. The calf rest is also adjustable. I still have it in the horizontal position as it makes me happy knowing the baby isn't going to slide out if the straps somehow come undone (paranoid Mummy syndrome!).

      If you buy it new then you get a 'head hugger' and chest pads included. However, I bought mine second hand so did not get these. The hood that fits it is a great size. It covers baby well when it is raining and shades her well when it is sunny. It has a plastic viewing panel in it so you can keep an eye on baby whilst you're pushing. It also has some reflective stripes on the edges as an extra safety feature in case you are pushing baby at night time.
      The shopping basket is perhaps the only let down with this pushchair. Compared to other pushchairs I have had, it is a pain to get into it and you can't fit a lot into it either. If I have the rain cover rolled up in it then I can't get anything else in there and it doesn't fit my changing bag in it.
      The rain cover is easy to clip onto the pushchair. It has 4 'eyelets' which pop over 4 metals nubbins around the pushchair, 2 on the edge of the hood and 2 down near the front wheels. It takes less than 10 seconds to pop on.

      Is it sturdy?
      It is made of a lightweight aluminium yet it feels incredibly strong and like it is going to last. Compared to my previous Silver Cross stroller I can feel the difference in quality between the two. It does not feel like it is going to topple over even if you bump it down a kerb a little faster than you mean to!

      What is it like to push?
      It is so lovely to push! The extendable handles are great for short or tall people. It is easy to push and steer with one hand which is something I have previously struggled with. The suspension on it is so much better than I thought was possible. I know I keep comparing it to my Silver Cross Pop, but when I saw the difference between the two I don't know how I coped without my Techno XT! When pushing the pushchair down off a kerb it barely bumps and likewise for going up kerbs. It would be great for pushing over bumps roads and cobbled streets.

      Price and availability.
      As I previously mentioned, I bought mine second hand off Ebay for a bargain price of £33. They are available new in Mothercare, John Lewis, Kiddicare and similar shops. Prices start from around £190. This is a huge amount of money for a pushchair but I would not hesitate to buy a new one if something happened to my current one.

      In case you haven't realised, I love this pushchair! I would recommend it to absolutely everybody.


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        15.09.2013 22:01
        Very helpful



        Brilliant all rounder

        I purchased this buggy in 2009 and it is still going strong 4 years later and has seen use from 2 children. The feature that first drew me to this stroller was how small it was when it was folded and how easily it is folded. As a single parent who uses public transport on a daily basis this was a deciding factor along with durability and practicality. The seat lies back flat which is a must for any parent and although the basket is quite small it does extend all along the bottom of the seat. The seat covers are very easy to remove for cleaning, which as a parent to children who suffer from travel sickness is a must in a stroller. The built in reflectors on the wheels and hood make it very easy for you to be seen by traffic while walking around at night. The harness is almost 100% child proof and can sometimes be awkward for even me to undo.


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        21.12.2011 23:17
        1 Comment



        expensive but worth paying than bit more for so it lasts

        One of those items that you will proudly review as it has stood the test of time with your child!

        Bought from toys r us, in their babies range, It came complete in a long box with basket net and raincover. The brand is renowned and respected and so you can not expect many issues.
        We travel frequently on planes and something as light and compact as this is perfect a to b transport for any child. I would say that we first used this at around 8 months and used it up until 2 and a half years old.

        It's very hard wearing. Three years on and apart from one of the back wheels beginning to look slightly askew, we have had no problems with this. Even with a wonky when it does not affect use or performance.
        Its folding is faultless, and like many mums require, is able to be done with just one hand while holding baby in the other. When it hits the floor, the safety catch locks it together. I would advise before folding down that you apply the brake lock, just to prevent it rolling around your car boot.

        Its light, comes with the accessories mentioned above and there is a rain hood already attached which you do not need to keep taking up and down at every put up or down. I have never tried taking the seat of to wash, but have always been able to wipe down any marks using just warm soapy water. I have adopted the same method for the foot muff aswell.

