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OBaby XI Tandem Sport

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6 Reviews

Brand: OBaby / Type: Standard / Number of Seats: Double / Twin Seats

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    6 Reviews
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      02.01.2014 15:28



      Great buggy will last ages.

      I got mine second hand when my kids were around 1 and 2 year olds. I've had tandems, twins and now this. I checked out the P&T's but they're so narrow with not much room underneath and i have chunky children. I needed a buggy where they wouldn't be squashed in, especially as my eldest will only walk so far.
      I have never needed to use the newborn kit although have set it up to check it works etc. It seems pretty standard, toddler seat on top, cocoon for newborn. They wouldn't be in it very long anyway as they start to get nosy!
      I have it set up with the toddler seat underneath. Max weight is supposed to be 15kg but my eldest was around 20kg when i bought it, that's around 3 months ago. It shows no signs of breaking or struggling with his weight. The top seat reclines flat although with a child underneath you only want it so far down. The adjustable handle is great (my partner is 6'4" and has had swearing matches with previous buggys) and the mudguards are a must as your child will play with the wheels. There is a small pocket on the back of the buggy which i put toys in to keep lower child occupied. The hood is huge, raincover is good to say it has to cover 2 children, tyres have never needed pumping up yet and there is a pocket for your pump which is included. There are also pockets in the sides of the shopping basket which is big enough for some shopping along with a small childs feet.
      Overall it's great. It's heavier than P&T but it's also sturdier. There are no issues of the buggy falling back when you take the top child out (a common problem with others this style) and there is a sizeable weight difference between my 2! It's also slightly larger which means the kids have more room. Most extras are included, you don't have to pay a fortune more for things you need.
      I would say either get this or the new Graco one if you want this style.


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      30.07.2011 10:58
      Very helpful



      There is a reason it's cheaper than the market leader!

      When we found out we were expecting our third child, we quickly 'did the math' and realised Logan would only be 15 months old. This meant that our beloved Mamas & Papas Luna pushchair would need replacing with a double buggy. Now, as most parents of small children will tell you, choosing the right pushchair is an amazingly difficult task. Well, choosing a double is an absolute nightmare!

      From what I could see (after much internet research) there are three types of double. (I made up the titles myself.)

      The side by side - This type means that the seats move independently, so one seat can lie flat while the other is up straight. The downsides are that they are wider than most buggies making them difficult to get through doorways and shop aisles. We have a very narrow hallway and although we found one which could just fit through our front door, we wouldn't be able to manouver it in the hall.

      The long base tandem - both seats are on the same level, but the chassis is quite long. Again, the seats can usually work independently, but due to the frame length the buggy is bulky and difficult to manouver.

      The adaptable tandem - a single style pushchair adapted to add an extra seat unit to the front and/or back (and in some more expensive models, a car seat) . These were fairly new and restricted to only a few brands, namely Phil and Teds which are expensive, or Icandy - amazingly expensive! The extra seat is fairly basic and when fitted to the back, means that the main one cannot be reclined much. The extra seat is usually a set shape, although I have noticed that Phil & Teds have recently produced one that does recline slightly. The plus side of this style of pushchair is the size - only slightly larger than most singles and the fact that it can be used as both a single and a double, giving it longevity and making it quite versatile.

      My first choice was for the adaptable tandem, but I was quite shocked by the price of the main brand, Phil & Teds, especially as in most shops all components have to be purchased seperately, even down to the raincover (which unfortunately seems to be a growing trend). The best price was £360 for the pushchair, double seat and stormcover on Kiddicare. I had decided that this was the buggy for me, however, on the same site we also found the Obaby XI tandem, favourably priced at £228.99 for the same package, plus it also had a bumper bar and an apron included, the cost saving alternative was too good for me to overlook!

      ==First Impressions==

      Our new buggy arrived within a few days - and unfortunately first impressions were not good. The buggy itself certainly looked the business, very modern and sleek in jet black with minimal white, sporty looking type on the restraints. It was easy to put together, even without the detailed instructions. However, after assembling, we realised one of the clips on the chest restraint was faulty and unable to attach to the waist harness. Kiddicare, deserve a mention here, they were fantastic and arranged for another puschair to be sent and for the faulty one to be picked up as the new one was delivered, which took just a couple of days. Thankfully, the second buggy was fine. To begin with anyway...

