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Nilfisk C110.2-5 X-TRA

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Brand: Nilfisk / Flow Rate: 201 - 400 l/h / Power: 0 - 2000 Watt / Pressure: 0 - 120 bar

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    1 Review
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      09.07.2013 13:17
      Very helpful



      An excellent and affordable pressure washer from Nilfisk

      Whilst I owned a pressure washer some years ago, unfortunately it was pinched by my first husband, as were the entire contents of our shed during a rather bitter divorce. For some unknown reason I never replaced it despite having used it for an array of jobs around the garden and for cleaning the car. Earlier this year I decided to conduct a little research on pressure washers and after mulling over the possibilities, I finally decided upon a brand that I was not previously aware of, namely Nilfisk with this review discussing the C 110.2-5 X-TRA Pressure Washer, Model Number 126139229.

      I was initially rather apprehensive about purchasing a brand that I was unfamiliar with, but as the majority of reviews that I had read were highly positive, I took a chance. The pressure washer has been designed for domestic use and is accompanied by a 16 page A5 user manual, which thankfully, has been written in a language that I can understand as opposed to containing technical jargon. Whilst the text size is rather small, there are easy to follow diagrams contained throughout the booklet.


      I had initially wanted to opt for Kärche, particularly as they are considered to be one of the leading brands with an array of models from which to choose. However, it was my husband that persuaded me to go for Nilfisk, as he claimed he was aware of the brand and their products with their prices being a little more affordable. Whilst I don't normally give into my husband, I agreed on this occasion after carrying out my own research.


      It was when totting up the continuing cost of paying for a regular car clean at the garage in addition to finding it a nightmare to clean the patio and paths around our home with the aid of a sweeping brush and hose pipe that I decided enough was enough. Having previously owned and regularly used a pressure washer I knew that in addition to saving me some of my hard earned cash I would be able to carry out my outdoor cleaning tasks in a fraction of the time. We didn't want anything that would be too heavy, so it needed to be as lightweight as possible in addition to being powerful and having all the necessary tools.


      There are a few bits and pieces contained within the sturdy cardboard box:-

      * Lance
      * Extension lance
      * Dirtblaster lance, which provides a concentrated blast of power to remove any dirt and grime
      * Pressure adjustable lance, which enables the level of water pressure to be altered to suit the task in hand
      * Quick connection
      * On board storage

      In addition, there is a CD for use on the computer, but I must admit to not having taken it out of its cardboard sleeve, as it basically informs the consumer of how to use the pressure washer.


      I am not the most patient of people and easily become frustrated when putting things together. However, there were only a few simple steps that needed to be followed in order for me to begin using my new purchase, such as mounting the lance, nozzle holder, trolley handle and wheels and these are clearly identified within the user manual.


      The 1400 watt pressure washer isn't particularly lightweight at 6.7 kg, but isn't as heavy as some of the other models. It is described as being suitable for light to medium tasks and operates with a flow rate of 310 litres of water an hour. Whilst its appearance really doesn't matter to me, as I am more interested in its capabilities, its vivid blue and black colours give it an eye-catching look. It has been created with a heavy duty plastic and looks and feels extremely robust. Despite it being fairly heavy, it offers a good size carrying handle on the upper section and the two wheels on the underside work perfectly well, so I only need to lift it when placing it back into storage.

      The onboard tools securely clip into their relevant holders, which is a necessity as far as I am concerned especially as if they become detached they can easily get lost and disappear at the back of the shed never to be seen again! As I use the pressure washer in both the front and rear garden and do not yet have an external power supplier, I use one of the sockets in the kitchen. As a result, the 5 metre mains cable isn't long enough for my needs, so it is necessary for me to use an extension lead. I favour the fact that there is holder, which enables the cable to be securely wound around it without it falling off. Both the upper side of the box and the user manual inform me that the washer operates with a 110 bar maximum pressure with an operating bar rated of 75. However, I am not going to pretend that I know what that means as I haven't got a clue!


      As with any pressure washer I initially need to connect the machine to the water supply and of course, plug it into the mains ensuring that the power lead is kept well out of the way of water as I don't wish to fry! Fortunately, there is a small section in the user manual that provides details of how to mount the spray lance with the nozzles and we're ready for some action. I had forgotten how powerful a pressure wash is and when I first began using on releasing and activating the trigger lock the spray lance nearly shot out of my hand, so a firm grip is necessary due to the high thrusts delivered by the water pressure. The nozzle is easily adjusted to lower the water pressure, which is necessary dependant upon the distance being sprayed.

      I am extremely satisfied with my pressure washer, as my once dingy looking paths and patio are now far cleaner than they have been in years and I find that once I have the spray lance in my hand there is no stopping me! It is fantastic for removing those annoying weeds that grow between paving slabs, as point and click and they shoot out from the roots. As for the alloys on my car, which frequently become dirty due to brake dust, well, they're now gleaming with my car looking as good as when it was first purchased. I favour the fact that included with the pressure washer is a click and clean tornado nozzle, which as I am sure you can imagine, enables super fast and effective cleaning.


      In order to keep the pressure washer in tip top working condition it is essential that it is regularly cleaned especially as the nozzles can easily become blocked. The user manual recommends that cleaning of the water inlet filter and nozzles are carried out following each use in addition to regularly greasing the couplings, which are located at both ends of the hose.


      The pressure washer carries a 2 year manufacturer's guarantee and complies with the relevant standards and regulations. The Nilfisk C 110.2-5 X-TRA can be used with all Nilfisk pressure washer accessories.


      At the time of writing, the best place to make a purchase is from Argos where it has been reduced from its normal price of £64.99 to £54.99, which is excellent value for money when making a comparison with other brands. I was interested to read on the Argos website that 123 consumers who made a purchase out of 127, would recommend this pressure washer, which obtained an overall 4.7 out of 5 rating.

      Due to the reasons discussed above I can award no less than five stars and can highly recommend this model.

      I hope you found my review useful and thanks for reading.


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