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2 Reviews

UK price comparison website.

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    2 Reviews
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      12.07.2012 11:47



      A good comparison website

      The Website
      I was looking for a new 0% card to switch my balance transfer to so I had a look at Google search (which I use to find everything). Compareandsave.com was the No.1 result for "balance transfers". It was a lot less cluttered than many of the the other price comparison websites I've used before. The palette is subdued in greys and green which makes scanning the particular of each product a little easier on the eye. At the top of the webpage is a navigation bar with links to the other sections of the website like loans, current accounts and savings.

      Beyond the standard comparison tables style data they also have a "Tools" section with widgets for financial planning (including a salary calculator, a savings calculator, a quit smoking savings calculator and others). They also include a News Section with stories about financial news & a fairly active Blog with different writers and interviews with people like Tracey Bleakley (CEO of the Pfeg - Personal Finance Education), Nick Cann, Chief Executive of the IFP (Institute of Financial Planning) and others.

      The Product Range
      The main reason we use price comparison websites like this one is that they are far better at researching and rooting out niche financial products than we would be by ourselves and to that end they do not disappoint. They have everything you might want/expect to see when researching balance transfer alternatives (Barclycard, MBNA, Capital One) together with products you (I) wouldn't have ever know about without visiting the site (eg Tesco now do a transfers card and a number of the big banks have great products that you'll only find out about if you bank with them). They also have exclusive products that you can only get on their website (the one that stands out was Orange card).

      Scope for Improvement
      Although I liked the website and would use it again there's certainly room for some improvement in my opinion. The calculators I discovered when diving into the site for this review would be difficult to find if you didn't know where they are and they should probably be located in relevant areas of the site (eg. The balance transfer savings calculator should be with the balance transfer cards section etc). They could also think about diversifying the site more as it's quite niche (products you might only actually want once a year).

      Overall impression
      Overall I would say that Compareandsave.com is a good comparison website with a clean feel that is easy to use. The editorial and tools are good, but could be bought further to the fore for a more integrated user experience.


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      26.06.2012 17:09
      Very helpful



      A great little find...thank you DooYoo

      I actually wouldn't have known about this website unless I'd seen an advert for it on DooYoo.

      It certainly doesn't have the high profile presence the BIG price comparison sites have (as they try to wear us into submission with their relentless and annoying advertising), but that doesn't mean it's any less good.

      compareandsave.com offers price comparison services for finance products (like savings, loans, credit cards etc) and given this remit the site is well laid out and easy to navigate. It doesn't necessarily have the board range of products that the likes of MoneySupermarket try to have (Travel, Mobile Phones, Voucher etc) - Seemingly focusing more on the actual money products. However, if money products are the raison d'être of the site, the they seem to be doing reasonably well. They certainly have a number of deals that aren't available on other bigger (and noisier) sites - At least in the Prepaid Card section where I was mainly looking - I actually got an Orange prepaid card there for my eldest for free (rather than £5.00 everywhere else for the same card) so I was well happy.

      Other than cards and loans they have a section on utilities/broadband - presumably like uSwitch etc (I wisely fixed prices a while ago - so no need for that) and insurance (including Directline - to my surprise).

      In terms of the ownership (which I am always careful about since being told the Meerkat and Confused were actually owned by the insurance companies), they seem to be owned by the US comparison website creditcards.com (although I get redirect to the UK every time I try to look on there - Sorry).

      Overall (and bearing in mind they can't be very exciting) this is a great tiny site and I would (in fact I have) certainly recommend it to a friend.


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