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Brand: Silver Cross / Type: Standard / Number of Seats: Single Seat.

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    53 Reviews
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      15.01.2014 17:20



      Quality pram

      This is a good pram for a man, I think. It's a bit bulky, but that's what men want in a pram, and by it's sturdiness you can tell that it's well-made and is likely to last a long time. It's pretty easy for me to put up/down, though I've got to say my wife finds it a little harder - not impossible, but you do have to put a bit of muscle in to unlatch the locks. The wheels are sturdy and can easily make it over the cobbled streets we have in our town. It's washable as well, which certainly helps, and there's a surprising amount of space at the bottom for keeping nappies, wipes, etc. I haven't tried it, but from the way my daughter looks in it I think I can safely say it's pretty comfy! All in all a very good pram, highly recommended. Slightly pricey, but then my wife assures me all quality prams are pricey!


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      27.10.2013 12:00
      Very helpful
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      Great looking, functional, suitable from birth

      The moment the midwife had wiped the jelly from my belly after our 20 week scan, I happily waddled to the car, and ordered (well, asked polity) my husband to drive straight to mothercare to choose a pram.
      Now this was our 2nd child, so I already had a pretty good idea of what I needed from a pram/pushchair, and that includes: front swivel wheels, rear and front facing with a lie-flat facility, largish shopping basket, and easy to fold/erect preferably one handed!

      You would think my list of needs would be easy enough to satisfy, but given our budget of under £250, it became apparent quite quickly that choice in that price range was limited. And so it was purely coincidental that the shop assistant shown us the Silver Cross 3D in Pistachio. Apparently "an older colour scheme" it was reduced to just £225! There was very little thinking involved after that, it ticked all my boxes, it looked beautiful, and it was Silver cross! Sold to the lady with the large belly and exasperated husband!

      Suitable from birth, the lightweight Silver Cross 3D transforms from pram to pushchair in seconds. With a new born pram liner, baby can lay flat and snug, facing the new, proud parents!

      Suitable from birth
      Compact and lightweight, converts from pram to pushchair in seconds
      Lockable swivel wheels
      Four position seat recline
      Adjustable handle height
      Can convert to a travel system with the Silver Cross Ventura car seat (available separately)
      Complete with cosy toe, pram apron, shopping basket, pram liner, harness pads plus a rain cover
      Handle height: 100-104cm
      Folded: H102 x W40 x D38cm
      Weight: 10.3kg
      Maximum child weight: 15kg

      Our beautiful daughter arrived weighing a little over 8lb. I couldn't wait to show her off, and so at 5 days old we wrapped her up and lay her in the newly constructed Silver cross 3D. It took my DIY mad hubby just minutes to assemble, it was merely a case of lots of unwrapping, fixing on wheels and handles, and a few minor adjustments. Getting the chassis into new born position was quick and easy, although two hands were needed. The new born liner is cosy and fixes securely into the chassis/seat.

      We discovered almost everything we needed to know about our new pushchair during that first walk:
      -The lockable swivel wheels are a god send, especially when manoeuvring a busy supermarket!
      -The shopping basket isnt quite big enough, even for a "top-up" shop. I had milk, bread, some fruit, and more nappies, and my husband had to carry the nappies.
      -Whilst easy and quick to fold - it certainly isnt one-handed, and the liner has to be removed before folding, which kind of defeats the object of an all-in-one!
      -Our little newborn was obviously very comfy and snug, she slept the whole 2 hours we were out!

      Our little one wasnt so little for very long, and by 2 months old she was starting to look cramped and uncomfortable in the new born liner, so we switched to pushchair mode and had the seat fully reclined. She is also a nosey little devil, and by 3 months we had switched to forward facing as she was obviously bored of looking at mummy, she must preferred playing the insufferably cute act with total strangers!

      Baby is now 7 months old, and we still use our 3D, although not as often, we recently purchased a reclining buggy for just £30, it folds up tiny, is super light, and has a basket almost as big as the 3D, and swivel wheels. The buggy stays in the car, and so the 3D is now only used for weekend walks.

      For the price I paid, in an instant! This pram has everything you need from a pram, it is comfortable, sensible, easy to use, reasonably light (for a pram - not as light as a buggy obviously), and is a complete system from birth.
      The only thing I would say, is that most babies will have outgrown the "new born" facility by 8-12 weeks. Is it really worth paying all this for that one facility? In hindsight, I feel we may have been just as well to pay under £100 for a lie flat buggy, which with a liner, could be made just as comfortable, safe and cosy for a new born baby. However, it certainly wouldnt look as nice as the 3D, and despite all promises of going for "practical over pretty" I dare any expectant or new mummy not to want the smartest, most beautiful pram available for their precious child!
      And I have to say - we had A LOT of compliments on our 3D, it looked stunning, and with the ability to machine wash the liner/aprons etc, always looked sparkly clean!

      I would defiantly recommend the Silver Cross 3D, it is a beautiful, functional pram and easy to use. Even the men still manage to feel macho pushing this around!


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        16.10.2013 14:26
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        not the best pram system, shop around to get better value for money

        When I was first pregnant I immediately started looking at Prams and Pushchairs as i think this is one of the important big purchases that you need when you have a baby. I was so excited!!
        Until I actually started looking I had no idea how much choice and how big the range iin Prams and Pushchairs was! Such a vast price range and do you go for a pram alone, a pram system, travel system? Forward facing, rear facing, which handle how many wheels, accessories?! Woah a lot of choice!

        I decide to head down to kiddicare as luckily I'm pretty local and have a look around to get a better idea of what I wanted. I found the silver crossn3d pram system in grey charcoal swirls and loved it!

