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OBaby Monty Travel System

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Brand: OBaby / Type: Travel Systems

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    1 Review
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      19.08.2012 17:54
      Very helpful



      Overall a good travel system but a few problems need sorting

      When me and my husband were shopping for Jayden we decided to by a complete travel system rather than purchasing a pushchair and a car seat separately as this worked out much cheaper. We had some vouchers for Next so decided to see if we could get a travel system from there, we came across the O Baby Monty Travel System, it came complete with a pushchair suitable from birth and a car seat again suitable for use from birth, it was perfect for what we were looking for.

      The O Baby pushchair is a pushchair where the baby faces outwards (away from you) the seat has three positions, your baby can lie flat making it suitable from birth or they can sit up in two positions when they are a little older. Your baby is strapped in using a five point harness , the straps are made from a strong black material and the parts which go over your baby's shoulders and between their legs are covered with a padded sleeve so that the straps do not rub, although we had to replace these with better ones as Jayden was small.

      The whole pushchair is black and made from a wipe clean fabric, I find this very handy with Jayden being a sicky baby he is often sick in his pushchair especially if it is not long after he has had his bottle so keeping the pushchair clean is very easy.
      The frame of the pushchair is made from black coloured metal and plastic and has reflective panels which is useful if you are pushing the pushchair when it is dark.

      The pushchair has a hood which can be pushed forward to shade your baby or folded back, the hood has a small plastic window in it so that if the hood is over your baby you can still see them, this also has a cover over it if you do not wish to use the window, personally I always have the cover folded back so that I can keep and eye on Jayden when he is in his pushchair, the inside of the hood is black and white patterned.

      The pushchair is easy to steer, it has front swivel wheels and both front and back sets of wheels can be locked with the simple press of a lever. The pushchair folds up reasonably flat making it easy to fit into the boot of your car, or even to store, it is easy to fold the pushchair using a small button on the handle and a small lever on the side, any parts of the pushchair which move in order to alter it are bright red so they are easy to find, this includes the buttons to fold the pushchair and the breaks on both sets of wheels.

      The pushchair also has foam handles for your comfort and a large shopping basket underneath, one other feature of the pushchair is the tray on the front of it, this can be removed however I prefer to leave it there as your baby can put a toy on there to play with, there is also a small drinks holder for older children, I find the tray very hand if we have to feed Jayden when we are out as it gives you somewhere to put your equipment like the bottles etc, the tray can be folded back to one side if it gets in the way when lifting your child out of the pushchair.

      The O Baby car sear is very much the same as the pushchair, it is made from a tough wipe clean black fabric, it has padded lining in it and also an adjustable cushion which is designed to support your baby as they travel. It has similar straps too the pushchair which go over your baby's shoulders and between their legs and clip into place in the middle, the straps are released using a large red button in the middle of the clip, again the straps have padding over them so that they protect your baby's skin, unlike the pushchair these can be removed should you wish.

      The car seat has a large black plastic handle should you wish to carry your baby around in the car seat, this can be laid flat when in the car, the seat also has a hood on it which you can put up nad down, this has the same black and white lining as the pushchair. The car seat straps into the car with the main seat belt going around the back of the seat and slotting into a clip and then across the front of the seat aswell slotting into gaps provided.

      Weights and Dimensions
      The pushchair weighs 8 45kg and is quite heavy to lift, especially if you are lifting it in and out of the car boot, when unfolded the pushchair measures 100 x 50 x 70cm, however when folded up it is 90 x 50 x 30cm making it not too bulky, I only have a small car and the pushchair fits nicely into the boot.

      The car seat weighs 8,55kg, again this is quite heavy to lift especially if your baby is sitting in it, I personally struggle to carry the car seat when Jayden is sitting in it now and if I do need to carry him in the car seat I cannot carry him far and have to get my husband to do the carrying, there is no way you could carry your baby around in the O Baby car seat for long distance.

      The O Baby Travel System is suitable for babies from birth up to a weight of 15kg, obviously the time the travel system lasts depends on the size of your baby and how quickly they grow.

      When the O Baby Travel System arrived the car seat came complete with no assembly required, however the pushchair did require some assembly, you needed to fit things like the wheels, when it came to fitting the wheels all of the equipment you needed to do this was provided, however this was not the easiest of tasks, me and my Mum tried to do this as we didn't think it could be that difficult, however we couldn't do it, my Dad did it in the end as the fittings to put the wheels on were just too hard and too tight for me to do, assembling the pushchair was not the easiest task.