        Negatives are that it has no real differentiation between sitting up and lying down, and so as a lone pushchair I would not recommend. As a complimentary one to a preceeding pushchair I would. What I would describe as light, others may describe as flimsy which is another point to note. I only use this as a quick run about pushchair and not one to keep baby in for long periods of time or aid them to sleep in. For a start my child only ever slept lying flat, and as mentioned above this chairs positioning restricts that.


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          21.10.2011 23:08



          A really great buggy - highly recommended

          I bought this buggy when my son was 6 months old as the Britax B-Smart we had for him from birth was just too big and bulky and I was completely fed up of lugging it in and out of the back of the car! Since buying this buggy I haven't looked back and wished I had bought it sooner or even used it for him from birth. The buggy is lightweight yet robust enough to withstand a good 'mummy bashing' around the shops and home! I also love the fact that there are reflective strips on the wheels and the hood of the buggy which are really useful now that the winter nights are coming in. I also bought the footmuff for the buggy and that is also fantastic. I have lost count of the amount of times I have thrown it in the wash and it still looks brilliant. The seat on the buggy lies completely flat which is great for when the little one falls asleep when out shopping. The harness is easy to adjust and removes completely for easy cleaning and the shopping basket underneath is a decent size.
          I would highly recommend this buggy, it's lightweight, practical and a breeze to collapse and throw in the back of the car!


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          11.05.2011 02:18



          Cool, smooth, sleek machine

          I bought this buggy when my son was 3 months old. In that 3 months I had had 1 pram, 1 travel system, 1 buggy and a pushchair all of which got returned! My son is now 4 years old and this buggy is still going strong. It has been in constant use as my 4 year old is the eldest of 3 and I am also a childminder. This buggy is expensive for an umbrella fold buggy but definatly worth the investment. My friends have all had to buy new buggies every year to 18 months and this is still going strong even after daily use. The use is over long distance as I don't drive. This is quite large for an umbrella fold buggy but has 2 pockets on the back of the hood and extending handles, can also cope with a good size change bag on it without tipping. My main issue with other buggies is the wheels, they either tend to stick a bit or you sound as if you are pushing a train! This buggy glides along nicely, doesn't like to bigger dropped curbs but is easily tilted to mount pavements. So easy in fact I can push it one handed with a 2 year old in whilst carrying my other son. Only risk is because it glides so easily you must ensure the breaks are on when its stationary on even the slightest slope as it will roll away!
          I cannot praise this buggy enough, and even better I now think it comes with a life time guarantee from Maclaren.


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          14.01.2010 19:39
          Very helpful



          A brilliant all-rounder

          Let me just state for the record - I LOVE my Bugaboo Cameleon (see my review) but when it came to going on holiday we needed just that little bit more space in the boot of the car and so looked for a smaller lightweight umbrella fold buggy to take with us. Without a doubt the best we found was the Maclaren Techno XT.

          This buggy has all the great features of a much bigger travel system whilst still incorporating them all into a small, lightweight buggy. It can be used from birth as the seat can be laid completely flat and you can buy the extra footmuff for the winter, which would keep even the smallest baby nice and cosy.

          The handles can be adjusted in height for taller people (my husband really likes this function) and the harness is particularly child proof (and even adult-proof too if you're not used to undoing these types of clips!).

          The hood can be extended by undoing a zip which allows it cover most of your toddler (I've used it as a sunscreen in the summer and also as a "cocoon-like windbreak in the winter!).

          It's a narrow buggy that makes shopping an absolute doddle as it can easily get through the narrowest of clothes rails! It's so manoeuverable and light to push and folds up really small so you don't have to worry about taking up loads of boot space (we can fit ours on the floor behind the front seats of the car, so if necessary it allows us to free up ALL of the boot space which can be really handy).

          We've always used our Maclaren as a "keep in the boot and use when out and about" type of pushchair and it's been well worth spending the extra money on (it's not exactly a 'cheap' buggy) as we've had loads of use out of it and will be using it again once our second son is bit bigger.


