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A Cry In The Night - Mary Higgins Clark

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Author: Mary Higgins Clark / Genre: Crime / Thriller

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    1 Review
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      12.05.2004 03:19
      Very helpful



      Last Saturday as the electricity has been off for over 14 hours, so you can’t really blame me for being a bit bored. I’d have done anything to read a good book, but sadly I had nothing in the house for my hunger to feed. So, I did the unthinkable in my eyes – I popped to the local charity shop and picked up a book I’d never seen before. I didn’t even read the blurb, and I went home to read it. From the first page I saw the resemblance between Higgins Clark and Danielle Steel. The description of the clothes, and features of the people I knew it would be very much alike it. But at this time I didn’t know what it was about. Was it historical? Romance? Thriller? Drama? It was lovely to be able to read spontaneously and not worry about what was going to happen later on, and pick up its minor faults. I’ve often said that I read Danielle Steel novels not her for brilliant writing, because she can’t write at all, but for the stories, for her exciting ideas and dreams of the women and men in her book. She manages to tell a story so scandalously that you can’t help but read the whole thing in one sitting, and you are absolutely hooked. Then, at the end you suddenly think – why did I even read this? But, luckily A Cry In The Night is that bit better! ●~The Plot~● Jenny lives in New York with her two daughters Beth and Tina. She’s a single Mother – after her Nana died three months previously, and she spilt up with her now ex husband a year or two previously – who has to work every minute god sends to make sure she has enough money. It doesn’t help that she lends money ,she never gets back, to her ex husband Kevin a hopeful out of work actor. So, when the famous artist Erich Krueger enters the art gallery one New Years Day, when she’s working, she instantly falls in love. He’s everything Kevin wasn’t – wealthy
      , reliable and handsomely stunning. He swept her off her feet, and after a mere month they were married. Jenny, the most un-spontaneous person in New York had met man, married him, let him adopt her two young girls, and move to his Minnesota home within month. Jenny is as happy as can be. She’s resting all day to roam Erich’s own farm that he inherited after the death of all his family. But, when Jenny starts to investigate more about the Krueger family, she becomes warier and more worried. The house that she once dreamed of, has now become a prison. And when Jenny realises Erich’s obsession with his dead Mother – Caroline – the spitting image of Jenny, he dream come true, is a never ending nightmare. ●~The Book~● The book is described on Amazon as a romantic thriller. I don’t know what I’d really describe it as, because it seems to have all the ingredients of a good book that it isn’t really but into a genre. To me, this is a good thing, because it means that enjoyment can be had from it, whatever sort of reader you are. The book doesn’t really seem to be lacking in anything. You get to know most things that you do need to know in a book, and you really don’t feel you’re reading when you are reading. That’s a sign of a compelling book – you can’t put it down, and that I couldn’t do last Saturday – I was absolutely hooked, and even better, I loved the plot. The characters in the book, to me are the strongest part of the whole novel. Each is so well formed, and really insightful when needed to be. As the novel is set in a very small town, there are a lot of people in the town, and in a way, you can match each character with one from your own town. The quiet widow, the nosy old lady – there all here, and they’re spot on in their ways, are written superbly well. What I didn̵
      7;t really like about the book was the fact that Erich’s sinister character was apparent from the start. From the blurb at the back, there was no mention that the cause of the nightmare Jenny was about to encounter was because of her husband, but from the minute Erich was mentioned in the book, you knew there was something about him. And this wasn’t just instinct, it was made pretty obvious down on paper that he wasn’t all he was supposed to be. Mind you, his character was well written. It’s added at the back of the book that the authoress researched many things for the book (I can’t mention what as it would give away the plot!) and it’s made pretty obvious in the book that she knows her stuff! That’s something I like to see, that author’s research for their work, and didn’t just write anything off the top of their head! I was really enjoying the book, and I must admit it was ten times better than any Danielle Steel novel I’d read. It was much more insightful into the characters lives, and much better written. Very well written in fact. Although not a classic, it was written in a way that really kept you hooked. The range of different sentence also added to the atmosphere in most parts. I really sat on the edge of my seat to finish it. I was so looking forward to the ending. Sadly, though, I was somewhat disappointed with the ending. Not that it was a bad ending but it was rather disappointing. I don’t know whether it was because it was too simple for such a complicated plot, or whether all of my theories were wrong, but it was as if you asked the question – “Yeah, I knew most of that – what next?” You certainly weren’t left satisfied by any means, but by saying this, I must admit, all round I enjoyed the book. It kept me busy when the electricity was off, and even a day or two after that, but I am highly disappointed with the ending. S
      uch a shame, but still worth a read to check out the novels wonderfully written characters, and the good plot, just don’t expect too much of an ending, and you won’t be let down; like I was! ISBN - 0671431285 Price - £2.00 (From Amazon Market Place) © Matt Roberts 2004.


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