      Price and Availability
      The O Baby Travel System is available from a variety of shops, personally I have only seen it sold online as this is where we purchased ours but it is available from places such as Next, Kiddicare and Kiddisave as well as various other websites. We purchased ours online from Next as we had vouchers we wanted to use and it cost us £109.00, personally I thought this was an excellent price, especially compared to similar products and it was of an excellent quality. Next seemed to sell the travel system at the best price, after having a look around this product was sold at much higher prices from other websites. In my opinion this was well worth the money as you got both the car seat and the pushchair for that money, if you purchased them separately then we would have paid a lot more, also it is of an excellent quality, it is strong and sturdy and I can be confident that Jayden is safe when he is in both the pushchair and the car seat.

      My Opinion
      Our O Baby Travel System has had a huge amount of use since we have had Jayden and overall we have been pleased with it, the pushchair is of a good size meaning that we can get a lot of use out of it as Jayden grows this is the same with the car seat, all of the straps are adjustable so they can easily be altered , when he is strapped in both the seat and the pushchair I can feel confident that he is safe, all of the sides of both items are well padded so I do not have to worry about him banging his head if he falls asleep. The whole travel system was an excellent price and you really do get a lot for your money, this is something that Jayden has been able to use from birth and can use for a long while. I like the fact that the seat of the pushchair is easy to adjust by simply lifting a leaver underneath it, I can have the seat flat if Jayden is asleep or if he is awake and wants to have a look around at what's going on he can sit up in it and is fully supported, we have not used the seat in the highest position yet as Jayden is a bit too young for this, this position is more for an older baby, however he loves sitting up in the pushchair while we are shopping and looking around at everything around him.

      I also like the fact that the travel system comes with a rain cover for the pushchair, this is made from clear plastic with a black trim, it fits over the whole of the pushchair and has air vents either side, it also has a hole at the top which goes over the handle meaning you can safely grip the pushchair and also keep your hands dry at the same time, we have used this on several occasions and it has worked well and kept the pushchair and Jayden dry.
      Whilst I am extremely pleased with the O Baby Travel System it does have one or two disadvantages which I have listed below.

      * The Pushchair
      For us the only real disadvantage with the O Baby Pushchair is the weight, it is a little heavy to lift in and out of the car and when I came out of hospital after having Jayden I did find it a bit of a struggle lifting it.

      * The Car Seat
      Our of the whole Travel System I think the car seat is my least favourite, to start with it is very heavy and almost impossible to carry Jayden in especially now that he is bigger. It is also very difficult to strap it in the car, slotting the seatbelt into the gap at the back of the seat is near impossible and the fact that the seatbelt also goes across the leg area of the car seat makes getting your baby in and out rather difficult, you either have to take the seatbelt off meaning you then have the battle of getting it back round the car seat again or you have to try and get your baby in with the belt in the way, this is easier if your baby is awake but if they are asleep and floppy or very young it is not very easy at all and can take some time.

      My other complaint with the car seat is the way that Jayden sat in it when he was first home front hospital, the information states that the whole travel system is suitable from birth, the pushchair is fine, however I personally would not say that this car seat is ideal for a new baby, when we first put Jayden in the car seat his head just flopped right forward, the cushion that goes around his head did not support him at all and he would spend car journeys almost curled up and really did not look very comfortable, we had to buy him a little neck support, new baby's cannot support their own heads so you would expect a car seat to fully support your baby, this in my opinion did not, once he was a bit older and had more control he sat much better in the seat and his head did not flop around however this was nothing to do with the car seat but just the fact that he could hold his own head in place, whilst Jayden is safe strapped in the car seat I did not feel very happy about the way he had no head support from the seat.

      Overall I think I would recommend the O Baby Travel System, especially now Jayden is older, the whole time we have had no problems with the pushchair and have been extremely pleased with this, however if I could change something it would be the car seat part, in my opinion the car seat is not really suitable from birth but better suited to a baby who is a few months old and has more head control and is a bit bigger it really doesn't offer enough support.
      Generally I have been pleased with the travel system but it does have one or two faults which I feel need addressing, I would recommend this item but would not recommend the car seat if you are going to be putting a new born baby in it.


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    • Product Details

      The Monty travel system is suitable from birth - 3 years approx and comes complete with a multi position back which includes a lie flat position for newborns. The pushchairs fabric is wipe clean and the under seat storage basket is nice and spacious. The Monty is lightweight to steer with its lockable / swivel front wheels and it is nice and compact when folded. Features Multi position seat unit Full from birth lie back Adjustable 5 point harness Wipe clean fabric Ergonomic foam handles Lockable front swivel wheels Reflective panels Large coordinating shopping basket Easy click car seat Compact PVC raincover with matching trim Parent window in hood Easy & compact fold Suitable from birth Weight: Stroller 8.45kg Car Seat 4.24kg Dimensions: Unfolded 100 x 50 x 70cm Folded 90 x 50 x 30cm

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