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Mothercare Cat Net

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1 Review
  • Fits quite a few different pushchair styles
  • Doesn't really work
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    1 Review
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      31.08.2015 01:45
      Very helpful


      • "Fits quite a few different pushchair styles "


      • "Doesn't really work"

      Not the best idea Mothercare have ever had...

      It's amazing what you come across when you're having a sort out, this cat net I remember buying from Mothercare when my son was born. My mum likes to bond with her grandchildren by taking them overnight at a very young age, she's done it with all four of my kids but things were a little different when David was born four years ago as she then had three cats. I've had very little to do with cats but the horror stories I'd heard of pet moggies lying over baby and suffocating them made me very nervous as the time drew near to send (very) little David over.

      The Mothercare Cat Net is basically a net to be fitted to your pushchair, it's largely elasticated with a couple of ties to ensure a tight fit. Obviously the cat net won't fit every pushchair on the planet, it didn't even fit every pushchair in my collection, so do check your model against the list supplied by Mothercare before buying one.

      It works by being a tight mesh rather than the less taut netting you can buy to stop bugs, mosquitoes etc getting near your baby. The tightness makes a deep slope which a cat can't really lie on without falling off - the fatal flaw being my mums biggest cat is potentially morbidly obese and the sheer weight of Tigger was just too much for the net to cope with and it simply drooped inwards (rendering baby suffocated by cat AND net).

      It was quite obvious this was going to happen which is why I ended up using this as an insect net after all (and hence the reason it has lain unseen for a couple of years until my recent de cluttering session) and the moggies were forcibly and unceremoniously thrown out until David was old enough for death by cat not to be an issue.

      In short, a bit of a waste of money and in one way totally dangerous as if you put your faith into a basic product like this the outcome really doesn't bear thinking about.


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  • Product Details

    At a Glance The Mothercare Cat Net is designed to protect your little one from the curiosity of cats or other pets so that they can be left to sleep in peace and safety. Features and benefits for Mothercare Cat Net The Mothercare Cat Net has an elasticated edge that allows it to fit snugly onto most prams, carrycots and Moses baskets Protects baby from cats and other pets that might want to climb in with baby The mesh finish allows you to see in and for baby to breathe easily Mothercare loves...??this simple item which can give you peace of mind when putting your baby to sleep in a household with a cat.Want to know more?The Mothercare Cat Net is the perfect solution for leaving baby to sleep in peace in their pram, carrycot or Moses basket.The elasticated edge means it can fit most prams, carrycots and Moses baskets snugly.The Mothercare Cat Net's mesh finish allows you to see baby clearly. You can see when baby is awake or check on them without waking them, happy in the knowledge that your cat has not climbed in for a snuggle.Don't forget...Mothercare also stocks insect nets to protect your little one from flying bugs. What's in the box: 1 x Mothercare Cat Net

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