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Maclaren Twin Triumph

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Brand: Maclaren / Type: Standard / Number of Seats: Double / Twin Seats

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    6 Reviews
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      17.01.2011 10:04
      Very helpful



      An excellent value compact and light double pushchair

      As much as I love my main pushchair (Baby Jogger City Mini Double) I needed another double pushchair to keep at my mum's house for when she looked after my boys. My mum is very small and has problems with her back therefore we needed to find a double pushchair that was very light and easy to fold / move about when folded. The choice was very limited but we did find the Maclaren Twin Triumph met her approval.

      ***Maclaren Twin Triumph***
      The Maclaren Twin Triumph is a side by side double pushchair. The pushchair is only 10.6kgs which is one of the lightest doubles around. It is also a slim line side by side double (73.5cm) this means it can fit through standard doorframes. It is one of the slimmest side by side double pushchairs too.

      The pushchair is available in three different colours, coffee brown, scarlet red and charcoal grey. We purchased the Twin Triumph in charcoal as I always opt for a plainer coloured pushchair. There are matching accessories available from the Maclaren Triumph range which can be used on the Twin Triumph, these include footmuffs, parasols and seat liners. I did not purchase any of these accessories with my Twin Triumph.

      The pushchair is a standard side by side pushchair with the seats facing outwards, which is the only position the seats can be positioned in although they can be independently reclined. This is a simple stroller type pushchair therefore you can't attach car seats or carrycots.

      The Maclaren Twin Triumph has a carrying capacity of 30kg meaning it can be used for 2 children up to the age of around 3 years old.

      I purchased my Maclaren Twin Triumph from Kiddicare. A number of other big name retailers offer this pushchair such as Boots, Mothercare and John Lewis. This is both in-store and online. All of these retailers offer the pushchair in the three different colours.

      I purchased my Maclaren Twin Triumph from Kiddicare for £139.99 (plus free delivery). The recommended retail price of this product is £165.00. The cost online currently varies from £139.99 to £165.00. The Maclaren Twin Triumph is one of the cheaper double pushchairs on the market and from a reputable pushchair manufacturer like Maclaren I feel that the pushchair is very good value for money.

      ***Using the pushchair***
      The reason we bought this pushchair was primarily for my mum to use so it had to be easy to assemble and fold which is the biggest advantage of this product. It is a simple umbrella folding stroller and can be assembled in 10 seconds. To disassemble a pull of a lever and pushing down with your foot on another lever is all it takes to fold the pushchair.

      When folded the Maclaren Twin Triumph is very compact and easy to store. Its dimensions when folded are 109cm x 56cm x 40cm which fits into my mums Ford Fiesta lying down flat and with space for other items around it. Lifting it in and out of the car boot is also very easy as the pushchair is light, even my mum who is very small agrees.

      The handles of the pushchair can't be adjusted. I find that they are a perfect position for my height (I'm 5ft 5) my mum who is 5ft also agrees. Mr Lools who is around 5ft 10 has commented that he would be more comfortable if the handles were slightly higher however does not find this a massive problem. The design of the handles (2 upright handles as opposed to a long handle bar) means that the pushchair can be pushed with one hand however with some difficulty especially if you are trying to steer it around corners.

      Manoeuvring and steering the Maclaren Twin Triumph is very easy when using on pavements and around the shops. It is very lightweight even with your children in so easy to push. The front wheels can be locked to make it easier to push if you are travelling straight and can be unlocked so it is easy to push around corners and change direction quickly.

      Over more bumpy rough terrain and grass I would not recommend this pushchair as it has a flimsy less sturdy feel to it and is very difficult to manoeuvre and steer as the wheels are small and do not handle bumps well. The suspension of the pushchair or lack of it will mean it is not the most comfy of rides for your children over these types of terrain and they will be shaken around quite a bit.

      The position of each seat can be adjusted independently using a strap on the back of each seat. The pushchair is suitable from birth and each seat reclines "flat". Although personally I do not feel each seat does actually lie fully flat therefore would be apprehensive about using this for newborn babies for a long period of time.

