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Silver Cross Sleepover

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Silver Cross / Type: Standard / Number of Seats: Single Seat

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    3 Reviews
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      21.03.2011 22:57
      Very helpful
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      A great, reliable product that will last

      The pram is one of the biggest purchases when a new baby is on the way. Being the first of my friends to embark on motherhood, I didn't really know what I was looking for in a pram so I got lucky in some respects to find a pram that has turned out to be a good one. My mum came pram shopping with me and recommended Silver Cross because it was the big name in prams from her day.

      The Silver Cross Sleepover certainly seemed one of the sturdiest and most comfortable looking of the prams that we looked at. The carrycot sits nice and high on the chassis so you can see baby easily, and the sides of the carrycot are also nice and high providing good protection for baby. To me, some of the modern prams although easy to manoeuvre look a bit flimsy and leave the baby quite exposed. It was the appearance of the pram which initially grabbed me, but it comes with a number of good features.

      As with most prams, it came with all the matching garb - a raincover, footmuff, changing bag with plain white changing mat. There is a choice of Classic or Linear chassis - the Classic looks more traditional, is slightly larger and great for all terrain use. The Linear is more modern looking and more easy to manoeuvre in town settings - this is the one we chose as it moves around so nicely. The wheels can be fixed, which traditionalists like my parents prefer, or set to rotate which my husband and I prefer. The chassis is easy to put up and down once you have got the knack, although tricky the first few times you try it - I think this is the case with most prams. The Silver Cross Ventura car seat can be attached to the chassis making it easy to use for shopping trips etc.

      The Sleepover gets its name from the fact that it can be converted into a bed for the baby. It comes with a beautiful wooden stand which the carrycot fixes to. The stand can be fixed or can rock. Also included is a white canopy. It looks lovely when set up like this, although it is quite large so it would be worth taking note of the size of the carrycot if you are thinking of using it as a bed, compared to the standard Moses baskets which are pretty small.

      Once baby can sit up, the pram converts into a pushchair which can be attached to face outwards or towards you. This was a must for me, on the advice of my mum who is passionate about having babies facing you so that you can talk to them and help develop their communication. I enjoyed being able to talk to my daughter when she was facing me, although it is harder to get into the shopping basket with the seat attached in this way (a minor niggle, and the shopping basket is nice and roomy).

      It should be noted that the chassis is quite large. I used to drive a Renault Clio which, although a smaller sized car had a good sized boot space, and the chassis didn't fit it. If I needed the wheels, I had to put them across the back seat of the car while my daughter travelled in the front. The pram carrycot / pushchair seat has to be detached from the chassis before the chassis can be folded which adds another stage to the process of putting the pushchair up or down and does make it quite bulky to transport. Detaching the seat is another one of those things which seems tricky the first few times until you get the knack of it.

      The Sleepover was on offer in a local independent shop so we got it for just under £400, and another £90 for the car seat. It is now just over 2 years old and is on its second child, and still works and looks almost as good as it did new.

      Although I still look on in envy of those mums who can fold their pushchair up in one and sling it nonchalantly in their boot, I don't regret buying the Sleepover as it has given my children such a cosy and comfortable ride.


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        22.08.2010 01:52
        Very helpful



        It has so many features, it's well worth the price tag & I would recommend & buy again!

        After many months of research over all the leading brands for prams, plus testing them out at the Baby Show - I decided to purchase the Linear Sleepover in Ebony RRP £595

        Information from Silver Cross:
        The Silver Cross Sleepover pram offers the flexibility you need for a simple home from home. Perfect from birth to toddler, the Sleepover system offers an overnight carrycot, protective pram and fully reversible pushchair.

        You have a choice of two chassis - a traditional classic chassis for all terrain (ideal for country life) or the more modern linear chassis - ideal for city life.

        By adding a Ventura Plus car seat, it becomes a complete travel system.

        The following are included in the price:-
        * Handcrafted wooden rocking stand
        * White pique Moses set
        * Deep-padded foot muff and seat liner
        * Ventilated Rain Cover
        * Matching changing bag with mat and accessories

        Key Features
        * An easy-fold chassis with auto-lock
        * Four-way suspension
        * Easy to Manoeuvre swivel wheels (Linear chassis) or Multi-terrain (Classic chassis)
        * Step-on/off brake
        * Large shopping tray
        * Height adjustable multi-position handle
        Sleepover Body

        Overall Dimensions Internal Dimensions
        Weight 5.9kg Width 33cm
        Width 44cm Height 19cm
        Height 60cm Length 75cm
        Length 90cm

        Classic Chassis
        Unfolded Dimensions Folded Dimensions
        Weight 11.3kg Width 50cm
        Width 60cm Height 46cm
        Height 109cm Length 81cm
        Length 110cm

        Linear Chassis:
        Unfolded Dimensions Folded Dimensions
        Weight 6.0kg Width 32cm
        Width 46cm Height 18cm
        Height 60cm Length 72cm
        Length 86cm

        Available in three colour ways.

        Enough of the essential information about the product - what do I think after 8 months of use: I LOVE IT!!

        Due to being in between houses after my Daughter was born prematurely, the carrycot with stand came in very handy as her cot/bed had not yet arrived. I was lucky that the pram arrived one week prior to her arrival on Xmas eve!!

        I had wanted her furniture to be delivered to our new house, rather than having another set of furniture to move with us and I did not want the additional cost of a moses basket.

        My Daughter slept in the carrycot every day and night for the first 4 months. Due to her becoming very long and looking cramped in there, I then transferred her into a crib that had been bought for her.

