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Karcher K 2.65M Deluxe

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Karcher / Flow Rate: 360 l/h

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    3 Reviews
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      22.03.2012 21:42
      Very helpful



      Blast some weeds!

      There are many products which have come on the market in the gardening category in the last decade which to many peoples eyes can only be described as TOYS. I mean, you used to have to book a professional to come round to your house with such a device as a pressure washer, now they are readily available for purchase - and who wouldn't look at such a thing and think, spray someone! When it comes to pressure washers, 'Karcher' comes to mind for many, and for good reason. The 'K 2.65M Deluxe' is a fully functional weapon which will leave cars, walls, fences, drive-ways and paths in a state of shock as they are stripped of their grub, muck and dirt coating in a matter of seconds (per square meter of course).

      The product is a range of tools and attachments which all work alongside the main body (which houses the motor and relevant power supply) to make cleaning outside a quicker, more effortless experience come rain or shine. The following are some of the attachments this product boasts:

      - Soft brush - for scrubbing more delicate outside surfaces, like scratch prone stone.
      - 'Universal' cleaning sponge - used to clean vehicles and other things requiring a sponge.
      - Rotating wash brush with joint - this is for scrubbing dirt away from floors/walls which are more resilient.
      - Wheel wash brush - for, yeah...
      - Window and conservatory cleaning set - this comes complete with a variety of scrubbing and wiping tools.

      There are more attachments which can be purchased separately - but the general trend amongst all these items is they each have a pipe inside which channels water from the motor pump out of the end where the brush/sponge/scrubber is. Buckets are now history, essentially.

      The main housing of the motor and water pump apparatus works excellently with all the attachable items. However (despite its wheels) it can be quite awkward to move about, which is OK when doing cars and other 'small' items, but for a houses windows and wall lines it can be hard.
      The motor within has a great responsive power surge to it. Your hands will jolt back when first switching the water on (which is of course done via the gun from which attachments are connected). The product has a maximum flow rate of 360 I/h though I'm guessing this level will deteriorate over time, though I haven't noticed any lessening in power.

      A handle on the top of the main unit allows you to manoeuvre the thing about and the overall looks of the product seem to suit its use. Bright yellow plastic components all stuck together with water-tight seals . There are rubber tires and a holster for the main gun unit from which attachments are attached.
      All in all this product does what it should and I have had no reliability issues with it what so ever. I can't complain and would soon go and buy another or have this one repaired if anything did go wrong.


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      07.02.2012 13:33



      Excellent cleaner. Fairly good price

      I bought this Karcher last year from B&Q for £109.99 (supposedly reduced from £149.99). The main reason I bought it was to clean up the front drive and patio flag stones in the back garden. Before I tell you about this product let me give you a word of advice. Don't under any circumstances lend this cleaner to your neighbours because you will have to beg to get it back. I felt awful asking for it back from the last person because they were intent on taking it to their mother's that weekend to clean her drive! My neighbours had not only cleaned their patio with my cleaner but most of their relatives as well.She had kept it for a month already.
      Anyway, this is a serious bit of cleaning kit that can easily be lifted by little old girly me. The attachments are for cleaning cars as well as patios but my husband says he will kill me if I even think about cleaning his car with it. The Karcher K 2.65M cleans really well but you do need to go over areas that have persistent dirt e.g. from engine oil. I haven't bothered using the detergent bottle because the pressure from the water seems to do the trick.


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      13.07.2010 18:22
      Very helpful



      Power washer.

      Karcher K 2.65m

      Pressure Washer

      Mrs H works in wondrous ways; she knows just what will make me happy, and manages somehow to get her own way whilst thinking I am oblivious to her plans. She came home telling "I've bought you a present" and proudly showed me this pressure washer. Of course, after a customary glance at the manual I was in the garden attaching the hose and away I went. Oops, lets start at the beginning.

      ~~~What is it?~~~

      As it states in the title, it is a pressure washer, not just any washer, but a Karcher washer. It cost a paltry £99 from B&Q, reduced from £159 I'm told, so an absolute bargain according to Mrs H. It is basically a bright yellow plastic machine, quite light, on wheels, with a hose attachment and a plug on a cord. It has a place to put detergent tabs too.

      It comes with a hose and adapter, of course, and a variety of attachments:

      *A circular patio/pavement cleaner, not as good as I thought it would be, mind you, our patio back and front is filthy so it was never going to make a spectacular difference.

      *A Washing Brush for the car....haven't tried it, I like to wash the car by hand.

      *Some detergent tabs....don't bother.

      *A cleaning lance, very good, does the trick well, cleans reasonably well, especially windows and doors.

      *A super high power cleaning lance....I'll come on to this later.

      ~~~Ease of use and effectiveness~~~

      Really, this could not be much easier. Plug it in, attach the hose, turn the water on, turn the machine on (just one switch), allow pressure to build and away we go.

      Now, I must tell you about the high power cleaning lance. I started on the back flagging stones, which were, I thought grey, dirty and grey. From the first spray I was hooked.

      The powerful jet of water cut straight through the years of accumulated muck and I saw....yellow, and cream, and grey, and white. Our flags are Yorkshire stone and I had forgotten.

      At this point, in my amazement, I 'wrote' with the power hose, on the dirty patioo, "I Love Mrs H" and called her to the upstairs window to look down on it...brownie points indeed.

      After the flags I went onto the back block paving, again, amazing results; what were dingy, off red bricks, turned out to have a pattern, some were pink, some red, some grey.

      From the block paving I went onto the side path, same results.

      Three hours later, with vibration white finger I returned to the house, a conquering hero, a valiant cleaner, a man of pride. I also returned covered from head to foot in muck. Block paving cracks throw up all the dirt everywhere.

      Later that day....oh no, I couldn't let it lie, the alloy wheels came off the cars and got a good blasting, fantastic.

      Unfortunately, the power was a little much on the conservatory and I accidentally cracked a brick...or two.

      ~~~The verdict~~~

      This is a fabulous piece of kit, and the 'K' series is apparently entry level. I have used the detergent facility and to be honest it does not make that much difference, and is a little cumbersome to load up and check constantly. The water function alone is sufficient.

      I have found that after the initial blast with the power hose, the circular paving cleaner does the trick nicely in keeping things clean and tidy every couple of months and has a lot less vibration on the hand.

      The big question is, is it worth around £100?

      Okay, my head says it is a tad expensive, but having the patio, flags, block paving all professionally cleaned would be more expensive. My heart says, hell yeah! This is absolutely fabulous, I can play, I mean clean, for hours, everyone is happy and I can use it again and again. It is sturdy and looks like it will stay the course.

      I thoroughly recommend that any wife out there, boyfriend, husband, civil partner, whatever buy one for your partner if she/he is a big kid and moans about the state of the flags/paving/patio, whatever. Only dow point, too many attachements that will rarely get used.

      For the tech heads I have attached the details straight from the Karcher site, below:

      **Technical data**

      Pressure (bar/MPa)
      20 - max. 110/2 - max. 11

      Water flow rate (l/h) max. 360

      Max. water feed temperature (°C) (Not sure why this is there as I only use clod water from the outside tap and it is blank on web page)

      Connected load (dunno what this is either)

      Weight without access. (kg) 4.95

      Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 301 x 365 x 553

      Detergent tank (Yep, there is one)


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