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Maxi-Cosi Mura 4 Stroller

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6 Reviews

Brand: Maxi-Cosi / Type: Standard: Seat Number: One

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    6 Reviews
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      30.08.2011 20:58



      This is a great stroller if you are not planning to take it on too many trips

      We have been using the stroller in a lovely pink colour, for several months now and we found it to be very convinient. It is adjustable so you can have your child facing towards you or away from you. I personally prefer to have the baby facing me but when the child gets older you can easily turn it around to have your child looking outwards. It is also compatible with other maxi-cosy products such as the car seat and carry cot. The seat can also be easily adjusted to set up staright, recline and lie flat. The stroller is easy to maneuver and it rolls quite easily on rough terrains such as grass. One of the downside of this stroller is that although it can be folded, this is not easily done and the stroller remains very bulky, making it difficult to put into the boot of a small car.


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      19.12.2010 13:20
      Very helpful




      I was not very well during my pregnancy so I didn't have the time or the ability to go into Mothercare and other baby-inspired shops to go around looking at pushchairs and travel systems so I knew very little about what was on the market. The majority of the research I did into what to look at and what to avoid was conducted online and I felt completely overwhelmed by the choice and the huge variation in prices between them all.

      ***What is a travel system? ***

      A travel system sounds like something rather complicated but it's not. It is basically a pushchair which is designed to be appropriate for your child until you no longer need to push them around and they can walk for themselves.

      A travel system generally has 4 parts to it:
      Car seat

      The car seat is ideal for carrying your baby around in and moving from the car to the wheels. The pram is designed for newborn babies who are meant to stay flat on their backs. The chair is a pushchair suitable from around 6 months to three years and the wheels are compatable with all other parts for you to be able to transport your baby.

      There is great variety in the travel systems in terms of price, style and quality. They are available from Mothercare, Mamas and Papas, Babies R Us and several other shops. It's important that when you go travel system shopping that you look around and find out which one is most practical to suit your needs.

      The Maxi Cosi Mura

      ***Why this one? ***

      We chose this travel system purely for the fact that it would fit in our car. Now though that we have had almost 2 years' worth of use from it I now can see that there were many other reasons why we would have bought it too which I will describe within this review.

      Travel systems can be quite bulky so if you have a large car you are alright but if you're like us and have a small car then you may have a problem. The most important factor on our criteria was that the system would fit in our car without a huge struggle. This was one of three which would and seeing as it was the most expensive and looked very different to the other travel systems we went for this deciding that if it was more expensive then it must mean that it's better!

      ***Construction degree required? ***

      When this travel system arrived our lounge was full of boxes and plastic packaging and what looked like a lot of bits to be put together. I was concerned that I would need to take out a degree in construction to fit it together but I didn't! It was actually extremely straight forward thanks to the help of a DVD which came with it to explain step by step how it was done.

      It does sound like it must be complicated seeing as it came with a DVD but this just made it extremely straight forward- once we had followed the DVD it all became clear and we never had to consult it or the instruction manual again! I much preferred just watching the DVD than reading through endless amounts of instructions in various languages that's for sure!

      The wheels have various little parts on it which you move to be able to fit the part of the travel system on it depending which one you require. The car seat needs you to move up two little sticks for it to clip into these which takes a matter of seconds. The pram body needs you to move this little sticks upside down for it to slot over them, this again takes a matter of seconds. The chair needs you to twist one of the clips and away you go! It really is that simple!

      ***The car seat ***

      The car seat is a Maxi Cosi car seat which was voted the safest car seat on the market by Which? magazine. It is also compatible with other travel systems too. To fit it in your car you need a base for it whch you buy separately for around £75 and it then is installed in your car. This is very easy to do although the base is extremely heavy so it can be awkward to move from one car to the next. Once the base is installed the car seat just clips in and out of it without having to mess around with installing it every time you want to take the car seat out.

      The advantage of this is that if your baby is asleep in the car and you're going shopping or on a walk you simply pull the car seat out of the base by just pulling out a button and then you can put your sleeping baby still in car seat onto your wheels or into your supermarket trolley or whatever without disturbing your baby.