        The only issue I had was having to take apart the pram everyday to then put it into the carrycot mode. However, to reduce this hassle I did not use the white pique moses set for the carrycot and left the outside cover on it.

        I had spent ages deliberating as to whether to choose the Linear chassis or the classic chassis. I liked the large basket of the classic chassis and that it was easy to put shopping in. However, I thought that the linear basket was also of a good size. The main plus of the linear chassis was that the wheels at the front swivelled, making it far easy to manoeuvre, rather than having to lift the classic chassis wheels to turn the pram.

        If you are lucky enough to have lots of money, you can also buy an extra chassis as a spare, so if you too have difficulty choosing you can pay £175 to have another chassis.

        The height of the handle is easy to adjust, in order to suit the height and preference of the 'driver.' The body of the carrycot is also easy to put on the chassis and the moses wooden rocking stand. I wish I could say that it was as easy to take off.

        It may just be my carrycot but on one side it is very stiff and even when you do press the two ends properly, they do not open wide enough straight away to allow one side to come off easily. I used WD40 on this and it eased it a little but is still temperamental at times, making the carrycot hard to get off the chassis.

        I love that the carrycot/pram part can either sit up fully, half incline or recline fully. There is also a smooth transition between all three positions, so if your baby falls asleep sitting up, you can put it into the reclining position without disturbing their sleep.

        It really feels like a luxury item and I love the padded footmuff that comes with it. This is ideal for winter or for colder days to protect Baby. It can also easily be removed via a zip or just taking the whole footliner off by undoing the harness.

        The harness is very easy to do up and undo - I only wish all car seats had this method of harness!

        The basket is of a good size but is difficult to get a whole shopping bag in there, due to the chassis and the body of the pram getting in the way. I have had to take items out of my bag and put them in the basket separately in order for them to be stored together.

        The wheels have worn down quickly and a couple of them squeaked - which I also used WD40 on.

        In summary:
        The pram with the linear chassis is easy to manoeuvre, easy on the eye with it's lovely design and is of a luxury design.

        Despite the hefty price tag it is well worth the money, due to all the extras. You know with Silver Cross it will be built to last and will last years. I would recommend to anyone and would certainly buy again. There has not been another pram I have looked at and thought I wish I bought that instead. Silver Cross are also of a similar price to another leading Brand with similar designs but I think Silver Cross beats them hands down!

        The fact that it has a carrycot, saves you having to bring a travel cot when going on holiday!


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        17.06.2010 12:58
        Very helpful



        Great nice looking pram.

        I bought this pram when I first found out I was pregnant because it did so many things all in one. I knew a lot of people with other Silver Cross prams and products so i reassured that this would be good make of pram to purchase. I bought the ebony pram package for £560 from babykins.

        The package included the linear chassis which I preferred as it was slightly smaller and lighter than the classic chassis which was better for me as i use buses quite often. It also includes the sleepover base, a wooden rocking stand, a white moses cover set, a padded foot muff and seat liner, a changing bag with changing mat, and a rain cover.

        The sleepover linear chassis is very light for being so sturdy. The handles can be adjusted to three different positions which is great because my partner is a lot taller than me so in one simple click it can be made to go up or down. The brake is very easy to use with just a step although sometimes it can stick and you'll need to put a bit more pressure to make sure it is done correctly. It includes a small basket which holds a couple of small bags and not much more. The basket isn't very easy to access if you want to put larger items in such as the changing bag but it can be unclipped to make a little more room to squeeze something in. I prefer the linear wheels because they turn easily without having to apply pressure or lift the wheels. When putting into folding position it takes a little getting used to. It easily folds using two triggers either side of the handles but then it's hard to keep it in this position while you click it into place so it stays folded.

        The sleepover base changes from a lying down position suitable from birth to a seat that sits upright for when your baby gets bigger. the base simply places on top of the chassis and when you push down it clicks very safely into place with great ease. When the base is in the lying down position it is very padded so baby is secured in place when out and about. The base easily clicks off from the chassis and then clicks into the wooden rocking stand exactly the same way as it it clicks on to the chassis. When you remove the padded pram liners and foot muff and place on the white moses set it completely changes into a beautiful rocking moses basket and the neutral colours are great for a boy or a girl which is great if you are unsure of your baby's sex. When changing the base into the seat it is quite tricky, but if you use the instructions the first couple of times you'll get the hang of it. When it is upright it clicks either facing yourself or facing outwards, which I love because I like being able to see my baby. The foot muff easily goes on and off which is great for different weathers!

        The other accessories that come with the pram are also very good. The rain cover is ventilated which stops it steaming up like some other prams. It also has a zip right across the front providing very easy access to the baby. The changing bag is big enough to hold everything. Inside it has a fabric pocket and a waterproof pocket which is handy for anything that may leak. It also has a bottle holder inside which saves spills! It also has a zippy pocket on the back which is good to hold things that you need to access quickly. The mat provided is a white thin waterproof mat that fits easily into changing bag and is very handy when out. The wooden rocking stand is very sturdy. It also can be adjusted so that it doesn't rock if that is what you prefare.

        After I bought this I was looking at the extras to add to it. I ended up buying the matching car seat which is great because if i'm getting the car anywhere and need the pram i can click the car seat on to the chassis instead of the base which means there's much less to take when we are out. I chose the pram in ebony because i wasnt sure if i was having a boy or a girl so this plain colour was geat but there is also other colours available that may be more suited.

        Over all i love this pram it is just so versatile and easy to use. It is very nice looking pram and very sturdy. Even with the small flaws such as a small basket, I would still give it a ten out of ten!


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