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Mothercare Jive Stroller

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Brand: Mothercare / Type: Standard

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    3 Reviews
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      17.02.2014 23:54
      Very helpful



      A cheap version of a maclaren which I find just as good

      When my daughter was less than a year old I picked up a Maclaren Quest buggy for a tenner, and even though it was already second hand I thought I might get enough use out of it to do my daughter the time she would need in the buggy. Just before Christmas the Maclaren just wasn't fit for purpose any longer and had done its time, so although I felt I got my tenner's worth as it was used enormously, I had to start looking for another buggy that would do my daughter until she is at least 3 when hopefully she won't need one any longer. I researched a bit and was just about to invest in a basic one when I walked past a charity shop window with this Mothercare Jive Stroller in it, looking in pristine condition, bar obvious dirt and general usage on the wheels. I paid £8 for it, and you can still pick up these buggies on the likes of Ebay or other buy and sell websites, probably for more than I paid.

      My Mothercare Jive Stroller is a little nicer than that shown above. Firstly, despite me having a girl, I hate pink buggies, and would never buy one, but the one I bought was a navy/blue stripe buggy with the theme 'Can't Catch me'. There is the basic seat cover, reinforced with an extra padded seat which is very cute looking and most importantly for me hardly used. In fact when I brought this home my husband thought I had bought a brand new buggy until he saw the wheels. My buggy also has a hood, and to be honest I wouldn't have bought it without a hood, as my daughter still occasionally has a short nap in the buggy if we are out for a walk and I like to put this over her plus on a sunny day I think having a hood is a must to help protect children from the sun and burning. The buggy can also be tilted back by releasing a strap behind the seat if you want to put a child in a recline position for sleeping.

      The only thing I didn't like about this buggy and still don't are the white wheels. There is something cheap looking about white wheels on a buggy and it doesn't fit with the rest of the buggy which doesn't look cheap and in fact the material looks very rich looking.

      When I bought this buggy I made sure that it was an easy buggy to fold down and take up and although the mechanisms are different from the Maclaren it is as easy to take down and put up as the this brand. You simply push a little button in at the back and then push down a button at the side and it closes up the buggy to a very small size- as small as my Maclaren used to go down to, which is great as I do not want a big buggy taking up my boot space, and also I will probably need the buggy when we go on holiday this year again for day trips so my daughter can hop in when she gets tired from walking.

      There is a little shopping basket under the buggy seat which is fairly small and by the time I squeeze a rain cover into it, there isn't much room for anything else. I'm not too bothered as you can hang a bag or two on the handles, although obviously with it being such a lightweight buggy there is the potential for the buggy to tip when a child isn't in it.

      Since getting this buggy I have had no problems with it. My daughter seems to find it very comfortable when she is in it, and when we are in town doing some shopping she can get in and out easily when she wants to as sometimes she walks for a while and then tires and wants to get pushed for a while! All in al, I am very happy with my buggy - it is lightweight, comfortable, folds down very small and does what it needs to do without it being all singing all dancing! A cheaper version of a maclaren!


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      18.02.2013 21:47
      Very helpful



      A very reasonably priced, pretty and light-weight pushchair more suited to less adventurous usage!

      ~*~The Product~ 'Take A Stroll'! ~*~

      This product is what I consider a very basic buggy. The Mothercare stroller is in bright pink with large daisies as the design feature. The pushchair is only 5.6Kg making it light and manageable. The buggy will accommodate a child from the age of six months and take a maximum child weight of 15.0Kg. The pushchair conforms to the European safety standards. There are two wheels per each section on the four pointed chassis. I will cover these and other product specifications and design features under the sub-heading, 'My usage experience'. The Mothercare web site claims that 'The Mothercare Jive Stroller is a great value lightweight stroller, perfect for day trips and holidays', I was eager to see how 'perfect' it would turn out to be with considerable usage!

      ~*~My usage Experience ~ 'Taking A Stroll Down Memory Lane'! ~*~

      My daughter provided me with the stroller to keep at my home as I am a 'hands on' Nanny :~) Both me and my daughter have a habit of forgetting certain baby products when I babysit so having this inexpensive buggy already at my home makes for one less thing to remember! I've had a few buggy's in my time with my own children, but 'a trip down memory lane' occurred when my daughter had my first grand-child :~) I am now the proud Nan of four grand-tots, the youngest being the recipient of this latest stroller.

