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Alice in Deadland - Kindle Edition

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Genre: Fiction / Author: Mainak Dhar / Kindle Edition

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    1 Review
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      12.01.2012 17:02
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      I told you we should be watching the Chinese.....

      A free Kindle book I recently downloaded, Alice In Deadland isn't a parody, as you might expect from the title, but instead a seriously-themed Zombie story set in the remains of New Delhi after an apocalypse has left much of the world a devastated wasteland.

      Alice is one of the few Americans left alive in India after her parents took shelter in the American Embassy when war broke out. The basic premise is that Zombies were created as part of a Super-Soldier programme (yes, I know hardly original ~ we've heard similar stories like this before like a hundred times) that fell into the wrong hands. When the outbreak occurred, Nations tried to limit the spread of the infection by nuking major cities and places of dense population. Now the world has been left desecrated and near desolate of humanity with only a few branches of our race living in isolation. Alice lives in just one of these outposts, constantly under threat not just from the Undead but also an organised group of Mercenaries who want to incorporate her people into their own larger settlement.

      When Alice follows a Zombie wearing bunny ears (don't ask) under the ground she discovers that the Undead have built a series of tunnels and are more organised than humanity first thought. This is, in part, because of the influence of a scientist who partially created a cure for the Zombie outbreak with mixed results. A woman who has partly lost her mind, thinks Alice In Wonderland is a book of Prophecy and thinks that Alice holds the key to the salvation of humanity and a possible peace between the living and Undead! That's if what's left of the Chinese Goverment doesn't intervene first though....

      This book has some nice ideas that attempt to overthrow everything we might already think we know about Zombie fiction right on its head. But everything didn't quite come together well enough for me and I found some of the characters to be a bit too two-dimensional. It is good that Dhar has attempted something different and has brilliantly come up with some great, original and unique concepts, I just don't think they are a good enough writer just yet to succesfully pull things off!

      The ending too is a tad predictable but I will say no more of this here as I wouldn't want to spoil your enjoyment!

      As a free book, this was okay but hasn't stayed on my Kindle (anything that doesn't make the grade gets Archived I'm afraid!) and I wouldn't have wanted to pay for it. I do like the Kindle because it gives me a chance to discover new, fresh and aspiring authors who might otherwise have missed the boat and so I applaud Dhar for trying something different. It is just that this did not quite match up to my high exacting standards and perhaps someone who reads a little less than me might get more from this than I did!


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