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Maxi Cosi Mura 3 Pushchair

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2 Reviews

Brand: Maxi Cosi / Type: 3 Wheelers

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    2 Reviews
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      29.08.2013 17:19
      Very helpful



      great pushchair

      Before Baby B was born we didn't have a clue about pushchairs but apparently there is some 'snobbery' in the pushchair world with other parents eyeing up other pushchiars as they go past and making comments like "Oh under £100!" or "Oooo they must be rich!" To me a pushchair is a pushchair... although I do happen to think that this particular one is a very reliable, useful and practical one in deed.

      We have two pushchairs- we have the 'cheap' one which cost us £99 and we have the expensive one- which cost us £300. This is the one which cost £300 and it was that expensive because it is actually that much better than the cheaper one so although it was pricy I think that it is a very good pushchair.

      --Size matters--

      It comes with the wheels and these are 3, instead of 4, which I actually think makes it easier to navigate... more on that later. The wheels fold down so they are more compact but believe me it is still a rather large pushchair to have. The wheels are easy to fold down you simply pull up two levers and then fold the wheels back on themselves. We only have a small car and this takes up the whole boot. The actual seat of the pushchair is separate. This comes off by pressing two buttons and releasing the seat for you to lift off. This takes up the majority of our back seat of the car so once we have the wheels, a car seat and this seat the car is pretty much full so if you do only have a small car then this isn't very ideal.
      I do think it is a good pushchair despite the size- we tend to use our smaller, cheaper pushchair is the car needs to accommodate another person, some shopping or luggage and just stick to using this one when we're going on local walks or if the car can be empty.

      It is quite cumbersome having the seat and the wheels separate like this but this does seem to be what constitues a decent pushchair from what I can see! If you have the space then it's great!

      --Putting it together--

      It may sound complicated having the seat and the wheels separate but it's not at all. It is very easy to take the seat on and off and to collapse the wheels down. If you are confused at all this travel system does come with a DVD which shows you how to do it! But we only looked at that once and then never had to look at it again as it is very simple.

      -- Comfort--

      There is no doubt that this pushchair is a million times more comfortable than the other one we have. The seat is higher up for a start which means that Baby B can have a good look around and see everything without straining her neck. The seat is extremely well padded it's material is a kind of cotton and feels spongy so she is definitely travelling in comfort when we use this! There is a little cross bar that you can put on that goes between her legs and she likes to hold onto it like it's a steering wheel!

      The seat can recline so that she can have a snooze whilst on the move and there is a hood which you can pull over to protect her from the elements and this hood is actually really effective as it pulls over quite a long way which makes a change as other pushchairs i've seen have quite flimsy hoods.

      -- Safety--

      This pushchair is very safe. The way it has been designed means that as Baby B sits in the chair she has the cross bar to hold onto if she wishes and as well as having that option it also is there to help protect her as she can't lean too far forward so we won't have the problem of her trying to get out or getting in an awkward position.

      The straps are very safe- they join together before clipping into the socket and they're quite stiff to get out which is very important as babies do like to explore and I have heard of babies being able to unfasten their chairs. With this pushchair you shouldn't have any problems with that as it is too stiff!
      The brake is also very effective. There is a front brake and back brake which you snap on with your foot and believe me once these are one this pushchair is going nowhere! They're very effective indeed.

      -- Pushing along --

      This chair is a great one to push. The handle is one long one which can be altered depending on how high you want it to be. There aren't settings for it instead it can be any height you wish. I tend to have it as low down as possible but Mrs B has it higher up so it's really good; you the driver can have it at whichever setting you like so you can be comfortable pushing it!

      What about the baby though? Well the wheels are very large which means that it's a smoother ride! All the bumps and curbs and things mean that pushchairs can be quite jumpy but this one isn't as bad as the wheels are larger. It's also really very easy to navigate because of the three wheels it is very smooth.


      This comes with a pump so you can pump up the wheels if you get flat! It also has a rather large shopping basket at the bottom which is really useful, it holds quite a lot- we have had a large changing bag and three carrier bags in there so it is a good size so compared to others. It also comes with a rain cover and you can get a foot muff to match for around £38 on Amazon which is a bargain. You can buy clips for the handle so you can hang bags off it and also a cup/bottle holder.