      The car seat clips directly onto the wheels without any fuss at all and it is then facing towards you which is what is advised for the first few months so the baby is comforted and so you can see what the baby is doing.
      This seat comes with a built in sun shield which you can pull across the top of the baby and attach to the handle which helps protect the baby from the sun and wind which is a very good idea. You can buy a rain cover separately for aruond £11 and it's very easy to put on so you can do it within a matter of about a minute.

      The car seat is very comfortable and has a head hugger in it so whilst your baby is tiny it's head is supported and given as much comfort as possible. Eventually your baby will outgrow this and you can take this out and a lot more room is suddenly provided.

      It is suitable from newborn to around 20lb so usually 9-12 months of age so you do get a lot of use out of it.

      ***The pram ***

      The pram body is probably what we used the least but only because it wasn't quite as practical for us to take the pram out as well as the wheels when we already had the car seat in the car so we would just tend to use the car seat. It is advised, however, that young babies lie on their backs and don't sit in car seats for too long without a break so it is a good idea to use the pram, plus it looks nice, there's nothing quite like pushing a baby along lying in a pram!

      The pram is the same size as a moses basket but much more robust. The sides are plastic making it not very flexible at all which I think makes it safer and look better quality and it is still comfortable because it's lined and padded. The mattress is the same as a moses basket one so they're easy to buy if you needed to replace it.

      There is a hood which can be pulled up over the baby to help protect from the elements and also a covering for the rest of the pram also used to shield the baby. This came with a rain cover which again was also easy to put on.

      The pram was very comfortable and Hope would sleep very well in it, I think it's sturdy quite high sides gave her comfort and made her feel safe. If she didn't sleep at night we would often put her in this instead of her moses basket and she'd sleep much better!

      It is easy to put onto the wheels although because it's quite large it is difficult to do so if the baby is already in there as you're trying to keep it flat and as still as possible. It isn't as easy as the car seat that's for sure but it was still possible for me to manage by myself.

      I don't think the pram is that practical because it is so large. We used it if we went out locally but if we went out in the car we just stuck to the car seat attaching into the wheels as our car would just be full; the car seat, the pram body and the wheels leaving very little space for anything else.

      ***The pushchair ***

      The pushchair is probably the same in terms of how much space it takes up as the pram body- it doesn't fold up as one, instead you have to take the chair off the wheels and carry them separately which takes up a lot of space. We tend to stick to our small stroller for if we're going in the car but any local walks we use this.
      The pushchair is large it certainly isn't 'just a chair' instead it is carefully moulded so that it is supports the baby. The sides of the chair don't come around too far making it possible for your baby to have a good view of everything that is going on. I have noticed that Hope is much more interested in things when in this pushchair as she can see more than she can in her other one, a stroller.

      It has a hood which pulls over and it doesn't just pull over a little bit, instead it extends a lot and you can choose how far you want to pull it over. I tend to just use this and not the raincover as it's easier to do and gives me one less thing to carry around with me!

      It is extremely well padded so very comfortable and you can connect a t-bar for between your toddler's legs which makes it safer and also gives them something to hold onto. It has extendable straps which are connected together before fastening making it a bit like the Krypton factor for your toddler to undo but it is easy for adults to do so!

      This pushchair faces away from the parent and can recline or be as upright as you wish. It definitely looks different to others out there and is extremely comfortable.

      ***The wheels ***

      This is an important part of the travel system to think about as it's important that you are able to feel comfortable pushing your baby around.

      This travel system can come with a set of three wheels or four wheels. Ours came with three wheels and although some people said it looked weird only having three i actually found it very easy to steer and liked it. The wheels are very large with big grips on them so we use this pushchair as an 'off roader' if we are going to be going somewhere where the roads are not paved or we're going to walk around fields and things then we always take this! Because the wheels are so large it makes for a smooth ride for the baby and we can definitely tell the difference in the smoothness when we use our little pushchair with small wheels!

      It's very easy to push which I think is because it is designed with practicalities like this in mind. You do not need to push it down and put lots of weight on it to get up curbs and steps which makes it great.