      Each seat is padded for comfort for your child; however in comparison to other pushchairs this is much less padded and supportive. Because the Maclaren Twin Triumph has been designed to be lightweight, the seats do have a more flimsy feel to them than other pushchairs although this is a well-made good quality product. If I was using this regularly for a younger baby or babies I would definitely purchase some head huggers (sold in Mothercare for around £7.99) to give my child more comfort and support.

      Each seat has a hood which can be put over it. A positive of this pushchair is that these hoods are independent from each other, so one child can have their hood up and the other one pulled over them. The hoods however do not shade your children entirely therefore with younger babies you definitely will need to purchase parasols to ensure that they are covered from the sun. Moving the hoods up and down is also slightly awkward as there is a cheap feel to the hoods because of the flimsy plastic brackets which hold them in place, therefore if you pull too hard you could snap these. I do like that each hood has a viewing window therefore you can see your child when the hood is down. You can't see their faces if they are sitting upright but it is a nice reassurance that you can see what they are doing easily, rather than having to try and peer around the hoods.

      Each seat has a 5 point harness and the straps are very easy to adjust as these are made from a flexible material. I started using this pushchair when the boys were 6 months old and albeit they were small I did find the positioning of the straps on the seats were more suitable for older children. Unlike other pushchairs (my Baby Jogger for example), you can change the positioning of the straps on the actual seats. For small newborn babies I think this could be a problem as the straps sit quite high up on the seats.

      Double pushchairs in my experience have temperamental brakes and I would say this is the case for the Twin Triumph. The brakes can be put on by pushing down with your foot on a lever in the middle of the buggy and taken off by pushing down on two levers by the wheels. It is relatively easy to put the brakes on especially if you are on flat ground, but you need to ensure that you push down very hard to make sure the brakes stay on if you are on a hill.

      The pushchair also comes with a raincover. This fits on the pushchair very easily and has four points where it can be attached to the pushchair. I do find that in strong winds the raincover blows about quite a bit and although it has never become unattached it is quite annoying when you are pushing the pushchair. The raincover does fold up easily and as it is quite compact it can be stored in the shopping basket.

      The shopping basket is a good size and is reasonably deep. It is positioned slightly higher up than some other double pushchairs so you can put reasonably heavy items of shopping into the basket without the basket dragging on the ground.

      ***As a pushchair for twins***
      Personally I prefer my twins in a side by side style double pushchair rather than a tandem so the Maclaren Twin Triumph ticks this box.

      As an option from birth I would be less comfortable putting my newborn babies into this pushchair as it is more of a stroller than a pushchair and doesn't offer the comfort that many other double pushchairs do for newborn babies. The seats are less padded and supportive than my Baby Jogger for example and the position of the straps cannot be adjusted which I feel are at a position more suitable for children over 6 months rather than newborn babies. I would definitely recommend this pushchair to parents of twins over 6 months especially if they are looking for a second pushchair, as it is lightweight, low priced and easy to store. Great if you want to get in and out of the shops quickly and easily.

      This is not my favourite double pushchair on the market; it has a slightly flimsy and more basic feel to it, even though it is a good quality pushchair especially as it is a relatively cheap option compared to other doubles. However I do think that it is a brilliant option for those that are looking for a double pushchair to use for shopping trips as it is light, easy to store, easy to fold and narrow enough to get around the shops without too many problems. This is a great investment for those not wanting for spend a fortune on a double pushchair from a reputable brand.


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        14.06.2010 16:11
        Very helpful



        Not cumbersome or difficult to use or move

        We had always owned a single pram/pushchair for our first son who is now just over two years old. We toyed with the idea of getting a double pushchair for a while before my next son was born who is now just over three months old and in the end decided to take the plunge and buy this particular model, the McLaren Twin Triumph. I had heard good things about this manufacturer and have to say that so far although it's early days am not disappointed. I managed to get this for just over £150 with a raincover as well, so not bad value really when you consider it's a double model.