      Okay so I've sang it's praises for a while but surely there are some down sides too? Yep you're right! This pushchair is very wide. Getting around small shops and negotiating parked cars and lamp posts can be extremely difficult indeed- I had to ask Gregg's to open their doors wider especially for us to get into the shop!

      It is also a lot heavier than our other pushchair. This makes pushing it up hill a bit tiring after a while and also all the lifting in and out of a car can be troublesome.

      It takes up a lot of room which isn't great if you have a small car and so it's amazing in terms of practicalities if you don't have a family-sized car to accommodate it.


      It's a really smooth pushchair so the lumps and bumps as you travel along aren't felt as much. It's really easy to steer around too because of the three wheels.

      It is very comfortable, just looking at it you can see that it looks like it'd send you to sleep straight away! The seat is very soft and moulded in a way that holds your baby snuggly.

      It's very safe with it's brakes that work amazingly well and the adjustable straps which can't be undone by little, curious fingers!

      It is interesting looking- you can buy it in various shades and it looks different to other pushchairs which I think is a nice change!


      This is a wonderful pushchair which makes a comfortable ride for your baby. It can be adjusted so that you can have the handle at whatever height is most comfortable to suit you. It is easy to put together and push around although it does take up rather a lot of room and is quite cumbersome.
      At £300 it's pricy but a very decent pushchair and quality costs in this case.


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        27.10.2012 21:10
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Great pushchair

        I should not think I am on my own when I say this but I have a real, actually quite bad pushchair and pram fetish. I buy a new every few months because I always seem to find nicer ones and then get board quite easily or find something very minor that makes me look for another one. I have never gone and brought one with safety in mind to be really honest. Comfort and stylish is what makes me buy it and sometimes the price tag. After having 3 kids with number 4 due in 4 months I have had tons of pushchairs and prams and are still buy them. This however is the only one I have had that really sticks out for --

        Most people when you hear "Maxi Cosi" will often think of the well known company that makes award winning car seats not pushchairs. I was surprised when I first see who made them. I did not think they did pushchair ranges. Though today they have quite a few well known ones such as streety range and Loola and Loola up ranges.

        What you will get with the package.

        This depends quite a bit on what type of package you buy. As there is quite a few package with car seats and carrycots and foot muff and bags and all of that together Just the pushchair package you will get --
        1 x Maxi Cosi Mura 3 seat unit and frame and hood,3 x wheels.1 x pump.1 x rain cover.Instructions.

        The seat unit is and always has remind me of a car seat when on the frame with out the hood on. The fabric almost feels like cotton to the touch and springs back as you take baby out. It's almost like a memory foam matters it's the same sort of principle as that. Making the seat unit very comfy for long and short trips out. The 5 point harness makes it very secure for your little one. Though the thing I had the most problem with when I 1st started to use it was the 5 point harness. You need to put both clips together then clip them into the bottom one. It's really easy once you do get the hang off it.
        The hood can be used in two different ways. The 1st being as the seat is up. The hood just sits over the seat unit with a tiny flap that goes at the back of the seat unit. The 2nd being when the seat unit is lying back the hood then does not fit. Though tucked away very neatly in the flap of the hood is a thinner liner made of fabric that zips all the way around so keep baby from the elements, This also goes right under the seat unit and can be clipped on both sides of the seat unit.
        The frame is made of steel but it's not as heavy once the wheels and seat unit are off. You can put this down with the seat unit on but the seat has to be facing outwards for you to do this. Folding the pushchair is quite hard at 1st as you need to push down and then it folds into it's self. The wheels also come off making it really quite compact when folded.
        The handle is very easy to adjust as there is a clip / button in the middle of the handle that just pushes up or down.

        The wheels all 3 are air tyres and will need pumping up around once a month to keep them hard. Again this also depends on usage. I used mine everyday and only had do mine around once a month. The whole time I was using also I never got a puncture which was great and I did not really avoid sharp objects either. All 3 tyres come off for cleaning and storing which is great. They are also easy to come off with a push of the button.
        The Cross bar / T - bar was one of the things that made me buy this one. It makes this one very safe there is no way a child can pull it off. The bar clips down nicely and then there is a toggle underneath the pushchair that the bar attaches too. Making this probably one of the safest pushchairs on the market today. The bar is also long enough so your child can not lean either way or over the top off it. The bar is also covered in black foam making it soft enough for little ones.
        The rain cover is also another good point. The rain cover covers the whole pushchair seat unit but this one has a zip over the hood making this very easy to get into a baby or child if they need your attention. It's also great for showers as well as it means you don't need to take the whole thing off and put it on again whist your out as all you need to do is unzip the rain cover and it sits their nicely.