        The silver cross 3d pram system comes in a few colours and styles including charcoal swirls, lime, sports black and denim. There are lots of different ones available so you just have to choose aa pattern you like and most are unisex colours.
        The pram system comes with the following accessories;
        *foot muff
        *rain cover
        *pram liner
        *and mattress
        All of these accessories have been really handy so its good they are included. I had to buy a parasol separate.
        The basket underneath is an ok size, it's not tiny but could be bigger.

        The price of these pram systems have gone down over the last few years. I bought mine from kidsicare back in early 2010 and paid about £400 for it. I'm told they are now available for £250 ish at most baby stores.

        THE PRAM
        Once set up as the pram it is great! The pram feels really good and sturdy to push. The actual carrier part where baby lays in looks really snug and comfy. There is a harness that straps baby in to stop them wriggling around too much or rolling over and just generally keeps them secure. The only thing I would add to the pram is to maybe have pram sheets included or available to buy. The baby lays straight on the mattress and most sheets don't fit around the fitted harness. If baby is sick on it or it gets in any way dirty the whole carrier needs to be cleaned which isn't always practical, so i fitted sheet would definitely be more handy!
        I loved pushing baby around in this when it was set up as a pram. It feels solid and secure and my baby looks comfy and safe.

        As much as i loved this pram system as a pram I can't help but feel a little disappointed at the pushchair option.
        After I'd had the pram converted to pushchair for a couple of weeks I felt that it was no where near as sturdy as it was when it was a pram, it felt somehow wobbly now it was a pushchair.

        There is a harness for the pushchair to keep your child secure, however my problem with this is that my daughter soon figured out after only a year old that she only had to press the grey button and the whole harness opened so not all that secure.

        The seat is cushioned so my daughter did at least look comfy in it and the cushion is removable as well as washable so it's a bonus especially if your child will be eating in it.

        I'm not impressed with the pushchair option at all, mainly because it doesn't feel any where near as sturdy as it does a pram and seems much harder to push

        The pram system folds down quite well and quite compact. It is pretty straightforward to fold up and down and the instructions make it pretty clear or if you're still unsure there are lots of demonstration videos online.
        To fold it up you pull up the clips on the handles and then pull hard on another little handle by your feet. Pull it up until it clicks and locks into place. Once it has clicked it can then stay upright free standing to be stored.
        To put back up again it is still simple, again you pull the little clips on the handles and flick out the whole pushchair to losen it up and then you simply push down on the handle that you previously had to pull up until it clicks and is secure again.

        Whilst I love the pram on this, I would not recommend this or am system as the pushchair has too many negatives and in the long run you will use the pushchair for much longer than the pram.
        In my opinion the pushchair needs to be much more sturdy and feel solid and hard wearing. There are better Pushchairs out there if you shop around.

        3/5 for me, thank you for reading my review, I hope it was helpful

        xx Mrs K xx


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          17.09.2013 22:14
          Very helpful



          Great solid design for a pram, not so practical in pushchair mode for a toddler.

          After previously owning a Silver Cross 'Sleepover' travel system, I made the switch to the Silver Cross 3D after being fed up with owning a pram which (whilst looked pretty) was completely impractical. The 3D was the pram I originally wanted, so I didn't read many reviews and went with the look of the system rather than the functionality.

          The travel system can be used from newborn to 15kg (roughly 3/4 years) and comes with provisions to change from a pram to pushchair with a few simple actions.

          Its the cheapest travel system manufactured by Silver Cross which makes it a bargain as you get the quality you'd expect with a sturdy and well made chassis. It doesn't come in the most exciting choice of colours, but I wasn't too phased by that.

          I've used other prams which have proved to be flimsy and feel very unsafe (especially when lifting front wheels to go up a curb). The 3D is solid and feels safe at all times. My baby looked safe in the pram and the system has grown with her as she approaches 3 and is now in the pushchair mode. At all stages, my daughter has looked very snug and cosy and with the addition of the foot muff and rain cover, comfy in all weather conditions.

          The system is surprisingly easy to put up, with a quick push on the foot lever ensuring the pushchair clicks into place each side.

          The solid structure of the system was always an advantage when my daughter was a baby. As she grew, the system became cumbersome and hard to steer. Because the system itself is already quite heavy, it soon became to weighty to push up most inclines. The basket which sits under the system is not very large and I often find it hard to squeeze small shopping bags in-between the small gap.

          After a while, when putting up the pushchair, the sides stopped clicking into place which became a hazard. Upon searching on the internet, it seemed this was a common problem. I cannot fault Silver Cross' customer service though, as they quickly me out a replacement part which solved the issue.

          In hindsight, this system is great as a solid and well constructed pram. I'm not sure I would have opted for it knowing that the weight of the system would prove such a disadvantage in pushchair mode with a toddler.


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          16.09.2013 09:23
          Very helpful



          Overall great pram for any child.

          Silver cross 3d

          This pram was bought by a family member when I was pregnant but while trying out prams in the shop this was the one I had my heart set on, was easy to push,appeared easy to set up, and looked lovely. It has the carrycot for newborns, my child would rather sleep in this than anywhere else ha, it's nice and cosy. Then you have when it turns forward facing to sit your child up, this is great as has a bar across the front which my child loved to help her sit up and see everything that was going on and to attach all her toys too so she would never get bored. Also it lays right back flat so if she was going for. Nap it was easy to get it back. Pram is easy to manoeuvre, as has great swivel wheels which helps when trying to battle your way through busy town/shops with pram.

          There are a few cons to this pram unfortunately, although setting it up as a travel system is pretty easy to do with the car seat, I feel while pushing it around its not ideal, especially up kerbs and stairs etc. also when unfolding it sometimes the shopping basket underneath gets caught in the chassis and you have to fiddle about unattaching it before the pram clicks into place, this is not a massive issue but annoying when your trying to get it set up and ready. Also the raincover has too fully come off if your child needs something when out in rain as does not have a zip to just open slightly.

