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Redkite Push Me Quatro

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2 Reviews

Brand: Red Kite / Type: Stroller / Seat: Single

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    2 Reviews
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      02.11.2012 21:36
      Very helpful
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      Perfect stroller for town.

      Red kite Push Me Quatro buggy.

      Having bought a huge and bulky pushchair with carrycot/pram for when my son was born, we eventually needed to size down, not that my old pushchair was in need of replacement but simply for convenience. The old pushchair was difficult to use on buses and escalators etc. So on planning a trip to London, we decided that we had had enough of the hassle and struggle that we associated with the larger pushchair when travelling around London, so started looking around for more compact umbrella folding buggy that was not going to break the bank, but when looking in the lower price range it was soon clear that they lacked enormously in features and generally didn't have the added benefit of having an adjustable seat.

      Finally we discovered Asda was having a baby and toddler event and found this, they had a choice of two colours, black and Damson, and I opted for damson, which is basically purple, why they can't call it purple I don't know. We opened the box which was white with a picture of the buggy on the side and was about 4ftx2ftx2ft. We paid £50.00 for it and I believe the price is unchanged (02.11.2012).
      Assembly was remarkable easy, I only needed to clip in the front wheel and then attach the hood, again a simple clip mechanism. The seat is fully adjustable and it has a plastic button style adjuster, which can be a little finicky, you need to push the button and pull the strapping to the required level, but once you get the hang of it is fairly straight forward. The seat is made of what seems to be wooden boards that are lighted padded and shaped for comfort. The buggy is umbrella folding and for those who are not clear it simply means that it folds up and inwards similar to an umbrella, hence the name, making it a more compact, lightweight and easier to collapse, especially in tourist situations and public transport which does not always cater for pushchairs. Collapsing is simple by using two clips at the back of the buggy, pulling one up and pushing the other down, and can be done with your feet if you are required to hold little one, if at a main road for instance, and a clip holds it together. It has a handle on one side for ease of carrying this is made of strapping and rubber.

      The wheels are the small rubber type just like most umbrella buggy's but these are quite hardy, the front ones are swivel style making turning easier, however they can be locked by a simple push button on the wheel, again foot operated, I lock them when on the London underground because of the escalators, but generally have them on swivel because turning is so much easier. The back wheels are permanently locked. The rear wheels also have the break which is a quite rudimentary cog style lock, which if not engaged properly does loosen, so please be aware and make sure that the lock is pushed down hard on both wheels.

      The buggy's material is hand washable and I find a simple wipe after use is enough to keep it looking good. The hood is of the same material with"Quarto by red kite" written in white on both sides and this is kept open by plastic push down bracket clips and hosts a pocket on the back which is secured with Velcro and it also has a see-through plastic section so you can see little one from behind without disturbing them, which is a blessing if you are trying to encourage them to drift off. This is covered by black mesh which prevents glare in sunny weather. The basket is relatively small by it is a fairly small buggy so you can't expect more. This is again made of black mesh.

      The front of the buggy seat has an option to fold it down or up, which is nice for older children to be able to reach the rubber foot strap and also for when they are sleeping, you simply hold down the two plastic button either side at the junction (for want of a better word) and place the seat in the required position. These are all safety clips to prevent children catching their fingers. It has a five point harness and the top two straps unclip enabling you to attach a cosy toes or buggy protector more easily. The front groin strap in made of the same material as the buggy, but the others are made of a thick grey strapping material. All of which are fully adjustable. The securing clip is a plastic three point clip.

      It has two separate handles which is my preference but these are not adjustable and are 108cm high and at 5ft2" it took me a while to get used to height of the handles, there not too high per say, but higher than I'm accustomed as my old buggy was adjustable. It comes with a rain cover although the fixing Velcro is not fantastic and broke on first use. The rain cover goes over the hood and the child which helps to protect the hood.

      It weighs 8.2kg due to the aluminium frame and is extremely easy to transport. The carry handle is comfortable too. It is suitable from birth to 15kg and it says 24 months, although my 2 and a half year old are using it but he is very small for his age and is under 15kg.