      The wheels, however, are heavy and they are wide which can be frustrating. It can be difficult to get down aisles in a small shop for instance because it's wider than a normal stroller although it's amazing how quickly you come to be able to judge whether you can fit through places or not! The heaviness is okay if you don't have to carry the wheels around a lot and you do get used to it but i do think that this is one of the negatives of this travel system. I'm sure the manufacturers will defend themslves and say it's for safety reasons or something.

      The wheels are easy to collapse down from upright to compact. Even when compact though they still do take up quite a large amount of room as the wheels and the base are large. You just pull two levers whilst pushing forwards on the handle bar and it collapses in on itself and then to snap it back up again you just pull the levers the other way and pull it up! Simples!

      The handle of this travel system adjusts so that you can have it at the most comfortable height for you.My husband and I are always changing this when we use it as he is taller than me so he likes the handle to be lower down whilst I prefer it higher up. This is a great feature.

      ***Extras ***

      This travel system comes with a huge shopping basket beneath it which will fit your change bag and several carrier bags too which is very practical! It also comes with a cup holder and you can buy clips to put over the handle bar which you can also use to carry carrier bags.

      We got a maxi cosi mura foot muff that came with this which is great as it keeps your baby nice and warm in the cold weather and can't be kicked off like a blanket could!

      You can also get a change bag to match your travel system which fits nicely into the basket below. It has a section for bottles designed to help keep them warm as well as many other compartments making it a very practical bag.

      Like I said earlier you can buy rain covers too for the various components.
      It comes with a pump which can be stored in the wheel frame so that if your wheels begin to need pumping up then you can do so!

      ***My opinion ***

      All four elements to this have been used by me a lot and I am extremely impressed with this travel system. I am aware of it's faults but think that the positives far out weigh any negatives that there are.

      I like the fact that it is such a good pushchair to push, you can go on uneven roads and grassy areas without having to use a lot of force to shift it so it is very reliable. When it snowed last year we were able to still go out and about without getting stuck in the snow at all thanks to the large wheels on this.

      I was really suprised and pleased by how well this all fitted together. It was overwhelming when it first arrived and I worried I would struggle with it but I really didn't, after the first demonstration i got the hang of it right away and even after a month or so of not using one of the elements I was still able to remember how to connect it right away.

      The car seat, pram and chair are all designed with safety and comfort in mind and you can definitely see this. You can tell that you are getting good quality in these products, they're far more robust and padded than the other travel systems we have seen. They have all impressed both myself and my husband.I think that we got very good value for money when we bought this, it was supposed to be £800 but cost us £600 as we took advantage of an offer. This is a huge amount of money to pay but if you think about it it will last us until Hope is about 3/4 depending on when we stop needing to push her around so we have used it since she was 1 day old and will continue to do so for another year or so yet so we have definitely got a lot of use out of it! It is also very good quality so we don't need to replace any of the parts and it is still looking in very good condition and I can imagine if we had another baby we would use this again so we could get 8 years worth of use out of it making it even better value for money.

      ***Positives ***
      Easy to slot together
      Use it for a long time
      Brake works very well
      Comes with various accessories
      Easy to fold up
      Looks different to others
      Pushes and steers well
      Adjustable handle bar
      Very good quality.

      ***Negatives ***
      Sometimes not practical
      More expensive than others
      In conclusion

      I can conclude that I am very happy with this choice of travel system and I'm glad that we bought this one and not any other. It is easy to steer, simple to put together and enables your baby to travel around safely from day one of it's life. I do recommend this although it is very expensive so do look out for when offers are on as you could be getting yourself a bargain!

      *please note review also found on Ciao under my username on there *


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        30.09.2010 18:25
        Very helpful



        In the country - great. In the city - too big, heavy & bulky.