          I have tried different prams and strollers over the years but my child still prefers this one 2 years on, only one she really enjoys being in now and can go for a nap in if she's tired. The pram also has lasted very well over the 2 years as I have not had any issues with it breaking or any faults, luckily enough so would be recommended to anyone who was looking for an idea, pram for their child.


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          15.09.2013 22:30



          ideal for quick trips

          I bought this pram after I had my son. I had previously purchased a big classic (emmaljunga) pram but as a first time mother I had no idea what I really needed out of a pram so I got one of these to keep in the car for days away in the car.

          First of all I loved how compact it was in my boot (Ford Focus) it's so easy to grab, using the carry handle on the side. Once you get the hang of opening the umbrella fold it takes no time to get it set up although it meant non-regular users of the pram couldn't help me set it up.

          When my son was little loved having him in the pramette part where I could see him but I felt he grew out of it too quickly at around 4 months old. I really missed being able to see him and interact.

          When he started getting bigger I really fell out of love with this pram as I just felt it was going to break every time we were on any other terrain that completely smooth tar and my son was by no means heavy!

          This is when i purchased another pram and demoted our 3d to my mums house for when she was babysitting, she found it ideal for nipping up town for shopping etc rather than long walks.


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          22.06.2013 22:25
          Very helpful



          great for newborn....rubbish forwards facing.

          Anyone who has had the responsibility of choosing a pram will know what a daunting task that can be. There's so much to think about...How much should I spend? does it look good?? is it safe? what will I use the pram for? will it be ok for a girl or a boy? how big is it? will it fold easily? will my baby be comfortable? how long will it last?
          So all in all its quite a choice to make.... So lets answer some of these questions.

          How much is the silver cross 3d?
          The RRP of this pram is £325 though it is often on sale. At the time of writing this it is on sale for £275 in mothercare. I picked up my silver cross 3d as an ex display model for £199. There is also quite often offers where you get a free silver cross ventura car seat which fits onto the pram.

          Does it look good?
          We got the silver cross 3d in jet sport, which is all black with silver reflective trims. As soon as I saw the pram I knew I liked it, I liked it a lot. It is a classic style but brought up to date. The classic silver cross prams all had the cot laid down and big wheels, this pram has that but looks very sturdy and modern (albeit the wheels a bit smaller)
          When in cot mode the pram looks quite small and compact, the black makes it look sleek in design. The frame is silver which adds to the classy look of the pram.
          The wheels are average in size, there are prams with much larger wheels but also some with much smaller wheels. The handles also adjust in height.

          Is it safe?
          This is a very sturdy little pram, we never had any incidents of it tipping over, nor did it ever collapse. When in pram mode there is a harness which fastens around babies waist. in pushchair mode there is a 5 point harness to keep your baby safe.

          What will I personally use the pram for?
          I do not drive so use a lot of buses, my fiancé does drive so at weekends we use the car. this means a pram we choose has to be compact enough to fit on buses, and be sturdy when we get on and off and whilst the bus is in use. It also has to fold up easy to get into a car and not be too big.
          We also live on a dirt track road so larger wheels were very much needed.
          I also wanted a pram I could use from birth until a pram was no longer needed, this ticked that box as it can be changed from laying down to forwards facing

          As we bought it in jet sport (black) it is suitable for both boys and girl, it comes in other colours too so there is the option to choose a gender specific colour or a neutral colour such as this.

          how big is it?
          When folded this pram measures H102 x W40 x D38cm (according to mothercare website) This I think is quite small for a pram suitable for a newborn. When up I found it quite a compact pram and easily fit on buses. In fact one silver cross 3d was as wide as a fold up seat on the bus, and no longer than 2 seats.

          will it fold easily?
          It depends on what you class as easy? when I got this pram I thought it was easy to fold, but it was the first pram I had ever owned. You have to use 2 hands to fold, you pull the two hooks on the handles, then pull a handle at the back and it folds up....easy....that is until I got my baby jogger with one hand fold, compared to that it is quite complicated. Its not really possible to fold up the 3d with one hand or whilst holding a baby.

          will my baby be comfortable?
          the answer to this is a big fat YES....in pram mode the white liner is padded around the edges and has a foam mattress for baby to lie on. the harness that goes around babies waist in pram mode is padded. There is a padded headrest when in pushchair mode, as well as padded shoulder straps and a padded bit that goes between the legs in the 5 point harness. There is a LOT of padding.

          how long will it last?
          In theory it should last from birth until you no longer need a push chair. This depends on how impressed you are when you start using it in front facing pushchair mode.

          So what was it like to use???
          I found in pram mode is was fantastic. When I first used the pram I was so pleased with my choice. My son looked comfortable and safe, the pram looked classy and modern too. I worried about pushing it up our dirt road but I needn't have worried, it managed really well with the stones, bumps and pot holes. It was light to push, and easy to turn.
          HOWEVER, when I switched to forward facing mode it was like a completely different pram. I found that although my son had outgrown the pram part, he was too long for it, he was still too small for the pushchair. the harnesses were too big for such a small baby. Also it suddenly seemed very heavy to push. I think this is because as a pram the weight is distributed really nice and evenly, when you change to pram mode baby is sat above the front wheels, this makes it difficult to push, it feels really heavy. also when lifting the front up to get on a bus it felt like I had a toddler not a small baby. It was after struggling for a few weeks I decided to buy a new pram which would be easier and lighter to push, so this was resigned to the spare room. When my son was about 18 months I forgot to get the new pram out of the car so I had to use this pram. WOW it was heavy. I think it would have been easier to carry him around for the day!