      ==Put to use==

      As we had to sell our other buggies to help towards the cost of this one, it was soon put to use as a single (we had a couple of months before the baby was due). I did struggle at first, it seemed to veer to one side, but this was soon sorted once the tyres were pumped up. The pump is supplied, exactly the same as a bike pump and kept in a handy pouch at the back of the buggy by the brakes which I thought was a nice touch. After this I found the buggy 'ok' to push and easier to manouver, but no where near as easy as my Luna, which was a dream to push even single handed. Although I must stress that to keep the buggy at it's best, the tyres do need pumping up quite regularly which is a pain. The chassis is longer than a normal single pushchair, so getting the front single wheel up is noticeably heavier, but my sister had one of the longer chassis style tandems which I had used and that was definitely worse.

      The front wheel can swivel or you can lock it just by moving a little bar above the wheel, although locking it keeps it locked in a straight forward position which is impossible to manouver and I can't imagine why anyone would choose it . Folding is quite easy, there is a safety catch which needs lifting on the right side, with a catch on both sides which need to be lifted up at the same time. This may sound fiddly, but the saftey can be released with a thumb and the catch pulled with the rest of your hand. The front wheel folds under when collapsing, and then the handle bar section folds over the top of the seat, so in effect, the buggy 'triple' folds. There is a clip to keep it in the folded position, but it can be loosened. In my experience, it actually loosens easily by itself, making the buggy quite loose and difficult to get out of my boot. I have an Astra and it is a bit of a struggle sometimes to get the folded buggy in right, due to the weight (15kg) and the large wheels. Unfortunately I do now have a few scratches on my rear lights, but never the less, it does fit! You can take all the wheels off easily if you need to, just by depressing the centre of the wheel and they just click back in really simply, but I'm far to lazy to do this and I do sometimes find myself having a comedy tussle when the side wheels get stuck under the parcel shelf. The wheels and buggy have colour coded stickers to make sure they are put on correctly.

      ==Okay, so Ruby comes along.....==

      While Ruby was still a tiny baby this buggy wasn't too much of a problem. She lay in the main seat unit, I laid it out flat and bought a Phil and Teds cacoon for her to sleep in as Obaby did not sell one of their own. Personally, I have never had a problem with using it this way, but the reality is that the Phil and Teds cacoon has velcro straps which secure into a Phil and Teds buggy - but NOT an Obaby. If I were walking around more I would appreciate a cacoon made especially for my brand of buggy, thus knowing it secured properly and that my precious newborn was secured adequately. Of course, you can just lie your tiny baby in the roomy flattened out seat unit, you may just need a cosy blanket or five before you feel baby is protected enough from the restraints and any bumps and knocks caused from the vibrations of strolling the puschair over uneven terrain.

      There is a removable panel which kept the main unit enclosed when flattened out. It does have a 'window' so you can keep an eye on your little one, but keeps them cosy and protected from the weather as it velcros around the opening.

      While Ruby was still laid out in the main unit (approx five months) Logan sat in the extra seat on the front of the buggy. There are 'legs' at the front of the extra seat unit, which slot into holes in the frame - also allocated for the bumper bar (supplied). There is a metal button either side which need to be clicked into position (two choices of height) and the seat is secure, although situated higher up than standard pushchairs, but not uncomfortably so. When the holes in the mainframe are not being used by either the seat or the bumper bar, they come supplied with endcaps and velcro flaps which hide them completely.

      The main seat is definitely more padded and therefore more comfortable than the extra seat, so as soon as Ruby is able to support herself more and sleeping less (approx 5-6 months) I decide it was time to change the buggy, by raising the main seat, she was starting to get frustrated at lying down all the time! As it was February and very chilly, I added a Maclaren cosytoes which I already owned to the main seat, which actually fits very well, so I assume the safety harness is very 'standard'. The five point safety harness is very thick and a little rough, so I also added some soft shoulder restraints, which helped. Still, at five and a half months, she looked very small in such a big buggy.

