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Quinny Zapp Xtra

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5 Reviews

Brand: Quinny / Type: Lightweight, flexible jogger stroller / Wheels: Three wheel / Type: From birth, convertable

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    5 Reviews
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      17.03.2014 15:00
      Very helpful



      A great drive from the Quinny Zapp Xtra!!!

      We brought a Quinny Zapp Xtra to replace our son's first pram. We wanted something lightweight, easy to drive and a pram that could easily be stored when not in use. After testing the Quinny Xtra at a local store we decided to purchase one online as they were cheaper to purchase. We opted Rocking Black in colour.

      The Quinny was easy to put together and one of the advantages is that if you have a young child the seat can face both ways which reassures you your child is ok. With the zapp Xtra you get connectors which connect the frame to a car seat. We never used them so I can not comment on this aspect. You also get a rain cover with the pram which fits well on to the frame.

      The Quinny is lightweight and very easy to push. The seat can easily be removed from the frame and the frame itself folds down to a very small size.

      The only down side of this model is the small size of the shopping basket under the pram which holds very little.

      For anyone who is considering taking this pram on a plane I would recommend you remove the connectors from the frame prior to boarding. On a recent holiday on our arrival the connectors were missing meaning we could not use the pram and ending up carrying that and our young son. They are very easy to remove and simply place them in your hand luggage.

      I would recommend the model but shop around to get the best price.


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      16.09.2013 16:18
      Not Helpful



      a fab little buggy, suitable from birth, would recommend to anyone!

      After first purchasing a Quinny Buzz we were quick to find it big bulky and cumbersome, it took up the whole boot and was nothing but a pain! After a few months i was on the search for something more lightweight and compact! We stumbled across the petite star zia, which looked fantastic and we very nearly went for it when i then found the xtra, the fact that it was parent facing won for me and we ordered!

      It was easy to put together, the wheels just click into place, i got the hang of the 123 buttons quickly and find it no hassle to put up and down (although it did take my husband a little longer to get the hang of it). Again the seat unit just clicks easily into place. It has 3 recline positions in forward facing and when reward facing only 2 recline positions. I do fine it a little annoying it doesn't have a sit up position in parent facing mode, although neither of my children have had a problem with this. The seat unit looks comfy and on the odd occasion my 3.5yr old jumps in it she looks comfy and happy with plenty of space for her.

      Iv found the xtra to be one of the easiest buggy's iv pushed, easy to maneuver 1 handed, lightweight and best of all folds down to a tiny size! If i had to pic out another con it would be that the seat unit doesnt fold it has to be removed before folding the frame, but it is so easy to take off and so thin it takes up hardly any space so this isn't really a problem.

      Another thing ill quickly mention is when baby no2 was on her way i wanted a buggy board, i couldn't fine anywhere that told me whether one fitted of not so i took the chance and bought a lascal maxi buggy board, it fits fantastically! the buggy is still easy to push and i have never had a problem with it tipping up like other people have complained about


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      06.11.2011 23:47
      Very helpful



      A good buggy but plenty of flaws

      When my sister offered to get me a buggy as a baby gift, I certainly wasn't going to turn the offer down since everyone knows having a baby can be an expensive time, especially for a first baby. The buggy that she ended up getting me was this Quinny Zapp Xtra which you can currently pick up for just under the £200 mark, which isn't too bad in my opinion.

      One of the main reasons that she opted for this buggy was the size factor in terms of the frame being able to be folded down to a very compact size.

      The Quinny Zapp is a lightweight buggy that is suitable from birth to approximately four years, however I would seriously doubt that it would fit a four year old! It is the aluminium frame that makes this buggy so light however there is also a flaw in this, in that the handle cannot be used to carry a changing bag or anything of any weight because the handle folds in the middle to make it so compact, meaning there is no strength in it. The handles however do come with a rubber grip making it comfortable for your hands to push.

      The Quinny Zapp Xtra comes with its own seat as a separate entity which can be used either front facing or rear facing, as it is completely reversible. When my daughter was born however, we didn't use the seat part of the buggy, and instead the Quinny Zapp can be used with a Maxi Cosi Carry cot as long as you have special adapters that come automatically with the buggy. This was much handier in the early days after my daughter was born as it meant simply transporting the carry cot out of the car and onto the frame of the buggy, without having to disturb her at all. This however is an added expense as it does require you to buy a maxi cosi carry cot separately. We have now however been using the actual seat as it gives her more room and with the winter fast approaching my sister also gave us a footmuff for the seat which means that my daughter would be much cosier than when in the carry cot.