        We initially planned on buying the Mothercare My-Choice travel system until we saw the Mura. The style is similar, almost identical, but the Mura seems far more sturdy, especially for those who live in a countrside area as we do.
        The chassis comes in a 3 wheeler or 4 wheeler, and comes with the stroller body (can be placed forward or rear facing, has 3 reclining positions and so can be used from newborn), raincover, hood/canopy and foot pump for the tyres. It can be used as a travel system - the maxi cosi cabriofix car seat can be plugged into the chassis using adapters - and a carry cot can be purchased separately and attached to the frame using the same adapters as the car seat.
        All the wheels can be easily removed at the touch of a button, and considering the size & sturdiness of the assembled stroller, the frame folds very compact - it even fit into the tiny boot of my Mini Cooper! The frame easily folds by pulling 2 levers on either side of the handle, and folds smaller still by pulling a lever on the base of the frame.
        The pram is great in rural areas, for off-roading! It is sturdy enough to withstand the roughest of terrain, and the suspension & pneumatic tyres provide a smooth, if a little bouncy ride, for baby.
        The bulk of the frame, however, is also a disadvantage in certain situations. Navigating through narrow shop aisles or doorways can be tricky, and it is quite a heavy frame, especially if going uphill.
        Also, in order to fold the stroller to it's smallest proportions, the seat has to be removed. It will fold with the seat attached if the seat is forward facing and fully upright, but not easily, if for example you were going on a bus or train.
        It is advertised as being from newborn as the seat has a lie-flat position. However, only now, at the age of 7 months, do I find that the harness properly fits my son, even with the straps at tightened to maximum shortness.
        I do love this pram, mainly due to the area in which I live - surrounded by fields & woodland! But had I lived in a more urban setting, I would be tempted to buy something a bit more compact, lighter & mobile.


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        16.09.2010 23:38
        Very helpful



        No pushchair is perfect, but this one works for us.

        When my little one was really little, she stayed mostly in the Silver Cross pram (which I've already reviewed) or the sling. As a result, it was only when she was getting too heavy for me to carry everywhere that we bought a pushchair for her. So, although this particular stroller is suitable from birth, I don't have any experience of using it that early. I bought it when my daughter was 14 months old, and she is now 21 months old

        We went off to Kiddicare in Peterborough, and had a jolly morning pushing all the different ones around, deciding on the Mura 4. It was on sale, as we chose a discontinued colour - the stroller, carrycot attachement and raincover altogether cost £140. I had a mild preference for three wheels, but the Mura 3 didn't feel as sturdy as the Mura 4.

        The manual is rather opaque in some places, I find, however, Kiddicare have supplied youtube with video versions of the manual. I had trouble with some aspects, such as putting on the hood, but the videos are clear so no more trouble.

        The pushchair itself has four bicycle-style tyres. I've had a couple of punctures, and a bicycle repair kit sorts them out. If necessary, any bike shop will also be able to supply inner-tubes. The nature of the tyres means that they can be taken for rambles. I walk a lot, and enjoy cross country walking (although I don't do as much of that as I'd like) so that's important to me.

        There is a generous shopping basket. There is an option to buy a changing bag exactly shaped to the basket, but I find an ordinary backpack fits fine, and means if I have lots of shopping I just put the bag on my back.

        The handle has a nice variety of heights. My husband is 6'2" and my son is 5', and both of them find it comfortable to push. The chair is very wide, though; it's wider than my carriage built pram! I need to open both doors on every double door, and there are a lot of times I only just fit down corridors or past bins, or even don't fit. It's easy to fold or unfold, I can do it with one hand, but if the seat is in rearward facing position, you have to take the seat off first.

        Folded, it's a big chair. It comes into two parts, which helps a little, but it takes up half the boot on our Ford Mondeo, and would completely fill a smaller boot.

        The seat goes forward or backwards facing, and the hood can, with a little practise, go on either way. There is a viewing window in the hood, but it's a little difficult to see through, both because it's not completely clear and it's very small. There are three seat positions, upright, completely flat, and half reclined. This means it can be used without the carrycot from birth. There are three different height ranges for the five-point harness. My daughter has a long back, but is still fine with the harness in the middle position, so I think she'll be comfortable for a long time.

        My daughter is very comfortable in it. She takes her naps there, and she climbs in sometimes, just to read a book or play. She likes to have the foot rest up so she can put her feet on it with her knees up, but the footrest can be up for smaller children or down for bigger children, they can then rest their feet on the frame.