      ~ Convenience ~

      I begin by commenting on the convenience in using the stroller. The first thing I like to test is how easy it is to adjust the back rest, such as in the reclining position. The back is simple to adapt into a couple of restful positions, the furthest being the most comfortable for my grand-daughter when sleeping. She doesn't feel restricted by the position and is able to lay stretched out comfortably. I will mention though, that as the stroller does not have leg rest other than the foot rest, it isn't as convenient and conducive for a restful sleep as a more comprehensively deigned model. 5/5

      ~ 'Putting The Brakes On'~

      Engaging the brakes is very simple and easy to use. The protruding bright pink foot brakes make this safety feature easy to locate and operate. The brakes keep the pushchair from moving even when my grand-daughter struggles to move the buggy forward with the momentum of her thrusting at the sides! But further on in my review I will mention a drawback to the positioning of the breaks! 4/5

      ~ 'Basketball'~

      The pink open laced shopping basket is easy enough to access on the under carriage of the pram. Mothercare state that the shopping basket will 'help carry baby essentials and the odd spot of shopping when you're out and about'. Well, 'odd spot of shopping' is correct. I am unable to fit much in at all without the netting beginning to sink and drag. As an example on space, it can fit in around a couple of 800g light loaves of bread with a little room for a few smaller and lighter items on the sides. Heavier items need to be avoided as the netting cannot retain its shape and stability otherwise. When I place my grand-daughter's bottles, nappies, and a packet of wipes in, the basket has no difficulties accommodating the smaller and lighter items. I normally place my handbag around the handle bars for security and easy access. 3/5

      ~Fly Off The Handle'~

      The handle height of 98cm is very good. I have found problems with many other strollers due to the length of height to push as I am a little over 5ft 7"tall. But this height makes pushing the buggy easy with no discomfort to my spine. There is no temptation to lean over to push and therefore, I never end up with backache when pushing the buggy around, even with my growing grand-daughter! :~) Furthermore the contrasting pink 'moulded handles make comfy grips' for my hands that furnishes an ergonomically designed feature. Although the handles cannot be adjusted, I find the angle is absolutely fine for manoeuvring the stroller. 5/5

      ~ 'When The Push Comes To Shove'~

      As for the ease of actually pushing the stroller, I find it very comfortable. The only time I have found difficulty in pushing and the action becoming cumbersome is when I know I have over-loaded the pushchair, such as too many bags on the handle bars and heavy items in the shopping basket that tends to make the stroller drag. When I only have my grand-daughter 'on board' the push chair is a delight to push, very controllable and light weight. 5/5

      ~ 'Clean Slate'~

      Cleaning the material is easy. The combination of materials such as polyester, make wiping stains off the covers simple. I will mention that certain stains, like dark fruit juices will need a suitable cleaning agent and sponge to remove. The covers have sustained some marks over time, but faded enough through regular cleaning not to be too noticeable. Overall, I feel that the fabric stands up well to most things my grand-daughter can throw at it! :~) 4/5

      ~ 'Moving On'~

      Manoeuvrability is very good as the swivel wheels move easily and can handle uneven pavements and various materials such as asphalt experienced when I take my grand-daughter for a 'stroll' along the older parts of the city and crossing roads. The swivel wheels means that I can turn sharp corners and obstacles with comfortable ease and with no jolting of my grand-daughter. Another added feature to ease the movement is that the stroller 'has lockable front swivel wheels' which help at times when I push the buggy over bumpy surfaces. The stroller is very versatile in this area as it means that I can walk in a straight line and the wheels will handle the difficult terrain better. Added to this, and more importantly, my grand-daughter experiences a more comfortable ride. I find manoeuvring the stroller up and down kerbs no problem at all; the pushchair is very light and accommodates the various angling easy.

      I would like to point out though that their seems to be a few surfaces such as grass, gravel paths and cobble stones that tend to have the stroller's frame rattling considerably. This has caused my grand-daughter a little anxiety as she seems to feel insecure in the pushchair at these times. Another drawback is when I pull the buggy up a flight of stairs, the brakes catch on the edging and the pushchair tends to present a rather bumpy ride for my grand-daughter, along with making it difficult for me to balance the buggy equally, resulting in more tension for her. 3/5

      ~ 'Welcome Into The Fold'~

      Folding the stroller is so easy. With a light weight of only 5.6kg, and a simple one foot flick up action to the metal centre release section, I can fold the stroller in a matter of seconds with its simple scissor action. The wonderfully small and compact folded size of 30 x 18 x 102cm means I can travel on the bus with the stroller taking up very little space. I can place the stroller in the smallest of spaces without it being cumbersome or effecting comfort, for other passengers including myself. If I have items in the shopping basket and/or my grand-daughter is asleep, I will travel on the bus without folding the stroller. Getting onto buses is no problem these days, with their pressurised lower moving step for ease of access to the floor of the bus. The stroller is slim enough in its dimensions that placing it in the 'pram' section of the bus and sitting beside the stroller present no congestion to other passengers or the thoroughfare of the bus.

