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Cerulean Sins - Laurell K. Hamilton

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2 Reviews

Genre: Horror / Author: Laurell K. Hamilton / Paperback / 544 Pages / Book is published 2010-03-04 by Headline / Alternative title: Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Novel: Cerulean Sins

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    2 Reviews
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      26.09.2010 02:09
      Very helpful



      Not Recommended

      Ceruleas Sins is the eleventh novel in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K Hamilton. I was really impressed with some of the early novels, but in the last few I've been a bit taken aback by some of the cruder goings on. This one is even racier than the last, and some will consider this to be downright pornographic in places. It's definitely not suitable for reading if you're under 16yrs of age, that's for sure!

      The story goes that our heroine Anita is living with her panther partner Micah now, as well Nathanial who is one of her pard of panthers that she looks after. Anita is not a were-panther herself, but after she killed their old leader, she sort of had no choice but to become the new pard queen (Nimira). Anita is also dating Jean-Claude who is the Master of the City in the vampire world. And French, dead, and apparently very good in bed.

      Then somebody gets murdered, the police call in Anita, and a vampire turns up to cause trouble which has to include Anita. Does that sound like a story you've already read earlier in the series? Well it reads like one you've already read too.

      Only now Anita is adding yet another man to her bed - Asher. Of course there is a vampire politics reason as to why she HAD to do this, but it equates to the same thing nevertheless, Anita is sleeping with anything that moves - and still swearing blind she is a saintly little good girl with solid morals and a distaste for nudity.

      I was not impressed with this story at all. I'm not a prude by any means, but this book felt like it was all about titilation and erotica, with very little substance in the plot, very little staying true to Anita's original character, and very little action or excitement (of the non-blue kind). The action scenes were hurried through while the blue scenes took centre stage. This was not what I was expecting, and not what I wanted to read either.

      Add to it that the new characters which appeared in this novel didn't really make much sense, let alone have a lot of substance, and this is not a book I recommend reading. If you were already in two minds about giving up on this series, definitely stop bothering at book eleven. If you're looking to read a bit of gothic porn on the other hand - then this is one for you.


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        04.05.2010 18:08
        Very helpful



        See review.

        After having a brief break from my vampire books, I was ready for the next instalment of my read of the moment - "Anita Blake - vampire hunter".

        The book in question is - "Cerulean sins by Laurell K Hamilton".

        After the main character Anita (vampire executioner, girlfriend of not only one but two head vampires, yes I know seems to be a conflict of conscience doesn't it!, and necromancer, which in a nutshell is someone who controls and raises the dead), is contacted by a rather unsavoury sort of chap, by the name of Leo Harlan, she is immediately wary and refuses to help him raise a corpse.

        Thinking no more of it, Anita is dismayed to find she is being followed and watched by unknown people, one of whom is eventually identified as being someone wanted by Interpol.

        Alongside this problem is the fact that someone is raping, murdering and ripping apart women in a very small area, unfortunately this is Anita's area so she is called up for her preternatural expertise.

        If that is not enough to cope with, her boyfriend and head vampire of the St Louis area's superior turns up unannounced for a visit, the fact that she is a mega bitch that could not only out manoeuvre any person she could also rip your face off....not a great combination!

        Will Anita manage to sort out her stalkers, her love life and catch the killer....all in a days work, or is it?

        This book as you may have gathered is extremely intense and full on from the outset! There is literally a murder from the first chapter, all of which is described in great detail, perfect for setting the scene, but obviously not for the faint hearted!

        There is a huge amount of new characters in this book, making this the sort of book that you really have to concentrate on, this being the first book in the series that I have had to revisit chapters just to remember what the hell is happening!

        As with the previous couple of books there is a massive amount of sexual content within the story, all of which is accountable by the characters and the storyline, but at times some people may find them a little over the top and graphic, though when considering that many of the characters involve in the sex scenes are people that actually change into animals (lycanthropes') so the portrayal of the sex as being animalistic is quite good, though always graphic!

        I have to say this wasn't the easiest book I have read in the series, but once established into the story it was very enjoyable, if somewhat involved!

        Price wise this is available from www.amazon.co.uk for the sum of £4.83 plus P&P.

        For more information visit - www.anitablake.com.

        Thanks for reading x

        ISBN 978-0-7553-5539-6


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      Book Series: Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Novel

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