      Obviously by this stage, the extra seat now has to be moved to the back. I wasn't sure how Logan was going to take to this change as in this position he can't see much (except the back of the main seat) but suprisingly it didn't bother him much. With this second seat now being lower to the ground, he can get in and out easily which saves me having to lift him. The seat is easy to fit, the same as on the front, although to fold the buggy, the extra seat needs removing (it doesn't on the front). The little metal buttons buttons need depressing to remove the seat, so this really is a two handed operation.

      After using both ways, I find the weight is distributed more evenly with Logan at the back, making it easier to push, but still if I do anything more strenuous than just going for a stroll around the shops my arms ache from the strain of controlling it.

      ==Problems, problems==

      Very quickly you learn that on the extra seat, even the tightest setting on the harness is a joke - at less than two Logan barely struggles to practice his Houdini skills, however, there are loops attached to the back of the seat, which, if I pull the waist restraints through and then pull around Logans waist, they are very snug, although obviously, because of the 'snugness' this solution will not last for long. Shame, espescially as the clip which attaches the chest restraint to the waist strap has broken off the right hand side. Funny, this is same area in which I had the problem with the original buggy that we returned.

      The other problem I have is that there is a large plastic 'catch' in the middle of the back seat which tightens and loosens the straps which reclines the main seat unit. It is situated right in Logans line of sight, between his eyes. This means I can only recline Ruby in the main seat by a couple of centimeteres at most before it compromises Logans comfort. This really is no where near enough gradient to offer any comfort to a sleeping baby, while obstructing the comfort to the small infant in the unwieldy back seat.

      Another major problem is with the raincover. Although it is lovely to have one included in the price, it really must work to be of any use. While it covers single buggy mode more than adequately, with Logan using the extra back seat, it just doesn't stretch to velcroing around him! I find myself draping the back part over the handle bars, to act as a hood leaving no protection to the sides.

      Point three is that when the seat is fixed on the front, the hood skimmed over Logans head, so you could see the shape of it through the fabric!

      Unfortunately, it doesn't end there. The key which lock the front wheel into postion has broken off. Thankfully, I already had it locked at 'swivel'. Sadly, it has come out a couple of times and got locked into the straight forward position which I can't abide. This is quite easily fixed by getting my car key and dragging the shard which is left back into my required place, but still a great inconvenience as I never notice ubtil both children are loaded in and I start pushing it.

      Also, one of the poppers securing the main seat unit to the frame has come away, making it a little loose, and this sometimes gets caught in the mechanism when opening, making it lopsided and unsafe. I now make sure I open the buggy by the handles first and then manually fold out the bottom section and clip it into place. This means that the handle bar can rub the ground and get dirty. Being covered in soft rubbery foam, I also worry about wear and tear.

      ==The GOOD==

      The main things I really like - it comes with an apron, a bumper bar, airpump and raincover - some things which you have to buy seperately from Phil & Teds!


      Looks good

      Generous hood, with a fold over 'peep hole' and a small pull out sunshade.

      The brakes are very strong and secure.

      Easy to clean material.

      Easy to fit mud guards included, to cover the back wheels and also help protect little fingers.

      Removable back section, which covers a sleeping baby, but which can also be removed when your toddler is sat at the back.

      Generous shopping basket with small zip pockets on the sides (although when the extra seat is fixed on the back, your childs feet will be in it!)

      ==The BAD==

      As a single - far too bulky and no where near as easy to push (especially with one hand) as single buggies.

      As a double - not such a long chassis as some buggies, also not as wide as side by sides, which means getting around Supermarkets should be easy. In reality, it's super heavy with two kids, and near impossible to manouver single handedly - so you need an impressive forearm, strong ribcage and a bucketfull of determination.

      Tyres constantly need pumping up.

      Raincover does not fit in double mode.

      Not enough 'optional (or otherwise)' extras to prolong the useage - newborn cacoons to cup holders.

      Dimensions and Weight

      Veers off to the right.

      The breakages!

      Most importantly - with a child using the back seat, you are unable to recline either seat. If you need a double, at least one of your children is going to be fairly small and therefore sleeping often, so a reclining seat is a necessity.


