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Mothercare Disney Minnie Mouse

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4 Reviews
  • Good price
  • Looks beautiful
  • No raincover
  • Small basket
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    4 Reviews
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      01.03.2015 15:18
      Not Helpful


      • "Easy to clean"
      • "Good price"
      • "Looks beautiful"
      • "Easy to use"


      • "No raincover"
      • "Small basket"

      For the price I can't complain. Great pram, great price. Happy daughter. Happy mummy!

      I bought this pram for my four year old for our holiday to Turkey in June, as the long walking in the heat makes her tired. We previously had the Minnie Mouse Obaby pram, which I loved, but didn't want to spend a fortune as it was only going to be used for a short time.
      When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised how beautiful it was. The colour really stood out and my daughter was happy with the Minnie motif (as was I!)
      It folds up and down easily (great for the plane) and is so easy to use that I don't even feel like I am pushing a pram!


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      31.10.2013 21:29
      Very helpful



      Cute looking stroller but I didn't get on with it!

      My Mum bought this as a spare for my daughter for her house and I borrowed it last month for a week away. I have a Britax B Mobile in my car which fits perfectly but my Mum has a small car and it won't go in her boot. As I also took my Mum's car away with me I had no choice but to use this pushchair.

      My Mum bought this for £49.99 in Argos but she also had a £10 off voucher so it was even better value.

      I had to purchase a raincover separately as it isn't included with this pushchair. What you do get is the pushchair, a hood that is detachable and a canvas bag which is bright red to store it in.

      The stroller is mainly red in colour and it features white spots all over. On the back of the seat is a large picture of Minnie mouse. The frame of the pushchair is grey as well as the outer part of the wheels. The safety harness and the foot rest is red as well as the handles.

      The pushchair is lightweight and weighs 6.8kg. The pushchair is suitable for children up to 15kg or between 6 months and 3 years of age. The pushchair is folded in an umbrella fold which you need to hands to do. Folded the pushchair measures L102, W30, D18cm so it will fit in a small car.

      You get a decent sized shopping basket in this pushchair which is one of the things I really like about it, it does hold a lot more than my Britax model which is useful when we are out and about.

      The pushchair seemed to me a little flimsy when it was up, when I first sat my daughter in it I didn't think it looked particularly comfortable, she seemed to like it however.

      The first day I used this all day as we went to Drayton Manor, I found the pushchair easy to put up and once I sat my daughter in the harness was easy to fasten and adjust. I found this really light to push and I found that it wasn't very maneuverable. My day to day pushchair has single wheels and this has double at the front which I found made it a bit unpredictable and it seemed to wander off course from time to time.

      The chair has a foot rest which my daughter liked and throughout the day she asked me to raise her feet so she could rest. It was a really sunny day and when the canopy was on my daughters head was touching the top of it and she didn't like it. She is 2 1/2 and 1 metre tall (we measured her at the theme park) so she is quite tall for her age. This poses another problem with this pushchair when she fell asleep towards the end of the day her head hung over the backrest I seen other parents pushing similar Mothercare pushchairs and I noticed they had the same issue so I don't think it is just because she is tall. She slumped her head to the side and I felt she looked so uncomfortable even with the canopy attached it didn't support her head well. The pushchair reclines using a clip fastening it is really hard to do this without disturbing your sleeping child.

      The next few days of out holiday were spent in North Wales and we walked a lot along the promenades in various seaside towns we traveled to. I can't say I was overly impressed with this stroller. I would have personally paid a little more for a better model. I found it was flimsy and cheap.

      Another issue I have with this is it is also difficult to fold, I find it really stiff it could just be mine or maybe a fault with all of these strollers but I have to really yank it with my one hand while giving the red lever at the back a good kick to get it to fold. Once it is folded there is a little catch to hold it together until it's next use.

      The best points about this stroller are the fact it is small when folded, has a large shopping basket and the handles are comfortable and of a decent height.

      Overall this is very basic and I think poorly made, I wouldn't recommend it. I would give this 2 stars, the pattern on the pushchair is lovely and Minnie is really bold and bright but the design isn't for me and it didn't suit us.


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        17.09.2013 08:51



        Cheap but definitely a great pushchair.

        Minnie Mouse Pushchair

        I bought this stroller for our family holiday as got it for £40 out of argos so thought it would do the job as just a basic lightweight stroller but was highly impressed for how little it costs and will be using it back home aswell.

        The pushchair is form 6 months till 3 years but can imagine it lasting my child longer than that as she does love this stroller as we use it if we are just nipping into town or down the street. It has the ability to recline for your child to lie back aswell as sit up right, also has a great size shopping basket underneath and has swivel wheels at front which make it easy to use if in town or needing to get in and about.

        Only downfall when purchasing pram is you don't get a rainvcover but can pick up a universal one to fit so will still be a cheap pram.

