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Maclaren Triumph Stroller

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2 Reviews
  • It is very good quality
  • It is comfortable for my daughter
  • There are no disadvantages
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    2 Reviews
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      17.01.2015 21:20
      Very helpful


      • "It is comfortable for my daughter"
      • "It is very good quality"
      • "It is smooth to push"


      • "There are no disadvantages"

      Maclaren triumph stroller

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is a stroller for babies and young children. It is made by Maclaren and is a very pretty colour of pink so it is suited for my youngest daughter.


      This stroller has got a harness that fits the baby and fastens on 5 points, that is good because it means that my daughter is strapped secure into her stroller and she has not ever been able to undo it herself and escape while I am pushing her. The seat and back of the stroller are padded and I think they look very soft and comfortable, I think my daughter agrees because she has always slept very well in this stroller and even when the back is quite upright she can get comfortable.

      The back adjusts backwards and forwards so that your baby can sit or lie back, my daughter has always liked to see what is around her so most of the time the back is up so that she can sit and look around.

      The brake is very strong and when it is time for me to fold the stroller up I can do it easily even if my daughter is not being very well behaved. You cannot fold down the stroller using one hand but it is easy and can be managed if you have got your child around you also, I think it is easier to put my daughter into the car first and then fold the stroller.

      This is easy to keep clean and I am happy with now fast it takes me to wipe any dirt or mess off the seat and that the stroller looks like it is new even though it has been used a lot and is quite old now.

      I like that the stroller is easy to push and it is very smooth because that makes it better for me pushing and for my daughter who does not want to be jolted around so when I choose a stroller for her I want one that is smooth to ride in and does not bump her around.


      I paid £120 for this stroller and think that is value because I have used it for 2 years and it is still in good condition and when I have finished using it I am going to give it away for someone else to use also.

      5 Dooyoo Hearts.


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      13.11.2012 15:52
      Very helpful



      A fantastic stroller

      **The pushchair**

      I was lucky enough to win a competition for a £100 mother care voucher last year, and so as I needed a new pushchair I decided to put it towards one. On visiting my local store I knew I wanted a Maclaren so when I came across this for £130 I decided this was the one for me. It is one of the cheaper pushchairs in their range, but as I trust the quality of the brand I decided it would be fine. We purchased ours in the charcoal colour, as we knew it would be suitable for both my son and daughter to use. The pushchair looks stylish enough. It is not overly complicated with a simple frame, and smart design. We purchased the charcoal version so once we wiped it with a cloth it came up perfectly. It is a great size perfect for little one to sit in, but not to large so it can be used on public transport without any problems at all. It is an umbrella stroller so a simple on the go pushchair, but it also means it is perfect for throwing in the boot and taking on holiday. It is only suitable for children three months plus as it does not recline fully.

      One of the first things that drew me in to this pushchair was the handles. Although they are not adjustable, as my husband uses the pushchair as much as I do I need something that would suit his height. For an umbrella pushchair the handles are perfect, they are high enough so that my husband can use it with ease, while still being comfortable for me to push. They have foam padding for a comfy hold while pushing it around for a long amount of time, and the shape of them is perfect for easy pushing. There is a recline function, and by using a buckle at the back of the pushchair it can be moved to a lying down position fairly easily. The angle it sits at while reclined is comfy enough for little one to take a nap, and when sat upright all though it is not completely straight it is a lot comfier for my children.

      **In use**

      It is an umbrella stroller so not one for jogging or going off road, but in day to day use it is perfect. We use it for walks, taking my children to school just day to day things that are made easier with my son in his pushchair. It has a five point safety harness which to be honest I found really difficult at first. You have to push the front, and back in together at the same time to open the buckle. This is great as it means my toddler cannot let himself out, but I did find for the first few weeks it was a little stiff. It seems to have loosened up now, but my children are still unable to open it. Even my five year old son cannot open the harness so it means no escapes by little one. What I love is the seat is rather large. Not in a way so that little one becomes lost in fabric, but as my then 18 month old son is rather stocky he had a fair amount of room to sit comfortably in the seat. Another thing I like is the hood of the pushchair sits high above little ones head as we have had problems before where it sits to low and irritates my children as they grow a little bigger. It also has a lot of padding to make sure the seat is comfy for long amounts of time.