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          26.11.2009 14:46



          Great pushchair!

          I have this pushchair in black, I bought it as my 18 month old son is quite tall for his age and looked out of place in other puschairs, but this Maclaren is a taller pushchaor and he sits in it just right. Has many features including extendable height handles, child proof harness (even my 13 year old sister can't get it open), lie back to almost flat, pockets on the back for mums things, swivel wheels, reflective wheel, extendable hood with uv sun shade on.
          The storage basket isn't very big but is adequate as you can use the handles to carry bags of shopping.
          When the foot muff is on it looks so cosy I want to get in it.
          My son loves this pushchair so much that if I don't get it out of the car he cries.
          I put this pushchair in my ford KA behind the front seats so does get squashed in quite a bit and has never broken or bowed. Also the wheels do not squeak after excessive use. I used to use this pushchair daily to walk to shopping center and back when i didn't have a car for 9 months and never had a problem with it.


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          18.07.2009 08:31
          Very helpful



          Strong, but straps are too dangerous

          Don't get me wrong, this is a fantastic buggy, but beware of the straps.

          We bought this before our daughter was born and we are still using it - 2 years later. Before we made the choice to buy, we used to stop people in the street to ask them what they thought of their respective buggies. The Techno XT was a firm favourite.

          We've taken the buggy everywhere, from off-road tracks to bumpy old pavements and it is still in excellent condition.

          However, and this is a big however, the straps do not keep our daughter in the seat. Admittedly, she is slightly rebellious and does not like sitting in the buggy and not all children are like her. However, if your child is, this is a dangerous buggy as our daughter regularly climbs out of the straps and jumps out of the buggy.

          I've tried tightening the straps as much as I can, but she still manages to wriggle free.

          This is extremely dangerous, especially when we are waiting to cross roads as I have to guard her to make sure she does not suddenly jump out.


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          09.07.2009 18:43



          A great all round buggy can be used from birth

          After buying a all singing all dancing Jeep travel system for our son, which we used for 6 months because it was just to big to fit in the boot and try to get anything else in, we opted for the Maclaren Techno XT. As we had already spent quite allot on the jeep buggy i brought my XT 2nd hand on Ebay for half the price as a new one.

          Although it was good as new and it really is a fab buggy, it's been great on day to day use and even more so on holidays, easy untill you board the plane and because it lays flat baby can go in, in a gobag and go out in the evening and still be fast asleep.

          we have still got our jeep buggy and use it for walks at home, but the Techno XT is in the car and our in town buggy. I think when we have baby number 2 i would just use the XT from birth.

          I would recommend it to any mum, i'm sure were not the first to spend allot on a bigger pram then by a stroller!


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          10.03.2009 09:08
          Very helpful



          How I betrayed my faithful Quest and got to know the XT

          When I was looking for a light weight umbrella fold buggy five years ago it soon became clear that Maclaren was a very popular choice. I bought one and found out why as Maclaren for me are the name in buggies - it turns out that the idea of the buggy was invented by one Owen Finlay Maclaren, a British ex test pilot and an aircraft part designer. Maclaren actual invented the buggy though their buggies (or buggys as their website annoyingly spells it) are much copied.

          On to this actual buggy - now when I bought my buggy I did actually buy the quest, at the time I was torn between the Quest and Techno and I am sure that this would be the case for many a buggy purchaser. I inherited a Techno however a few months ago so am now able to talk about the Techno, which I shall do and then draw some conclusions about the difference between the Techno and Quest which may be of help; if you are looking to buy a Maclaren there is currently about a £50 difference betweeen the two. The best price I could find for the XT was £165 from www.kiddicare.com, they are more widely available from other retailers for the £200 mark.

