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Winnie the Pooh Adventure Stroller

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Brand: Disney

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    1 Review
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      24.01.2013 15:16
      Very helpful



      A great basic pushchair - not a bell or whistle in sight but it's been fine for us

      When Hollie (then twenty one months old) needed a new buggy I decided I didn't want to spend too much as she was by that point a competent walker and the only thing I could envisage using a pushchair for was to walk her older sister to school as the distance was just slightly too much for her little legs to handle. At her age I didn't need all the bells and whistles so looked around for a basic stroller, eventually finding this Winnie the Pooh Adventure Stroller priced at a shade under £13 in a local discount store.

      It's very, very basic. At this point can I just point out that our stroller is different in design to the one pictured above, being completely orange in colour with a simple illustration of Pooh Bear printed on the back of the seat. I suspect the stroller in the piccie is a dolls pram due to the stumpy shaping, but could be wrong - mine, however, is an actual pushchair for babies! It's probably not much bigger than a dolls pram actually, Mark (at almost six feet) can't push this one as the non-adjustable handles are far too short for him - in fact at my modest 5' 1" (and an all-important 'bit') they're slightly too short for me too and I'd prefer the height of the handles to have an extra couple of inches.

      The frame is a plain aluminium colour and very 'square', it's reasonably rigid once the pushchair is fully opened but there's always an element of 'sway' to it which makes it feel extremely cheap when I compare it to other pushchairs/strollers in my collection. The five-point harness could be better in my opinion as when I strap David in (yes, Hollie outgrew it remarkably quickly so I kept it for her little brother) the adjuster clips slide down the slippery straps by themselves so that at the end of a ten minute walk he's practically free as they become so loose. Not great for my little Houdini and I find myself checking the straps every couple of minutes or so to ensure they haven't worked themselves so loose that he's in danger of throwing himself out onto the footpath! This has never happened, but it's been a close thing! Talking of the harness, the actual clip which fastens it is a living nightmare - it's incredibly stiff and the part that clips inside feels like it's ever so slightly too big for the casing, my mum has arthritis and can't use this pushchair for the simple reason that once she's strapped David into his seat she can't get him out again! The day she had to wheel David round to a neighbour and ask him to undo the clip was the day she said she never wanted to borrow this pushchair again...

      It's nice to push once you get used to the fact that this isn't the most stable pushchair ever invented. I've used it irregularly for David since he was around thirteen months old and I've definitely noticed that as he's gotten heavier the pushchair is nicer to push - he weighs it down nicely, although being quite a hefty little boy is quickly outgrowing it despite only having his second birthday last month. I suspect I'll get another couple of months out of it, leaving me in the same position as Hollie and requiring another basic stroller just for the walk to school which is too far for David's little legs! I'm particularly impressed with the brake and foot-bar (for folding) as they've been placed well out of the way of my feet, considering how small this pushchair is I was expecting these to be a trippy nuisance but they're actually in a much better location than those on the much more expensive pushchairs I've owned in the past.

      I've just been over the label and there's no mention of recommended ages/weights for this pushchair so I have to give you my thoughts on it. There's absolutely zero support to this seat of this pushchair, padding is non-existent and there's no frame of any description built around the seat - when David is sitting in the chair you can poke the lump underneath and it's his bottom! As an adult it looks like possibly the most uncomfortable seat ever, but Hollie or David have never complained (and Hollie has always been a particularly vocal child when in an seat which doesn't meet her comfort requirements) and looking at it now I suspect it has something of a hammock effect and is probably more supportive than it appears. Having said that, no way is this pushchair suitable for small babies - the complete lack of support means kiddies need to be able to hold themselves in a seated position for however long they're in the pushchair for, I'd probably recommend not even thinking about using this pushchair until your little one is at least nine or ten months old and only then for short journeys IF they are reasonably good at holding their own back straight by themselves. At eleven months David was fine as he's always been chunky for his age, but I hated him to fall asleep in this pushchair as it made him look so slumped and uncomfortable - now he's so much older he doesn't sleep in any of his buggies but if we were going on a longer walk I wouldn't choose to use this one just in case he dozed off.

      Folding the pushchair is relatively easy, you need two hands to do it thanks to the fact that it's an umbrella folding system so you have to push the two handles together. The foot-bar is highly irritating as you need to push a small lever backwards with the top of your foot, not a problem most of the time but in the summer when I was wearing flimsy dolly shoes I was finding small bruises on my feet from folding this pushchair! Opening it for use is much easier and this CAN be done with one hand, you just have to grab one of the handles and let it fall into the open position really - one thing that's lacking on this pushchair is a clip to hold it closed, this is a pain sometimes as although it holds itself together pretty well it'll start opening out if knocked at an angle. Also, the brake doesn't hold once the pushchair is folded and in the upright position so you have to place it very carefully for storage - personally I find it easier to lie the buggy down when it's folded up as I just know one of the smaller kids in the house will end up pulling it onto themselves if I prop it up, and although it's extremely lightweight (my disabled mum can lift it into the car boot with one hand) it would still hurt if it dropped on you!

      The brakes incidentally are excellent, despite the cheapness (both in price and unfortunately appearance) of the pushchair I have complete confidence in this respect and don't worry that David is going to go sailing down the road when the brake is applied. Obviously I'd never loose go of the handles if we were on a hill, in fact I rarely let go of my pushchair handles at all, but on the flat the brakes are strong and secure.

      I've never, ever, ever found a raincover to fit this miniature pushchair so it's very much a fair weather item. I've tried several out but they just slip down the frame and irritate the life out of David, the closest one I got to 'fit' (using the word in the loosest possible sense) was made by Safery 1st and cost around £3, this held reasonably well but was rather tight at the bottom so caught on David's long legs and caused him to keep kicking at it until the velcro failed - very annoying, but I can't say I blame him for not liking it! Likewise other accessories do not fit on this pushchair at all, including the uber-irritating fact of my long handled changing bag not fitting across the handles without dropping down and dragging along the floor - this really is the most basic pushchair in existence I think!

      I can't complain though. Three years of on-and-off use for £13 is brilliant in my opinion, and surprisingly it's still in good enough condition to add to my pile of 'baby things to pass on' once my cousin comes out of the danger zone in her recently announced pregnancy. The only thing which spoils the look of the pushchair is the fact that the wheels have pretty much lost all their colour now, they haven't worn as such but do make the pushchair look tatty and poorly maintained - which is unfair as I'm a total pushchair fanatic and take pride in keeping them looking as good as possible for as long as possible!


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