          Would I recommend?
          If you are a pram-a-holic who will happily buy a new pram after 5-6 months then yes....go ahead and buy this pram. It is fantastic as a pram for a newborn baby, but once baby outgrows this part it is a totally different story.
          If you want a pram which will last form birth to walking, this is NOT the pram for you. The forwards facing pushchair is in my opinion a waste of time and effort. The space of time between laying flat and forwards facing means baby will not fit in the pram for a while safely. Do you let your baby lay scrunched up and uncomfortable or do you face forwards with a harness which is too big.
          I tried talking a family member out of buying this pram and she ignored me, bought it anyway....a few months after her son was born she was complaining how rubbish it was, how heavy it was to push.... well I did try and tell her!!!
          so would I recommend.....in a word....NO....keep looking!
          I am only giving this 2/5 stars due to the fact its a good newborn pram....


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            12.01.2013 10:29
            Very helpful



            generally poor

            == Silver Cross 3D Pram==

            I have the Silver Cross 3D pram which I was lucky enough to be loaned it from a friend as the pram system that I had for my previous child which was stored away was really not fit for purpose and needed to be thrown away. Considering we already had a car seat suitable from 9 months and will be using a stroller at around that time we didn't think it necessary to spend a few hundred pounds out on a pram like this and we were more than happy to have this on loan from my best friend whose little boy had grown out of it.

            We were also given the car seat which will attach to this pram from the Silver Cross Ventura range but this is an added extra that had to be bought separately from this pram itself and therefore I won't be mentioning it too much in this review.

            If you were looking to buy this pram you should expect to pay anywhere from £200 to £300 depending on where you buy it from and the extras such as rain cover and the like that you add to your order. It is available from a wide selection of different places and this price is about right when comparing to other brands and similar products.

            Okay so the pram itself does look pretty good and appears to have everything that you would need from a product of this type. The Silver Cross name is a good one in my eyes and I thought that this item would show true quality and worthy of the price tag. Unfortunately I don't really feel that this is the case and I am really pleased that we had just borrowed it and not paid out any money for it.

            The first thing I find really frustrating is the process of getting the pram into a open and usable position. This involves lifting up a switch type area on the handles and then flicking the whole (heavy) pram out. This doesn't always work and more often than not my other 5 year old child will have to help me by pulling the front of the pram. Not ideal you would agree. You have to make sure that the legs of the pram are fully locked into position as this will mean that the pram will fold in on itself at a later stage if not correctly fastened.

            It unfortunately seems to be more or less the same principle for putting the pram into the folded down position which again isn't easy to do. The switch on the handles again needs pressing and a lot of fumbling about needs to take place in order for the pram to start folding up and even when you think you have done all you can do to get it into this folded away position it doesn't' seem to be quite enough and I struggle to get the pram into the boot of my car most of the time. Also I find that the pram is really rather heavy and I can just manage to lift it up into my boot when I am on and it is not especially easy.

            The small netting of shopping basket which Silver Cross have added under the pram is more or less a waste of time because there really isn't much that you can fit into this basket due to the poor access from the back and the multitude of bars that run along the top of this section meaning that nothing overly large can be slid in from the sides either. You can probably fit in a couple of packets of baby wipes and not much else. This isn't great especially when the handles of the pram are seemingly very flimsy and the shape of the pram isn't ideal to hand more than one or two light bags from the handles. This is not a pram for the mother that likes to shop.

            The plastic sheet of a rain cover which we have for this silver Cross pram is a bit of a pain to get on and into the right position but it does indeed do the job intended and although not as thick as others I have used I cant moan too much even though I do think it should be of a slightly better quality from this brand.

            As far as safety goes I think it is adequate in the fact that all the straps are secure and do the job intended but I think because of the flimsiness of the handles which give the pram and all over wobbly and unsteady feel I can't say that this makes it feel overly safe. With the handles having the switch to fold down the pram I can't say that this is overly safe either as the chance of pulling this is higher than other prams I have used given its position.

            I have pushed the pram on quite a few long walks and if the pavement is too bumpy (like it mostly is in our area) the pram is rather difficult to control. The double wheels on the front can be positioned so that they swivel 180 degrees or stay in a forward moving position and I tend to have them on the swivel mode which aids the ease of movement on bumpy terrain a little more but I think the lightweight handles of the pram which need to be pushes and pulled a fair bit when walking over bumps just can't take this sort of walking but to be fair I am not off road or anything with this pram and I would have thought it should be perfectly designed for pavement walking.

            When the pram is fully up and in a working position there are a few bonuses that come with using it such as the slightly extendible and retractable handles giving a longer or shorter hold available when pushing the pram. This is ideal for when my other half wants to push the pram as he is taller than me will need longer pram handles and this is simply a case of pulling a separate switch on the handles. Of course don't get confused with the switch that will fold the pram down as it may well fold up on you!

            Another bonus is the ease with which the car seat fits on to the pram although with this tight fit the seat of the pram does seem to get in the way somewhat even if there is different reclining positions of the seat it seems to come too far back by my legs and not making it very streamline at all.

            All in all I have to say that I am so glad we didn't pay out the high price tag that would usually come when purchasing this Silver Cross 3D pram. There are far more negative aspects than there are positive ones and on the whole I can't wait until little man is old enough to go in a stroller and we can hand this back to my friend. I think that it is not a good advertisement for the Silver Cross name as the pram is rather flimsy feeling when walking yet super heavy and chunky when trying to fold down and store away.

            I think even being generous I can only award this pram a poor 2 out of 5 stars. This really is just because it does actually look the part and the fact that the car seat we have fits on it with relative ease. Other than that I can't say that I would recommend it in the slightest.

