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Pupabag Cosytoes

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Brand: Smoby /

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    1 Review
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      27.03.2009 14:14
      Very helpful



      Keeps your child warm in the pushchair

      Whoever invented this was a pure genius, and must be earning a fortune by now. When you find yourself owning one of these you'll wonder what you ever did without it.

      Has your child ever frozen their legs off because you forgot to wrap a blanket around them in the pushchair, or worse still, lost a blanket while you are out, or even worse, the blanket has got tangled up in the wheels of the pushchair and consequently covered in mud??? Yes? Well you need to get yourself one of these.

      I decided to buy one because although we don't use the pushchair much for my toddler (she sits on top of the baby's pram most days), when we do actually use it, her legs are that long now that a blanket to cover them just trails on the floor, so I needed something more suitable.

      Obviously my first port of call was Ebay and there are many different types & brands of Cosytoes to choose from on there, but the prices are quite high, even for second hand ones varying from £20 up to £40 (approx). So I wasn't sure if I wanted to pay that much, especially not for a second hand one. But while browsing, I noticed that Pupabag had their own website so I clicked the link, and low and behold they were having a massive sale! I got mine for about £20 plus delivery. It's a bit of a garish design, which is probably the reason it was pretty cheap, but I quite like it so I'm very pleased. There are loads of designs to choose from, I think there's something for all tastes.

      Now after all that waffle, onto the product itself. It's what I would call a mini sleeping bag which attaches to your buggy/pushchair.

      They are designed to fit most pushchairs & any size child (unless you have one with extra long legs) because the actual bag bit of the cosytoes is very long and will accommodate a large toddler.

      It attaches to your buggy by two sets of elasticated tassles on the top two corners of the back section, which you can fix to your buggy in any way you like, which ever suits you best. I pulled the cosytoes right up over the back of the seat part of my pushchair and tied the tassles to the bars at the back; this ensures a tight fit and no slipping down.

      There are two sets of holes for you to push your pushchair harness through; the two sets are so that you can adjust the positioning of the cosytoes depending on the size of your child (i.e. there is a large setting and a small setting).

      The front section of the cosytoes comes about three quarters of the way up, obviously this is so your child's head isn't covered up! The top of the front section has a flap which you can either fold down, or on extra cold days you can just have it up around your child's face to keep them a bit warmer.

      There is also a fairly large pocket on the front which is handy for storing toys, or hats & gloves. Also handy for losing things, because I put my daughter's mittens in there when we first got it, then spent the next few weeks wondering where the bloomin' heck I put them!

      The front section is attached by a zip, so getting your child in and out is really simple, you just unzip & open it out, plonk in your child and zip it back up. This is much easier than those ones where you have to insert your child from the top (not good if your child likes to do the rigid dance when trying to put them in a pushchair). The front also zips all the way off, so in the summer months you can just use the back of the cosytoes as a pushchair liner, which is nice and soft for your child to sit on.

      I've been so pleased with this that I really cannot recommend it enough. It's really well made and looks so cosy!! My daughter loves to keep her hands inside so she stays really warm and people always comment on how cosy she looks. I think the fact that it's fleece helps as well because it's really soft, so if she falls asleep she'll stay comfy.

      It also goes through the wash really well (my daughter decided to have a wee in it) and it dried really quickly hung on the line outside.

      You can find them at www.pupabag.co.uk

      I've just realised, summer's coming, nobody will be thinking of buying these now...oh well, you could get one for next year.


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    • Product Details

      A cosy fleece stroller accessory great for keeping your little one bundled and warm on those cooler days.st

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