      The brakes for me are a bit flimsy. They are easy to use by simply pressing on the red plastic piece that sits in the middle. I just find it does not work perfectly while the breaks are fully on, and with some pushing it can still be moved so I tend to be a little more careful with it and where I sit it down. The shopping basket is tiny, which means I cannot really do much shopping if I do not take the car. I can fit in bread, milk and other essentials on a top up shop, but it is not for anyone that is hoping for a large shopping basket. Also the footrest is a little thin. It can still be used comfortably my by son, but compared to other pushchairs we own it seems to be a little more flimsy and bends a lot under the pressure of little ones feet. To open and close the pushchair it is fairly easy. At first I have to admit I found it extremely difficult to fold the pushchair down, but once I correctly read the instructions I could see how it could be advertised as a one hand fold down. I can hold my son in my arms and then by pushing on the button at the side of the pushchair and applying some pressure it fall down in to a compact pile. There is no need to lock the pushchair then as it does that automatically and that's that all ready to go in the boot. Opening it up is just as effortless, by unlocking the clips at the side and pushing down on the middle bar at the back of the pushchair it opens up easily. There is a carry handle but I removed this as soon as we set it up as that is just something I wouldn't need to use to be honest.

      The thing I love about this pushchair the most is how lightweight it is. It honestly is a dream to push, and I have no problems at all with it. At the same time as being very flexible to take in the car or on holiday, we also find it is perfect for day to day use. We used this as our main pushchair for our son right up until my youngest daughter was born without any problems at all. As it is my husband that drives that meant while he was at work I had to use buses and trains a lot. The front wheels are swivel wheels so you can move around without any difficulty, but if I needed to lock them with a simple push of a button they were stable so I can get on and off easily. It works well on flat surfaces, and also on uneven roads although it is a little bumpy for little one. I wouldn't suggest it for constant off road use, but once in a while is fine. The durability of this pushchair is fantastic, with near daily use it is still in perfect condition without any defects at all. The wheels are a little worn, but the main body is still perfect.


      I would highly recommend this pushchair to anyone. It looks nice without being too complicated, folds down in to a compact size so it can fit in our car even while using the two back seats. It is very durable and I managed to get a lot of use out of it in this last year. This pushchair is the standard model from Maclaren but the quality still shines through. If you are looking for a good quality day to day stroller this can be purchased for around the £100 mark, and it can be found in all major retailers that stock baby items so you will not have any problems finding one.


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    • Product Details

      At a Glance With the Maclaren Triumph stroller you can transport your little one in sleek and sporty style. Both you and your baby will enjoy the high-tech, comfortable design that's built to help you where ever your adventure takes you. Features and benefits for Maclaren Triumph Stroller - Carmine Rose Great for us with little ones from 6 months old until they weigh 15kg High-tech pushchair with a stylish sporty design constructed from aeronautical-quality aluminium frame Removable well-designed seat that can be washed for easy cleaning up of any spillages or dirt A compact design with revolutionary folding system that only takes a few seconds and can be done with one hand Lockable front swivel wheels for easy manoeuvrability A handy storage basket for those baby essentials Stroller weight: 5.2kg Folded Dimensions: 104x26x17cm Handle height: 104cm Free Lifetime Guarantee year guarantee Mothercare Loves...this sporty stroller which is lightweight and perfect for taking on holidays and is also quick and easy to foldWant to Know More?The Maclaren Triumph Stroller is developed with a high-tech and lightweight aluminium frame and is suitable for babies from 6 months old. It features a padded seat with a multi-position recline, so your little one can always be comfortably seated, whether they are wide awake and looking at the world around them or having a nap and want to travel in a more laid back position.The Maclaren Triumph stroller features lockable front swivel wheels for great manoeuvrability which makes it perfect for pushing over smooth or rougher terrain and also features foot operated linked rear brakes.The five point safety harness will keep your little one sitting safe and secure and will adjust in height as you child grows. For your comfort the Maclaren Triumph stroller features ergonomic designed foam handles and for convenience will fold quickly and simply using just one hand. A shopping basket is also included for you to keep all your baby's essentials in one easy to reach place.To ensure your little one is protected from the weather, the Maclaren Triumph Stroller comes complete with a raincover to shield them from the rain plus a hood which will help to provide some shade from the sun.Don't Forget...A parasol for sunny days and a footmuff to keep your little one cosy in colder weather Care Instructions: Wipe clean only Maximum child weight: 15 kg

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