            Many thanks for taking the time to read.

            I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.


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              03.09.2012 10:44
              Very helpful



              Flawless when assembled but can be a pain....

              The Silver Cross 3D pram system was one of the earliest purchases we made after we discovered that my partner was pregnant, we spent a good few hours debating and trying out different prams in both Mothercare and Mamas and Papas before settling for this one and now that it's been put through its paces I thought it was time to share my opinions of it.

              Made by Silver Cross, one of the most recognisable names in the baby industry, the 3D pram system can be used as both a pram and a pushchair and is suitable for all ages from newborn to toddlers. We've been using ours just as the pram since our son was born but he is now at an age and length where he's fast becoming too big for the pram and we have recently tried him out in the pushchair too and whilst I do think that the system has been beautifully designed and undeniably well made I have to admit that it's not without its faults.

              Available in a choice of colours and designs, ours is the Oxford Grey colour and at the time of purchase cost £300.00. There is a matching car seat available which retails for £125 by itself but is often included as a free gift if you buy the pram system so do bear this in mind if you are thinking of buying as there are definite money saving opportunities if you time things right. The 3D system comes complete with everything you're likely to need for getting your young one out and about and included in the package are the Apron, Hood, Pram Liner with head support and safety straps, Foot Muff and Rain Cover. A matching changing bag can be bought separately for £35.00 which we also own and all together the system is a stylish looking item that definitely looks the part.

              It weighs just short of 12kgs and when folded measures 102cm in length, 38cm in width and 40cm in height. Assembled it stands 104cm in height, 53cm in width and is 95cm long and even with the hood of the pram in place it snugly fits into the boot of my car (a Vauxhall Meriva) though admittedly there isn't much room for anything else once it's in there. The chassis of the pram/pushchair is metal and the wheels are solid rubber so you don't have the potential problem of flat tyres should you run over anything sharp whilst using it, the front wheels are mutli-directional and swivel which is handy when you're pushing the pram around corners and in tight spaces and I would say that it is very easy to push around. The handles are long enough so you don't feel hunched over when pushing the pram and the rubberised ends are comfortable in your hands. There is a shopping basket fixed to the underside of the pram system which is handy although you can't fit a lot into it but it makes for handy storage if, like us, you want to keep a rain cover in there and it would hold a few items that you might need or any bits of shopping or bags that you pick up whilst out.

              The 3D system does come with a comprehensive user manual which you will need to read if you're new parents as it can be quite a daunting system to get to grips with once its been taken out of its (very) large box. It is clearly written though with helpful illustrations and once you've used the pram a few times you do get used to how it collapses and assembles although I must admit that the first time we took ours out I ended up having to lie on the floor trying to figure out how to collapse the thing!. It's as straightforward as it can be I suppose given the nature of what it is and though I have nothing to compare it to given this the first pram I've ever owned I would say that once you get the knack of how to put it up and take it down then it should become easier in time. Saying that I have to admit that ours is either temperamental or just plain awkward as it's still difficult to collapse as the catches you have to release are located in the handles and I end up getting into a fluster with it more times than not. Admittedly it is easier to collapse and assemble as a pushchair rather than the pram as you don't have to deal with the pram liner and hood but even so I do think it's quite an awkward thing to deal with, especially as a pram and I'll be glad when our son has fully outgrown his and we use it exclusively as a pushchair. Bear in mind as well that as a pushchair it is forward facing rather than rear so if you want to be able to see your child this might not be the system that is suitable for you, it's a shame that it's not adjustable in this way but I know that this could be an off-putting point to some so definitely worth mentioning here.

              The soft materials used are thick and are of excellent quality and I do like the grey colour of ours, it looks an expensive system in comparison to others that are available and I do like the fact that the pram is rear-facing so we can keep an eye on our son when we're out and about with him. I do think that Silver Cross have put together a good item here albeit an awkward one at times but once it's up and our son is happily sat or laid in position it's a dream to push around, its not too wide or too long and it's description of being "compact" is fairly accurate I would say. I do think it looks quite traditional but with a modern edge to it and whilst it's relatively expensive at £300 I would say it's worth the money for what you get and for the amount of use its going to have, especially when my son goes into the pushchair full time. Do bear in mind that it is quite heavy too, again I have nothing to compare this too but in it's collapsed state it can prove a bit awkward to lift into the boot of a car and you definitely give your arms and shoulders a work out by lifting it up!

              All in all it's definitely worth going in to a store and trying it out before you part with your cash, my advice would be to give one a good look over and practice how to assemble and collapse it before your new arrival makes an appearance. We made the mistake of buying ours early but letting it stay in its box until a week before our son was born so when it came to using the pram for the first time it was perhaps a little too late to fully get to grips with it. 8 weeks on and I'm becoming much more used to it now and despite it still being difficult to collapse I would still recommend the Silver Cross 3D system to other parents as a potential purchase but would recommend that you give yourselves enough time to get to know it before using it.

              In conclusion then 4 stars as a rating seems fair to me, thanks for reading my review.


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                04.07.2012 20:35
                Very helpful



                A solid work house that will stand the test of time for your children!!!

                I have 3 lovely children and when expecting my 2nd after a 9 year age gap it was time to re-enter into the terrifying world of Pushchair buying. Having a look on the internet for ideas I have to admit, I was overwhelmed at the variety and complexity of these contraptions. So instead of battling my way through 1000's of products, I decided to drag my husband into the one stop shop for expectant mums, Mothercare.

                Walking into Mothercare I didn't have a clue as to what I wanted. One with four wheels would do surely??
                They say that you know your supposed to have something as soon as you see it, and in this case it was certainly true. The Silver Cross was amongst all the other brands but for me it stood out. Having had an initial demonstration from a helpful member of staff, I decided to buy it. I was 32 weeks pregnant at the time and just knew it was the buggy for me. I can tell you right now this, for me personally has been an absolute diamond over the time.

