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Mamas & Papas Pulse Buggy

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5 Reviews
  • good buggy
  • not a great deal of storage
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    5 Reviews
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      05.06.2014 10:15
      1 Comment


      • "good buggy"


      • "not a great deal of storage "

      a good pushchair for the price

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        21.06.2010 15:33
        Very helpful




        My husband and I have two young children. Our son is now at the rather independent age of two and a half and our daughter is just eight months old. When venturing out with the two of them we utilise our double stroller for longer journeys and just a single stroller with my son walking alongside for shorter journeys.

        When choosing our single stroller therefore, we required something which was easily manoeuvrable, something that allowed us to keep a close eye on our toddler and a quick response should he dart off in an undesired direction.

        For extra safety we use a harness, however there are times when one hand is needed to help him up a steep curb or to hold his hand while we wait at a roadside.

        We needed a stroller that could be fully reclined and was comfortable to nap in as our daughter decided from an early age, just like her brother, that upstairs cots were for night time sleeping only.

        In addition, although more of a desire than a requirement, I wanted a stroller which was quite feminine for our daughter.

        The Pulse + in Lily from Mamas and Papas ticked all of the relevant boxes. This is the improved version of the basic Pulse buggy.

        This is a very simple and easily accessible stroller. It opens and closes in an umbrella style fold. There are two pedals to collapse it, one situated at the centre of the back frame which must be lifted up and a little lever at the side to be pushed down. This is easily done with a foot while steadying the stroller with one hand. When folded down then latch at the side then clicks and locks it into place so that it does not then open when lifted. A carry handle at the side allows for ease of portability.

        The Pulse + has a padded five point harness which is sturdy but not overly stiff to open. Shoulder pads enhance comfort for your child. There also is a comfy padded flap which rests just behind the head.

        In order to recline the pushchair there are two buttons on either side of the frame below the seat. It is much easier to recline before your child gets in as it is a little stiff when a child is resting against the backrest. However, if you have someone else with you, it is much easier to achieve when one person applies a little pressure to the back.

        The raincover is by far the best that I have experienced on a pushchair. The material is strong, yet folds so very easily. It can be kept on at all times if required and simply rolled back on the hood. When pulled down it has two basic Velcro straps which wrap around the frame. Nothing fancy is needed and it does the job just perfectly.

        The Pulse + has two handles, yet due to the position and shape (curved and bending in to the centre) it has the easy manoeuvrability of those with one handle. The handles are padded and comfortable.

        The shopping basket is very adequate and easily accessed, though a little tricky when in the recline position. There is extra storage space behind the hood consisting of two very useful pockets. I use these for short trips when all is needed are house keys and a purse, leaving the shopping basket free.

        This stroller is a breeze to push. I can manoeuvre it with one hand over flat or rocky ground and even up steep curves. It is lightweight and so very easy to lift and move around.

        The carry handle on the side doubles up as a safety handle for my son to hold onto when I need him to stay close.

        The Mamas & Papas Pulse + retails at £135, though it is currently on sale (as it was when I purchased it) at a bargain price of just £84, of course from Mamas & Papas.

        I would highly recommend this stroller as a second or main form of transport for your child. It is lightweight yet sturdy, simple yet comfortable and very cost effective too.


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        29.10.2008 00:00
        Very helpful



        a great pushchair suitable from birth.

        the mamas and papas puls buggy is a great light weight buggy that is easy to push. the pram is very light weight so great if you have a toddler to keep track of and easy and quick to fold. the pulse is suitable from birth and is avaiable in a large selection of colours. i personally had the red pulse and was very happy with it. this is a great pram for older toddlers as the seat unit is strong and the foot rest can be reclined. the poushchair comes with a raincover that did rip with my daughter being tall so not the best. this clips on to the sides of the hood and just covers the front. the rest of the hood is made waterproof by a coating on the inside. i did find that this coating cracked a lot with being oppened and closed and this did effect the look of the pram. this is not as noticable with the pink or cream version and most noticable on the black and red versions. the basket is a noce size and the wheels move with ease. a lovely pram but not really suitable to use for th full time neeed to use a buggy. i.e 3-4 years. due to the raincover and hood damage.


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        29.05.2008 18:33
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Pulse, Pulse, Baby - A Lightweight Buggy For Your Little Angel's

        Pulse, Pulse, Baby - A Lightweight Buggy For Your Little Angels

        I bought the Mamas & Papas Pulse buggy three months ago. It is very stylish and is silver and black with extra visible silver reflective trims and silver circle Pulse logo to the side of pram (Mamas and Papas class this as jet). It has two pockets at the back 1 large, 1 small with a waterproof cover that goes over the pockets. Buggy also has a net shopping basket underneath the pram. Back rest is quilted and made from breatheable fabric for extra comfort and it also has chest pads which are attached to the adjustable 5 point safety harness belt, so that belt is more comfortable for child. The back rest is multi-positional (reclining back rest has five positions) up to almost flat for babies or your sleeping child. Leg rest is also adjustable depending on age of your child. The buggy itself is lightweight and easy to fold (umberella fold which you can do single handedly with a little practise). When folded it is very compact with a side handle to carry it with. It fits easily into the boot of a small car.

