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A Kiss in Time - Alex Flinn

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2 Reviews

Author: Alex Flinn / Format: Paperback / Date of publication: 16 June 2010 / Genre: Romance Stories / Subcategory: Children's Fiction / Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Inc / Title: A Kiss in Time / ISBN 13: 9780060874216 / ISBN 10: 0060874216

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    2 Reviews
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      22.01.2011 20:55
      Very helpful



      The story after a fairy tale

      A Kiss In Time is the first book I have read by Alex Flinn. I saw this in the library returns section and when I read the back it seemed to be a light hearted fairy tale which I thought would make a change from the books I have read recently. I did wonder if I would enjoy this book as I haven't read a fairy tale for a good 15 years now! It is only 371 pages which makes for a good in between book in my opinion.

      Princess Talia pricks her finger on a spindle and is sent into a deep sleep which she can only be awaken from her true loves first kiss, the problem is it is not just Talia but the whole of her kingdom who are put to sleep and after 300 years sleep no one knows the kingdom of Euphrasia even exists until quite by accident a bored 16 year old Jack stumbles upon the kingdom on his search for the beach. Jack and his friend finds that everyone they see is asleep so they take a look around the castle until they find princess Talia who Jack finds beautiful and after his friend dares him to kiss her Talia awakes from her sleep. This is where we should say and they all lived happily ever after but no this is only the beginning of the book.

      After Talia's father, the King, is so angry at her for touching the spindle after years of warning she decides to run away from Euphrasia with Jack, but how does Talia cope with the changes that 300 years of sleep have brought such as technology, fashion and planes!!
      Will Talia be able to escape the evil witch Malvolia who believes Talia was not awoken by true loves first kiss, will she be able to hide from her father and will she get Jack to fall in love with her ?

      ***My Opinion***
      If you have ever read a fairy tale and wondered what happens afterwards or if you wonder what it would be like to bring it up to date then this is the book for you. The first part of the story is very much like sleeping Beauty but once she is awaken by Jack this is where things start to change. It was meant to be prince charming who awoke the princess but it is just plain Jack from the 21st century!
      The way Princess Talia is brought into our era to create the story is something I have not read before. She is introduced to technology which we take for granted which she finds amazing. She cannot understand why females would want to wear clothes which show their stomachs!
      It was hard to like the character of Talia in the beginning as she was a spoilt child but as the story grows on you warm to her character and this is when the book becomes very hard to put down.
      I have not read a book like this that brings two different eras together and to see how bizarre some of the things we have or do must seem for people in past generations to see.
      If I had to describe this book I would say it is a modern fairytale with a little of the traditional fairytale thrown in.

      As the book goes on the chapters get shorter which makes it easier to read a chapter here and there. The chapters alternate between Talia and Jack which I really enjoyed and I think this is another thing which helped to make this a gem of a book as we can see what both of the characters think about scenes and things that happen in the book.

      If you are looking for an enjoyable easy read but also something different with a little twist I would highly recommend this book to you. I have no negative points about this book it is just something so different to the kinds of books I usually read.


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        02.01.2011 14:30
        Very helpful



        Another great book by Alex Flinn

        A Kiss in Time, by Alex Flinn, is the retelling of classic fairytale, Sleeping Beauty. It was released on 16th June 2010 by Harper Teen and the book is 400 pages long.

        Jack's life isn't exactly what he thought it would be. It is ruled by the ideas of his father and he doesn't really seem to have much say in what he is going to do forever. Luckily, Jack has managed to go to travelling to Europe for the whole summer, giving him time to get away from everything he hates and an ex girlfriend who broke his heart. Jack wasn't exactly thrilled to be spending six weeks looking at museums and he certainly never expected the adventure he was about to be thrown into.

        When Jack and his friend Travis decide to skip out on a tour and go exploring themselves, they come across a country so far back in history that they don't quite believe it is real....until they see Talia. Her and the rest of the country's residents are all asleep. Every single one of them. When Jack stumbles across Talia who is beyond beautiful, he cannot help but kiss her. Little does he know that a curse has been placed on the entire country and his kiss will wake them all up.

        Museums and tours not your thing? Dive straight into your own, real life, fairy tale!

        What I thought
        After reading Alex Flinn's Beastly, I was definitely ready to try another of her books. Beastly was the first retelling of a fairytale that I had read so I was curious to see how Flinn could achieve the same kind of thing with a different story. I wondered how she would keep them all modern without being too similar to the last.

        A Kiss in Time is told from alternating POV's from Jack and Talia. While this can sometimes get annoying or boring in a book, I thought it was done very well here. As both characters' lives are so different and have clashing personalities at times, I felt like this was the best way to get to know them both.

        Jack is 16 and from America. Before going on his trip to Europe, he was in a relationship and loved to party, like a lot of teenage boys do. The best thing about Jack in my eyes was that he was so normal. He had hang ups, just like everyone else and he was far from perfect, giving him plenty of time to develop as a character. From the very beginning, I could understand how he was feeling, due to having his heart recently broken. Everyone will have gone through that at some point so because of this, Jack is easy to relate to. He just wants to get away from his life for a little while.

        Talia really annoyed me to begin with but I think a big part of that was because she was from the past. At 316 years old, she is so different to Jack in every single way. She speaks, dresses and acts differently to Jack and Travis so really, she stuck out like a sore thumb for a while. As time went on though, and she spent more time with Jack and his family in America, she grew on me. By that, I really mean that she began to be a bit more normal. I quite liked how hard she found it fitting in with Jack's friends and his sister because she had no idea what they were talking about most of the time. 300 years of sleeping is a long time to miss out on life and what is going on in the world.

        Jack and Talia's story moved along at a really realistic pace. Even though Jack's kiss woke Talia from her deep sleep, neither character instantly believed that they should be in love or that they were definitely going to get their happy ending. I hate stories where love happens far too easily and quickly and mistake love for lust. Both characters take quite a while to come to terms with their feelings for each other and their journey together only makes this aspect of the book so much better. I really enjoyed following Jack and Talia throughout both the old and the new.

        Not only do Jack and Talia realise their feelings for each other over time but they also realise that everything they thought they once wanted was maybe not right for them. It seemed like Jack had accepted, although not happily, that he was going to do whatever his father wanted him to do but when Talia began to bring out a different side of him, he realised that he could do whatever he wanted. The same goes for Talia. The fact that both characters realised that they are not actually defined by their parents was a wonderful thing and I was glad to see them both really come into their own towards the end of the book.

        A Kiss in Time was a great read for me and it only made me love Alex Flinn even more. If you want a nice, easy read that takes you away to a land of adventure and love then this is the book for you. I can't wait for another fairytale retelling!


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