        Would say this pram is an absolute bargain for what you get as its definitely one of my best buys for my daughter and think I will be using it for a long while still, would definetly recommend to anyone looking for a stroller for their toddler at a great price.


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        07.05.2013 12:47
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A highly recommended buy

        **Price and Availability**

        The Mothercare Disney Minnie Mouse Stroller is available not only instore at Mothercare and Mothercare world, online at Mothercare.co.uk but also at Argos and Argos.co.uk.

        Currently the RRP is £49.99, however Argos are doing it at 20% off so you can pick it up for an extremely reasonable £39.99, excellent value for money for not only a Mothercare branded stroller, but a Disney one too!

        You can click and collect for free, or pay a small (under £4) delivery charge. I bought instore at Argos after checking stock levels on the website, and had it within the hour.


        The Mothercare Disney Minnie Mouse Stroller looks lovely as you'd expect from a Disney item. It's mainly a bright, vibrant red which has white polka dots on it. There is a detatchable, adjustable matching hood, and underneath the stroller, there is a red mesh basket for your bits and bobs.

        The wheels are double wheels in grey with red middles and the foot rest is red, too. The handles are curved and yes, red too! The main body of the stroller is a grey metal. The main attraction (for my daughter, anyway), is the lovely plastic printed picture of Minnie in the backrest of the stroller.

        For the money, it looks fantastic, I'm really happy with it. A lot brighter and happier than my old drab Mamas and Papas stroller!

        **What you Get**

        With the Mothercare Disney Minnie Mouse Stroller you get the detatchable hood and the red shopping basket. Amazing value for money as when I bought my last stroller we had to pay £10 extra for these.

        **The Stroller**

        Size wise the Mothercare Disney Minnie Mouse Stroller measures up at 102cm deep and weighs 6.8kg (minus the child and all your shopping, of course!) which means not only is it great to pop in the car and go around the shops with, it's also ideal for travel.

        The stroller, like most of this kind is a two hand umbrella fold, you push one lever down on the right, pull the middle bar on the back up, and it concertinas inwards. The folded dimensions are L102, W30 and D18cm meaning it fits in plane holds, little cars and on the train or bus.

        The Mothercare Disney Minnie Mouse Stroller is suitable up to 15kg in weight, and the box suggests this is 6 months to 3 years, though my daughter is quite tall and we probably won't be able to use it past 2 and a half. We needed to purchase it, however, for a holiday to Lanzarote, and it is in such good condition we will certainly keep it, for future babies or for giving to a friend, if we don't have another girl.

        It is very easy to push, which not all strollers are, as it has decent 'racer grip' handles and lockable swivel front wheels.

        In terms of child comfort and safety, the stroller has multi recline positions which allow for sleeping in the stroller, and has a five point, adjustable harness (in red!) and an adjustable foot rest, too. This makes it incredibly versatile for a more budget minded stroller, and means however old your child you can be sure they are travelling in comfort.

        I find the Mothercare Disney Minnie Mouse Stroller incredibly easy to use, my daughter enjoys using it, and as there is front wheel suspension, it's a fairly comfortable ride for her (not as comfortable as the iCandy we have but still, for the money and the convenience, we're all happy).

        **Any Concerns**

        Not really - we're really pleased with the Mothercare Disney Minnie Mouse Stroller but there are one or two small points to note:

        - The stroller does not come with a rain cover, however you can buy a compatible on eBay or Amazon for a few pounds. We didn't bother as we bought it for a holiday abroad mainly, and after that it's only been used for short walks to the shops or the doctors and around shopping malls.

        - The stroller did not come with a parasol, and the hood, though OK for everyday use, isn't as good in very bright direct sunlight. So we spent £4 on a red parasol from Home Bargains which matches perfectly and blocks out the sun. We feel that for the price of the stroller, this isn't an issue as these cheaper compatible parasols fit very well.

        Other than that, the only (small) concern for my little one is that when she is sitting in the stroller, she can't actually see Minnie! But she gets quickly distracted.


        Overall, I can't tell you how happy I am with the Mothercare Disney Minnie Mouse Stroller other than to award it 5 stars out of 5 and to recommend that you buy one, if you're looking for a distinctive and versatile little girl's stroller which has a hood and bag.

        At the moment it's a steal at Argos but even the RRP is decent for such a high quality branded item. I am so pleased I bought it and I wish I'd never bothered with my previous stroller and always had this one!


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      • Product Details

        Pushchair specifications: D102cm. Weight 6.8kg. Suitable from birth to 3 years. Suitable for children up to 15kg. Folding specifications: 2 hand umbrella fold. Folded size L102, W30, D18cm. Carry strap. General information: Multi recline positions. Forward facing seat. 5 point harness. 4 wheeler. Swivel and lock wheels - front wheels only. Handle height 102cm. Front wheel suspension. Adjustable leg rest. Steel chassis. Pushchair accessories included: Shopping basket. Detachable hood.

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