        I have to admit I wouldn't be without it now as my son will walk a bit but if he gets tired he can just nip in and sit down. I have taken them both out for a walk and while the younger one generally sleeps the older one seems to love being next to his baby brother.

        When we were looking for a buggy, especially a double one, the last thing we wanted was something that would be hard to get around, fold and up and was bulky. Plus, of course it should be comfortable for the children as it's for them. This model for me is great as it seems comfortable, and not too cumbersome to move around town for example.

        On the back of both seats there are hoods that have a see-through plastic area which I think most prams should have. This way you can see if your children are okay when you are pushing them rather than constantly stopping to check. There are also two large pockets which are very handy for storing drinks etc. that you can't carry.

        In regards to the seats themselves, they recline and have straps so that you can either have them upright or lying down so that the baby or toddler can sleep or sit up and look around. At the moment I tend to have one reclined right back for the young baby so he can sleep and the other one forward.

        If you're on the look out for a twin buggy for your children then for me this is a great option to try out and I highly recommend it.


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        14.09.2009 16:12
        Very helpful



        Great value for such a useful pushchair - wish i'd got one earlier!

        I struggled with a single buggy since my daughter was born last year, thinking that my son (21 months at the time) would walk with me (was I wrong!) and kept thinking that it was too late to get a double buggy since my son had just turned 3. However, my mother-in-law persuaded my husband that it was a good idea, so yippee I went in search of my double buggy!

        Basically, I wanted a buggy which was light, easy to manouvere, set up and take down, not too expensive, and of course comfortable for the children. Also, another important point was that it had to fit through shop doors, as we often go down to the village shop to get milk etc, and there was no point if we could not get through the door!

        Finally I settled on the Maclaren Twin Triumph, in Turkish Blue, fantastic! I bought mine from the Glasgow Pram Company, which was offering it at £15 less than other retailers, and with free delivery (this was in May). I couldn't wait to receive it and try it out; it was going to make my life so much easier. I wouldn't have to worry about outings anymore!

        It arrived very quickly, and well-packaged in a cardboard box and paper. The hoods were separate, so had to fix them on myself, and there was an additional set of seats and harnesses in another pattern (same colours but stripy). I'm sure when I want to wash the current seats I will change these over. There was also a raincover that was included in the price. This attaches via a series of buttons and keeps the rain off well.

        The hoods have a see-through plastic viewing area in the back which i can use to check if the children are alright, and two big pockets for storing a multitude of things like snacks and drinks, and also phones, keys etc.

        The seats themselves recline, and each have a strap so that one can be upright and one can be sleeping, or both the same, if you wish! There is a safe five-point harness which sometimes I cannot undo without pressing both thumbs on the middle part to open.

        There are two shopping baskets which are fairly big and I am happy with as it fits my shopping essentials in. The pushchair has swivel wheels and it is such a delight to push, and easier to manouvere forwards and backwards and around corners, and even up curbs than the single pushchair I previously owned.

        The price at the moment is around £165 but I got mine for about £150 including a raincover.


        All in all I am very impressed with this twin pushchair - it does everything I wanted; comfortable for the children, reclinable seats, easy to manouvere, light and easy to set up and take down, and lots of storage space.


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        06.09.2009 00:40
        Very helpful




        We live in a little town in Surrey, and when I go out with the kids 99% of people smile to us, or asks "Double trouble?". Well it is not very easy when you have to manage two little kids. They aren't twins, there is 19 months difference between them. So in order that I could do the shopping or just walk somewhere calmly we decided to buy a twin buggy. I had previously a navy Maclaren Triumph and I love that buggy too, so it was obvious that we choose the twin version of this buggy.

        We ordered from the manufacturer's site (www.maclarenbaby.co.uk). Although they say that the buggy delivery is free, they charge you for almost 4 pounds for some reason. Anyway, the buggy is great and we received it quite quickly. It was folded and carefully wrapped in a transparent wrapper then put in a big box. When I opened I had to put on the hoods. As we have two sons, we ordered navy again.