          The Techno itself:

          The Techno is an umbrella fold buggy which is easily collapsible. It can be used from birth, unlike the cheaper models, as it reclines fully. The handles are height adjustable, the shopping basket is a useful size. It is easy to push due to the swivel (and fully lockable) wheels with supspension. For baby and toddler comfort the upholstery is nicely padded and their is a footrest for toddlers, the seat extends for baby feet. The harness is a five point one, which unclips nicely. There is a viewing window in the hood of the buggy and also the capacity to extend the hood for sunshade, and some useful pockets. The buggy upholstery is fully washable - I put the seat cover through the washing machine and it cleaned nicely with no damage to the reflective strips.

          In actual use I find the buggy is easy to push and manoeuvre, and collapses nicely. The brakes work well and are fairly easy to use. The suspension seems to make a real difference to the comfort of my child, particularly when being pushed down a bumpy track as she is every morning! As mentioned earlier the buggy is second hand to me, passed on by a kind friend - it has had about 3 years use prior to my ownership and in all honesty it is as good as new. I am really pleased with it and would say that an XT is a much better choice than a "travel system" - if that is is your thing you can buy the XLR model which does allow for car seat attachment. For the price it is an excellent buggy.

          Techno or Quest?

          Now to come to the issue of quest versus techno - I love my quest, the only reason for me trying the techno being that it has taken a lot of abuse in five years. I am more used to pushing the quest, but have now used the xt a fair bit so here are my conculsions of what you get for the extra £50 or so, which could help a buying choice

          - the techno is that bit more comfortable; the brakes actually work, which they don't really on the quest. Touches like the suspension are nice, bigger wheels mean it does glide along
          - the techno is higher to push - by about 4cm, 108 as opposed to 104 cm handles. If you have a small car this may be an issue (a quest fits in a ka boot, a techno may not), or if you are me this may make the buggy less easy to push. I am not very tall, about 5 foot 5 and a half, and I actually prefer the height of the quest, even on the lower setting the xt is a bit tall. You should try both in a shop before purchase
          - the techno is easier to push, slightly
          - the techno weighs 6.5 kilos to the Quest's 5.5 kilos and does feel that bit heavier do depending on the intended use of the buggy you should consider this point; the quest is less bulky overall so may be a better choice for taking on a 'plane for example.
          - the techno's extra features like extra pockets and a zip off hood are a nice touch
          My conclusion is that I like the Techno but actually I am quite loyal to the Quest - I can see where they spent that extra £50 and am enjoying using the Techno, but as a second buggy I marginally prefer the Quest. I am not a buggy addict at all (you may laugh but I have friends who have been through about 6 buggies in the time I have had one (rubbish) Carrera and a Quest), and I won't be buying another buggy - I shall continue using the techno probably in combination with my Quest which is a bit long in the tooth now.


          Overall I would say that the XT is an excellent buy - there are more expensive buggies out there, but I don't think you necessarily need to spend more to have a durable and very useable buggy. On all the evidence I have the techno is a good and durable buggy and worth considering as a main buggy.


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            30.11.2008 22:39
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A brilliant all round buggy

            I bought this buggy when I was pregnant with my little girl. Although we had a pram with a car seat I needed something smaller which was suitable from birth which would fit in my car. At the time I only had a Fiesta and my main pram wouldn't fit in my boot.

            I chose the Mclaren XT because at the time it was one of the only umbrella style buggies where the seat would lay completely flat and therefore, making it suitable for a newborn.

            I also liked the colour of the buggy. I chose the Charcoal colourway and it was very modern and clean looking.

            The buggy itself was very sturdy and didn't have that cheap wobbly feeling that a lot of umbrella style buggies have.

            The XT weighs 6.5 kilos. Making it very light and easy to get in and out of your house or your car. It comes with a 5 point harness so you can ensure your little one is strapped in safely at all times. The straps have small pads on them as well to ensure the comfort of your child.

            The buggy has hood which when fully extended provides full sun coverage and it also has a small plastic flap to the front to shield the child from rain. The roof also has a meshed window area so even when extended you can keep an eye on your little one. The hood is 99% UV protective.

            Accessories are available for the XT including a footmuff, which attaches to the buggy using the harness, a raincover and a parasol.

            Underneath the buggy is a small shopping basket. Although it doesn't hold a huge amount it is handy for a few small purchases.