      Attaching the seat to the frame is easy once you have done it a few times. You no longer need adapters for the carry cot, and the seat simply clicks into place, front facing in the early days, and then being reversed when baby is older so they can look out. When the seat is rear facing, there are 2 recline positions, so that when baby is asleep you can easily tilt the buggy. When you are using the front facing seat there are then three recline positions. REmoving the seat however is slightly trickier and it doesn't always work first time which I find incredibly frustrating when in the rain with a potentially crying baby. The more you practice it does get easier, but I do think it is a slight design flaw of the buggy.

      The Quinny Zapp comes with a rather small shopping basket, that sits snugly under the seat. It is much easier to get at when you are using the maxi cosi carry cot, but as soon as you use the main seat, your access to the shopping basket is reduced, and there is much less room. I find if you bring the raincover for the buggy and put it in the shopping basket, there is very little room for much else. Again this is a downside of the buggy.

      This buggy comes with a raincover, however it is rather tight, and very difficult to get fully over the buggy especially when trying to do it at speed, as it seems very hard to stretch over the entire seat. IT seems to be at least a couple of centimetres too short to ensure every part of the buggy is covered. There are velcro attachments to help keep the raincover in place but again these are difficult to use as the raincover is so difficult to stretch over the seat.

      As I said earlier my sister also gave us a lovely footmuff with this buggy however, with the footmuff attached this makes it slightly harder to lengthen or shorten the belts to keep your baby in. It takes a lot of patience to get the belts adjusted to the right length to suit the size of your baby and make sure she is securely seated but at the same time has enough room to move comfortably.

      All in all, the positives of this buggy are:
      It is very compact and folds down very small so ideal for small cars or small boot space.
      It is sleek and looks good.
      It has a very light frame

      THe negatives however are:
      Not able to hang changing bag from handles
      Seat belts hard to lengthen or shorten without a lot of effort
      Raincover too small for buggy
      Small shopping basket


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      18.08.2011 12:00
      Very helpful



      It could be perfect given a couple of tweaks!

      If you've read my previous reviews then you'll easily see I'm not only a shopaholic, but also a buggyholic! I love my Jane Slalom R but at the end of the day it's a little bit big for bus journeys and a nightmare to bump up the nursery steps so I was looking for something a little bit smaller. I was a bit put off by this as I'd previously had the disasterous Petite Zia Star 3 wheeler but thought I'd annoy my other half and give it a go.

      The Quinny Zapp Xtra is basically the Quinny Zapp (infact it's the same frame, same wheels, and same basket) but with a reclineable seat that can now be parent facing or forward facing. I'd resisted buying your usual zapp because of the lack of recline so when I saw this was coming out I just couldn't resist. I do admit to cheating though when it came to purchasing it as at £220 it seemed a bit expensive for what it was when I already had a perfectly good buggy sitting at home. So how did I cheat? Well I logged into a local selling site and put up an ad for a wanted quinny zapp with cosytoes and raincover that preferably had a basket with it (I don't ask for much do i?) and picked one up for a cheap £40. I then purchased the xtra seat for £90 and had the quinny xtra for £130 with a raincover and cosytoes to match, not bad going eh? So if you're looking at getting a zapp, have a look at my way to save yourself £90.

      So how did I rate the zapp and it's performance? I love quite a few things about the zapp xtra that it's hard to know where to start! The seat unit, albeit a pain when it comes to folding, fits my 9 month old beautifully and has easily adjustable straps that have two different height positions in the seat so as she grows I can just pop them up a level. It comes with it's own little footrest so no more dangling feet like you see on so many strollers these days and it's even handy at catching her toys when she flings them out of the buggy. The hood is also attached to the seat unit and pulls far enough forward to keep the majority of the sun out of their eyes and is handy when it comes to attaching the rain cover.

      The seat unit has to come off of the buggy completely when you fold it down so then you're left with the frame. The frame itself is quite strong for a buggy that has a very small fold to it (minus the seat unit) and it pushes along like a dream with the single wheels at the back stopping the annoying wheel spin you get with other strollers. The front wheel is a swivel so I've had no problems with steering either. The handle height could be a problem for some though as I do find myself slouching to push it and I'm only 5"6. The brakes are very reliable although I have had a couple of problems on buses with the brakes just randomly springing off but I'm not sure if that's because I did the second hand thing and it's had a lot of use in the past? Something to look out for though. Folding it is easy too and even my other half has now mastered this without a problem. To detach the seat it's a simple press a button and pull the unit off (it does have a safety catch on it) and to fold the frame simple press the 2 buttons halfway down the seat and fold forward and push the grey bit at the bottom of the frame forwards and you're done.