        The buggy is 10.6 kg without the hoods, this was an important factor for me. It is 75 cm wide at the first wheels (widest point), which means that I can push it through most of the doors.

        We ordered from Maclaren shop for 165 pounds and 4 pounds extra - I don't know exactly why.

        - It can be folded easily to umbrella fold. I can't do it with one hand, like the simple Triumph, but is really easy.
        - The two seats can be reclined separately and there are a lot of possible positions as it is fitted with an adjustment strap on the rear.
        - It has two 5 point harnesses for the babies security. My elder son is clever enough to open a usual safety belt, but not this one.
        - Lockable front swivel wheels is one of my favourite, When you go mostly straight it is easier if you lock them. Swivel wheels are good for manoeuvring in a shop.
        - Brakes: I just have to push with my foot a lever in the middle of the buggy. I mean this lever is at the rear, so it is comfortable to push it. To release the brakes is easy to, I just have to push down the two brake levers at the wheels.
        - Raincover: it was included in the box, it covers the top of the buggy (the whole hoods) and the front obviously. There are 4 points where I have to fix it to the buggy. I store it in the shopping basket.
        - Padded seats are comfortable for children. Both of my sons slept hours in the buggy but for some reason never together. Not even for a minute. When one of them is sleeping, the other is active. After he wakes up, the other falls asleep. :)
        - 30 kg carrying capacity seems to be good for us, as my sons are 11 kg and 13 kg, we still can use this buggy for a while.
        - UV protective viewing windows are useful when we use the hood. I can see them while walking that they are okay or not. Actually I can't see their face, but for a quick check it is useful.
        - And finally the top of the hill, the sovereign lifetime warranty. Each buggy has an individual code you have to register online for this lifetime warranty. I don't know how useful this is, because our old buggy has this warranty too and never ever happened any harm to it, It works well, looks quite new. These buggies are very good quality, so you won't need to change anything on them.

        As I know there is a navy, a brown and a scarlet twin Triumph on the market, but on a foreign site I have seen a purple one, so I'm not so sure any more. At www.maclarenbaby.co.uk these three colours are available. That is 100%, I have checked it twice.

        I love this buggy, and I wouldn't choose other even for lower price. This buggy suits us very well. It is comfortable for the kids and is easy to push for me. It is just as wide as it has to be, so there are only a few places that remain unreachable for us.

        After a year I can still tell that I'm completely satisfied with this pushchair. Thanks for the crown. :)


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          13.06.2009 22:22



          Good overall product

          I resisted a double buggy for as long as I could but having taken the plunge I'm pleasantly surprised. As you'd expect, it is big. It takes up loads of storage space even when collapsed and it will only just fit through my front door, and usually only on the second or third attempt. But once you're out, it's actually surprisingly light and comfortable to push. There's loads of storage room underneath for all the clobber that comes with 2 kids, plus two little pockets on the back of both seats which are great for keeping snacks, dummies, tissues or anything that you need to grab quickly.

          The break system feels really secure and holds well on a slope. The rain cover that is supplied fits easily and quickly (unlike some). The hoods are a little less sturdy and do seem to come unhooked a bit but that may be to do with my three year old.

          Overall a good purchase which I would recommend.


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          21.04.2008 21:23



          This is a great lightweight buggy builty with the usual high maclaren quality. I have a 2yr old and a 9 month old and find it very easy to push, fold, store and is very comfortable for them. I wouldn't think it suitable from birth unless you buy a seperate cosy toes. It comes with reversible seat liners but these are hard to fit as the holes arent' big enough to fit the harness through. But this is the only niggle.Maclaren have changed there harness for 2008 but i find it harder to do up. There are pockets on the back of the hoods, overall it is the best out of 3 double pushchairs i've had. Wish i had bought this one first! I love using this buggy everyday


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      • Product Details

        Embodies the same clean design as the single Triumph, but is twice as brilliant with seating for two. Easy to manoeuvre, light chassis and compact width means the buggy slides through a regular-sized door with ease – no elbow grease needed.

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