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Bosch Aquatak 1250

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Brand: Bosch

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    1 Review
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      29.09.2009 22:50
      Very helpful



      Bosch pile on the pressure in a compact way

      I'm going through a bit of a gardening stage at the moment, The wife assures me that it won't last, that made me feel a little inadequate for a while until I realised she meant the gardening stage and not what I was thinking.
      Anyway, It is that time of year now when the garden needs to be prepared for the winter months, cutting, trimming and general cleaning, so a few weeks ago, I decided to clean the 'gunk' and stuff form the decking and the paving stones, so I grabbed my old faithful pressure washer from the shed and set it up.
      Sadly, with the sound of a hiss and a sort of fluttering shudder my old faithful pressure washer died on me mid wash, leaving me with half the garden looking clean whilst the other half seeming to resemble a swamp monsters holiday park.
      But with the wife not to impressed with me wanting to leave the garden as it as it was, only for a while, until I either fixed the old faithful or bought a brand new one, I was soon in a bit of a hurry to get a new pressure washer.
      So a quick trip to my local DIY shop, with the wife's tongue lashing still ringing in my ears, led me to buy the best one they had on the shelf, which fortunately happened to have well known branding... that branding being Bosch, so I couldn't go wrong really could I...???


      * Upright design
      * 1800 watts of power
      * 125 bar maximum pressure
      * A lightweight 13.5 kg
      * 60 °C Maximum inlet temperature
      * Powerful induction motor with high quality pump action.
      * Auto motor stop/start when triggered
      * 6 metre hose
      * Hooks to contain hose, accessories and mains lead.
      * Integrated detergent tank

      Comes with extras such as ...

      * Vario-Jet-power lance, Roto-power-lance, flexi-jet-power lance, which all connect to the main trigger handle, (but not all at once of course).


      When I got it home I was ordered to set it up and finish the cleaning that I had started in the garden, so, after standing my ground for a good ten seconds, I rigged it up and went about my business, cursing very quietly under my breath. But once I got going I was amazed by the ease in which this pressure washer was cutting through the gunk and grime around the garden, making me totally forgot about avenging the wife, for the time being, and finished cleaning the garden. Then I think I got a little carried away and cleaned the car as well, trying out the different 'Lances' on each job.
      It is a cracking little washer with the power of Niagara falls in your hands, well sort of, 1800 watts is powerful enough to clean what you aim at with ease.
      The 6 metre hose allows you to keep the powerful jet well clear of the compact washer itself, Bosch certainly had safety in mind here then.
      The automatic motor stop feature, which is on most pressure washers, is a great idea as it saves everything from the water, electricity and the actual motor itself.

      It looks the part, with its sturdy upright manner and solid plastic blue body and black handle, the power switch sitting easily on the front if stood up, or the top if lay down.
      The two wheels make this easy to manoeuvre although, at less than 14kg, it's not really that heavy as it never fills with water.
      The main trigger handle is quite comfortable and the actual trigger squeezes with ease, giving your finger a breath of fresh air compared to some other pressure washers.

      It stand upright exceptionally well, resting on its two wheels and a little nipple like
      'wad' of plastic just behind them, giving it a sturdy feel as the water is dragged through the washer before spraying out at tremendous speed.
      When lay down it is even more firm on the ground, resting again on the two wheel, but this time it's stopped from falling over by a rigid leg which doubles as a holding place for the pipes and mains lead when put into storage.
      The three 'lances' connect to the main trigger piece with such ease, clipping and turning into place with the flick of your wrist.
      The different 'lances' are for different jobs, obviously, but I found that the Vario-jet-fan one was great for washing the car, with the flexi-jet 'lance' being so useful to get under the wheel arches and even over the top of the car without me having to bend and stretch like a contortionist with arthritis, and the Roto-jet-power 'Lance' made cleaning the paving stones and decking area a breeze,
      The noise level is great although it isn't silent by all means, but it doesn't bust your ear drums, nor does it force your neighbours to report you for disturbing the peace. You defiantly now its on as it hums loudly when you press the trigger, falling silent within seconds of releasing it.

      Plus, which is a pretty important bit for those with small sheds or lacking in space in any other way, after use it stores away into the smallest of crevices, almost anyway, either upright, or on its belly, with its compact size. The mains cable and hose gently wrap around the unit making it even more compact without the chance of losing any bits.

      In all, it is a must for all those people who are looking for the ideal compact pressure washer for all those cleaning jobs around the garden and even cleaning the car. The different 'lances', which are all supplied, are a boon, making every job so easy you'll soon be searching for other things to 'jet' wash, although don't try and clean your pets this way as the vet bills may out way the cost of this pressure washer.
      And speaking of prices, well, my local shop was selling this for £120, which I thought was a little on the pricey side, but later that night I search on-line and found that I had got it quite cheap as the average price for his particular make was around £160, with the 'lances' alone selling for around £30 each.
      Is it money well spent..? Well I think so as it makes my life a lot easier when doing as the wife orders and it feels like it will last a while, (probably longer than my marriage).


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    • Product Details

      Power: 1800 Watt Electric Motor / Working Pump Pressure: 125 bar

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