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Phil & Teds Explorer Buggy

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Brand: Phil & Teds / Type: 3 Wheelers

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    2 Reviews
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      15.09.2013 21:31



      Brilliant for baby and toddler, not so great for folding

      We purchased this stroller 2 years ago when we had a new born and a 3 year old and it was perfect for us. The inline wheels mean that it is the perfect size for zipping around narrow supermarket aisles and using public transport. While the instructions recommend that the younger child sit in the bottom seat when they are able to sit up we found that it was much easier to have our older child in the back as the front seat had much more support for a younger childs neck. One of the main drawbacks to this stroller are the size when it is folded. To fold it down you have to remove the rear seat which means it takes a long time and takes up a lot of space in the car boot. Most retailers require you to buy all the components separately which can end up costing a lot if you don't shop around. The tyres are also prone to punctures so I would recommend getting a small bicycle pump and a puncture repair kit to keep to hand


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      05.07.2012 17:10
      Very helpful



      Good for those with two young children

      I have had the Phil and Teds explorer now for just over a year and I do love it although there are some annoying things about it, so I will try to tell you about the pro's and cons that come with this pram.

      Firstly there are three choice of colours, black, red and lime green we went for black as we already had a boy and knew we were expecting a boy and thought it was something neither would look out of place in.

      When you buy the buggy you have to put it together yourself and my partner did this in ten minutes as its easy and the instructions are very clear.

      It has three wheels and makes it easy to steer around the shops as you can easily weave in and out of anything. The wheels are air inflated and so you will need to purchase a pump as they go flat every couple of months, especially if you have the two children in. There is a basket under the pram which is a decent size and can hold quite a bit. There is also a brake at the back which is easy as you just pop it down with your foot and then knock it back upwards to go again.

      The sunshade is huge and you can move it up and down to control how it shades your baby. This is good although there is also a problem with the sunshade. It just clips onto the sides of the pram and so on a number of occasions it has popped off and it is so annoying to have to stop and clip it all back on. Why they didn't make it so it was fixed to the buggy I do not know.

      The seat is quite padded and the harness is easy to use to hold your baby in, it also can lie totally flat to sitting upright and anything in between another really good point on this buggy.

      We eventually also bought the double kit to this, the second seat either goes on the front with the main seat lay flat for your newborn to go in and the older child to go in the top seat or underneath the main seat when it is sat up.

      The double seat has to be taken on and off when it is folded down but it is really easily it just clips on and off and takes no more then 5 seconds to put on and off.

      The only thing I find is that when the double seat is on top this seat can not be reclined so your older child is permanently sitting upright and the same things happens to your younger child when they go in it when it is moved underneath the main seat. However both of my children seem to be able to sleep in it, just to me they don't look as comfy as I would like.

      As the double kit either goes above or below the main seat it makes the pushchair no wider or longer and this is ideal as I was worried about shopping with either a long pushchair with seats behind one another or wider with the seats next to each other. Even with both children in the pushchair is still easy to control.

      The pushchair folds down easily and can be done with one hand, it's also not to heavy and so it makes it quite easy to lift in and out of the boot. It's not tiny when folded down but also it's not huge!

      I would recommend the pram to those with two children as it had been incredibly useful and some of my friends with other double prams wish they had gone for mine. However for those with one child I would recommend going for another choice!


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  • Product Details

    Inline buggies actually grow with your family, making them the best value strollers available! The unique double kit clips easily to the front or rear to take one or two kids from lie-flat newborn to upright 5 year olds. The Explorer Stroller delivers parent and child a proven inline formula plus terrific features like: one hand fast fold, new car seat and second seat mode(both available as an extra), a large follow-the sun sun-hood, a double kit (2nd seat) new Seat Performance System, and an easy-to-use pedal brake. Wow! Suitable for a newborn and toddler or 2 toddlers. The Pack comes complete with a peanut carrycot this enables your newborn to lie flat and face mum or dad for that all important eye contact for those first precious months. Features: Go Further...Inline - Explorer is designed to let you live the life you want, see the places you want to see, do the things you want to do and all with the kids in tow. One hand fast fold. Get going... faster! - The explorer has an innovative one hand fast fold, which enables you to quickly fold the buggy in one smooth action, pop it in the car and get going. The simple pull & slide release is safely out of junior's reach, yet still convenient for you. Broaden your horizons. Follow the sun! - The explorer's new follow the sun hood design provides protection in any direction of travel. There's huge coverage, complete with flick-out sun visor and handy side pockets for extra storage. Now takes double kit and car seat, all at once ( car seat available extra - not included) - New! Phil & teds unique inline adaptability now goes further - you can configure the buggy/stroller to have the second seat and your car seat, all at once! Carefully designed in accordance with market safety standards, for maximum stability, and supporting a wide range of popular car seats.(not included) Safety certified for back seat drivers - the explorer is safety certified for carrying one child in the rear and none in the front. So no need for an orchestrated juggling act when loading and unloading two kids, and don't fret if the back seat driver want to stay napping when the child in the front seat jumps out for a run around the park. Seat Performance System - Explorer's contoured, vented Seat performance system™ provides increased postural support. Super-comfy! And an all new one-handed seat-recline provides infinite adjustability between upright and lie-flat positions. Flip-flop friendly! - Explorer's all new brake system comes with an easy on/off pedal - engaged with a flick of your foot.. 360° swivel front wheel 5-point safety harness Wipe clean fabrics. Removable seat liner. Suitable from birth - 5 years Dimensions: Folded (wheels off) 76.5 x 50.8 x 22.8 cm / 30 x 20 x 9" Width 62 cm / 24.4 " Main seat maximum weight 20 kg / 44lbs Double kit maximum weight front load - 20 kg / 44 lg Double kit maximum weight rear load - 15 kg / 33 lb Pushchair Weight 12 kg / 26 lb Peanut The Peanut carrycot is a bassinet cosy for baby it can be used to convert your pushchair into a pram that is perfect for newborns to face Mum or Dad. Using a simple click and go system the Phil and Teds Peanut is quick and easy to use. Features: Click on Snooze & Cruise for home and away sleep assurance Contoured Lie flat design which is perfect for newborns Lightweight

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