                I bought the full travel system including a free car seat(separate review) for the grand total of £339.00 three years ago and the price has stayed pretty consistent even up to now. The design of the pushchair is exactly the same, it is just the material pattern that changes. Mine was a deep charcoal grey with orange piping and was understated and quite elegant looking. The travel system comes with a carry cot inner, the main stroller pushchair and the carseat. As standard it includes rain cover, cosy toes, changing bag, head support and shopping basket.It is a veritable feast of accessories.

                The main body of this pushchair is well thought out, it has a 4 position seat which means that it goes from completely flat to near upright by means of pulling out a flap handle on the back and is covered in a thick fabric which, for me personally the best point about is, it's completely washable. I have indeed removed this many times, stuck it in the washing machine on a 30 degree wash and then air dried. The fabric never faded, shrunk or warped and it meant that even when it got filthy, it came up as good as new time after time. The handles are also adjustable to 2 levels by the click of a button. This came in very handy for me and my husband. I am 5'11 and he's 6'3 and the height of the extended handle was perfect for us, however grandma is only 5'4 but on the lower setting had no problems pushing.
                The wheels are something that often gets overlooked when buying a pushchair but they are one of the most important things. Some wheels are inflatable leading to punctures, some are plastic and are a personal hatred of mine but these wheels are a solid rubber(think a flexible scooter wheels) are substantial,have swivel or fixed settings at the front and provide a smooth ride for both you and the little one. They lasted me 3 years of being out every day for a few hours and were still as good as new when I finished using it. The brakes are also solid and reliable. Unlike some pushchairs whose breaks are fiddly these have a substantial outer for you to push down with your feet and once locked they make a clicking sound so you never make the mistake of thinking they are on when their not.
                The pushchair actually folds down to be quite compact. You do this by lifting the handles by a pull mechanism and folding backwards. You then have to lift the handle that is on the back to fold all the way down. Now don't get me wrong it is very easy to fold down but you need 2 hands. This is not possible to do while holding a small baby(or a large one) in your arms. Another small downside isthe base unit is heavy. This is meant to stand the test of time and does so with no hesitation but in being so means the end result is a heavy pushchair.When your pushing it you don't feel it at all but try and lug it folded up the stairs and you are going to feel it. For storage though this does stand up on it's own and makes it convenient to store in a small cupboard(i stored mine under the stairs)
                The size of the main body though means that your 2 year old is still comfortable in it rather than looking like a squashed up pumpkin and with the bar at the front being able to come undone at one side getting your baby or toddler in is a doddle.

                The accessories that come with this are fabulous. The head hugger is not so much a head hugger but a head insert. This wonderful invention has a padded body that lays in the pushchair, making the whole inside a little smaller, more padded and keeping your baby at the perfect angle for the 5 point harness. My little girl was just over 6lb when she was born and with the help of the insert fit into the harness perfectly. The harness actually feeds through the slots in the insert so you cant go wrong.
                It also comes with a cosy toes. Putting this on is very easy indeed. Velcro flexi strips attach at the back, the harness feeds through the slots(of which their is 2 different heights) and Hey Presto it's done. A fleecy inside, shower-proof outside keep our little one's warm and dry. I loved this and even when it was warm I would detach the outer cosy toes leaving the seat lined and warm. This is also washable but after about 12 months it did start to get a little bobbling inside. This was easily removed with one of those sticky rollers though.

                For the first few weeks after birth I actually used the carry cot insert. This is fantastic and even if you don't use it on the pram you can use it elsewhere. It is like a moses basket but made from fabric and padding with a plastic insert inside the fabric to keep it's shape. The fabric inside is really soft, think a silky fleece and this actually goes onto the pram giving your baby a comfortable ride. Putting it on is easy and it means you know that your baby is in the optimal sleeping position recommended by health professionals. I have to admit I only used this on the pram for a couple of weeks, not due to anything being wrong with it but to do with the fact I preferred the car seat attachment.
                However I did use the carry cot insert for weeks at my house and at friend's houses. It has a harness in as well ensuring that your baby is safe and secure. When your using this on the main pushchair you place the outer cover on which is shower proof and gives your pram a completed look. However ,you can also use the cover on the main frame by itself which is what I tended to do. My Biggest disappointment with the carry cot is that you can't fold down the unit with the carrycot placed in it. You have to take out the carry cot insert and then fold down, so if there's no room on the bus you are going to have wait for the next one.
                The car seat attachment is FANTASTIC. It takes 1 minute to assemble and because the car seat has a cover and hood it's practically weatherproof. To put the car seat on you just have to lie the seat flat, open the flaps on the arm of pushchair and pull the black tabs upwards. Place the car seat in so that the car sit slots over the bumper and and recline the handle of the seat all the down until it clicks. I wanted to make sure this was fully secure and so I asked my husband to try lift the car seat out of the hooks. He lifted the car seat and guess what, the pram lifted too. Sturdy, secure and elevated I could see my baby perfectly and loved every moment my little one was in it.
                I mentioned earlier that it comes with a rain cover and also a matching changing bag. Both of which are excellent. The rain cover slips on easily and fully protects the pushchair and child with no leaky points. The changing bag is big enough for me to have nappies, bottle, juice, purse, keys,mobile, change of clothes etc in and still have a little room left. The strap is adjustable and fits over the pushchair handles perfectly.