      Placing the stroller in my daughter's vehicle is also simple and easy, with it taking up so little room that we can comfortably place our grocery shopping in the boot alongside the slender chassis. Unfolding the stroller is as simple as folding. Simply by pulling gently at either side of the framework and clicking the metal centre release bar secures the pushchair into position ready for travel. The pushchair isn't bulky or heavy so I can lift it with ease without any difficulty. I do not use escalators with the stroller out of safety precautions so I do not know how the pushchair would react with issues such as balance. With the majority of stores having lifts, I have not come across a problem getting between floors as yet that would make an escalator a necessity. 5/5

      ~ 'Belt Up'~

      The 'Jive Stroller has a 5-point safety buckle and adjustable shoulder harness, for added safety and peace of mind'. I am able to adjust the plain bright pink straps according to my grand-daughter's changing size easily. The simple slide through buckle means that adjusting the length is simple and easy to customise. The straps are thick and strong enough to keep my grand-daughter secure. The strength of the stitching and with no chafing of the straps occurring adds to my peace of mind. 5/5

      ~*~Would I Recommend? ~ 'Stroll On'!~*~

      Yes. As a basic 'lightweight and compact stroller' I feel this serves its purpose. I have found no choking hazards to this pushchair. But I do feel that it is best suited for casual use, as the stroller is not constructed for hardy wear. Loading down with heavy bags and moving across uneven surfaces presents structural problems for the fragile buggy. the stroller is suitable from 6mths and upwards. Unfortunately, there are no co-ordinating accessories that come with the stroller, although these are available at Mothercare.

      The Mothercare Jive Stroller is currently available for a reasonable price of £34.99. The buggy also comes in other designs such as Dinosaurs and Robots. A real plus concerning ordering the pushchair online is that Mothercare offer free delivery on orders over £29.99. Another advantage is that the stroller also comes with a free two year guarantee.


      Thank you for taking the time to read my review on this basic but practical Stroller :~)


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        13.01.2013 13:57
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Lovely Stroller at a low price

        When I was pregnant with my second daughter my mother in law kindly bought us a travel system style pram, it came with a car seat and could be adapted to suit the child as they grew. Whilst I did love the pram at times I found it was rather too large and bulky, even folded up it took up quite a lot of room in the little terrace house we were living in at the time. On top of that I was taking my eldest daughter back and too on the bus to school each day. Most of the time the buses were buggy style ones but on the occasions when a regular bus turned up I simply had to wait for the next as it was just far to difficult and time consuming to fold the pram up. I decided a lightweight buggy or stroller would make life so much easier, so once my daughter was six months old I began looking around for one. I did a little research online and read a few reviews before deciding on Mothercares "Jive" stroller.

        Mothercares Jive stroller currently costs £32.99, and I paid around this price for it.

        I headed to my nearest Mothercare store as I wanted to have a good look at the stroller before I bought it. I went to the back of the store where all the prams were located and was pleased to find the stroller I wanted  easily, as it was part of a display. There was also a tester stroller out which enabled me to have a quick go and have a really detailed look. The staff were really helpful and one of the sale assistance informed me that this was one of their most popular strollers, she also took the product to the checkout for me once I had decided to buy it. The stroller was already assembled and apart from a few tags which needing to be cut off the it was ready to use.

        What first caught my eye about this stroller was the vibrant bold colours, it was very cute and girlie and I thought my daughter wouod love it. I chose the Daisy design, which is bright pink with flowers all over, there is also a pink butterfly design. There are also a couple of designs for boys which include dinosaurs and robots. 

        This is a very basic stroller and this is reflected in the price. For anyone considering buying this stroller I would point out that it does not come with a hood, which in my opinion is pretty essential. A matching accessory pack can be bought seperately and costs £19.99. The pack is presented in a reusable bag and includes the hood which attaches to the handles and a rain cover. The pack I bought also came with a reversable seat cover, but this no longer seems to be included. I bought the set with the stroller as recommended by the sales assistant and I can honestly say I am glad I did as it proved to be invaluble. It kept my daughter dry in the rainy months, and the hood also worked well at keeping the sun off her head on sunnier days.