        There is a bar that comes with it that goes between the legs, but it's not tall enough to be pretend handlebars, so we never use it. The straps are padded, and this padding is often used as a phone by my daughter, she loves to chatter away on it. There are also two D-rings. I think these are meant for securing a car seat, but I have a buggy-book clipped to one.

        The seat cover doesn't come off for washing, and this is my main bugbear. It's very difficult to wash, especially in the crease between the bottom and back parts of the seat. I vacuum it, and wash with a soapy sponge, but anyone with better hints, I'd love to hear them!

        I have the rain cover as well, and it goes on easily, but I often forget to pick it up, so I've not used it much. There is also a parasol which clips to the front, but I don't have that.

        Despite the niggles of size and dirtiness, I love how easy to push this is, and how much time I have left for going for long country walks with my daughter before she outgrows it. I'm glad we chose this pushchair, and I would buy again.

        Update: when my daughter got a bit older, just over two, she became very interested in the 'handlebars' that go between her legs, and now she loves to have them on, and she drives along merrily brum-brumming.


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        20.07.2010 14:28
        Very helpful



        Easy to fold up, bulky

        We spent ages looking for a pram for our first child.

        We narrowed it down as we knew we wanted a specific car seat (maxi cosi cabrio fix) and this pram fit the car seat. There are a number of other prams that do this but we liked this the best.

        The pram folds up easily with the use of 2 slide buttons on the side of the pram and unfolding the pram is also just as easy. Can even be done one handed (with a little practise).

        The pushchair body that comes with the pram is easy to attach and detach, it clips on and then pull a handle to release. I havent yet mastered doing that one handed. However our little boy finds the seat really comfortable.

        The wheels of the pram pop on and off easily, which is a huge benefit when you go out walking in mud.

        One negative for this is the amount of space that the stroller takes up in your boot. I have a ford focus, and cant get a lot more in the boot once the stroller is in there.


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        26.04.2010 09:57
        Very helpful



        great product- wouldn't be without mine

        Before buying a pram for our daughter, my husband and I dithered long and hard. We test drove several, researched plenty, and eventually decided on the Maxi-Cosi Mura.

        The mura is very similar to the quinny buzz in design- both have square chassis, with the stroller seat, carry cot, and car seat available to clip on to it. It is available as a 3 wheeler and as a 4 wheeler, although there is very little difference between them.

        Starting with the chassis: the product boasts an extendeable handle, meaning someone very tall would be able to use this product, and equally so, someone very short- perfect in our family where there is a considerable height difference. The chassis also folds very compactly, and unlike other models, is very easy to fold and unfold one handed- perfect if you're carrying the baby in the other hand. It is literally 3 clicks, and it's up, and a case of slide and push to fold. Very simple.

        The chassis is quite heavy compared to some on the market, but also folds to be one of the most compact. All the wheels are removable if space is an issue when travelling, and these simply click into place when reinserted. The chassis when folded, resembles a cube, rather than the common folded shape of a long thin rectangle. This design is much better for our boot (peugeot 207) One disadvantage however is that the chassis can only really be folded with nothing on it, which can be a pain if you're travelling by bus and space is an issue.

        The back wheels are very broad and sturdy, and the chassis comes with a pump for the tyres. It also has a small shopping basket under the chassis. When buying this product you'll get a stroller seat with the chassis as standard. This comes with a hood, and rain cover, and also the adaptors for the car seat and pram base to clip to the chassis.

        The seat can be either forward or rear facing, and has several reclinable options. It also includes a driving t bar, and soft padded fabric, which is machine washable. Suitable until around 4 years

        Also available for this model are a hard bodied pram (which can be used as a moses basket), and comes with mattress, hood, raincover, blanket and mosquito net. The mattress cover, and bumper are all velcroed into place, and pull out for easy washing. Suitable until the baby can sit

        The car seats compatible with this model are the maxi cosi cabriofix, and the maxi cosi pebble (birth to 13kg)- both fit with the adaptors supplied. Ideal if you're on your own and just popping into the supermarket, as the baby can stay in the car seat- no need to disturb them.

        The maxi-cosi mura comes in a variety of colours, and is priced at around £360 for the chassis and stroller seat. The pram base is around £150, and the car seat £115. However, there are often package deals around


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