                This pushchair does have a couple of small disadvantages like the weight or not being able to be folded one handed but this Silvercross was my knight in shining armour. From 7 inches of snow through to impromptu shopping trips with far too much shopping done it stood the test of time. It was easy to manoeuvre, it was as solid as a rock and more importantly my children were comfortable and content in it. What more can you possibly ask from a pushchair. It has now been handed down to a friend who is using it and it has reached the 3 year mark. I decided I was going to get a new one but am seriously thinking about asking her for it back.

                With Silver Cross you know your in good hands and this pushchair is no exception.


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                12.06.2012 17:34
                Very helpful



                A very good value purchase

                We purchased the silver cross 3D last year and have found it to be very good value, but with some design aspects that may render it unsuitable for some. The positives: you are getting a complete system: pram, pushchair and in our case the car seat was thrown in for free from Babies R Us and a change bag too. Both the buggy and car seat come with detachable hoods and there was a rain cover and foot warmer included. We use the buggy in car seat mode on a regular basis. We had to buy a seperate raincover to fit the buggy in this mode, and that cost £25 from silver cross, though you may be able to buy universal covers. The universal parasol from Mothercare fits securely. I love this buggy. However, the car seat is heavy on its own let alone when the baby is in it, so my Mum who has a dodgy back can't lift it. The car seat does not fit in the front of my car- I have a peugeot 206- as the seat belt isn't long enough, so it has to go in the back. I find this a little unnerving as our baby has reflux and I like to see she isn't choking. The sling underneath the buggy is awkward to put things in, but is strong and will carry heavy items such as 8 pints of milk easily. It is quite a long contraption and only the front wheels turn, so turning can be awkward until you have the knack. Although it has been fine for use in town it is not so great over the grass in the park, and I have looked with envy at the buggies that have better suspension as we have a lot of cobblestones where I live. Another consideration is the angle of the car seat; looking at other seats I feel babies ae more upright in them, which may be an advantage if your baby has reflux.
                To sum up, if you get a good deal this is great, if you pay full price - not so good. We paid £220 for the lot.

                We are now using this buggy in the pushchair mode. The seat has three positions so baby can be reclined if they are sleeping when you are out. The raincover that was supplied with the initial set is now in use and does the job well. It has elasticated edges and fits over the buggy easily just allowing the handles to come out.


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                05.02.2012 07:59



                Lightweight yet sturdy comfortable pram. Heasy to fold pushchair. Excellent value

                As a new grandparent I instantly offered to buy the pram for my daughter and son-in-law when they told me they were expecting their first child. I was in for a shock when I looked at the prices as they were all so expensive. They weren't even called prams anymore but 'travel systems'. I was pleased when I came across the Silver Cross 3D pram from Mothercare for £300 which was a lot cheaper than many others offering the same type of kit. I trust the name Silver Cross who have a long history of pram making but have really moved with modern day living with their design. I was pleased to get a free Ventura car seat (D1169) with the pram from Mothercare. This pram can be used for newborn babies and babies up to 15Kg. The pram allows the baby to lie flat and facing you. The harness has 4 adjustment sizes that fit the baby as it grows. The harness allows for bulky winter clothing but is secure and comfortable. The pushchair is really light (only 10Kg) and can easily be lifted into the boot of a car or onto a bus. The handles are adjustable to suit a range of heights and the pushchair part allows the toddler to be front facing. You don't have to be a technical genius to fold or unfold the pushchair, which is a bonus for me. The protective cover is useful for the English weather as is the waterproofed lined nappy bag that comes with the pram. The Ventura Car seat that came free with the pram was easy to fit, is really comfortable and provides good support and security.


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                05.12.2011 01:53
                Very helpful



                Great price, great parm, a bit on the heavy side.

                Silver Cross a very respected and well know name in the pram and stroller market. This is the Silver Cross 3D I have found this particular model to have it's good points and it's bad points. The good things about it is it's looks. It looks warm and cozy even when empty, I wouldn't mind being pushed around in this all day when it's freezing outside.

                The fabrics and padding used in it's construction of the bedding and hood feel like they are good quality, strong and durable yet comfortable. The inner pram liner is very easy to remove and can be put in the washing machine on a delicate wash for a quick and easy spruce up of your baby's transportation. The handles are height adjustable but there are less settings when it comes to this feature than I have found on other models. There are only two different height settings, so if you're shorter than average, or taller than average, this might not be the stroller for you.

                This can be used as both a front or rear facing stroller or pram, this can be achieved by simple changing the direction of the hood and placing your baba's head down at the chosen end.

                The seat can be lay flat for when your baby is very young and then the seat can be adjusted up a further 4 settings as he or she gets a bit older and wants to view the world from their prime position. It can go from totally flat to right up straight. My one likes it on the third setting witch is a little bit casual more of a lounging pose. These different positions can be adjusted by simply pulling a lever on the back. Of course like most men I found this and every buggy I have ever used totally impossible to figure out the first few times I used it. But once I got to know it, it is actually very easy to use. This lever moves very smoothly and easily and doesn't jolt the baby's forward like a catapult like some I've used in the past.
                This came with a nice, matching changing bag, which was a nice touch and very handy. There is also a cozy heavily padded foot muff to keep my baby's toes nice and warm during the cold Scottish months.

                This isn't the lightest of push chairs and I always had to do the lifting as it can be a bit on the heavy side, especially if your trying to lift it out of a car boot. It also takes up a lot of room in the car, not leaving much space for the shopping. If you have a small boot you may be better off with a more compact, light model.
                Speaking of shopping the shopping basket is nice and big, and the fabric inside is nice and thick.

                There are a lot more good things than bad when it come to this pram / stroller. The quality is great, But the size and weight problems must be taken into consideration when looking at this model.

                Thanks for reading :0) 2night


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                30.08.2011 17:28
                Very helpful



                A well made all in one pram, but not great as a pushchair

                Having pushed several prams/pushchairs and tested them out for ease of use, I opted for this one due to its solid feel and reliable long standing brand.