      So what don't I like? I prefer to use the seat in parent facing mode as my daughter has a few allergies and has been very sicky since birth so it's handy to see if she's been sick or not but it does lead to a few issues now she's a bit older. In forward facing mode you have 3 different positions to lay the seat so you can be upright, half upright or laying down. However, in parent facing mode you can only have the seat half upright or laying down so my daughters starting to get a bit frustrated and I do feel it's the end of parent mode. The other BIG issue with parent facing is the length of the seat unit and the fact I have huge bruises up my legs from kicking the seat unit as I walk along. I have heard this is a common problem and it's not just me being a complete numpty but it doesn't make my legs feel any better about it!

      Some people don't like the fact that the basket is almost non existent but it works for me. The raincover fits in one side and I can have a small changing bag or shopping bag or something in the other side and it leads to no problems. I do hang light shopping over the handlebars too although I know there is an issue of buggies tipping due to this but I've never had a sense of this. It could be because I use it in parent mode and the weight is more evenly distributed but I'm always very careful about what I hang on there.

      My overall opinion? It's a great buggy but it could be even better if they could make a few tiny improvements to it. It they could conjure up a way to make the buggy fold as one then it would be far easier for buses as I just don't have enough hands at the moment to hold my daughter, hold the seat and fold the frame all at the same time. Finding a way to add the sit up position to parent facing mode would also make me far happier and if they could sort the whole whacking my leg as I walk problem then I'd be a happy little bunny! I'm not in a hurry to sell this buggy (you can hear my other halfs sigh of relief can't you?) and I do genuinely like it but I can see myself turning it back into a zapp when she's older and no longer naps so that it's easier to fold when I use buses and takes up less space in the car. Oh and one last thing that I just love about this quinny is the fact it can bump up steps without getting the brake stuck! I have to bump it up and down 6 (each way) steps twice a day and it's a dream to do. Anyone that's had a stroller will understand why that's such a big thing!


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      09.03.2011 14:54
      Very helpful



      A good evolution of the Quinny Zapp, but with room for more improvement.

      I get bored easily. This is true of many things in my life, and I've learned that pushchairs are no exception.

      About 6 months after I bought my Obaby Atlas, the Quinny Zapp Xtra was launched. Now, I always really wanted a Quinny Zapp, but was put off by the fact that it didn't recline and this wasn't going to be suitable for my son who was under 6 months at the time of looking for a lightweight stroller.

      - The Orginal Quinny Zapp

      Quinny bill the original Zapp as the smallest buggy in the world when it's folded. It really is tiny. Plus it only weighs 8kg and they claim that you can even take it as hand luggage on a plane! I have friends who have this pushchair and absolutely rave about it.

      - What's new about the Zapp Xtra?

      As I said at the beginning, the original buggy only has one seating position. The new Xtra version has a seat that can not only recline to completely flat (making it suitable from birth), but can also be used parent facing. This was the thing that appealed to me most. As I work full time I don't get to spend as much time with my little boy as I would like, so I was looking forward to being able to have him facing me. However, like the Quinny Buzz, in parent facing mode there are only 2 positions available; completely flat and reclined. While this might be good for a smaller child, my now 16 month old probably couldn't imagine anything worse that not being able to see around him without fighting against the straps, so the parent-facing mode was very short-lived with us and he now faces away every time we use this pushchair. When facing forwards, there are 3 positions; upright, reclined and completely flat.

      Along with being able to recline, the seat unit for this buggy is now separate from the frame. This means that it is no longer as compact and is a bit of a pain to put down as you always need to remove the seat. However, this is easily done by using a mechanism on the top of the seat unit and then detaching it from the chassis. The second implication of this is that the travel bag for the original Zapp doesn't fit this newer version in either.

      To be honest, this was one of the most disappointing things for me. I bought the pushchair online almost as soon as it was launched so I didn't see it "in the flesh" beforehand. I don't think that the fact it was a separate seat was made clear enough, so I bought it thinking that it would be more similar to the original pushchair, but that it also had the reclining feature (perhaps I was too caught up in the excitement to read the description properly!).

      Another change from the original pushchair is the hood. The hood on the newer version is much bigger and extends further forward than that on the original which is great if it's very sunny.

      You can use both the original Zapp and the Xtra pushchairs as a travel system by attaching a Maxi Cosi infant carrier, and they include the adapters for this. As my son was 10 months old when I bought this pushchair I've not made use of this function, although I can imagine that it will be very useful if we have a second child as the chassis folds up really small and is much easier to fit in the car than our first pushchair (the Quinny Buzz).

      - What I love about the Zapp Xtra

      The best thing for me is that this is a lightweight stroller that can be used in a parent-facing position although I think that this could be improved by having another, more upright position in this mode as I think that this is only really suitable for babies of up to about 13/14 months old.