        I Picked the Pulse buggy because it is made by a reputable firm and as well as its many other features (listed) it has tall handles which suit me as I am 5ft 9,and I have found some of the strollers with lower handles mean I have to stoop which is not comfortable and can cause backache.


        Lockable front swivel wheels.

        Adjustable back rest which has five positions and folds back to almost flat.

        Individual wheel suspension.

        Adjustable leg rest.

        Adjustable 5 point safety harness belt with chest pads.

        Suitable from birth.

        Age Guideline: Birth - 15kg.

        The Pulse stroller weighs about 7 kg.

        Size Height:108 cm x Width:50cm x Depth:76cm Approx.

        Folded size: Height:33cm x Width:29cm x Depth:104cm Approx.

        Optional Extras

        Matching parasol price:£20.00

        Matching changing bag price:£30.00

        Matching footmuff price:£30.00

        Matching buggy bag:£10.00

        Extras available online (website given below or from most good pram shops).

        Awards the Mamas and Papas Pulse has won

        Mother and Baby magazine Best Value Award-products awarded are tried and tested and buyers report their views on the buggy back to magazine.

        Junior Editors Award.

        Price, Website and other Colours

        I paid £99.00 online at the Mamas and Papas website: which included the buggy, raincover, hood and chest pads. The buggy also comes with a two year commitment from Mamas and Papas which they give on all their prams and buggies.

        The Pulse buggy is also available in red (Mamas and Papas class this as Rio) also including the buggy, raincover, hood and chest pads and is reduced to £89.00 online at Mamas and Papas at the moment.

        Mamas and Papas Website: http://www.mamasandpapas.co.uk/product-100955901/type-i/

        Phone: 0845 268 20000

        Me and My little Angels Opinion's Overall

        I walk between 5 - 20 miles a week, so a good buggy which is comfortable for me and my little angels is essential ( so far I have used this buggy with babies and toddlers from 8 months - 3 years). The pulse is lightweight, has tall handles is easy to push and is very manouverable. I have been using this buggy for three months so far and it shows very little signs of wear and tear.

        The Pulse is a good size and not too narrow and babies and toddlers look very comfortable in it both awake and asleep.

        It has a long hood and the raincover attaches to this with two button fasteners and velcro to the bottom and raincover is easy and quick to fit.

        Pockets at back are great for storing drinks, babies bottle and a few healthy snacks for the journey.

        The net basket is also useful for bits of shopping but I would recommend a pram bag for heavier items.

        Brakes are easy to use and are positioned at the back of the pram.

        Buggy folds easily and has a carrying handle which I have found useful for bus and train journeys.

        The Pulse is easy to clean I hoover mine using the stair attachment on hoover first and then clean with a cloth and warm soapy water.

        Wheels at front of buggy change easily from normal to swivel with a button at front.

        I would recommend this buggy to others and it is especially suitable for the taller Mummy or Carer, or if you are looking for a good quality lightweight second pram/buggy.

        This review may also be posted on other review sites.


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          01.05.2008 16:12
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Great Purchase

          Mamas & Papas Pulse Buggy

          I first purchased the Mamas & Papas Pulse Buggy when my daughter was one year old.

          My daughter originally had a beautiful traditional pram but when I purchased a new car the pram was no longer practical.

          I visited my nearest Mamas and Papas shop for ideas on a more practical pram/pushchair for my daughter and within half an hour I had purchased a Black Pulse Buggy.

          The Pulse Buggy has an umberella fold which means it folds down very compactly and is great for the smaller car.
          It is black in colour, looks very smart and is suitable for boys or girls.

          The buggy has a fold down foot rest which is great for smaller children as when raised it allows them to stretch their legs out in full.

          The Pulse Buggy comes with a free rain cover that is sturdy, fits snuggly and I have had no problems with.

          The buggy is sturdy, easy to clean, looks great and is very easy to manoeuvre.

          The buggy cost £100 which is an absolute bargin (with free rain cover.

          I purchased matching cossy toes for £40

          A parasol for £14.99

          and a pram liner for £35

          Meaning the total of my purchases were less than £200

          Mamas & Papa Pulse Buggy- A great investment


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          5-Point Harness / Reclining Back (5 Positions)

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