        I found this to be a small and lightweight stroller, which is exactly what I had been looking for. It weights just 5.6kg and folded up it measures 30 x 18 x 102cm. It is ideal for travelling as it easily fits into most car boots, plus its convenient for buses or trains. I found folding the stroller relatively easy and once I got the hang of it I was able to do it with just one hand and my foot. To collapse it you simply press the Lock button( located at the back of the pram) down before Pushing the handles down, a plastic catch is provided to keep it all in place. I would note that the basket needs to be empty.

        When opened up the stroller has a height of 96cm, at 5 2" I found this an ideal size, but my partner being much taller found it a little on the small side. I thought the moulded soft handles were a nice added touch, and made the stroller comfortable to push. This stroller is suitable from when the child is six months old, and this is the age my daughter was when we began using it. I never felt that my daughter was too small for it, she always looked comfortable and happy whilst sitting in it.  The seat can be adjusted to various positions, whilst she was younger I tended to keep it quite far back but as she got older I was able to change the position depending upon her mood. Usually I would have her sat upright as this was what she seemed to prefer, if she looked sleepy though I would often recline it so she could sleep comfortably. The 5 point safety harness is also adjustable and I found it really easy to use, it stayed in place and I never experienced the clasp coming undone.

        Underneath there is a very small shopping basket, which fits a few essential items like a pack of baby wipes and a couple of small toys. Due to this being a lightweight stroller I would not recommend placing heavy shopping bags around the handles as there may be a danger of it toppling. I did put a few light shopping bags on the handles now and then though and did not experience any problems. The small shopping basket may be a negative aspect for those wanting to do more than just a light shop.

        The stroller also has lockable front swivel wheels. I tended to keep the wheels in the locked position though, because on swivel it seemed they had a mind of their own and would occasionally just veer of in some random direction. Brakes are attached to the back wheels, there is a long metal bar which you simply press down to engage the brakes and push up too release them. This can be done very simply with the foot and in my experience the brakes have always worked efficiently.

        I was using this stroller for around eighteen months before I began to experience a few problems with it. To begin with one of the wheels began making a clicking noise whenever it was pushed, at first the noise was quite but as time went on it began to get louder and more irritating. Then one day I was pushing the stroller along and heard a "ping" noise, next thing the wheel popped off and rolled away. Up until this point I had been more than happy with the stroller so decided to buy another. I used the second one for around two years with no problems, but it was used far less than the first as by that time I had a car.

        Even though I had this problem with the wheel I was still overall happy with the stroller, which is shown in the fact that I bought another. My daughter was always happy and comfortable in it plus it was easy to adjust as she grew. It was ideal for general day to day use as well as outings. I really feel like I got a lot of wear out of the first stroller and given its low price I felt it was good value for money.

        The Jive stroller is available in a few different designs from Mothercare. It currently costs £32.99. It is available in most stores and on their website. Mothercare are currently offering free delivery on this item.


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      • Product Details

        At a Glance The Mothercare Jive Stroller is a great value lightweight stroller, perfect for day trips and holidays and looks cute with in our different colour options. Features and benefits for Mothercare Jive Stroller - Daisy Suitable from 6 months to a maximum weight of 15kg, it will see your baby well into their toddler years The Mothercare Jive Stroller has a 5-point safety buckle and adjustable shoulder harness, for added safety and peace of mind The multi-position seat can be reclined for baby's comfort and moulded handles make comfy grips for you The Mothercare Jive Stroller has lockable front swivel wheels and comes with a shopping basket to help carry baby essentials and the odd spot of shopping when you're out and about Stroller weight: 5.6kg Folded: 30 x 18 x 102cm Free 2 year guarantee Mothercare loves...??this great value, lightweight and compact stroller - perfect when you want to travel light. Want to know more?The Mothercare Jive Stroller is a great value lightweight stroller in fun designs that your toddler will love. The Mothercare Jive folds compactly in an umbrella-style fold and is ideal for day trips and holidays. Your little one will love the playful designs and you can also add the co-ordinating accessory pack (available separately) to add the finishing touches to your Mothercare Jive Stroller.The Jive Stroller's multi-position seat is easy to adjust to suit your baby and lockable front swivel wheels provide easy manoeuvrability. The shopping basket offers storage space for all of baby's essentials and the moulded handles offer added comfort when pushing.Don't forget...Mothercare stocks a great range of travel accessories designed to make your journeys fun and stress free. Care Instructions: Wipe clean only Maximum child weight: 15.0 kg What's in the box: Mothercare Jive Stroller

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