      I just CAN'T recommend this pushchair. I can forgive it for being unweildy, it does have two children in it most of the time after all and I expect any double is going to be bigger and heavier than singles, but even as a single it's still large, difficult to push in a straight line and near impossible with one hand. The harness strap breaking in the extra seat means that it is essentially now just a waist restraint and I feel it is unsafe for babies. Although Ruby is now ten months and sitting strongly and crawling, I still feel she needs the extra support. Both children are comfortable and happy in it, but that's probably the most positive thing I have to say. I suppose it doesn't help that I live in quite a hilly area, it's definitely easier to push along a flat surface, but with the sporty design and pneumatic wheels it does give you the impression that 'off road' would be a doddle!

      I suppose you get what you pay for, so my advice is - spend the same amount of money on a second hand Phil and Teds. A friend recently did just that and hers is so much easier to push and personally, I think it's lighter. It's worth pointing out here that Kiddicare don't even sell this buggy anymore, although it is now available online in Mothercare for a colossal £300.


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        26.03.2011 17:02



        Ideal buggy with great features. Faults are same as phil and teds and is a much cheaper alternative!

        Having owned a Phil and Ted and an OBaby XI as a second pram I can honestly say they are just as good as eachother. They both have the same faults and disadvantages but these are relatively minimal compared to the positives.

        Firstly, you are getting a double buggy for the size of one. It would be unrealistic and plainly ridiculous to expect 2 spacious seats, fully reclinable whith all the positives of a longer twin type buggy. Yes when the baby is underneath you cant recline the upper seat. But Phil and Teds is the same. When the toddler seat is in the lower position, the top seat cannot recline, or basically it would land on your babys head. But yet again the same goes for phil and ted. The rear seat does not recline in the obaby but does in the models other than the classic phil and ted. But it reclines by approx 2inches, by means of a zipper. Not really worth the hassle to be honest. I found the main seat to be most suitable for the younger child as its a bucket type seat and the little one snuggled in nicely. The toddler hops out and in the lower seat without any problems and as they are older they happily move their heads around to get a better look at whats going on. But yes, as pointed out in another review its like posting a letter. There is only a small area to slide them in, hence making it more suitable for the older child. My 2 climb out and in happily. And with a 4 year old who has problems with his legs, sitting underneath the buggy is no heavier than with my 2 1/2 year old underneath. They happily swap places to give eachother a rest while my 6m old sits upfront. This is the same for the phil and ted and the Obaby.

        There is next to no space for shopping. The foot space for the lower seat is the shopping basket. But this is the same in the phil and ted. Although I think the basket is stronger in the Obaby, considering the kids are pushing themselves up on it, it needs to be quiet strong. Phil and teds make side bags for the buggy which gives you extra bag space. But you can buy bag clips which go on the handles to hold your shopping bags. Very handy, I have one which fits both. I use a changing bag with the strap adjusted longer so it hangs behind the lower seat. Works perfectly.

        Its easy to push and steer. But admittedly easier when the lowe seat is fitted compaired to the baby mode. This is purely due to the balance being off when the baby is underneath. But again this is the same with phil and teds. It is slightly heavier than phil and teds but even with a 4 year old underneath its still not the struggle you have with a side by side twin buggy.

        I have 4 children and over the last 4 and half years I have had 4 double buggys. It by far beats the side by side for space and ease in shops etc. Its much lighter than a front heavy, one in front tandem types, where only the older child can go infront making it almost imposible to lift up kerbs etc.

        It is just as good as the Phil and teds and less than half the price. I have the phil and teds sport to compare with and given the choice I'd choose the Obaby. I like it. Yes there are disadvantages but they are the same as the phil and teds.


