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Alone - Robert J Crane

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2 Reviews

Paperback: 180 pages / Publisher: CreateSpace / Published: 16 April 2012

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    2 Reviews
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      27.09.2013 20:04
      Very helpful



      A good read

      Sienna Nealon has a very sheltered life. She is not allowed to leave the house and her mother has many rules that she must always obey, such as always being fully dressed (including gloves) all the time. This sheltered life means that Sienna is very unprepared when firstly her mother disappears one day and then a few days later, intruders break into the house. Trusting her instincts, she flees her house and finds a Good Samaritan, but is her new friend quite what he seems?

      If Sienna thought her day couldn't get much worse, she was wrong. In the parking lot of a local grocery store, she comes face to face with Wolfe, a human/wolf hybrid who seemed to know who she was and wanted something from her.

      Things go from bad to worse for Sienna when she wakes up in a cold, sterile room with a strange woman who gives her the news that she is a meta-human (a human who has powers beyond most humans) and the people at The Directorate want to conduct some research on her. Sienna is confused and struggling to deal with not only the disappearance of her mother but the disappearance of life as she knows it. The idea of the tests worry her, but she has questions she wants answered.

      This is a fantasy thriller, but was written in such a style that the characters feel real. The reality of normal suburban America mixed with folklore and myths creates something I've not read before. The characters were fantastic and the drip feeding of information through the book kept me reading on, and contemplating buying the next 2 books in the series.

      This book is free on the Kindle, although the next two books in the series will set you back £2.99 each. As with a lot of the free downloads for Kindle, I wasn't expecting anything fantastic, but this book did deliver. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes reading thrillers that aren't too taking on the brain.

      Robert J Crane was born and raised on Florida's Space Coast. He graduated from the University of Central Florida with a English Creative Writing degree and worked for a year as a substitute teacher and worked in the financial services field while writing in his spare time.


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        22.08.2013 15:46
        Very helpful



        If you like out of this world stories like X-Men then you will like this book.

        ***Why I wanted this book?***
        This book was like no other book I had been interested in before, why? Because the cover was not girly and did not seem appealing to me but rather like normal people who want to read a book look at the description before they decide if it is right for them or not, so I did.

        After finding this book while searching on Amazon I first thought judging by the cover it looked like a true story, which does not always appeal to me as I find some true stories upsetting so I tend to stay away from them. But reading the description I soon found it was not a true story and not a book I would be interested in but downloaded it anyway.

        ***About the Book***
        Alone is based around the main character Sienna Nealon, who at seventeen years old had become a prisoner in her own home. Her Mum kept Sienna under lock and key for twelve years. When Sienna's Mum vanished with no trace, Sienna woke up in her house to find two strange men walking around her home, wanting Sienna.

        Going on the run Sienna did not know who to trust or who to turn to, however, as a bonus she soon discovered she had magical powers. Upon that Sienna finds herself pursued by an agency also known as the Directorate but as Sienna is hunted by a vicious psychopath called Wolfe you know it is time to move on.

        ***What the front cover is like***
        To me this book could pass off as a true story front cover with a blue background of glittery snow and hills in the background with a girl to the left with her back towards us with the words Alone written in the middle, you would also think it was a true story of neglect, but no.

        ***The story***
        The story starts off with Sienna waking up in her home, alone with two strange men after her. With her Mum missing she was to defend for herself, but there are a few problems here. Sienna's Mum has been that strict with her upbringing she never let Sienna out of the house for more than ten years. Sienna had never seen another human before, apart from on the TV so Sienna understandably did not know how to react to strangers in her house without her Mother to help. But Sienna did know one thing and that was how to fight. As it was dark in the house at the time the strangers in her home could not see which way to turn that give Sienna her chance to make her move. Out of the house? Not just yet as this was rule number 2, never leave the house. What happened to rule 1? Rule 1 is to never let strangers into the house. Well that is two rules broken in quick time. Luckily Sienna's eskrima sticks and batons we're nearby to revenge her attack. Sienna's Mum taught her martial arts for two hours every day so she knew how to handle these weapons with ease, knocking both men down in quick time Sienna made her move. The two men trying to catch her we're called Oldie or Kurt Hannegan and Zack Davis. And the other rules? Rule number 3, do not open the curtains, of course I did periodically just to see what it was like outside. Rule number 4, always be fully dressed even down to gloves on at all times and rule number 5, no talking to the outside world.

        Reed is the person she got into the car with and Sienna believed she could trust him, but after a while she was not so sure even herself. Along the line Wolfe catches up with Sienna and Reed, who is Wolfe exactly? Okay, Wolfe is an Extra Powerful Meta Human of course who is stronger than Reed and the agents after Sienna. What is Meta Human? We will get back to that shortly.
        This point in time sees some passers by helping Sienna who right now is up in the air due to Wolfe having a strong grip on her throat. Unfortunately due to Wolfe's strength the two have a go heroes passed away. Even though Sienna even shot Wolfe the bullets did not make a dent to him apart from a dart that was sticking out of his leg.
        Waking up in a strange room, scared, unable to comprehend what had happened and about her medical condition as she was in no fit state to be going anywhere after what Wolfe did to her. Wrapping the bandages off her neck that were three layers deep revealed Sienna's skin was flawless, not a cut in sight.
        Ariadne, who is Chief of Operations for the Proverbail or Directorates. Meta Human's like Sienna have powers beyond that of a normal human and they want to help, or have her for themselves for their own duty. Turns out Sienna's Mum was also a very powerful meta human.

        ***The twist***
        With Sienna thinking she is safe in the hands of the Directorates but still unable to come to terms of what happened to her, who to trust and of course where on earth is her Mother?
        Wolfe is no nice guy, and he wants Sienna at all costs but how far will he go to get her and what does he want with her? And most importantly will Sienna ever be able to kill Wolfe once and for all?

        ***What did I think about it?***
        At first no I was not interested in this book but I thought once I had started to read it I would get into it more and enjoy it, even if I did find it a bit weird and not to my liking. But the thing is I could not put this book down and wanted to know about Sienna when she also knew about herself.

        I like the way the author J Crane Robert wrote the book to you from Sienna's prospective throughout the book so you knew things and understand situations when Sienna did. You got to understand her thoughts on being a Meta Human, about her Mum and all the agents that died trying to help her. Although Sienna tried to be strong and thinking she can take everyone on, she is also a girl who is lost, scared and trying to figure out her way in the big wide world that she has never seen before without the people around her who love her the most. A book that I enjoyed more than I thought I would.

        ***Price and availability***
        I downloaded this book via my e-reader from Amazon.co.uk for £0.00, that is right, nothing. Although it is actually worth £8.49 so for a free book I guess I could not argue.

        Want to purchase others? I found out there are also another seven books to The Girl in the Box series.

        ***Extra information***
        The Girl In The Box: Alone Book 1 has 182 pages
        File size to download is 668kb
        It was published in 2012


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