            The handles are adjustable so it suitable for most peoples height. They are also padded so very comfortable to push.

            The XT has two wheels at each corner. They are nice chunky ridged wheels and make it a suitable buggy for many terrains. This was another selling point to me as some of the wheels are smooth and small so look very flimsy.

            Another plus point to this buggy is the seat can be taken off via some poppers and is machine washable which with a toddler was invaluable. I have washed mine on numerous occassions, it has never lost shape or faded and pops back on very easily.

            The only down side to this buggy is the price. I have seen it priced from £130 to £180.


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              24.10.2008 12:30
              Very helpful



              Brilliant, best buggy/stroller by far!

              I've tested lots of prams and buggies in my time (some were for a magazine feature) and I thought I had clear views on what was the best out there. I was wrong as i've just ditched my old stroller for the XT.

              The XT is a lightweight, compact umbrella fold stroller that will stand the test of time. A good friend of mine has had hers for years and she takes it abroad regulary and it's still in good working order.

              It has a multi recline seat; the covers are removable; the hood extends with a sun visor so you can shade the child in the sun or protect more from light rain without putting the rain cover on. The rain cover is basically a sheet that fixes in four points onto the buggy so it doesn't cover the buggy complete like some others and it stores away to nothing!

              It has lockable front swivel wheels; an extendable foot rest for little ones; padded straps; 5 point adjustable harness and the buckle is really good as you have to push the front and back of it at the same time to un do it making it that bit safer from toddler fingers getting themselves out! Good sized shopping basket but if the child was laid flat it would be practically impossible to access it. Pockets on the back of the buggy for small items which is a godsend.

              It's reasonably priced in my opinion as I really do think that it will last my first child, a second and a third (if i get my way). Very sturdy and copes well with day to day use.

              Look out for offers though. I managed to get mine new for £125 from Mothercare.


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              18.07.2008 18:07
              Very helpful



              Buy it, you won't regret it.

              I love my Maclaren Techno XT!

              We didn't want to waste money on a bulky travel system so we bought this for use from birth (in addition to a £10 pram from ebay!).

              My son was tiny and I think we put him in it from about three/four months. He always enjoys being in it - he always wants to be fairly upright (unless he is asleep) probably because he is a Nosey Parker and likes to see what is going on.

              My personal requirements were:
              Easy to fit in the boot of a Citroen Saxo
              Umbrella fold
              Full recline
              Good reputation - I'm hoping it will last a long time.

              I tested it in the shop and compared to other buggies I was impressed with:

              How easy it was to fold

              Easy to use brakes

              Easy it to carry (it also has a carry handle and lock)

              The extendable leg rests

              The four recline positions, including the layflat position. The full recline has been great and my son has napped in it many times.

              How cosy it looked with the cosy toes (I had a winter baby)

              The extendable hood/sun visor. I can't emphasise enough how fantastic this is and how i would buy it again for this alone. The visor can extend virtually all the way down. No squirming baby in the sunshine!

              Other features include: rain cover included, swivel wheels, comfy handles, extendable handles, re-positionable handles.

              The things I am least impressed with are:

              Small basket/quite difficult to get at.
              I recommend you buy a cheap net bag to pop on the handles.

              My recline is super fast so I have to be a bit careful!

              I don't recommend trying to save money and buying the generic Maclaren cosy toes in a sale (the plush black one as opposed to the more expensive XT one) if it is for a small baby as the straps on the buggy would have to be on the highest level and might 'drown' the baby slightly.

              I also found the XT hard to shut (but possible!) with the cosy toes still attached.

              To sum up - I love it.

              I bought this for use from birth (albeit with a cheap £10 ebay pram as I said) and I am the only mummy I know to get through the best part of the first year with no intentions of getting a smaller stroller/buggy in the near future. It is still a pleasure to use.

              If you really want a travel system why not consider the XLR? It is very very similar to the XT but only very slightly bigger to accommodate an infant carrier. (There aren't many Techno XLRs to look at in the shops though.)

