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All New Star Trek 2 - James Blish

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Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Author: James Blish / Mass Market Paperback / 122 Pages / Book is published 1968-01-01 by Bantam Books

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    1 Review
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      23.06.2010 23:48
      Very helpful



      Only bother if your a trekkie.


      This book contains 8 episodes from the 2nd series from the original Star Trek. It has been adapted or rather massively shrunken down so that all 8 episodes can fit into this small pocket sized book. At 122 pages long it is a fast paced and very quick read.

      So let me take you on a nostalgic journey to unknown realms of discovery,
      To boldly go where no man has gone before.

      These original contain all of the classic crew,
      James T Kirk, Spock Scotty, Uhura, Mr Chekov, Mr Sulu, and Dr McCoy, sit back and see which ones you remember.....

      Kirk arrives with the enterprise at a far outpost to find everyone on the planet murdered. He is then attacked by an alien craft and so give chase. But he and the captain of the other spaceship are removed from their bridges and placed on a nearby planet and must fight to the death. The winner saving his ship from destruction by the invisible god like beings that are not happy at his and the aliens aggressive natures.
      Kirk must defeat the reptilian like creature called the Gorn or his ship and all the crew face certain death ooohhh wonder who wins?

      A taste of Armageddon
      The enterprise arrives to broker peace between 2 planets but then find that the war is all in the computers mind but the casualties are very real. People must report to destruction chambers in order to keep everything in balance and kirks ship has become a casualty of war. Kirk must do something to stop his crew from being destroyed.

      Tomorrow is yesterday
      The ship hits a tiny collapsing star and are thrown back to the mid 1970's where they are spotted by an aircraft and consequently end up with its pilot aboard. How can they put things right and get back to their own time?

      Erand of mercy
      Kirk arrives at the planet of Organia only to find that the Klingons are already there and trying to broker a deal with its inhabitants for control of the planet. Soon the enterprise and the Klingon Warbird are face to face but the Organians are not what they seem or as defenceless as they seem.

      Court martial
      Kirk is accused of killing a fellow officer and his own log condemns him. The only people who could have faked the log is himself, Spock or the dead man and then a heartbeat is heard.

      Operation - annihilate!
      Boy I remember this one from when I was kid, flat plasticky creatures are landing on peoples backs and then driving them insane until one lands on Spock and then the real culprit is revealed.

      The city on the edge of forever
      Should have been called "The Guardian of Forever" as the Captain and Spock must follow Dr McCoy through a time portal back to the 1930's in order to catch McCoy who has gone a little nuts, originally starred Joan Collins.

      Space seed
      This is the episode where we first meet 'Khan' he and his deluded band of misfits think that their genetically mutated bodies are the way forward but after butting heads with the enterprise they and their ship, the 'Botany Bay' are left stranded on an unknown planet.
      This episode went on to inspire a feature film, the 2nd one called 'The Wrath of Khan"

      A fast paced book and over very quickly. The book and indeed each episode has been massively condensed and along the way something has definitely been lost. There has simply been far too much taken out. A pity really as it detracts from the fun of the book.
      It is just as well I can remember each episode from my childhood. If you are coming in cold to this book you will find it very thin and lacking and real punch but then it was probably aimed at true sci fi or actual star trek fans anyhow.

      Not worth your time if star trek is not you cup of tea.



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