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        17.06.2010 17:26
        Very helpful



        fantastic durable pushchair with great features

        we chose this pushchair for my 2 year old and new baby, mainly as we could use it as a single pushchair once the toddler was more confident with walking.
        We used it for a while with the toddler seat ontop, so baby could lie flat on the main seat, it did make the pushchair fairly unstable and hard to steer. On pavements that sloped towards the road it felt like it was trying to escape, but my toddler loved being in that seat as she was closer to eye level with passers by. Set up in this way the baby seat is completely enclosed, it meant that she was spared prodding fingers from kiddies at nursery and old ladies at the supermarket and could sleep in peace.
        Now they're both a bit bigger we have the second seat underneath, as in the picture, it is much more stable, as stable as an ordinary pushchair. We generally put the baby in the underneath seat unless she's tired, and I attach toys to the back of the main seat. She seems really happy down there.
        It is long for a single pushchair, but the front wheel turns fully so it's easy to move about and it's only as wide as our previous single pushchair (Loola) so gets in and out of most doorways without any problems. While it is long, it does fit in the buggy gap on the bus.

        The raincover is quick and easy to fit, all velcro, no fiddly zips in the rain! The brake is good and sturdy, tolerates my bouncing now nearly 3 year old. Folds up well, various bits can come off to make it smaller for smaller boots too, the acessories are great, handy to have a hand pump with it, and having 3 wheels means that it is really good off road for walks through the woods and such.


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        27.03.2010 18:42
        Very helpful



        I wouldnt recommend this.

        I have two small children, a toddler who can walk but not long distances or at a very fast pace and a baby who cant walk yet. I had bought a 'side to side' buggy which was big and bulky, so I had real trouble with it. It wouldnt go through shop doorways easily and going on the bus was a nightmare. I really wanted a 'Phil 'n' Teds which are quite expensive and more than I could afford. However I saw this in the 'Very' catalogue for £229 (for that price you get the buggy, doubles seat and rain cover), I decided to go for it.

        It arrived, and was relatively easy to put together. Basically there is the main part of the buggy, and then in the bottom where the shopping basket would be on a normal buggy there is the option to add another seat. It pushes into place with two metal 'nipples' which keep it in place. You therefore can take this off and use it as a normal buggy, albeit a very large one.

        So far so good, my baby was happy to sit in the front and my toddler happy to ride in the back.

        However it all goes downhill from here, and I was soon wishing I hadnt wasted my money. For a start, although my son was quite happy to slot in the back, its a bit of a fiddle, I literally have to post him in the slot. I can imagine that this would be a real struggle if you have a toddler who doesnt want to go in the buggy. Plus, im my daughter falls asleep in the front and my sons in the back I cant recline her.

        Another problem is that the back seat is where the shopping goes, so there is no storage space whatsoever, so not great to take shopping.

        But for me the main problem is the fact it is really heavy. It also leans to one side and it feels like it might tip. It also wont bump up a kerb, I literally ahve to put all my weight on the hanles to lift it up. Its not easily moveable either.

        Other little niggles include the fact the brake gets stuck on and I have to lift it off with my hands rather than my foot, and it has a really massive hood, which is so heavy it pulls itself down if I want to shade my daughter with it, and lands in her lap.

        Infact the only thing I really like about the whole buggy is the fact I can adjust the angle of the handle - and thats not a great thing to have as the best feature.

        Its a great idea in principle, but in practice its a heavy nightmare! I wish I had saved up more for a Phil 'n' teds.


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          19.03.2010 00:08
          Very helpful



          cheap alternative but not a good alternative

          I was "lucky" enough to win one of these buggys which came in very useful as it arrived the day my 2nd baby was born.
          I say lucky but I had nothing but trouble with this double pushchair. I found that the weight did not distribute evenly when pushing and if the street I was walking down was anything other than completely flat I had to hold on for dear life to make sure that it didnt topple over with my 22 month old and newborn baby in.
          I have a friend with the same buggy who had the same problem - hers got sent back to obaby and was returned with no repairs and was told it was not faulty.
          While the baby is underneath it is comfy for the baby but when adjusted so that the toddler seat is fitted underneath and the baby on top (after 6months) I found that my baby would end up slouching and leaning to one side (the same side that it often felt like the buggy was going to tip over)
          Another problem I has was my eldest would still nap during he day and as the toddler seat does not adjust in any way her head would fall forwards regardless of whether the toddler seat was positioned on top or underneath.
          While this is the cheaper alternative to the phil and teds buggy I would highly recommend saving the extra money and spending the extra on a much better quality buggy.
          I would not wish this buggy on any one.


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