      I find this lightweight pushchair very easy to push and steer. I've read reports from people who find it quite unstable, but I've not experienced it myself. I don't tend to load it up with much other than my son though, and if I do have any shopping on the handles then his 12kg weight definitely keeps it in the right position!

      The large hood is brilliant. Especially if you think it might rain and you're not going far. I can pull the hood out far enough that I am confident my son would not get very wet if I was caught unexpectedly in the rain without time to get the rain cover on. It also means that I don't feel the need to wrestle with the raincover if I don't have far to get back home or to the car.

      It's very easy to recline. The same mechanism at the top of the seat unit that is used to remove the seat is also used to recline (don't worry - it's not possible to remove the seat when you intend to recline it!). This is really unobtrusive to a sleeping child in the pushchair, so I think this is great.

      It's very easy to put up and collapse again in 3 steps. I found that the instructions that came with the pushchair weren't great as far as "step 3" was concerned, but I worked it out for myself and actually wasn't very difficult at all! It's slightly annoying that the seat unit is separate, but it's pretty easy to slot into the chassis in both forward-facing and parent-facing modes. As I said before, the seat is easy to remove from the chassis as well, but I find that it does require 2 hands to do so.

      I like the fact that the handles aren't very high at 102cm. This might bother some people, but at only 5'3" this is perfect for me. (I've just read on a website that they are, in fact, adjustable, but I'm not convinced by this so I will check when I'm at home later!)

      UPDATED TO ADD: Well, I've examined the pushchair and I really can't see how I would change the handle height. So I don't believe them. If anyone knows otherwise please can they tell me how as the low handles bug my husband!

      I like the fact that the footmuff I have for the Buzz also fits the Zapp Xtra. This saved me some money as I didn't have to get a new one.

      - What I would change about the Zapp Xtra

      I should have learnt after owning a Buzz, but Quinny don't do big shopping baskets. It is actually really small and would probably bug me more if I had to do much shopping with it. You can, however put bags over the handles easily which helps with this problem, although after hearing some reports about it tipping over then I would be careful of this if you have a small child.

      They don't provide anywhere to store the raincover. This annoys me as it takes up almost all of the (small) shopping basket! It would be much better if they added a pocket to the back of the seat unit to store the raincover in.

      I would definitely add another position when in parent-facing mode so that my child could sit upright and face me. I find the 2 positions on offer unsuitable for older babies who want to be able to sit up and look around more easily.

      There currently is no travel bag for this buggy. This is annoying as the separate seat unit makes it harder to take on a plane, and also it means that it doesn't fit in the travel bag designed for the original Zapp. As the seat unit fits over the collapsed chassis without being incredibly bulky, with a decent bag to carry it in I wouldn't be put off from taking this abroad with me.

      The price. This is an expensive pushchair. I paid £201.99 for it as soon as it came out, and I spent a lot of time looking for the cheapest price I could find.

      My next point doesn't entirely fit in this section, but when I bought it there were only 2 colours available; red and black. I would have said that increasing the colour range would be good, but the research I've done while writing this review has taught me that they've already done this and it's now also available in brown, pink, blue and "natural mavis" (?!). The last colour looks like a light green from the photos... I chose red as I already had the Buzz in red which had a matching footmuff that I could also use on the Zapp.

      - The Specs

      Dimensions: H102 x W50 x D81cm
      Dimensions when folded: H95 x W42 x D29cm (plus the seat unit)
      Weight: 7.8kg

      - Accessories

      The only accessory advertised on the Quinny website is a parasol, however I've not felt the need to buy one of these. Plus, the hood on it is so good that I'm not sure it would be necessary anyway.

      It's not mentioned on the website, but the footmuff for the Buzz or the original Zapp is also suitable for use with the new version.

      - If you have the original Zapp is it worth getting the new one?

      Probably not as you can just buy the Xtra seat unit separately, so you don't have to go to the expense of buying a whole new buggy! The seat unit currently retails for around £100.

      - Would I recommend it?

      In general, yes. I think that there are still some improvements that could be made and so I am awarding the Quinny Zapp Xtra 3 stars. The biggest two for me would be the upright parent-facing position and a suitable travel bag which would be enough for me to give it 4 stars. A bigger shopping basket would be a good addition too.

      Although it says it's suitable from birth I'm not sure I would use it for a baby so young with the seat unit, preferring instead to opt for a completely lie flat option like I have with my Quinny Buzz. However, using the chassis with the infant carrier would be much more convenient than using the Buzz frame for the same purpose. Generally though, as babies shouldn't spend an extended time in a car seat then I would opt to take out my original pram if I was going out for a long time.


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