              Hope this review was useful.

              Techno XT fan.


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                27.07.2004 18:31
                Very helpful



                A good investment for your young family

                Maclaren Techno Quest Sport

                ·Hope this review helps if you are thinking about buying a new stroller.
                ·The title is my hubby's own words as he saw a large box being delivered to my house. I was hoping it would arrive when he was at work and I could sneak my purchase in.
                My husband in disgust thought I had gone over the edge with spending as I own three other forms of infant transport. He really could not comprehend my need for another buggy. However after owning this a few months now, he is glad I did make that initial purchase.
                Bear in mind this is a stroller. I currently have a pram, a tandem buggy and an umbrella buggy.
                The pram is bulky but is ideal for the buggy board on school runs. The tandem I use when I child mind and this too has been an invaluable piece of kit whilst my three ankle biters grew.
                As for my Chico umbrella type buggy, its absolute rubbish. I will write a review later on that horrendous item.

                I saw this stroller by chance one weekend at my local Mothercare . It was placed in the central display aisle for a reduced price. I liked the look of it but was not tempted to buy until I went home and surfed the net.
                ·Yes I know it's quite expensive at £99.49 compared to the cheapies you can buy in various outlets. I however had bought a cheapie for £30 and this resulted in me wasting money. I believe you pay for what you get and as I am sure to get a few years out of this, I will say this is money well spent. Here's some questions and answers to help you decide if you are in the market for a new stroller.

                HOW HEAVY IS IT?
                6.5 kg. It's not heavy to lift in or out of the car with one hand.

                Oh absolutely. Once closed down you can easily carry it with one hand allowing you to hold your toddlers hand or grip your baby whilst getting on the bus or train. If however, you have a nice driver, then this isn't so obtrusive to push it straight onto the bus etc.

                This is one solid stroller and can easily take a nearly 2 year old and a baby bag. Occasionally my 5 year old bags a ride when his sister wants to walk and his weight is supported evenly.
                ·Even filled with shopping it doesn't buckle. As with all strollers though it will tip if you take the baby out of the buggy and is laid down with shopping bags over the handles. Check out the www.greatlittletradingcompany.co.uk for buggy weights to stop this happening.

                IS IT COMFORTABLE?
                Unfortunately I cannot get my frame into it so cannot give my opinion! However my daughter seems very content in sitting there. The seats are padded, as are the neck straps. There is footrest too. Its four position and it is suitable from birth.

                There is also front and rear suspension, which takes the impact of the ride and makes the stroller quite bouncy.

                IS THERE A HOOD?
                Yes, quite a substantial one with vents and a plastic window at the top. The window is a good idea so you can keep an eye on your little one at the same time. There are two levers at the side that lock the hood down for shade or for using with the rain cover. You can also click the hood to the upright position if preferred.

                Yes, and it folds down to a small package and fits underneath the stroller. There are press-studs to attach it the hood, no more bulky rods to clip on. That's a bonus in itself. There are also ventilation holes in the rain cover.

                WHAT COLOUR DOES IT COME IN?
                It comes in a variety of shades if you are buying the quest model but the sport version is just black and grey.
                WHAT ARE THE DIMENSIONS?
                Seat positions: 4
                · Weight: 5.7 kg
                · Handle height: 104cm
                · Width open: 48cm
                · Length folded: 104cm
                · Width folded: 27cm

                HOW DO YOU FOLD IT?
                It's very easy so collapse and fits easily into a car boot.
                Not quite a two handed job, but its fast. Release the primary lock in the middle of the stroller (its near the brakes). You can do it by using your foot. Then on the handles there are two buttons either side. Press these in once you have released the primary lock and then shake it to fold down. There is handle attached to it enabling you to place over your shoulder if need be.

                HOW DO YOU OPEN IT?
                There is a clip at the side of the buggy when it's in folded position. This clip is just to make sure it doesn't fall out and over you when you take it from the boot of the car for instance. Just pull the clip out and then shake it. Once upright simply press down the primary release brake at the rear of the stroller.

