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Mothercare Urban Detour Odyssey Twin Pushchair

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Brand: Mothercare / Type: Jogger / Number of Seats: Double

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    1 Review
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      03.12.2008 12:57
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      A good pram for walking about etc, not so good for shopping etc

      This was the very first buggy I bought when I had my twin boys. I didn't do any research into the pram at all. But I was extremely fussy in what type of double buggy I was after. I wanted something 'trendy' and 'with it' but unfortunately double wideload buggys don't have many like that. But I spotted this one in Mothercare. Exactly the same as the picture above, but all red. The red one was only available for a limited time though so I just HAD to get it. Especially as the only thing I knew about it was it was suitable from Birth.

      It was £240 in Mothercare, including footmuffs and raincover, and a pump. I was so pleased I had this pram, but I really should have done a bit more research into it. I miss the pram so much but it just wasn't practical for what I needed to use a double pram for. This pram has many good but at the same time bad points to it, but then I suppose it depends on what you are looking for in a buggy.

      I was looking for a double buggy, which was easy to push, which my twins would be warm in because they were born late November, that they would be comfortable in, and one that fitted through most doors.

      Now when unfolfed the pram was very lightweight, easy to steer, could even steer it with one hand. It was still very light to push even when my twins were in there. They looked comfortable in it, I would of tried it out myself but trust me I couldn't fit (lol). The footmuffs felt lovely and warm, they were very padded and had a soft but thick material inside, they seemed to keep in the heat when my boys were in them. This was very impressive as thats one thing I wanted and needed with my pram.

      The wheels are like miniature tyres, you do have to pump them up once in a while as air comes out, but once pumped up the pram was so steady you wouldn't notice any bumps in the pavement etc it was such a smooth pram to push. Which again I was also impressed with this too.

      There is plenty of space in each seat for each baby, some double buggys are so tight for space in each seat like the one I have now and my boys are big boys and it's not nice to see them looking so squashed and uncomfortable, this one was perfect for space.

      The width was my biggest problem, I needed a pram which could fit into the majority of shops without a problem. The back wheels stuck out so much I couldn't fit through my front door, let alone shops. This was no good to me as I am always out shopping, window shopping most of the time, but I needed a pram to fit into most standard doorways and this pram is a lot wider than most standard doorways.

      The basket underneath was quite spacious to fit bags in, and the seats were easy to lift up and put down if I wanted my twins to be lying flat when they slept or sitting up a bit when they were awake. It's easy to fold to, you can do it with one hand on the handle just by pressing a button, lifting it a little and there you have it, folded within seconds. Once folded though it was extremely heavy to carry in through my front door. Now I don't drive, so I don't know what it's like to try fit into the boots of cars, but I do know the back wheels were easy to click off if you needed it to be a little compact. Although clicking the wheels off is probably the most compact this pram could be once folded. Although easy to fold, it was still bulky and not easy to store anywhere.

      The raincovers were easy to put on the pram, and I tended to leave them on the handle of the pram in case there was any unexpected rain.

      I do reccomend this pram to anybody with twins but at the same time I don't.

      If you are looking for a pram just to go out on long walks with this pram is made for it. Easy to steer, light to push, chunky wheels for a smooth ride, and plenty of space for your little ones. This is definitely a pram made for a smooth and pleasant journey when it comes to just walking about. I do not reccomend it to anybody though thats looking for a more practical pram for just shopping, going to peoples houses as I doubt it will fit through their front doors.

      Heres the boring bits about the pram but probably things you will need to know if ever looking into buying a double buggy. This is what it claims on the Mothercare website where you can also buy this particular pram.

      For two babies/children of the same or different ages

      Suitable from birth

      Pneumatic tyres (pump included which is needed as air does come out, which you will notice when you start to feel the bumps you are steering the pram over)

      Lockable, front swivel wheel (This was brilliant, the swivel wheel made the steering of the pram itself so much easier)

      Quick release rear wheels for easy transportation and storage (As I said above the wheels do click off easy if you do need to put it into a boot etc)

      Multi-position seats operate independently (I said it was easy as its just straps at the back of the seats which you can lower and do up and lift up the seat and do up to secure them, easy enough)

      One-handed fold mechanism (Again as I said above, thats probably the best thing about the pram I've never known a pram single or double to fold with such ease)

      Covered bumper bar

      Wheel reflectors and reflective detailing on hood for safety

      Hood with viewing window (Yes I forgot to mention you can see your little ones even when the hood is over them, although you can leave the hood back)

      Large shopping basket

      2 cosytoes included

      Mothercare WeathershieldTM included

      12 month guarantee

      Handle height: 102cm
      Folded: 87 x 84cm
      Unfolded width: 86cm (The pram I have now is 74cm unfolded and I still sometimes have a few problems getting into shop doors etc, but it is so much more practical and alot easier for shopping, and getting into places.)
      Weight: 15.5kg


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    • Product Details

      Suitable from birth. Multi-position seats operate independently. Wheel reflectors and reflective detailing on hood for safety. Weight: 15.5kg.

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