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Karcher K3.80MD

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Brand: Karcher

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    1 Review
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      15.07.2011 17:05
      Very helpful
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      A nice tool that everyone should have in their garage to help with cleaning the garden

      I bought this unit about a month ago and thanks to the awesome weather that we've been having, it has been getting used about 2 or 3 times each week since. Thanks to this I now have a much cleaner garden thanks to the various different attachments that you get with it. In this review I'll speak about the main unit itself, and then about the various different attachments and my experience with using each of them.

      --MAIN UNIT--
      The main unit is fairly well built, although does need some assembly out of the box. The wheels are really easy to fit, the only thing that isn't mentioned is that you need to screw in the black handle attached to the top of the unit. The inlet water hose connects with a standard hose intake and the high pressure hose clicks in and is then screwed in for additional security.
      The main handle on the unit is really well built and feels really secure in your hand, also you dont get a really 'shaky hand' after using the unit for a while, which is always a good thing!

      The t-racer is the fancy circle looking attachment that can be used to clear patios/decking etc. This is probably my most used accessory, it is really good as taking off dirt as the two jets underneath it move in a circular motion cleaning a large surface area. This unit is really easy to use and it just feels like you are vacuming - you just move it back and forwards until all the dirt is removed.

      This accessory has an adjustable spray so can go from a small drizzle up to a fairly intense blast - this means that it can be used for things other than just cleaning patios, one of my friends uses something like this to clean horses (not on full power of course!). The main use that I've had for this attachment is to act as a jet to blow dirt/water off of driveways/patios as it creates a 2 foot 'line' of water that can easily be used as what can be best described as a 'water sweeping brush'

      --DIRT BLASTER--
      The dirt blaster is the accessory that really shows how powerful the pressure washer is, it looks like a futuristic ray gun and is probably just as crazy! I used this for cleaning patio stairs and coloured stones in the garden, all of which went back to their original colour, this one is also good for going over a patio that you have used with the t-racer to try and get rid of any really dried in dirt that doesn't want to move.

      This is probably the least used accessory in the pack, although it does have its uses. This one is really good for washing cars, pots, anything small that you just want to get in and scrub (although this does get you very wet!)

      Overall, I was a bit apprehensive at first, spending £100 on a pressure washer - but it has defiantly been worth every penny. It has been so easy to use and makes such a difference to anything that you want to clean and does it with little or no effort. Its defiantly worth buying one, and even if its not this one - make sure that it has a t-racer attachment for patios, because this is what has defiantly made me happy with buying it.


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