        Price & Where to buy.

        We brought ours from Kiddicare.com when it was on sale and a brilliant bargain it was at £129. Though that was about a year and a half ago. Sadly like many of the sale items it did not last long. Though kiddicare.com still sell this today at £289 or around that. As far as I no and I could be wrong there is only 2 colours you can buy now and that is Tango red and black. You would be able get the discontinued colours of the maxi cosi mura 3 and 4 on Ebay and would be a lot cheaper.
        We brought the matching changing bag to go with it for around £30 I think. The changing bag has been cleverly designed to fit into the basket very neatly. You can also but a soft and hard carrycot and also foot muff and car seats. You do get the carrycot and car seat adaptors with the pushchair.


        I should not think I am the only parent to say this but as soon as I buy a new pushchair I make my self a pact that I would not let my daughter eat in it. Yep last around 5 minutes I would say. The maxi cosi mura 3 I think is the easier pushchair I've had to keep clean and machine wash it all. I love the way the seat unit just pulls off the frame. Then once that has been done it's only a matter of unclipping a few pop buttons and sliding off the seat unit. Making it really easy to put in the washer to clean. I did mine on a 30 degree wash as I do with everything. Maxi cosi recommend you don't use bleach either through the washer or sponge cleaning as this may dis colour the fabric. Maxi cosi also recommends you don't tumble dry it either. Though at room temp it really does not take long to dry. You would of thought it would being so thick. The same with sponge cleaning it takes no time at all to dry.

        What my daughter and I thought.

        As you can see from picture below she had no problems at tall going to sleep in it. The pushchair was a dream to push and going around corners. The pushchair was also a dream going over lumps and bumps on paths and also kerbs because of the all around suspension. The main reason why I never wanted a three wheel pushchair was, a couple of them I have had in the past for my other 2 kids sometimes tipped and was quite hard to push around corners. It was the same for going over lumps and dips and kerbs. If court wrong the pushchairs went to tip to one side. This pushchair though has never done that. Your child would not even know they where going over a lump or bump.
        Like I said up above I've never really had hardly any problems only getting around a few smaller shops that I don't really go into weekly so not really causing much problems. I really cant find anything else bad to say about it. Though if I was really nit picking and I mean nit picking then the hood could have been a bit more sturdier but really does not cause much problems either. I also loved the handle height of this pushchair. Being 5ft 8 tall this was perfect height without giving me back ache after being out with it. Brilliant idea for small and tall people a like.
        The pushchair for me was one of the best I have owned and only got rid of mine because I have this weird fetish.
        I also found this great for my daughter as she had serve reflux when she's was younger meaning that you could not settle her most of the times due to her being in so much discomfort. As this does not lay really flat it was great and meaning she was not as sick as she would have been laying in her moses basket.
        Age range from birth to a 3 to 4 yr old. 15 kgs.

        1000% recommend.


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      • Product Details

        Naturally you want to show your newborn baby to the world. The multifunctional features of the maxi-cosi mura make sure you can travel wherever you need to go, whether it's to the beach, the woods or just around the block. Enjoy, discover and create the perfect excursion with the mura. Features: Comfort: Comfortable and spacious seat with lie-flat design perfect for newborns to toddlers. Forward or rear-facing seat with multi-recline for your growing child. Soft fabric cover for added comfort Ease of Use: Can be used alone or combined with the co-ordinated cabriofix infant car seat (available extra) to form a travel system. Compatible with the maxi-cosi mura pram body to form a pram (available extra) Comes complete with adapters for the car seat and pram body, raincover, extra large shopping basket and sun canopy. Easy to fold and unfold Suitable from birth - 4yrs (15kg) Folded dimensions: 52 x 65 x 86 cm Open dimensions: 102 x 64 x 105-106.5 cm Weight: 17.7 kg

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