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Mothercare Atlan

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2 Reviews
  • Easy to fold
  • Beautiful colour
  • Bulky when folded
  • Not many changes can be made to the position of the back rest
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    2 Reviews
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      27.06.2015 17:05
      Very helpful


      • "Easy to fold"
      • "Beautiful colour"
      • "Comfortable steering"
      • "Solid brake"
      • Comfortable


      • "Bulky when folded"
      • "Not many changes can be made to the position of the back rest"

      What A Shame They Discontinued This Lovely Pram

      I had the Altan pram from Mothercare back in 2008 when my (now) eight year old was just coming out of her travel system. I bought it new but as I understand it the Altan range was discontinued soon afterwards, the pram still comes up on Ebay occasionally but never in excellent condition due to the length of time it has been unavailable for as new.

      Dooyoo's photo is slightly deceiving as the colour of the Altan is much nicer in the flesh, it always reminded me of peacock colouring as in dull light it appeared charcoal but in the sun a shimmer of emerald and sometimes sapphire would roll through the fabric coverings. It was this which originally saw me purchasing the pram, despite the fact little Hollie already had five by that point and I really didn't need another!

      The pram is fantastic to push, I got ours out of the loft yesterday to put on Gumtree (mine is in excellent condition) and gave it a quick go around the garden to test everything out ready for sale. Steering the pram even one handed is easily done, the foot brake is absolutely solid (although I never rely on a pram foot brake, the contents are far too precious!) and it folds in seconds once you get the knack of pulling the folding mechanism in it's specific way. The folded pram is terribly bulky, that was the only downside to it as at the time I had a BMW with a very small boot and it filled that leaving no room for my shopping.

      In terms of comfort the Altan was excellent and I had no qualms about Hollie riding around in it for long periods - the back rest only moved to a few increments so unfortunately it wasn't suitable for my son when he was born a couple of years later as he suffered reflux and I just couldn't get the seat in a comfortable position so as not to irritate his condition. I loved the chunky five point harness as it held Hollie safe and secure despite her being a Houdini baby and escaping from just about ever other harness we put on her.

      I used the provided footmuff but Hollie went into the pram at the start of the summer of 2008 so it wasn't needed for long - by the time winter rolled around she was ready for a more upright buggy so again the footmuff was used only for a few short weeks.

      If you can get one at a reasonable price in usable condition then go for it, but I doubt there are many about now - you could buy mine, it's going on Gumtree later on today!


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      16.10.2009 18:22
      Very helpful



      Fantastic value travel system, will last til baby doesnt need one any more

      I bought this pushchair for my son as part of a travel system, at the bargain price of £135 in their january sale! It included this pushchair, a car seat, car seat base, foot muff and a rain cover. Mine is black with a red trim, and I have found it very easy to buy generic matching accessories for, as many companies make red pushchair and pram accessories.

      The main points for me when looking for a travel system were that it had to fold small, be easy to collapse and be cheap, as we were on a strict budget. And I am pleased to say this met all the criteria!

      My car is a Vauxhall Corsa with quite a small boot, and the pushchair fits perfectly. We did have to remove the parcel shelf to get it in, though.

      The buggy is fantastically easy to collapse, whenever I have collapsed it in front of other mums at baby group they have always commented on how easy it is, usually while attempting to do so with a big and cumbersome Mama's and Papa's type pram - much more expensive!

      There are 3 settings for baby to lay in, a lay flat, middle and upright. The buggy is advertised from birth because it lays flat but I wouldnt really advise you put baby in it until he/she is a few months old, as the straps were loose around my son even on the tightest setting until he got to 6 months old.

      The shopping basket underneath has plenty of room in it even when baby is laying flat, and when baby is upright I have even managed to fit in a giant bag of cat litter and a folded/bagged up travel cot!

      There is only one gripe I have with this buggy, and that is that sometimes the wheel locks get knocked on while getting it in and out of the car, but that really is the only gripe, and is easily sorted by knocking them off again.

      A really fantastic buy which will last my son until he doesn't need a buggy any more. I couldnt have asked for anything else!


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