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Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Novel: Blood Noir - Laurell K. Hamilton

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2 Reviews

Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Author: Laurell K. Hamilton / Edition: Reprint / Mass Market Paperback / 432 Pages / Book is published 2009-05-26 by Jove Books

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    2 Reviews
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      23.10.2010 21:03
      Very helpful



      Fans will know what to expect, and should have fun reading this.

      Book 15 in the Anita Blake series. In what even the characters agree is a cheesy plot, Anita agrees to pretend to be the girlfriend of her friend Jason so he can go back to his hometown and try to rebuild bridges with his abusive father who is dying of cancer.

      Arriving in the home town, they hit a media circus as the governor's son is getting married the same weekend, the governor is a potential presidential candidate, and the governor's son looks uncannily like Jason. The media merrily go down the wrong track at first, but being convinced of Jason's and Anita's real identities doesn't make things better as they manufacture controversy about them and their relationship with Jean-Claude.

      So far so cheesy, but something else is going on and Anita can't help picking up on it: extra security around the wedding, odd reactions from the security guards she can't help baiting, and a very drunk bride-to-be. And then in the middle of the "bachelorette party", the Mother of All Darkness intervenes spectacularly.

      I enjoyed this book more than the previous: there's still a lot of sex-and-relationship angsting, but there's also some gripping non-sexual action, actual character development and creepily convincing depictions of what its like having one's memory and perceptions messed about with. And hurray and hurrah, Anita suddenly discovers how to feed on something other than sex, and Richard gets to stop being the annoying whiny bundle of angry angst that has put me off some of the more recent books.

      Anita's never-ending power-uprating continues, this time getting her (and Jean-Claude) entangled with the insular were-tiger community. This book only gets a chance to skate over the new problems: to be continued in number 16?


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        05.07.2010 07:54
        Very helpful



        See review.

        After being so impressed with the previous book in this series I was more than eager to start on the next book, hence this review!

        The book I will now review is - "Blood noir by Laurell K Hamilton".

        The book starts with Anita (vampire executioner, necromancer, girlfriend and human servant of Jean-Claude, master vampire of St Louis) coming home as she does everyday from work, to be greeted by one of her live in lovers (she has a few due to the sharing of certain powers that enables her to feed from sexual contact and give her more power!), Nathaniel and her best friend and part time "sex buddy" Jason.

        After an in depth conversation with the usually joking Jason, she discovers that his father has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and has only weeks to live.

        The problem is that his father has always assumed that the very promiscuous Jason is gay, and as a bigoted fool he has since broken contact with him.

        After much persuasion Anita agrees to go along and pretend to be his girlfriend, so that is father may die with a changed perception of his son.

        But as with all of these books there is of course a twist, this one being the fact that they are being hounded by a disgruntled master vampire due to his wife running off with Jason's cousin Keith, and with them looking so similar that they were mistaken as twins at school, means they are going to be taking someone else troubles onboard too.

        Will Anita be able to control he situation or will bigger, darker forces be hidden in the shadows, ready to pounce once again?

        After being so impressed with the previous book I was quietly confident that this would spell the end to what I deemed as a dry spell in this series, I was unfortunately wrong!

        The idea of the story was interesting as this is the first time one of the main characters has had his background story shown, as with many of these fantasy books you do forget that many of the characters have had to start somewhere, so from that point of view it was a good read.

        Unfortunately it felt like covering old ground, there was the obligatory "big, bad vampire" who always seems to be stalking Anita and her having all these incredible powers, but never seeming to able to protect herself or her mind from being "rolled" by others (brainwashed by a vampire).

        It was nice to be reading about the characters being away from their normal "click" due to them being out of town, thus having to interact with new characters, especially the dual personalities of Jason's cousin Keith's bodyguards, these were written about really well and interesting to read about.

        The book though, in my opinion, was just far too long, with there being whole chapters that to me were pointless and slow enough for me to consider giving up on the book entirely, though due to just how many books I have read I refuse to do that!

        There is the same sexual content as the previous books, though at least in this book it is featured with only one man, rather than the obligatory hundreds, though it is still as graphic in content as the previous.

        Price wise this book is available from www.amazon.co.uk for around the £5.00 mark.

        This is an ok read that could more than easily be missed out from the series of books, without breaking the story or momentum of the series.

        Thanks for reading x

        ISBN 978-1-84149-691-7


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