                The pram itself is of good height and has adjustable handles which give around an additional two inches of height. Pushing the pram is easy enough and the wheels tend to move in the direction its pushed, a press pedal at the back activates the brake and each of the front wheels has a lockout to keep them straight, on flat surfaces the pram is fine, however on bumpy pavements the wheels can wobble and bounce the pram around, the lack of any suspension and smaller wheels are not ideal for some of the pothole style pavements, and forget going off road as it will be a struggle.

                Opening and folding is done by pulling the black levers up on the handle and this allows it to fold down, to open a small handle when pulled opens it up, although some manual pressing the frame together is often needed. In its folded down state its pretty bulky, would be too bulky for a small car and it almost filled half a boot in a family hatchback. The wheels don't clip off so you cant make it any smaller.

                The material and seat are of good quality and well padded it folds down well, and completely flat, but additional parts need to be added to turn it into a flat cot style pram. Small flaps each side of the seat flip up and the car seat in the range clips in, you then fold the car seat handle down and it locks into place. The pram had most use as a car seat carrier and general pushchair when my son was older.

                The main issues with this is size and weight, however similar prams about are just as bulky, we now have a 3 wheel buggy that is a good deal lighter folds very easily and takes up half the space.

                This is great for its range of uses and if space isn't an issue or weight then you cant go wrong, you may however find that you end up buying a pushchair later on for the space and weight saving. The only real way to see what's best is to get to the shop and give them a good test to see what suits you.


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                  08.08.2011 03:24
                  Very helpful



                  Love it!.......... ****UPDATE**** Hate it!

                  Silver Cross 3D.

                  Whilst expecting my fourth little boy I came across a Silver Cross 3D pram on Ebay for the bargain price of £35! I loved the look of the pram and after looking online at other reviews (good and bad) I decided it was too good a bargain not to buy.
                  I have it in the Pistacchio colour way which again I love, it has a charcoal base colour with green coloured circles on the hood and footmuff and bands of the green colour on other parts of the pram.
                  The frame is a satin silver coloured metal and looks and feels really sturdy. It has a decent sized basket underneath and can be used as a pram for little babies and a pushchair as they get older, there's also the option to use it with a car seat attached as a travel system, I did get the car seat with the pram but I do believe it is usually an 'extra' option and quite a costly one at that.

                  To use the Silver Cross 3D as a pram which faces you, the hood needs to be placed at the foot end of the pram and it simply clips onto the frame with ease. You then fit the pram liner and mattress, which is a white carrycot type thingy and then add the footmuff over the top so it looks all nice and pretty!
                  It really is that simple!
                  To use as a pushchair the hood needs to be reveserved and the pram liner removed this then allows you to add all the liners for use as a pushchair.

                  To use as the travel system you need to of course have the Ventura carseat, the pram hood needs to be in the pushchair position and then you lift a little cover on the arms of the frame and lift up the blac plastic clips, the carseat will then sit on these and click into place.

                  I haven't really had much need to use the raincover but when I have used it, it seems a little on the large side for the pram? It looks somewhat shapeless but with a bit of rearranging and pulling it will eventually look half decent! So long as it keeps my little one dry though I'm not fussed on the appearance!

                  The Silver Cross 3D I must admit is not the lightest of prams and it is quite bulky, but in saying that it is a dream to push and my little one looks so cosy and comfortable in it. I don't envy my hubby when he is lugging it in and out of the car but I do still love it!!
                  With it being on the larger side it dooes seem to take up a fair bit of boot space in the car (I have a little Rover 25) so if you are planning on doing a big shop or a shopping trip bear in mind you may not have much room left after fitting the pram in.

                  The folding and unfolding of the pram is simple and is done by pulling on the black levers on the handles so that it unlocks from the bottom clips and lifting on a little handle underneath, it then clicks into place and locks so it doesn't just come apart whenever you want to move it! To unfold it you again lift the levers and I give the bottom a little kick so that the frame clicks into place and locks and it's done.

                  From the Silver Cross Website I have found that when bought new it comes with ~

                  Cosy toes footmuff
                  Changing bag
                  Shopping basket
                  Pram liner
                  5 point harness

                  To buy it new costs approx £300 with the carseat costing an additional approx £100

                  I had 2 pram liners and 2 aprons and the carseat when I bought mine as well as verything listed above plus a parasol so I would say it is worth checking online auction sites/free ads/ gumtree etc to see if you can find a bargain like I did!

                  The are other colourways and accessories that can be bought to suit what you like.

                  I would recommend it even though I have seen a few bad reveiws about this pram as I have had no problems at all. I suppose for every good there must be a bad, it down to personal choice and I personally love this pram!


                  Okay so after a few months use I now have to render this pram useless!
                  After parking up to go shopping I got the pram out of the boot and upon flipping it to open it up, it broke!
                  Screws/rivets started to pop and it no longer clips together on the one side. It won't clip in to hold it upright to allow my son to sit in it!
                  I don't know why this happened but it has, I have now purchased a Baby Weavers pram and am thrilled with it as it is so much lighter than the silver cross.
                  I will at some point try and repair the pram but I still now have my reservations against it. I wouldn't buy another now as the last thing you need is to be stuck holding a baby, a whole load of shopping whilst struggling with a pram.


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              • Product Details

                A pushchair and travel system with the addition of the Ventura infant carrier (sold separately) using the unique car seat attachment. The 3D offers excellent quality and flexibility. The pushchair is lightweight, has four different recline positions, an additional head support cushion for comfort and protection. It folds simply and snugly to fit in any boot or hallway and can be easily converted into a travel system. Features: Reclining Back (4 Positions) / Adjustable Handle Height.