                WHAT ABOUT THE HARNESS?
                It's a 5-point harness already assembled in the buggy. Simply adjust it to fit your child and clip it in. The buggy is suitable from birth up to 5 years.

                HOW EASY IS IT TO STEER?
                It's a dream, like having powered steering on your buggy. The wheels are swivel or fixed depending on what you like. My preference is swivel. I found this easy to manoeuvre in my local CO-OP which believe me is an absolute murder to take any sort of infant carrier inside. I swear that shop does it on purpose to deter us mums from coming in. I also used the stroller over quite rough terrain yesterday and it handled brilliantly. My daughter's fat cheeks hardly wobbled as we went over bumps and holes. If you want fixed just press on the clips at the front of the wheels to stop them moving all over the place.

                As it had a good test around Avon Beach and Lego Land, I would say pretty good. You're not exactly going to leave your child strapped into the buggy on a steep incline, but it's safe for everyday parking.
                Your foot activates it. Press down on the bar at the rear of the stroller.

                Yes and its a good size . A packet of nappies, a large wholemeal bloomer, two pints of milk, a packet of ginger nuts and the Daily Express fitted into there easily. Do not over load it though as not only will the buggy tip but the shopping will fall out.

                IS THE COVER WASHABLE?
                Yes and removable too. I find it easier to sponge it down if the stains are not too bad. It's not the easiest of covers to put back on once washed.
                Believe me 1001 is such a good stain remover, that if you keep that handy, you'll always have a pristine buggy. I will do a review on that magic stain remover at a later date.

                HOW LONG IS THE GUARANTEE?
                A standard one-year.
                Please be warned that if you intend to use this with a buggy board, Mothercare will not redeem the guarantee if the chassis is damaged as a result of the board. They are against buggy boards and hence you wont find one in their store. I only found this out when I purchased my Graco pram and I asked if I could fit a buggy board onto it. I received quite a lecture from a member of staff. Enough said!

                WHERE CAN YOU BUY IT?
                I purchased mine from Mothercare online . If you go onto the website at www.mothercare.co.uk and click in strollers, you will still see it listed
                Orders online from mothercare are delivered free if goods are £100 and over. This cost me £99.49 so I added a few kandoo wipes to get the free delivery.
                If you don't get a chance to see one in store and are contemplating a new stroller, then I would consider ordering this.
                Babies R us also sell it and they are online at www.toysrus.co.uk. Click onto the babies r us sub menu and then onto strollers to view this model.
                Maclaren also have their own website. It can be found at www.maclaren.co.uk.

                Maclaren Europe Ltd
                Station Works
                Long Buckby
                NN6 7PF.

                Quick Recap:
                · Practical, comfortable and fashionable
                · Quest Sport suitable from 3 months
                · 4-position reclining seat
                · Compact, easy single-hand fold with carry handle
                · Foam grip handles
                · Removable washable seat
                · Hood, seat and harness have reflective edging · Lockable, treaded 5" dual-swivel wheels · Adjustable 5-point safety harness
                · Rear viewing window on hood so you glance at child
                · Extendable leg rest
                · Storage pocket on the back of seat
                · Hood, rain cover and shopping basket all included

                To Conclude:
                I cannot fault my latest set of kiddie wheels, it's a pleasure to steer, looks good and it provides comfort and safety for my daughter and anyone else who bags a ride. Well worth investing in.

                Thanks for reading and safe strolling. xx


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              • Product Details

                4 position reclining seat. Designed for town and outdoors, the rubber treaded 6 inch spoke wheels, hi-tech anodized finish, thick tubing, and foam-grip sports handles set the style for buggy. / Features include a shoulder padded safety harness and new fabric hood with reflective and fluorescent binding, a rain cover with storage pocket, a rear window in the hood, and a panel at the back that conveniently unzips, to keep baby cool in hot weather. / Baby's comfort is well considered, with a 4-position recline super deluxe padded seat, which is removable and washable. Suitable from birth /