      Dimensions (W x D x H cm) 50 x 78 x 108cm
      Dimensions (Folded) (W x D x H cm) 32 x 23 x 106cm

      An ideal town buggy but not built for off-roading, It can become extremely bumpy if used on uneven surfaces but is perfect around town. Overall this is a fantastic buy and is much less bulky and more convenient than my old buggy. It fits perfectly on buses and is a breeze on the escalators in London, even loaded with a picnic. Although I don't think it could handle the vigour's of escalators on a daily bases, but I could be wrong! I would definitely recommend this buggy and my son looks very comfortable in it even when he is asleep.


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        21.04.2011 14:46
        Very helpful



        exellent quality

        My grandson was born last year in November and as my daughter had complications at the birth she came home to live with him and her partner, since then it has been great to be here on hand to help out with the little chap and to bond with him and spoil him.
        When he was born we bought some of the baby equipment of second hand things saying we would wait until he was older to get new things, as babies grow so quickly in the first few months that there's no point in buying new things straight away. The pram was one of the things that was bought second hand and has been replaced with a new Push Me Quatro from RedKite baby Co Ltd.
        This was replaced when he was three months old as the second hand buggy began to steer funny, it was like pushing a shopping trolley that had a funny wheel.

        I bought the new buggy from Kiddiecare.com and it cost me £49.99 which is half price and a great saving. I had to pay extra for delivery but it came within three days by van and was packaged in a cardboard box for us to assemble.
        The wheels had to be put on the front of the buggy but they just push on and the hood at the top of the buggy had to be attached, but all the parts just clip into place and you get a leaflet with numbered diagrams to follow in the box, so you can't go wrong.

        You get a rain cover and a cozy toes free with the buggy so it's very economical to buy. Once you have assembled the buggy which takes about five minutes, you can adjust the straps of the harness that keeps the baby in place. It has plastic buckles that clip into position at the front to hold the baby securely into the buggy. Much like the straps in any car seat.
        The cozy toes fits nice and snugly inside the buggy with the harness straps going through the back of it to keep it into place so the baby doesn't slip down.
        The cozy toes is lined with a warm fleece material so it's good to use this on a cold day.
        The rain cover fits nice and snug and can be folded up and kept in the bottom tray compartment of the buggy, which is a mesh like material.

        The hood of the buggy covers the babies face nicely and shades them from the sun, it can be moved forwards or backwards whenever you prefer and the back of the buggy can be put into the reclined position for when the baby wants to go to sleep.
        My grandson is now six months old and fits nicely into this buggy, he sleeps well in it when you take him for a walk and can also sit up to see out of the buggy when he's awake.

        The colour is a charcoal coloured black with lime trimmings. It has the logo on the hood and the cozy toes and looks a really good styled buggy.
        It folds up nice and small into the umbrella style of buggy for easy carrying. It is light weight and easy to push.
        The brakes are operated by stepping on the rear brake pedal you can release them by pushing the pedal forward again. These are sturdy brakes and once applied the buggy is going nowhere.

        The wheels are swivel wheels but can be locked into place if you don't want them to swivel, You just push a tab on the wheel on and off again to operate the swivel action. The leg rest at the front of the buggy can also be altered and can be moved by undoing the catches at the sides of the seat, this way the child can be sat up with their legs hanging down or sat back with their legs straight out.
        This has been great for us to get in the car on our journeys out to the shops, it's easy to put up and quick to fold down not fiddly like some buggies but it has been well designed for ease of use and comfort of the child.
        It is suitable for newborn babies and children up to the weight of 15kgs.
        I am very happy with my purchase as it looks stylish and is practical to use.

        The customer care line for the buggy is 01454 326 568 if you have any queries about the product.
        It can be cleaned by wiping it down with a damp cloth using warm water and mild detergent. The fabric of the buggy may fade in time if left in the sunlight. You can also ease the motions of the metal parts by using WD40 on them, this makes it easier for the buggy to be folded down as you have to stand at the back of the buggy and lift up the metal part above the wheels to fold it down. This then folds the buggy forwards as you pull the handles together for the whole thing to fold in and down for putting in the car, or storing away.

        I'd give this buggy 10 out of 10 for it's design, light weight and ease of folding and unfolding it as most parents know this can be tricky when you have a baby to get in the car and loads of shopping to pack into the car too. The last thing you need is a buggy that is complicated to use.


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